Wall Mounted PC Build in 2024 – Components and Building Process

Are you tired of using old tower and desktop chassis systems? Do you wish to have a wall-mounted PC? The wall-mounted PC is one of the most trending computers that have captured the market and customers’ attention.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith
Wall Mounted PC Build in 2022 – Components and Building Process

 The users mostly are demanding some new styles and designs to see on their personal computers. Keeping this rising demand in mind most specialists and researchers have found wall-mounted systems to be catchy.

There are a number of components being used to build wall-mounted computers. The chassis for these systems is made differently and additionally, the installation process of all the important elements is distinct from old styled PCs.

Furthermore, it is not known who was the first person to mount the PC on the wall but as soon as this style has entered the market maximum eyes are on this amazing style. It comes with great advantages for the users and can be used as an ornament. 

The chassis designed for wall mounted PCs are mostly open-air and this has made them quite different among the users. Here we will discuss the components and how this PC is designed.       

Components of a Wall-Mounted PC Build

Like the pre-build computer system, the wall-mounted requires some components that are necessary for the process of building the desired gaming build. All these components must be of good quality so that you can have a durable and reliable wall-mounted PC in your comfort zone.

For this purpose, read carefully all the below-mentioned parts that are available in the market.


The processor is that part of the wall-mounted PC that is responsible for the smooth running of the entire PC. The most recommended processor in this regard is the Intel Core i9 7700K.


The memory of the computer system is the most critical part and for storing the data you need memory. In this regard, you must choose an RGB DDR4 8GB by TeamGroup T-Force Delta. In case of non-availability of 8GB memory, you can use two memory drives of 4GB each.

Graphics Card

To have good quality pixels on the screen of your output device you must use an Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1070 Ti Founder Edition. Other graphic cards are also available in the market but this is the best one. 

CPU cooler 

Thermaltake water 3.0 360 Riing CPU cooler must be attached to the entire system when you are in the process of making a wall-mounted PC build because it keeps your system cool by maintaining the temperature. 


To make your wall-mounted PC build the best in all the ways, you must use Corsair RM850X White PSU so that you can make your system good working along with good looking.


The motherboard is responsible for the running of the whole system of a wall mounted PC build so it is advised to use a Gigabyte Z270X-Designare. The powerful motherboard guarantees the smooth working of the computer system.

The Case

Along with all the other parts, the case is very important because it gives an attractive and good-looking appearance to your wall-mounted PC build. Therefore, you must use a Thermaltake Core P5 Open Air Case.

Case Essentials

The case essentials are also necessary for completing your wall mounted PC build and make it more reliable. For this purpose, you must use Thermaltake Core P5 AIO Bracket. 

Solid State Drive (SSD)

SSD use integrates assemblies in order to store your data to avoid any mishappening. In this regard, you must use a PNY XLR8 CS2211 that is 240GB in size. This will save all your sensitive data to avoid any memory loss.


Lighting is the most critical thing that is necessary to recognize all the components of your wall-mounted PC build. Moreover, it gives an alluring look to the whole system. You can use Corsair Lighting Node Pro for your build.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

HDD is the electromechanical data drive that keeps your data safe and presents it in a time of need. It is recommended to use WD Red 4TB NAS WD4001FFSX that is best in all its features. 

Designing a Wall Mounted PC Build

Designing a wall mounted computer is not that easy as it looks. You require time and effort full of knowledge to build a wall-mounted PC. If you are a novice in the field of the computer world you cannot go for building such a PC by yourself. 

This creation requires deep study and what component or material is to be used for creating it, does matter a lot. The right material required for building the wall-mounted computer depends on what type of system you need i.e. you want a PC for gaming or for office use. 

Choosing the Right Material

Choosing the Right Material for wall mounted pc

As this is a wall-mounted PC, we need some different material as well that can assist the PC in mounting it to the wall. Let’s have a look down below on different required components.    


Keeping in mind that the PC needs to be mounted against the wall you need plastic that is strong enough to handle this. The plastic may not be in such quality that it could be broken easily or weak enough that it could not lift the weight of other components.  


If you have in mind the same old design and old rustic style PCs then you do not need any special steel sheet. Rather you can utilize the same old steel and you will be good to go with it. The selection of steel mostly depends on the budget available.  


Mostly you may have seen that the cases of the wall mounted PC are made of wood. Here the thing to be noticed is that that wood is not just picked up and has shaped into this. The selection of wood must be like that. It should be as thick and strong as plywood. In this case, plywood is recommended as well.   


Metal is important for different purposes used in making wall-mounted PCs. Metal needs to be pure and strong for long-term reliability and life. If the water cooling is made from metal piping that will definitely look insane on the wall and it is going to enhance the beauty in the room. 

Drawing the Layout

Drawing the Layout for wall mounted pc
imgur user mrmemo

The layout design is the most important thing to be planned and executed accordingly. The wall-mounted PC is an open case design and for that, it needs to be flexible enough to organize all the components of your build. 

Most of the responsible designers have recommended building the motherboard on the top left side and hard drives shall be located to the right side of the chassis. In a wall mounted PC everything can be reorganized and changed so there is no worry about such things.   

Pre-Drilled Holes

Pre-Drilled Holes for wall mounted pc
imgur user mrmemo

The important point here is that in most cases the users make pilot holes before making holes in the base. This leads them to face many issues and creating their well-designed chassis in the worst shape or in some cases destroys it. 

Make sure that before making your pilot hole you shall design holes according to the need of the system in the base. The thing you are not supposed to forget is that lineup both the pilot holes and base holes before going further. This is obvious, in order to avoid any difficulty later you need to follow a few steps before.   

Mount Motherboard

Mount Motherboard in wall mounted pc

After drawing the layout and having the pre-drilled holes in the base of the build, you must go forward. In this regard, you must have the screw of the size of the thickness of the base. 

The motherboard must be mounted carefully and make it fit in the screw because it is the most dangerous part of making a wall-mounted PC build. In the case of carelessness, you can ruin your motherboard.

Fit the Graphic Card

Fit the Graphic Card in wall mounted pc

After mounting your PC build, it is necessary to use a bracket to fit the graphics card in it. However, the custom solutions are required because your wall mounted PC build is open air. 

This keeps your graphic card at the required place. When you don’t have the bracket then the graphic card can fall down snapping the PC connector.

It is also recommended to use the vertical graphics card mount so that you can mount your graphics card safely to avoid any mishap. 

Secure Power Supply

Secure Power Supply in wall mount pc

The power supply is responsible for providing power to your wall mounted PC build. The power supply is usually attached at the bottom of the build to provide an ease of ON/OFF functions. 

You must measure the distance between the screws present at the bottom of the build. However, the custom screw must be cut to match it with the thickness of the base of your build. 

Attach Hard Drive

Attach Hard Drive

To declutter the front, it is recommended to use a hard drive that can be SSD or HDD depending on your requirements. To mount the SSD you may use a strong velcro strip on the back of the case of your build. 

The velcro is the best option as it does not put any pressure on the build and it cannot be damaged easily because of the high melting point i.e 1000-degree F. Moreover, it also provides ease for moving the hard drive when you want to redesign your case. 

If you do not want to use a velcro strip then the SSD mounting bracket can be used on the back of the base material.

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Closing Thoughts

By gaining deep knowledge about the components used for manufacturing the build and following the instructions for the process, it has been concluded that a wall-mounted PC build is the best option. It is good because it saves space and you can easily have a strong PC build for gaming and workstation at an affordable price.

Joe Smith

Joe, a computer science graduate and PC hardware expert, boasts a decade of experience in the field. His lifelong passion for gaming drives him to excel as a prominent figure in the gaming community, consistently pushing boundaries with cutting-edge technology.

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