Troubleshooting Guide: Fixing ‘Xbox Ethernet Not Working

Muhammad Allayhan
Muhammad Allayhan
Xbox Ethernet not working

We all know an Ethernet connection is so much better than a wireless one in terms of stability and latency rates. But every rose comes with thorns! With Ethernet, you may enjoy faster connection and less latency but sometimes it may even fail to work properly. And you might end up losing your internet connection in the middle of your gaming session. How frustrating is that? 

This issue is quite common in Xbox users and solutions might be as simple as replacing the Ethernet cable to buying a new console (only if worse comes to worst).

In this article, I’ll share all of the possible reasons why your Ethernet has stopped working along with the most effective ways to fix them. Let’s move on and let’s dive straight into it!  

What can I do if my Xbox Ethernet is not working?

1. Check your Ethernet cable 

Before we move on to any serious complications, the most probable cause of this problem would be a faulty Ethernet cable. If you have a spare cable, replace it with the old cable to see if it fixed the issue. Don’t have a cable? Borrow it from a friend! Or if you have any other device with an Ethernet connection, you can test the old cable with it.  

Plus you can also inspect the cable for any signs of fraying or tear. If it’s damaged, replace it with a new one rather than fixing the old one. 

If changing the cable resolves the issue, well done! But if it didn’t work, let’s head toward the next fix.   

2. Power cycle your console 

Changing the cable didn’t work? The first thing you need to do is power cycle your console. This method is great for clearing out many minor issues including the problems of Ethernet connection. Don’t have a clue about how to do it? Just follow these steps; 

  • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds until your console completely shuts down
  • Then wait for a minute and turn on your console again to see if the problem’s still there

Another way of performing the power cycle is that you unplug all of the wires from your console, router, and modem. Wait for about five minutes and then plug them back in. 

3. Update your Xbox

Sometimes, a simple update is all you need to bring back your Ethernet connection. Check if there are any updates available and if there are, install them right away! Hopefully, this will fix the problem. If it doesn’t, move on to the next solution. 

4. Check your NAT type 

Do you know what the NAT type is? Well, the NAT type of your console manages how your device communicates with other devices via the internet. And if it’s not set to Open, you may experience connection issues while playing multiplayer or online games. 

To check your NAT type, go to Settings > General > Network settings. Now go ahead and make sure your NAT type is Open. If it is, great! But if it’s not, here’s what you need to do; 

  • Under the Network tab, go to advanced settings 
  • Now select Alternate MAC Address and pick Clear 
  • A Restart option will pop up 
  • Restart your Xbox and recheck the NAT type to see if it’s Open

If your NAT is still not Open then try this; 

  • Go back to Advanced settings and select Alternate port selection 
  • Now instead of going with Automatic, select manual 
  • And you’ll see a list of ports to choose from 
  • Try all of these ports and see if you have the Open NAT type on your Xbox

Still no luck? Well then, the next thing you’d want to try is; 

  • Unplug the cable from your router 
  • Now shut down your Xbox and remove the power cable from the back 
  • Wait for 2 minutes and replug the wires and restart your Xbox 

This method can help clear out the cache on your Xbox and the router, which may change your NAT type to Open.

If nothing has worked for you so far, you should try this trick as well;

  • First, you’ll need to search out how to log in to your router on the internet because every router has a different way depending on the manufacturer. 
  • Once you’ve logged in, go into your router settings and enable the UPnP
  • This should Open up your NAT type. 

5. Check Xbox network settings 

In case your NAT type is already set to Open but you’re still facing the connectivity issue, It’s crucial to check a few other network settings as well. Under the Advanced Settings page, make sure that both the IPN and DNS are set to automatic. Because if these are not set to automatic, your Xbox might not be able to connect. 

6. Check your router or modem 

Tried everything? The issue’s still there? Well, then the problem might’ve been with your router/modem all this time. So it’s time to dig a little deeper into the problem. To find out if your router is working or not; 

Connect a device that has an Ethernet connection directly to your router/modem. You can use your laptop or desktop or any other device. If the internet works fine on these devices then the problem is in your Xbox. But if it doesn’t work properly then your modem might be the culprit of this issue. In this case, try restarting your router 

  • Press the power button for 10 seconds until it shuts down. 
  • Now unplug the power source to your router and wait for 30 seconds 
  • Then   

I’d recommend contacting your internet service to tend to this issue. 

7. Connect the console directly to the Modem 

If you doubt that your router is the reason behind this connectivity issue then you should connect the console directly to your Modem, if possible. Now keep in mind, it’s not a permanent fix but it’ll help you find the cause. 

Here’s how you can do it —

  • Disconnect the ethernet cable from the router while keeping it connected to the console 
  • Now directly link your console to the Modem
  • Then switch your console and power cycle (detach and reattach all the cables) your Modem 
  •  At last, power on your console and check if the problem’s gone. 

If the internet is back then your router is the culprit. Try updating the firmware or factory resetting your router. And if this doesn’t do the trick then you’ll have to buy a new router. 

8. Try changing the location 

Don’t think there’s nothing wrong with your console? Well, then all you have to do is take your console to another place with a different network connection. This’ll help you make sure whether the problem is with your console or your network. 

Connect your console to the other network and go for Test network connection in the Network settings. If the network seems to work fine then the problem is with your network. You need to call your internet service provider and explain your problem in detail. 

9. Hard reset or factory reset 

If none of the above methods did the trick for you, I want you to go for a last-ditch effort and hard reset your console. To do that;

  • Press and hold the power button on your console for 10 seconds to turn it off 
  • Now unplug the power cord from the back of the console 
  • After 10 seconds, replug the cord and power on your Xbox 

Hard reset didn’t work? Well, then there’s nothing left to do but factory resetting your Xbox. For that; go to Settings > System > Console info & updates > Reset console. 

Some bonus troubleshooting tips 

Have you tried everything but the problem’s still there? I hope these additional tips might be helpful; 

  • Your ethernet cable should be properly connected to both your console and your router 
  • In case you use a surge protector, you need to make sure it’s turned on 
  • If you use a power strip then make sure there’s enough power for your console and router 
  • If you’ve been using a wireless network, try your console with a wired network to see if it resolves the issue 

Final thoughts 

To wrap it up, this was all about the ethernet cable connection issue. I hope one of the solutions pulled you out of the trouble. But if you still have any queries about your Xbox troubleshooting, feel free to drop a comment below. I’m sure, we’ll sort it out! 

Muhammad Allayhan

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