10 Games Like Among Us That Will Keep You Guessing

Unfortunate Spacemen A game where you are a spaceman who has to complete objectives and escape from a space station. But one of you is a shapeshifting monster who can kill and devour you.

Project Winter A game where you have to gather resources, repair structures and escape a harsh winter environment with your team. But there are traitors who can lie and sabotage your group.

Enemy on Board A game where two players are alien impostors and everyone else is a crewmate who has to repair the spaceship. The impostors can sabotage, kill and vent. The crewmates have to find and vote out the impostors.

Town of Salem A game where there are three factions: town, mafia and neutral. The town has to find and lynch the mafia and the neutral killers. The mafia has to kill the town and avoid detection. The neutral has their own goals and abilities.

Deceit  first-person shooter game where you wake up in an asylum with five other players. Two of them are infected with a virus and can sabotage and kill the others. You have to build trust and survive

Garry’s Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town: A game mode for Garry’s Mod where you are either an innocent, a detective or a traitor. The innocents have to survive and help the detective. The detective has to find and kill the traitors. The traitors have to kill everyone else.

The Escapists The Escapists is a strategy game where you have to escape from different prisons by crafting items, completing tasks and avoiding guards