Best Ram for Ryzen 7 3700x in 2021

best ram for Ryzen 7 3700x

I hope you agree when I say that “RAM plays an important role in setting up your PC”.

We all know the “Blue screen of death,” which represents a faulty RAM. Once I remember sitting through the night because I was little and didn’t precisely know how to work around the problem.

I even cried! To be honest, if you are not finding compatible RAM for your system, then the “Blue screen of death” is inevitable.

That’s the reason why we will be talking about the best Ram for Ryzen 7 3700x. Before that, let’s dive into general information about Ryzen processors and how Ram modules work in parallel with such processors.

With the advent of Ryzen 7 3rd generation processors, gaming went a notch further. It was because of the use of superfast modules like hyperthreading. It’s worth mentioning that Ryzen processors use Zen architecture.

Now, you can relax under formidable and amazing Zen 2 architecture. But, there’s a catch. When you are using these Zen 2 architecture processors, you need to ensure you have all the decent components installed over.

No, I’m not saying to slot in an RTX GPU, but something in the grey area (not expensive, neither outdated). The need for upgrading is not restricted to GPUs only.
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You need to ensure that your system houses on decent RAM modules. Since this article is based on Ryzen 7 3700x, we will be discretely targeting the best ram for Ryzen 7 3700x.

Do you know what’s surprising? Ryzen 7 3700x can reach up to 4.0+ GHz on overclocked mode.

For smooth gaming performance and enhanced visuals, you need compatible and high-tier RAM modules because whenever you load a game, it gets temporarily stored on the RAM.

If the features like CAS latency are high, and the base clock of your RAM module lags, what do you expect? Some miracle? No, right? That’s why we will be shedding light on features to consider before buying the best memory for AMD Ryzen 7 3700x.

If you don’t have the time to go over this list right now, check out the G. SKILL Trident Z RGB.

8 Prime Best RAM for Ryzen 7 3700x (Overview)

Best versatile ram for Ryzen 7 3700xYes3200 MHz16GB Check Price
Best aesthetic Ram for Ryzen 7 3700xYes4133 MHz16GB, 32GB Check Price
Best high-frequency ram for Ryzen 7 3700xNo4600 MHz8GB, 16GB Check Price
Best value ram for Ryzen 7 3700xNo3733 MHz16GB, 32 GB Check Price
Best functional ram for Ryzen 7 3700xYes3000 MHz16GB Check Price
Best compatible ram for Ryzen 7 3700xYes3200 MHz16GB Check Price
Best overlookable ram for Ryzen 3700xYes3600 MHz32GB Check Price
Best cheapest ram for Ryzen 7 3700xNo3200 MHz16GB Check Price

Corsair Vengeance LED  (Best versatile ram for Ryzen 7 3700x)

Corsair Vengeance LED

Everyone loves corsair modules. That’s why Corsair Vengeance LED is one of the Editor’s picks for this product review.

Not only aesthetics and looks are retained, but also Corsair ensures that the performance remains all-time high. For this particular Vengeance series, users reported the utmost positive reviews about the excellent latency of CL16.

That’s appreciative, in my honest opinion. Not to mention, Corsair Vengeance LED proposes DDR4 type, which means comparatively, it will outperform all the top-tier DDR3 RAM modules.

It’s worth mentioning that the RAM comes with a solid heatsink to safeguard the module from soaring temperatures.

The rise in temperature is only perceptible when you try to overclock the module. That’s the reason why they embedded sturdy heatsinks. 

All in all, It’s a majestic ram with a maximum clock speed of 3466 MHz. What are you waiting for? Go and buy it already!

XPG Spectrix D80- Liquid-cooled RGB  (Best aesthetic Ram for Ryzen 7 3700x)

XPG Spectrix D8- Liquid-cooled RGB

I haven’t seen such majestic RAM. Firstly, the vibrant colors allow your system to stand out in the pool of competitors. Secondly, the XPG Spectrix D8 features a small liquid cooler tank at the top side of its heat sink.

It means that the RAM module will be cooling down itself with the help of an inert liquid coolant. That’s wonderful. Not to mention, it’s the world’s first hybrid RAM module that features a liquid-air cooling system.

Apart from this, the heatsink is hermetically sealed, which means that there will not be any accidental spillages from the module. From the recent reports, it can be said that the RAM is efficient and performative, and let the temperatures stay at bay.

You can also program your RGB profiles with the help of XPG RGB sync software. In addition to that, you can overclock the RAM to a maximum of 5000 MHz, which is spell bounding.

I haven’t seen any RAM touching the 5000 MHz threshold. It’s worth mentioning that the XPG Spectrix D8 makes a perfect match with your Ryzen 7 3700x because multithreading does require an outstanding frequency clock of the memory module to function properly.

In conclusion, XPG Spectrix D8 deserves the title of being a runner up in this applauding RAM modules list.

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Uses liquid cooler
  • Frequency up to 5000 MHz
  • Expensive module

Kingston HyperX Predator (Best high-frequency ram for Ryzen 7 3700x)

Kingston HyperX Predator

Kingston memory modules have been out there for so long, and believe me, after Corsair modules HyperX predator works the best.

But, because of the lack of RGB, it got the third position in the list. Anyways, HyperX Predator DDR4 memory is known for boosting framer rates, keeping your streams of broadcasting smooth, offers a huge frequency of 4800 MHz, and has a latency of in the range CL12-CL19.

On top of that, the aggressive black heatsink on top of the module cools down your RAM when the temperature exceeds the given threshold. Not only this, but the same heatsink works as a passive cooler when the overclocking temperatures get out of hand.

Not to mention, the RAM is XMP certified with discrete profiles for the latest AMD and Intel chipsets.

All in all, it’s a lovely RAM that can work like a charm on your Ryzen 7 3700x.

  • Unmatched frequency speeds
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No RGB

Kingston HyperX Fury (Best value ram for Ryzen 7 3700x)

Kingston HyperX Fury

Did I mention that the Kingston HyperX is a series that includes both the Fury and predator modules? If not, then don’t worry.

Now you know! Well, HyperX is a direct descendent of the predator module, and it also offers nearly the same specifications as that of Predator’s.

For simplification, the module offers a whopping base frequency of 3733 MHz, making it the best for video editing, encoding, and rendering. Since the CAS latency is lowered (in the range 15-19), it means that the RAM is efficient and performative.

On top of that, you can overclock the RAM to its maximum potential, and it even won’t budge. Why? It is because of the strong and sturdy heatsink attached on top of it.

On overclocking mode, the heatsink works round the clock to ensure that the RAM doesn’t malfunction because of the rising temperatures.

  In conclusion, I would only say if you want something like a predator, but at an affordable price tag, then HyperX fury it is.

  • Speeds up to 3733 MHz
  • The kit capacity of 128 GB
  • XMP ready
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lacks RGB lighting; hence making it less aesthetic

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB (Best functional ram for Ryzen 7 3700x)

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

Yeah, I know the name looks intimidating, but don’t worry, the RAM won’t eat you (pun intended). Well, the Corsair Dominator Platinum is a unique RAM module after the Vengeance series.

It’s only because of how it is made. The heatsink is completely different, the logo looks refreshing, and even the RGB pattern or the strip on the heatsink looks unparalleled compared to other flagship models.

Do you know what’s surprising? The RAM module has a latency of CL15, which is commendable in my honest opinion. I know it’s hard to find such RAM modules that offer lowered delay timings, but here we are.

For the specification, you get 12 discrete LED lights (RGB), syncing corsair software, astounding heatsinks for reducing temperatures, and compatibility with both Intel and AMD processors.

On the overclocking profile, you can go to a maximum of 4800 MHz, an endearing sight for gamers. 

  • Unique layout and design
  • Synching properties
  • Overclockable to 4800 MHz
  • Corsair RAMs are usually expensive

G. SKILL Trident Z RGB  (Best compatible ram for Ryzen 7 3700x)

Who doesn’t know about G. SKILL memory modules? They are known for being flashy and extravagant. In my opinion, people usually go for G. SKILL Rams because they want aesthetics and looks.

Not to mention, these RAMs are also efficient and performative. G. SKILL Trident Z RGB is a phenomenal RAM module that allows your Ryzen 7 3700x to perform at its finest.

For instance, you get to RGB as per your will by changing profiles, CAS latencies between 14 and 19, and an outstanding overclocking profile. On top of that, the maximum overclocking potential of the module is 4266 MHz, which is applaudable since now you have the opportunity to run all the Tier A games at ease. 

Last but not least, the attached heatsink does wonders, which means that your RAM module is safe from any performance degradation.

  • Can be easily overclocked
  • Amazing RGB lights
  • Lights might look flashy

G. SKILL TridentZ Royal (Best overlookable ram for Ryzen 3700x)

G. SKILL TridentZ Royal

As the name suggests, “Royal,” indeed the ram module, looks like it’s coming from a royal crowning ceremony.

It’s because the heatsink is attached to some sort of crystal-like pattern which flashes across your room at night. Not to mention, the RGB pattern is unique because of the combination of a crystal-like pattern that allows sparkling and dazzles you the moment you discern the color pattern.

It’s worth mentioning that you can overclock your RAM module to its maximum possible value without any performance degradation.

Also, from the recent reports, it can be said that the G. SKILL TridentZ royal is a must-go-to RAM if the price factor doesn’t restrict you from buying. Have fun with those aluminum heatsinks.

  • Looks eye-catching
  • Compatible with most processors
  • Lies on the expensive side
  • Might take time to set up the required RGB pattern

Corsair Vengeance LPX (Best Cheapest ram for Ryzen 7 3700x)

Corsair Vengeance LPX

The reason why Corsair Vengeance LPX took the last spot on the list is not that I have grudges against it. It’s only due to the recent reports. People have not been using it as frequently as they used to.

There are more decent and functional RAMs available in the market, so yeah, that’s the shot. Anyways, LPX offers withstanding working capacity and helps your processor bask in a performative environment.

Not to mention, the heatsink is durable and sturdy, which helps in reducing the soaring temperatures. On top of that, the RAM’s time delay is decent, and the overall texture works well with the other components. All in all, it’s a decent RAM module that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

  • Great performance
  • Might turn out as a defective unit
  • Limited overclocking capacity

How CAS latency and base/boost clock helps your Ryzen processor work at 100% potential?

CAS latency is the measure of a time delay between rows and columns inside a memory module. As long as your module has lowered CAS latency, you are in good hands.

In layman terms, lower CAS latency indicates that the module will be processing more instructions per second.

Well, we have a twist here. From the recent reports, it can be evaluated that CAS latency goes hand in hand with your memory module’s base clock. Although, you have the option to tweak the module’s settings, so it stays at the boosted clock/overclocked stage. But here’s the catch.

The frequency on which the base/boost/overclocked is based, precisely means how many instructions your processor can tend to in a single second.

Similarly, the CAS latency indicates the number of instructions tended per second between rows and columns.

From the equation of CAS latency and frequency, we can say that as long as the frequency is high, and CAS latency is low, your system will be doing wonders. That’s the reason why we selected Ryzen 7 3700x for your gaming system.

Piecing out the Final Evidence for the Best RAM for Ryzen 7 3700x

Since we are concluding our product review, I would like to let you know about my words’ credibility and authenticity.

I have tried my level best to pitch in reviews based on the user’s experience. Not to mention, all the mentioned products were tested on different configurations to check the durability and stability of the products.

Apart from this, if you ask for my recommendation, I would say go for XPG Spectrix D8- Liquid-cooled RGB if you are an extreme overclocking.

Otherwise, Corsair Vengeance LED would work just fine if you don’t care about spending a lot of money. Also, I hope the article is about the best memory for Ryzen 7 3700x.

If you think I missed something, or the review session was rather biased, feel free to pitch in your two cents. It will mean a lot to me.

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