RTX 3060 Ti vs RTX 3070 [2024 Comparison]

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
RTX 3060 Ti vs RTX 3070

Two supreme GPUs crusading against each other to reach the finish line. It’s a never-ending race because, with each year, we get to behold a new lineage. In 2020, the RTX 30-series made its first-time appearance in October, and since then, the market is in dishevel (In a good way). Today, we will be conversing about a comparison guide between RTX 3060 Ti vs RTX 3070.

I would suggest you hold your horses because we might not be concluding the guide anytime soon. It’s my duty as a writer to enumerate all the features of each card out there and put enough stress to let you know which entity to root for at the end of the day. Well, It’s time to begin the guide!

Geforce RTX 3060 Ti

RTX 3060 Ti

I would first bring to your kind notice that the RTX 3060 Ti was announced a month later the initial release of RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090. The reason is quite fathomable because not everyone can afford RTX 3070 or 3090. They are explicitly for enthusiasts who are looking forward to spending every penny residing in their wallets. But, it’s not the case with everyone; thus, the need for releasing a subsidized entry-level card: RTX 3060 Ti.

Core features

Do you know what’s surprising about the RTX 3060 Ti? RTX 3060 Ti’s magnificent performance that’s undisputable. Believe me, the RTX 3060 Ti, at times, can perform significantly faster than the previous lineage cards like RTX 2080 Super. A remarkable win! To be honest, the people who have the expensive RTX 2080 Super are crying a river because it’s completely shocking to see a card that’s affordable and cheaper, defeating a card that has been praised for years.

As for the core features, the RTX 3060 Ti is equipped with Ampere architecture. However, as far as the 4k compatibility is concerned, on games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, it’s not possible. Although, reaching up to 1440p is probably an educated guess. It’s because of several reasons:

  • The GPU only has eight gigs of VRAM (at times, not sufficient for running games at 4k)
  • Lesser CUDA cores for complex mathematical catering
  • Lacks efficiency when rendering is concerned.

It’s evident that the 4864 CUDA cores and 64 Turing SM are enough to sustain constant 60FPS on 4k. You need something phenomenal and an AI-condensed GPU to make 4k a norm. Anyhow, I wouldn’t discard the GPU just because it can’t sufficiently uphold the notion of 4k.


As far as the performance ratio is concerned, the RTX 3060 Ti has a profound and significant gaming performance, and It’s only possible because of the Tensor and RT cores. A card that won’t even cost you more than $400 is a crusading against the previous lineage.

What’s fascinating is the fact that the GPU is able to render images at 4k on Blender and Maya. To top it off, the RTX 3060 Ti makes use of 16.2 TFLOPs of shader performance, whereas the 2060 Super only makes use of 7.2 TFLOPs- a significant jump of around 65%. That’s marvelous because TFLOPs determine how faster your GPU is compared to other counterparts in the market.


The RTX 3060 Ti was designed in mind that the users will be extensively overclocking the GPU. Because of that, the GPU uses an exclusive design for channeling the required air in and out. On top of that, the GPU majorly idles at 41 degrees Celsius and reaches 74 degrees Celsius on maximum load. To our surprise, the RTX 1080 touches 80 degrees on maximum load. What does this show? Basically, the newer GPUs are thermally efficient, making them a perfect candidate for overclocking.

For the ports, the GPU brings in DisplayPort 1.4a and a single HDMI 2.1 socket, which supports 4k and probably 8k (who knows?).

What sort of games can the GPU Run?

On RTX 3060 Ti, the shadow of the Tomb Raider touched 88 FPS on 1440P benchmarks. Apart from this, the Hitman 2 stayed at 110 FPS, which is a significant figure. As far as the Red dead redemption two is concerned and games that are open-world, you can expect such games to reach a threshold of 80 FPS on maxed-out settings. I’m in awe, to be honest. Not to mention, around 20-30 FPS were significantly increased on RTX 3060 Ti compared to RTX 2060 Super.


Base Clock1410 MHz
Boost Clock1665 MHz
Shading Units4864
Tensor Cores152
RT Cores38
Memory Size8GB
Memory TypeGDDR6
Memory Bus256-bit
Bandwidth448 GB/s
PSU requirement500W

Geforce RTX 3070

RTX 3070

The candidate put against the RTX 3060 Ti is no one but our friendly neighborhood powerhouse: RTX 3070. You must be wondering that RTX 3070 is a clear win. But you could be wrong as well, because how could RTX 3060 Ti win against RTX 3070. To purge out these anomalies, I’ll enumerate all the possible features of the RTX 3070 and its performance ratio so you can have a decent insight into its functionality.

Core features

In October, Nvidia announced RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090, 3090 being the Tier-S card. The best part about the RTX 3070 is that it can run games at 4k. How though? First things first, the GPU is equipped with eight gigs of VRAM that is supple to launch games at 4k and 1440p. However, you could experience out-of-sync frames because of the superior requirements of the same triple-A games out there. But, don’t you worry, it’s still a withstanding GPU to have in your arsenal.

Apart from this, the GPU comes with the Ampere architecture that supports FP32 workloads. On top of that, the card offers 27% more SM processors than what RTX 2070 has to offer, coupled with 5888 CUDA cores. Not to mention, the RTX 3060 Ti only has to offer 4864 CUDA cores. To put it in simpler terms: the more cores, the merrier the performance would be. Here, RTX 3070 significantly defeats RTX 3060 Ti. It’s worth mentioning that the RT cores and Tensor cores count stands at 46 and 184, respectively (which is again way more than what RTX 3060 Ti has to offer).

It’s also worth adding that the RTX 3070 is the only card in the lineage after RTX 3060 Ti to offer a decent power consumption rate. On top of that, the implemented Ais and RTX module skyrockets the overall gaming experience. What else does one want?


On 1440p testing, the RTX 3070 turned out to be a beast. The testing rig had these specifications:

Well, you have to believe me that the RTX 3070, with a significant margin, put nvidia RTX 3060 Ti to dust. Basically, the card was able to pump up to 100+ FPS on games like Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, Death Stranding, Microsoft Flight simulator, and Global offensive. This just doesn’t end here. Surprisingly, the RTX modularity enhanced the environment by manifolds when compared to the enhancements made by RTX 3060 Ti. For enumeration, the shadow of the tomb raider averaged at 111 FPS, COD Warzone averaged at 126 FPS, Gears 5 averaged at 108 FPS, and Control (RT) averaged at 94 FPS. These figures are huge and indicate the sheer performance of our beloved RTX 3070 GPU.

It’s also worth mentioning that the GPU on Nvidia DLSS performed significantly better. Basically, you can use this feature to pump out extra juice from your GPU.


As for the design, the GPU does significantly better than RTX 3060 Ti, and it was only because of the incepted heatsinks, shroud, and fan curvature. You wouldn’t believe me if I were to say that the temperature never exceeded the 75-Degree Celsius threshold, even on 4k.

What sort of games can the GPU Run?

Possibly any game out there? It’s a new lineage card, and you can expect it to run any game which has been released so far. I can guarantee you that Cyberpunk 2077 will average 60+ FPS on 4k benchmarks. It’s also worth mentioning that you can play Death stranding (Marvelous narrative) and Read dead redemption 2 with 70+ FPS on 1440p. Perhaps, with this GPU, you become a gaming freak!


Base Clock1500 MHz
Boost Clock1730 MHz
Shading Units5888
Tensor Cores184
RT Cores46
Memory Size8GB
Memory TypeGDDR6
Memory Bus256-bit
Bandwidth448 GB/s
PSU requirement500W
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So, who is the winner: RTX 3060 Ti or RTX 3070?

After reading the comparison guide, you must be wondering that RTX 3070 took the lead. Yes, you are 100% correct. It was an obvious win because you observed significant changes as you proceed/increment to a new GPU. But here’s the deal. If you want a near-clone experience of RTX 3070 at a subsidized cost of $499, then RTX 3060 Ti is your dream GPU; otherwise, RTX 3070 is a way to go if you want to experience games at 4k.


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