Best RAM for Laptop in 2022

If you are looking out for good RAM for a laptop, then you have come to the right place. Read our comprehensive guide to the wonderful SODIMM modules.
Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
Best RAM for laptop

Please don’t be hopeless; I know you have come here searching for the best DDR4 RAM for your laptop because either the SODIMM ram in your laptop died, or you are just looking forward to expanding it. Whatever be the case, I’m here to help you out. To begin with, RAM (Random access memory) is a crucial part of any gaming system as it stores the data temporarily for your applications. The faster the RAM, the better the transaction between the CPU and the required application.

Do you know what determines the best RAM? Well, it’s the latency of the RAM, the frequency it runs on, and the type it has (DDR4 or DDR3). These factors determine how slow/bad/outdated/fast your RAM is, so bear with me as I’ll be explaining in-depth the sub-components of RAM in the latter part of the article. Not to mention, we have tested these products on a number of PCs, so you can really trust our words. Anyways, for now, let’s dive into the guide to finding the best RAM for a laptop.

List of 10 Best laptop RAM in 2022

AwardModelBase FrequencyCAS Latency Price
The best fastest laptop RAM2666MHzCL18Buy on Amazon
The best functional RAM for a laptop2666MHzCL15, CL16, CL17, CL20 (available in all of them) Buy on Amazon
The best laptop RAM for gaming2666MHz CL16 Buy on Amazon
The best SODIMM DDR4 RAM for laptop 3200MHz CL22Buy on Amazon
The best budget-friendly RAM for laptop 2666MHzCL19Buy on Amazon
The best robust RAM for a laptop 2666MHzCL19Buy on Amazon
The best alternative RAM for gaming 2400MHzCL15Buy on Amazon
The best DDR4 RAM for a laptop 2666MHzCL19Buy on Amazon
The best day-to-day RAM for a laptop 2666MHzCL19Buy on Amazon
The best value-added RAM for a laptop 2133MHz CL17Buy on Amazon

The best fastest laptop RAM

Corsair Vengeance Performance Memory kit 32GB

Corsair Vengeance Performance memory kit is one of the finest RAM modules to date. Do you know what makes this RAM so extraordinary? While testing the Corsair Vengeance on my Ryzen laptop, something wonderful happened. My laptop turned out to be a little faster in terms of transferring the data. Not to mention, there was a remarkable increase in FPS, too, especially in Battlefield 5.

It’s all because of the decent CAS latency of the RAM. It stands at CL18, which means the time difference to transact data between rows and columns is significantly lowered when compared to the RAMs with the CAS latency of 20, 21, and 22. For what it’s worth, I tested the RAM on another laptop as well, and it turned out the performance was just the same. Needless to say, the Corsair Vengeance Performance memory kit works like a charm on a myriad of laptops.


Well, this brings me to the frequency of the RAM. To be honest, the ability to overclock (push the limits of the RAM) on a laptop is just breathtaking. With this, you can increase the performance of the RAM by a factor of 2. And believe me, the difference was huge in terms of processing the data.

Why should you buy this RAM?

I’ll be honest here. When I was using the Corsair Vengeance Performance, I found my laptop a lot faster and smoother. So, even if you have an older laptop, let’s say from the 8th generation, the RAM will work nonetheless. It’s really versatile, and amazing. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Overclockable
  • Increases the overall data transfer rate
  • Increase in FPS for some games
  • Costly because it had the branding of Corsair

The best functional RAM for a laptop

Kingston Technology HyperX Impact

I remember Kingston has been there for years, and so far, is on the top for pitching in remarkable products to the users. Well, the real question is, what makes this RAM one of the best functional RAM modules for laptops. While I was testing the RAM on different laptops, I came across something weird. Not in a bad way, though. The Kingston Technology HyperX Impact is embedded with an accelerated module that helps in smoothing out the performance of the laptop by a factor of 3 at times.

I mean, it entirely depends on the CPU as well. If your CPU is powerful, the RAM will work much faster, and the difference will be obvious.

XMP profile

Well, there are a few RAM modules that don’t have an XMP profile. But Kingston technology HyperX Impact has the Intel XMP-ready profile setup, which means all you have to do is tweak the BIOS settings of the RAM for setting up an overclocked margin. This will ensure that the RAM works at its peak all the time.

Why should you buy this RAM?

The SODIMM performance has really made me ponder over my choices. I should have bought the Kingston HyperX impact way before. Anyways, the best thing about the RAM is that it works wonderfully on Ryzen builds, so there’s that too. Not to mention, if your motherboard has low voltage standards, then it’s all right since the RAM hardly consumes 1.2V, making it one of the highly suitable RAM modules for low-end laptops.

  • It comes in a variety of CAS latency
  • A plethora of frequencies available
  • Overclockable
  • Hard to come by (usually the stock gets empty)

best ram for gaming laptop

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT

This RAM is for my gamer enthusiasts who are looking forward to pushing the limits of their laptops. Before I start reviewing the product, I want to stress the fact that the (SODIMM)DDR4 version is way better than the (SODIMM)DDR3 version of the RAM. So, don’t ever buy the old one since the performance will be degraded by many folds. Apart from this, the Ballistix Sport LT RAM is a fine RAM module for accelerating the overall gaming performance.

I’ll be honest here. While using this RAM, the multitasking speed simply skyrocketed. I mean, I was able to open as many chrome tabs as possible without any sort of lags. This is just amazing, I would say.

Integrated graphics

It’s always a concern for those who don’t have GPUs slotted in their systems. Although we are reviewing the RAM module for gaming only, do you know what’s surprising? The same RAM module elevates the integrated graphics performance (IGFX). This is coupled up with XMP 2.0 profiling which means you can overclock the RAM at your ease.

Why should you buy this RAM?

Be it a gaming laptop or not, it doesn’t matter. The RAM is versatile and works like a charm on any given system. Not to mention, even if your laptop has no external GPUs, no need to worry; the performance will still be top-notch.

  • Extremely low CAS latency of 16 (perfect for gaming)
  • XMP 2.0 profile system
  • At times, higher-generation CPUs are required for the RAM to run properly as it’s specifically designed for gaming

The best SODIMM DDR4 RAM for laptop

Samsung 32GB DDR4 3200MHz PC4-25600

I want to warn you before you buy this RAM. Well, it’s nothing negative of that sort, but just that the RAM has a CL of 22 (CAS latency of 22). This is quite high and is not for playing competitive games. So be wary of that. However, the performance of the RAM stands tall in terms of giving a boosted transfer rate TO and FRO between the components.


The Samsung 32Gb DDR4 has a frequency of 3200 MHz which is high. With this frequency, I was able to have a seamless experience while running Blender and Visual Studio Code 2019. Basically, the higher the frequency, the more cycles your RAM can roll in one second.

Looks and design

Before I talk about looks and design, the RAM has no XMP profile, which means you can’t overclock it. Not to mention, the Samsung 32GB DDR4 3200MHz is a minimalistic RAM for office laptops (no aesthetics). So, if you are a coder, animator, or anything that requires the need of loaded applications, then this is the RAM for you. I was quite surprised when I was able to run a multitude of applications without any lags. Hence, the green light from my side.

Why should you buy this RAM?

If you are not into gaming, then this is the best thing you can get for your laptop. Under $200, you are getting a kit of 32GB, whereas gaming RAMs will hardly touch 16 gigs of Capacity in that price tag.

  • Minimalistic
  • Performative
  • Portable
  • High CAS latency

The best budget-friendly RAM for laptop

Crucial RAM 16GB DDR4 2666MHz

My fellow readers, if you are low on budget, and don’t know which RAM module to root for, then I have something special for you. It’s a Crucial 16GB DDR4 RAM! Well, the RAM module is ever ready to give you a heads up in a variety of applications, especially in those you work on a daily basis.

While testing the RAM, the benchmarks were pretty decent. Yes, I won’t say they were the best, but they were sufficient enough to justify the price tag they come in. I mean, you are getting a kit of 16GB of RAM for just $80; what else do you need? It’s worth mentioning that I faced zero issues while installing the RAM, so anyone with no knowledge of component binding can have an easy time installing it.

Performance charts

I would rate the RAM 7 out of 10 because I had no issues running a lot of applications at the same time. Not to mention, my browser was still open with a decent amount of tabs. On top of that, the RAM has a CAS latency of 19, which is pretty wonderful at the price tag it comes at. Last but not least, the frequency has the best figure because 2666MHz is a standard number. So, yeah, you can play games at ease.

Why should you buy this RAM?

The real question should be, why not? Well, you are getting everything with the RAM: decent CAS latency, good frequency number, and an extremely performative stance of the RAM. For what it’s worth, the RAM is compatible with a myriad of laptops, so there’s that too.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Can run a lot of applications at the same time
  • At times, CL 19 is a bummer on some applications

The best robust RAM for a laptop


TEAMGROUP Elite DDR4 16GB Kit is a phenomenal RAM module that brings in a lot of features for the users. When I was using the RAM, my laptop, at first, took a while to register the RAM. It was because there’s an issue with the TEAMGROUP RAM modules when it comes to pairing up. For instance, if the two RAMs aren’t compatible with each other, TEAMGROUP RAM won’t work. This is why you have to be careful when buying the RAM.

You must be wondering, why is it so? Well, the majority of the RAM modules don’t do this and then end up dying because of the mismatched frequency, CAS latency, etc. But TEAMGROUP goes a little further in terms of safeguarding your laptop from the mismatched configuration.


As far as the performance is concerned, the TEAMGROUP Elite DDR4 16GB Kit is a wonderful RAM module that focuses on bringing an enhanced performance ratio. My laptop experience was more refined this time and flawless. I would definitely recommend people using TEAMGROUP Elite DDR4 16GB Kit if they are into gaming or animation.

Why should you buy this RAM?

Well, it’s because of the compatibility algorithm that comes with the RAM module. In short, the RAM is known to be one of the best gaming modules to date.

  • Uses new AI system
  • Quicker and faster
  • Needs compatible RAMs to work with (Hence always buy in bundles/kit)

The best alternative RAM for gaming

Patriot Viper Steel DDR4 16GB 2400MHz

The Patriot Viper steel series is one of my favorites because of the extremely lowered CAS latency. Yes, the RAM has a CAS latency of 15, which is perfect for a seamless gaming experience. I ran Apex Legends and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and believe me or not; there was an increase in FPS (around 5%). It took me off guard because only a couple of RAM modules do that, and Viper steel is one of them.

Frequency and Timings

Since the base frequency stays at 2400MHz, I would say it’s pretty much acceptable because most of the laptops have similar frequencies, unless you have an Alienware. Anyways, there’s no option of overclocking, so bear this in mind (no XMP profile). Apart from this, the data transaction time is somewhat around 15-15-15-35, which is a lot less compared to other RAM modules. This means that you can use the RAM for professional work-alike (if not gaming).

Why should you buy this RAM?

It’s because of the low data shuffling timings. Basically, the application launch time is drastically decreased with the use of the Patriot Viper steel series. So yeah, if you want to experience everything a lot quicker, then this is the RAM for you.

  • CAS latency of 15
  • Lowered timings
  • SODIMM (largely compatible with a myriad of laptops)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Inter-brand compatibility issues

The best DDR4 RAM for a laptop

Timetec Hynix 8GB DDR4 2666MHz

If you want something simplistic and functional at the same time, I would recommend having a look at the Timetec Hynix 8GB DDR4 RAM designed for mid-to-high-end laptops. My experience with this RAM was somewhat out of this world, considering that it doesn’t take a toll on your savings.

For what it’s worth, the RAM was able to give its peak performance when the CPU usage was above 90%, which means if you are gaming on your laptop, do expect the RAM to bless you with an increase in FPS count.

Frequency and CAS Latency

The RAM pitches in the frequency of 2666MHz, which is quite appreciable, in my opinion. To be honest, this is what most RAM modules bring in, considering that most of them are expensive; however, it’s not the case with this RAM. Not to mention, the CL19 can be turned off for gaming enthusiasts, but it’s okay. The difference is not much, and it’s acceptable.

Last but not least, you also get hold of a lifetime warranty with the RAM. So, what are you waiting for?

Why should you buy this RAM?

The Timetec Hynix works exceptionally well in most scenarios, especially if you run multiple chrome tabs or applications. So, if you are a multi-tasker, then this is the RAM for you.

  • CAS latency of 15
  • Lowered timings
  • SODIMM (largely compatible with a myriad of laptops)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Inter-brand compatibility issues

The best day-to-day RAM for a laptop

A-Tech 8GB DDR4 2666MHz SODIMM

The Next product on the list is A-Tech 8GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM that can only be used on laptops (no cross-platform functioning). I would pretty much say that the RAM is God sent in the sense that it’s extremely cheap, and at the same time, brings in all required features. For example, the RAM works like a charm on a myriad of laptops and notebooks. On top of that, the performance ratio of the RAM is exceptionally high because of the DDR4 version.


While checking the RAM, I came across an exhilarated performance of the module. Although the CAS latency of 19 speaks otherwise, the RAM’s able to pull off higher speeds if paired correctly. Yes, it’s always better to pair A-Tech with another A-Tech RAM of the same lineage. For what it’s worth, the frequency of 2666MHz is sufficient to run any type of application or game on your laptop.

Last but not least, the RAM gives you a lifetime warranty, so I believe you are in good hands.

Why should you buy this RAM?

At a cheap price tag of $45, you are getting everything that there is to the existence of a high-end RAM. Not to mention, the transaction time was quite low on the A-Tech 8GB DDR4 SODIMM; thus, I would definitely recommend gamers to have a look at this RAM module.

  • Unbuffered version
  • It comes in a variety of sizes (16 GB and 32 GB)
  • CAS latency of 19
  • Malfunctions on a few laptops

The best value-added RAM for a laptop

Patriot Memory Signature Line DDR4 8Gb 2133MHz

Patriot Memory Signature Line DDR4 RAM is the final candidate for this product review session. Also, it doesn’t mean you’ll negate its existence just because it’s on the last page. To be honest, it’s an extremely functional RAM with boosted power. You’ll definitely be falling head over heels for it.

Performance charts

Testing the RAM was strawberries and cupcakes, as it allowed me to configure the settings pretty easily. On top of that, most of the applications’ performance skyrocketed because of the non-ECC unbuffered variant implemented. Apart from this, games like Fortnite and Valorant experienced an increase in FPS, which means the RAM is designed for competitive gaming.

Why should you buy this RAM?

First things first, the RAM is cross-compatible with a myriad of laptops. This indicates that whatever type of laptop you have, the RAM will work fine. It doesn’t discriminate between high-end laptops and low-end laptops, so yeah. Also, the frequency of 2133 MHz is sufficient to kick off triple-A games (if your laptop is designed for gaming).

  • Unbuffered version
  • It uses the CAS latency of 17 (which is quite low and best for gaming)
  • Double-sided module
  • At times the frequency of 2133 MHz gives rise to performance degradation

Best DDR4 SODIMM Laptop RAM Buyers Guide

Like any other product (monitors, CPU, GPU, etc.), RAM needs a lot of attention as well. The process of buying can be extremely daunting when you have zero knowledge regarding what to look out for in a RAM and potentially the compatibility of the RAM with the laptop you have. So, this guide will enlighten you and essentially let you have peace of mind when buying off RAM.


You might call me a classist or a person who’s very brand conscious, but it isn’t like that. You need to ensure that your laptop gets the best out of your buying ingredients. It’s obvious that you won’t be using a local brand with some weird brand name. Would you trust them with the integrity of your laptop? Definitely not! This is why when selecting a RAM module, check out which brand it is from. Usually, people look out for Corsair, Patriot, Kingston, Crucial, TEAMGROUP, G. SKILL tags on a RAM. These are the acclaimed brands (naming a few only) and are there from time immemorial. In short, RAMs are a vital component, and if by mistake you use a third-class module, sooner or later, the module itself will die out, and you don’t want that.


How much RAM do you think is enough for your laptop? Well, Quantity matters the most because, at times, your laptop can only function properly when it has the required RAM quantity. For example, 16 GB of RAM is becoming a norm these days, and many PC and laptop users are upgrading the Quantity of RAM in their respective devices. I can give you an example. The Call of duty Warzone has the minimum requirement of 12 GB of RAM, which means it will only run properly (without lags) if your laptop/PC has 12 GB of RAM or above. This is why Quantity matters the most. So, ask yourself for what purpose you are using the laptop. If it’s for gaming, my advice would be to straight out shoot for 16 gigs of RAM; otherwise, if it’s just the office work/using simple applications, then 8 GB of RAM is enough. Also, 32 gigs of RAM is overkill as it won’t benefit you unless you are running computer servers, etc.

Slots available:

If your laptop has more than two slots, I would recommend using 2 of them on dual-channel support. Yes, dual channel is way better than single-channel and results in an increased overall speed of the laptop/PC. The rest of the slots you can manage on your own, but it’s always advised to be running all the RAM modules on dual-channel.

Frequency and latency:

It goes without saying that the laptop makes use of the SODIMM form factor, so always buy off those RAM modules that have the equivalent size of the RAM slots on your laptop. As far as the frequency is concerned, there’s no standardized figure, but 2666MHz is the bare minimum these days. So, if you want your laptop to be working at lightning speeds, then do go for those RAMs that have the base frequency of 2666MHz. For the CAS latency, it entirely depends on the type of RAM you have chosen. Some of them have a CAS latency of 156, which is perfect for flawless gaming, whereas some of them use a CAS latency of 19, which is definitely not ideal for seamless gaming. So, choose wisely!

Apart from this, below attached is a succinct summary of the differences between SODIMM and SDRAM. Feel free to read it at your own discretion.

sodimm vs sdram infographics

Final thoughts

My experience with these RAM modules was top-notch, as all of them were able to surpass my expectations, especially the ones at the top. Also, I don’t have any biased opinion regarding any of the mentioned RAM modules, so you can choose at your own discretion, but I would definitely give you my top three recommendations. So here they are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people would say that 8GB is the ideal amount. Some laptops come with that amount of memory, but others may have only 4GB or 6GB. Adding more RAM can help your laptop run faster, especially if you do a lot of multitasking or have a lot of programs open at once. If your laptop doesn’t have enough RAM, you may start to experience lag time and other problems.

The Corsair Vengeance Performance Memory kit is the fastest RAM for laptops. It comes with two 16GB sticks of DDR4 memory that operate at 2666MHz. This kit is perfect for gamers and power users who need the best performance possible from their laptops. The Vengeance Performance Memory kit is compatible with most major brands of laptops and is easy to install.

There is no definitive answer as to whether RAM speed or size is more important. Ultimately, it depends on the individual system and what its needs are.

For example, if a computer is mainly used for basic tasks such as web browsing and word processing, then having more RAM may not be as important as having a faster clock speed. However, if the computer is being used for more intensive tasks such as gaming or video editing, then having more RAM will be more beneficial.

In general, it is usually better to have a higher clock speed and more RAM than vice versa. But again, this depends on the specific system.


Hey, I’m Muhammad Bilal. I’m a tech fanatic (also read: Gamer), who loves scrutinizing fine details. I aim to strive hard in my respective fields (as a writer and software programmer). Before pursuing my majors in a university (right now in A-levels), I want to spend time exploring and reviewing the latest technology.

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