Warframe Tier list 2024

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
Warframe Tier list

Warframe is a third-person shooter game that thrives on riveting lore and numerous loots from different bounties. The game was first released in 2013 and is still a popular title to date because of the new updates and invention of new “frames.” Basically, these frames are suits that are pitched in with new updates to expand on the lore and the abilities the players can harness. You get to traverse through space and different planets. With each planet, you unlock gripping weapons and materials. Well, for the past 8 years, people are still unable to finish the game at all. There’s so much available at one’s disposal that all you could do is just grind on and on.

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Not to mention, until May 2021, there are around 47 frames available, while the 48th one is on its way to the game (Yareli). You can farm materials and liches for what it’s worth and do what not as long as there’s something left on your plate. As you progress, new frames unlock, and this is when the selection criterion becomes tough. You don’t know which frame to opt for and which to ignore in terms of your playstyle. This is why today I will be talking about the Warframe tier list, which will focus on individual frame abilities and its ranking amidst the pool of other available frames.

Symbols explained

  • SS+ Tier: These frames are overpowered with a lot of potential available to exploit. In terms of strength and vitality, these frames are the best.
  • S+ Tier: If you need something balanced, and at the same time, accessible playstyle, then S+ tier frames are the way to go. Although these frames are quite nerfed down to make the balance apparent, they are still better than frames from other tiers.
  • A Tier: These frames are known for being average: not too bad, not too good. You know, 50-50. It’s worth mentioning that the frames from this tier are more for beginners than for those who know A-Z of Warframe.
  • B Tier: You are not advised to fully upgrade these frames because they are the very definition of fallibility. It’s true that you might survive a couple of months with them, but not more than that.
  • C Tier: The absolute worst of them all. You really can’t invest a lot in these frames other than just try out for the sake of exploration. Some of them might benefit you for a few tasks, but that’s that.

SS+ Tier

Warframe tier ss+
MesaBallistic Battery, Shooting Gallery, Shatter Shield, Peacemaker
TrinityWell of Life, Energy Vampire, Link, Blessing
OctaviaMallet, Resonator, Metronome, Amp
WispReservoirs, Wil-O-Wisp, Breach Surge, Sol Gate
NovaNull Star, Antimatter Drop, Wormhole, Molecular Prime
SarynSpores, Molt, Toxic Lash, Miasma
RhinoRhino Charge, Iron Skin, Roar, Rhino Stomp

S Tier

Warframe tier s
EquinoxMetamorphosis, Rest and Rage, Pacify and Provoke, Mend and Maim
GaussMach Rush, Kinetic Plating, thermal sunder, Redline
KhoraWhip Claw, Ensnare, Venari, Strangledome
ChromaSpectral Scream, Elemental Ward, Vex Armor, Effigy
IvaraQuiver, Navigator, Prowl, Artemis Bow
InarosDesiccation, Devor, Sandstorm, Scarab Swarm
VoltShock, Speed, Electric Shield, Discharge
WukongCelestial twin, cloud walker, Defy, Primal Fury
NidusVirulence, Larva, Parasitic Link, Ravenous
NezhaFire Walker, Blazing Chakram, Warding Halo, Divine Spears
GaraShattered Lash, Splinter Storm, Spectrorage, Mass Vitrify
MirageHall of Mirrors, Sleight of Hand, Eclipse, Prism
BaruukElude, Lul, Desolate Hands, Serene Storm

A Tier

Warframe tier A
OberonSmite, Hallowed Ground, Renewal, Reckoning
TitaniaSpellbind, Tribute, Lantern, Razorwing
LimboBanish, Stasis, Rift, Surge Cataclysm
RevenantEnthrall, Mesmer Skin, Reave, Danse Macabre
EmberFireball, Immolation, Fire Blast, Inferno
ProteaGrenade Fan, Blaze Artillery, Dispensary, Temporal Anchor
HarrowCondemn, Penance, Thurible, Covenant
NekrosSoul Punch, Terrify, Desecrate, Shadows of the dead
MagPull, Magnetize, Polarize, Crush
VaubanTesla Nervos, Minelayer, Photon Strike, Bastille

B Tier

Warframe tier B
FrostFreeze, Ice Wave, Snow Globe, Avalanche
ExcaliburSlash Dash, Radial bind, Radial Javelin, Exalted Blade
LokiDecoy, Invisibility Switch, Teleport, Radial Disarm
HildrynBalefire, Pillage, Haven, Aegis Storm
ValkyrRip line, Warcry, Paralysis, Hysteria
AshShuriken, Smoke Screen, Teleport, Blade Storm
GarudaDread Mirror, Blood Altar, Bloodletting, Seeking Talons

C Tier

Warframe tier C
AtlasLandslide, Tectonics, Petrify, Rumblers
BansheeSonic boom, Sonar, Silence, Sound Quake
NyxMind Control, Psychic Bolts, Chaos, Absorb
ZephyrTail Wind, Airburst, Turbulence, Tornado
GrendelFeast, Nourish, Regurgitate, Pulverize
HydroidTempest Barrage, Tidal Surge, Undertow, Tentacle Swarm

How to select the best character (Warframe Meta explained) for the game?

I have around 250+ hours on Warframe and intend to play more of it. Currently, I’m stuck with Volt because, unlike Destiny 2, you can grind and get premium frames anyway. So yeah, at the moment, I’m grinding as much as I can to get the Nova and Mesa suits. Considering this, what’s your best option? If you are a F2P player, then your best shot is to get Volt and spend a good deal of time getting materials, and mastery levels on different weapons, etc. Apart from this, you can settle for Equinox and then climb up the ladders. It entirely depends on you. But yeah, getting Mesa is not strawberries and cupcakes unless you are willing to spend a lot of in-game money on these suits in the early game.

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Not to mention, go for frames that will twin with your playstyle. For example, I’m a person who’s into fast combat, hence the Volt. So yeah, try different combinations, and you’ll know which to go for at the end of the day.

Anyhow, this brings us to a close. I hope this tier list was sufficient enough to bless you with a decisive stance. Good luck in selecting your dream frame!


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