RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3090: Which One Tops Gaming Performance?

Muhammad Allayhan
Muhammad Allayhan
RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3090

Last month, Nvidia launched their latest RTX 4060 Ti and everyone’s been talking about it. What’s so amazing about it is that it features the advanced Ada Lovelace architecture which takes your gaming to a whole new level. And it’ll only cost you 399 $ for the 8 GB version and 100 $ more for the 16 GB variant. 

It’s been almost three years since the release of the RTX 3090 on 24 September 2020 and the RTX 4060 Ti made its entry into the market on 24 May 2023. Over this period the RTX 3090 has undergone many driver upgrades that ramped up its performance and efficiency. So it puts us in a tough spot to choose which one would be our go-to card. 

If you’ve been confused about which one you should go for then say no more! Let me take the wheel from here and you just venture along the in-depth comparison between RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 3090. 

Now before we talk about real-time performance, let’s take a quick glance at some of the specification differences.  

Some crucial specifications: RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3090

Features RTX 4060 Ti RTX 3090
GPU AD106-350/351GA102-350-A1
GPU process TSMC 5nmSamsung 8nm
CUDA Cores 4,35210,496
Base Clock speed2.31 GHz1.31 GHz 
Boost Clock speed2.54 GHz 1.86 GHz
TGP/TDP160/165 W450 W
Memory Bandwidth18 GB/s / 288 GB/s21 GB/s / 1,008 GB/s 
Memory interface128-bit 134-bit 
Year of Release20232020

Now you know everything that these two GPUs offer to make an informed decision. But I understand that this specs sheet won’t be satisfactory for you to decide which one would be suitable for you. So here are some important features that you should always consider while selecting between these two cards.

One-on-One comparison of some paramount features

Processor cores

In every GPU processor, you can find two kinds of core types; CUDA cores for processing and RT cores for Ray tracing along with other components that include TMUs and ROPs. The performance capabilities of a GPU are directly affected by the amount and type of these units. 

And the internal structure of the GPU processor plays a crucial role here as it determines how all these components are organized. 

But you should also know that a generational gap between two GPUs may also affect their speed and efficiency. For instance, if we talk about the RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 4060 Ti, they both have the same amount of CUDA cores but the RTX 4060 Ti is much faster and more efficient.    


Nobody likes lag! Right? Well, VRAM or video memory is that part of a graphics card that makes sure you have smooth, lag-free framerates, especially at higher resolutions. The more the VRAM of a GPU the more efficiently it can run those heavy graphics for you. 

Are you a fan of 4K gaming? If yes, then as much as I hate to say it but RTX 4060 Ti wouldn’t be enough for you. With only 8 GB of VRAM, it’s designed for 1080p gaming. But in some titles, it even performs quite well at 1440p. As for 4K graphics, I suppose you’d have to wait for its 16 GB variant scheduled to launch in July.

If you can’t wait until July and you’re crazy about 4K gaming then the RTX 3090 would the right choice. It features a thrilling 24 GBs of VRAM making it way more powerful than both variants of the 4060 Ti. 

GPU core frequency 

Ever wondered we hear so much about clock speed or GPU core frequency but what actually is it? Well, it is the speed of your GPU to process and perform visual information. Usually, we see an increase in the clock speeds with each new generation. 

Do you know what’s really surprising here? The boost clock speed of the RTX 4060 Ti is 700 MHz more than the RTX 3090. So no doubt the RTX 4060 Ti takes a considerable lead in processing information but that doesn’t make it a winner just yet. 

Power consumption  

Another critical factor that can’t be ignored is how much they differ in power consumption and heat generation. Well, the RTX 4060 Ti can work with only 160 watts power supply but the RTX 3090 needs a hefty 450 watts power source. This means you’ll be paying big bucks for your energy bills if you opt for the RTX 3090. And also it usually runs really hot so you’ll need to invest in a top-notch cooling system.


No matter how much you want a thing, you can’t go for it if it’s out of your budget, right? Well, if we talk about the price difference between these two cards; it’s huge! 

As for RTX 4060 Ti, it comes in two variants. The 8 GB model will cost you 399$ and the 16 GB model is expected to have a launch price of 499$. Both these models are great choices if you’re looking for a sturdy GPU for 1080p and 1440p visuals and don’t want to break the bank. 

However, the RTX 3090 hit the market with a boom with a launch price of 1500$ and even now you’ll get it somewhere around 700$ to 900$. And don’t forget that you’ll also have to spend a fortune on hardware to support this GPU. 

So, in terms of the price game, the RTX 4060 Ti knocks away the RTX 3090 right away. 

Overall performance war: RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3090

As it is evident from the specs detail, the RTX 3090 obviously is a way more high-powered GPU as opposed to RTX 4060 Ti. It is ideal for those who are seeking smooth performance at 4K. But to be honest, not many gamers are interested in 4K rather they go for low-budget options for 1080p and 1440p monitors. Not everyone can afford to pay 1500$ for a graphics card. It’s no joke! 

No doubt RTX 4060 Ti has no comparison with the RTX 3090 but it does come close to the RTX 3070 Ti. It’s pretty impressive for an entry-level card and I believe the latest Ada Lovelace architecture has a lot to do with it.    

RTX 4060 Ti or RTX 3090; which one should you opt for? 

After going through the specs war, I’m sure you can tell that RTX 4060 Ti doesn’t stand a chance before RTX 3090 in terms of raw power. But does that mean everyone should go for the RTX 3090? Absolutely not! 

If you’re looking for a high-power GPU that smoothly delivers exceptional performance in 4K gaming and budget is not really a concern for you. RTX 3090 would be the right fit for you. But bear this in mind, you’ll need some upgrades in your hardware to support this GPU. 

Contrarily, the RTX 4060 Ti offers more value for your money. It performs as well as the RTX 3070 and comes close to the RTX 3070 Ti. Moreover, it needs only 160 watts of power source. Not only does this keeps your system cool but also you’ll be saving a lot on energy bills. So if you’re running a little low on cash and want a compelling option for mid-range graphics then RTX 4060 Ti would be the way to go. 

If you’re wondering how well can RTX 4060 Ti handle 4K graphics. You can get your answers here!

Muhammad Allayhan

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