Dead Island 2 Review

Release Date: April 21, 2023

Aesthetics vs Originality

Impressive visuals and hilarious tone, but struggles with bringing fresh ideas to the table.

Outrageous Story & Characters

Embark on a wild adventure with unforgettable characters and absurd questlines set in post-apocalyptic LA.

Witty Writing & Satire

Dead Island 2's strongest feature: masterful humor and excellent parody of Hollywood vanity

Combat & Weaponry

A mix of inventive weapons and familiar mechanics. Fun melee combat, but ranged weapons disappoint.

Co-op Multiplayer Fun

Team up with friends for more laughs and shared zombie-slaying experiences.

Customization & Powers

Unlock a range of passive perks and active abilities to tailor your character's playstyle.

Bugs & Glitches

Experience minor technical issues and visual bugs that can occasionally hinder gameplay

Multiplayer Progress Limits

Restrictions on joining games based on campaign progression can be frustrating

Overall Verdict

Dead Island 2 offers entertaining gameplay, memorable characters, and fantastic humor, but lacks innovation in mechanics and concepts.

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