Best RAM for Gaming 2024

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
Best RAM for Gaming

People usually forego the need for having sufficient information regarding RAM modules. When you are enacting a gaming PC build, you need to ensure that the sort of RAM modules you will be slotting in shouldn’t have any dire effects on the system’s overall performance. That’s when the role of the best RAM for gaming comes in.

For today’s standards, DDR4 memory is the way to go because of the incrementing nature of the gaming requirements. I can completely understand your position if you are not well-versed in the given information field. That’s the reason; please, after going through the products, check out the finishing headings, so you better understand the notion of AMD vs. Intel memory selection. Recently, AMD denounced any theory of RAM modules not correlating to the declining performance of the processor.

That’s the reason why you should pay enough heed to the type of memory selected, since not only will it be going to directly affect the overall performance of your system, but also aid in gaming, editing, and rendering for professional fields. So, without any further ado, let’s begin the guide to finding the best memory for gaming.

list of 10 Best Gaming Ram (Overview)

64GB/32GB/16GBDDR4 3600
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64GB/32GB/16GBDDR4 3000
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64GB/32GBDDR4 3200
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32GB/16GB/8GBDDR4 3000
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64GB/32GB/16GBDDR4 3200
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64GB/32GB/16GBDDR4 2666
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64GB/32GB/16GBDDR4 3200
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64GB/32GB/16GBDDR4 3200
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64GB/32GB/16GBDDR4 3600
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64GB/32GB/16GBDDR4 3200
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Best Overall Gaming RAM

Corsair Vengeance LPX

The sapphire entry title goes to Corsair Vengeance LPX Ram, one of the top-tier RAM modules. Well, Corsair has been crusading against a plethora of modules and has been successful so far.

XMP 2.0 Support

The best part about the Corsair Vengeance LPX is that it makes use of XMP profiling, which is another world for overclocking. Basically, with this option, you can change the RAM frequency (probably, higher than the base one) and experience skyrocketed performance on the operating system. Well, to make this happen, all you have to do is pay a visit to the BIOS settings, and bingo, it’s done.

Heat spreader

Usually, RAM modules use passive cooling mode, which is nothing but the radiation of heat without the use of a fan. That’s why these memory modules need Aluminum (or any) heat spreaders, which help radiate the heat outwards; hence, preserving the overall health of the RAM module. On top of that, it’s natural for an overclocked RAM to produce a significantly larger proportion of temperatures, so yeah, these heat spreaders can come in handy.


As far as the RAM design is concerned, it uses a low-profile design, which basically indicates the versatile nature of the RAM. You can slot it on any type of motherboard, kudos to its layout and design.

Capacity and performance

To be honest, there’s no hard and fast rule regarding which capacity to root for. For this article, I have recommended going for 64GB, or 32GB of RAM since using Corsair Vengeance LPX in the first place indicates that you are an enthusiast and will be profusely making use of temporary storage. That’s why for multitasking (Gaming, editing, and rendering), 32GB is ideal, or you can buy 64GB. It Doesn’t matter. It’s worth mentioning that the use of C18 is a bummer since there will be a perceptible delay, but it doesn’t matter. The performance to delay ratio is negligible.

Best Flagship Gaming RAM

TEAMGROUP T Force Vulcan Z

The platinum entry award goes to TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z. You might not accept it because usually, people associate G. Skill as the 2nd best RAM modules after Corsair, but here we are with a twist!

XMP 2.0 Support

It’s of no doubt to behold the compatibility of TEAM T-Force with XMP 2.0. Basically, the concept of incrementing is quite understandable when you want to compete with flagship entries. That’s the reason why you will see XMP 2.0 support in the majority of the RAM modules. It’s nothing but the capability of the RAM to overclock (reach soaring frequencies) for efficiency in gaming and rendering tasks.

Intel and AMD platform

Surprisingly, you can connect TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z with AMD and Intel processors. There’s no distinguishing platform or the biased nature of RAM towards any of the processors. You, with ease of usage, can slot in the RAM on either AMD or Intel. What a pleasant surprise!

Aluminum alloy spreader

This RAM module is equipped with an Aluminum alloy heat spreader to dissipate heat at a significant rate. When you overclock, it’s natural for RAM to excrete loads of energy. That’s why such heat spreaders or deliberately implanted to reduce the overall temperature rise.

Energy-saving module

Well, this might come as a surprise, but the majority of the RAM entries munch on either 1.35V or above because they need this amount of power to sustain system operations. But here’s the twist, if you are rooting for 2666MHz TEAM T-Force RAM, then it will require 1.2 Volts. Yes, it might increment with the increase in frequency; nonetheless, it’s appreciable, in my opinion.

Capacity and performance

Again, it entirely depends on you. If you want to slot in 32GB of RAM, then sure, go ahead. I won’t even mind if you even go for 64GB. At the end of the day, it’s your choice and not mine. The only advice I would slip in is that please do not go below the 16GB threshold margin. In a few months, 16GB will become the entry requirement for the majority of the upcoming titles. So, do keep that in mind.

As for the performance, it’s insurmountable with the existence of CAS latency of 16. This means that the delay rate has been greatly minimized. Perfect for gamers!

Best rgb Gaming Ram

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

It’s time to review or Titanium Entry: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro.

RGB and Aesthetics

You might disregard the need to have elusive and hexing visuals because people do not really care about lightning unless they are RGB enthusiasts. Corsair Vengeance RGB pro brings in a completely unique RGB module that has variable lighting patterns. The best part about the RAM is that you can sync it with different RGB components in your PC for a mesmerizing showcase. Not to mention, there’s iCUE software you can download from the internet for syncing, overclocking, and workarounds for your RAM.

Frequency and performance

As far as the frequency of the RAM module is concerned, you get hold of PCB custom design, which skyrockets the overall system performance. The DDR4 RAM module, which can go up to 4600MHz on extreme overclocking profiles. This means that you can tweak Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro to your needs. All you have to do is open the XMP profile, and bingo, it’s done.

Heat spreaders

What do you exactly expect from Corsair? That they will slip in RAM modules without any aluminum/heat spreaders? Since this RAM is majorly used for extreme overclocking, there’s a dire need for heat spreaders for extensive dissipation. To top it off, there’s a dedicated regulator with the RAM module, which skyrockets the passive cooling, blessing you with working, durable and robust RAM for years to come.


This entirely depends on your need. In this article, I have explicitly mentioned the need for having 64/32 GB of RAM, but you can also go for 16GB. I’ll be honest, horde as much as you can, or wait for DDR5 RAMs, which will be hitting the market soon enough. Anyways, the ideal RAM capacity is 16GB, but yeah, it’s your choice, nonetheless.

Best DDR4 Gaming RAM

Crucial Ballistix RGB 3000

Crucial Ballistix RGB 3000 has taken the golden entry because of its resounding applications and features.

RGB and aesthetics

First things first, the RAM offers RGB compatibility, which means now, with extreme performance, you also get hold of aesthetics and Ming blowing lightning patterns. Well, all you have to do is slot in the RAMs and give commands from the motherboard control panel to turn on the RGBs. It’s worth mentioning that it’s not necessary to set up the RAMs through the control panel, but if you want synching properties, you need to tweak motherboard settings.


It’s no doubt that the RAM is capable of extreme overclocking. The reason is quite simple. People usually buy Ballistix to kick off their declining dreams about reaching soaring speeds. To make it come true, you can overclock the RAM modules to their maximum potential frequencies without any breakdown. All you have to do is teak the XMP profile, and bingo, it’s done.

Extruded Aluminum heat spreaders

Since overclocking is possible on the RAM module, you do need something to keep the temperatures at bay. For that, the designers have incorporated aluminum heat spreaders for heat dissipation. You won’t even see a single RAM dying due to temperatures because they never cross the given threshold. Truly, surprising!

Low-profile form factor, performance, and capacity

The RAM upholds the notion of low-profile emulation, which is nothing but the ease of slotting in on any given motherboard. This indicates the versatile nature of the RAM and its cross-compatibility with a surfeit of MOBOs. Apart from this, the RAM also offers maximized performance at a base frequency of 3000MHz (Overclockable). Last but not least, the selection of capacity is ultimately your choice. So, go with any!

Best Overclocking Gaming Ram

HyperX Fury RGB

The next entry is of silver, and HyperX Fury RGB passionately takes over the position.

XMP profiling

The RAM offers a dedicated Intel XMP-ready profile, which allows you to overclock the RAM. It might look awkward firstly because people are reluctant to invest time in learning about XMP profiles, but you’ll get used to it. Apart from this, the memory can be overclocked to its extreme possible capacity (3733MHz), which is a requirement for playing games at undisturbed velocities. It’s worth mentioning that you can get the Ram with a CAS latency of 16, which is truly applaudable. In my opinion-extreme overclocked smushed with low latency is a dream come true.

RGB profiling

It’s not even surprising to see the RAM module shrouded in a potpourri of LED lightning. The reason is nothing but the requirement for today’s enthusiasts. Such people look forward to making their gaming systems come alive and look flashy. You can set up different aggressive patterns and modes by simply paying a visit to the control panel.

AMD compatibility

The best thing about this RAM is that it’s highly compatible with AMD processors, hence eliciting cross compatibility options with myriad motherboards.

Capacity and performance

As far as the capacity is concerned, the HyperX Fury offers modules up to 128GB, which is resounding, in my opinion. But again, it’s overkill. No one makes use of 128GB of RAM unless you are running countless servers or own a company with a huge PowerStation. For gaming and rendering, I would suggest going for a maximum of 32GB of RAM. That’s enough, believe me. Well, for the performance, it’s appreciable in my opinion, as the majority of the reviews are exclusively positive.

Best Aesthetic Gaming Ram

G Skill 64GB DDR4 PC4 21300

You must be jumping in euphoria because who doesn’t love G. Skill RAMs? Well, the reason it took the bronze entry is nothing but the perfection of the previous entries. Anyhow, it’s still a wonderful memory, don’t worry.

RGB pattern and modes

G. Skill 64GB DDR4 PC4-21300 RAM offers a brilliant and mesmerizing projection of RGB light. No, it’s not restricted to this module only, but in general, G. Skill Rams like TridentZ and Royal are largely integrated with RGB. The main selling point about these RAMs is that they look profusely flashy, energetic, and aesthetic.

Performance and Capacity

As far as the performance rate is concerned, it’s spell bounding. The recent reviews speak highly of RAM since the RAM makes use of decent CAS latency of 18. To be honest, some of the enthusiasts might disregard it as something pure abomination since they are more inclined toward using CL16 or CL14. Nonetheless, it’s a functional and highly reputable RAM. For the capacity, it entirely depends on you. For this article, I subjected this Ram to only 64GB for future-proofing.

XMP profiling

It’s worth mentioning that you can overclock the RAM with the help of an XMP profile, which is available to intel motherboards only. All you have to do is visit the BIOS settings and tweak the XMP profile for soaring the frequency heights your RAM module is destined to be on. Other than that, you get hold of threshold/boundary frequency, which shouldn’t be surpassed at any cost.

Heat spreader

It’s no surprise to behold dedicated heat spreaders on the RAM. When you overclock, you do need them because high temperatures can kill the robustness and functionality of RAM. That’s the reason why G. Skill comes with its strong, dedicated heat spreaders.

Best RGB Gaming Ram

G Skill 64GB DDR4 TridentZ RGB

The next candidate is also a G. Skill RAM, but the lineage is different (TridentZ).

RGB pattern and modes

To be honest, hundreds of G. Skill TridentZ RGB rams are all different in terms of frequency, RGB patterns, and modes. Well, TridentZ takes the second placement after Royal in terms of flamboyancy and vibrancy. The RGB patterns are unique and wash your entire Pc in dancing lights. Forsooth, a blissful sight!

Performance and Capacity

As for the performance, the RAM stands tall in its field. For instance, you get hold of CL18, which is decent latency and still works at its full potential. Apart from this, you get hold of 3600MHz memory speed, which can be extended to 4000+ depending on the overclocking profile. It’s worth mentioning that the requirement of capacity entirely depends on your needs. I can’t force you to buy 64GB of RAM when you hardly touch the 32GB threshold.

XMP profiling

This memory module also extensively makes use of XMP profiling, restricted to intel motherboards only, for extreme overclocking. All you have to do is pay a visit to the motherboard’s BIOS settings, and bingo, it’s done. You can set up different frequency thresholds and profiling depending on the application’s and games’ demand from there onwards.

Heat spreader

For reducing soaring temperatures, the RAM also makes use of dedicated heat spreaders, which allow the temperatures to not exceed the given boundary. To be honest, when you overclock, you do need aluminum/alloy heat spreaders for reducing the temperature; otherwise, the RAM might die out of extreme heat.

Best flashiest Gaming Ram

G Skill TridentZ Royal

It’s time to review the flashiest and vibrant RAM modules to date.

Design and RGB

First things first, the G. Skill TridentZ Royal makes use of crystallized RGB texture, which is completely unique in the sense that it blesses you with royal feelings. All those crowns, and jewel, and sapphire cravings. To be honest, when this crystalized pattern, in conjunction with the RGB light, offers a sight that’s just unparallel and mesmerizing since this pattern allows total internal reflection and a lot of physics phenomena for perfection.

As for the design, the RAM makes use of silver or golden lining, so yeah, you can select any one of them. It doesn’t matter!

XMP profiling

Surprisingly, the TridentZ Royal also offers XMP profiling, which is nothing but the ability to overclock your RAM. All you have to do is visit the BIOS settings, and bingo, it’s done. From there, you can tweak and create different RAM profiles, depending on the need. For instance, if you want to play at 4k, you can select a different profile of higher frequency.

Heat spreader

It goes without saying that the RAM makes use of dedicated heat spreaders. Perhaps, it’s a need when you are into the extreme overclocking stage. For heat dissipation, you need heat spreaders. Fortunately, this crystalized design also works as a heat spreader because it’s a heat spreader (I know it’s funny). Anyways, so yeah, you are in good hands.

Performance and Capacity

As for the performance, the RAM stands tall and has amazing positive reviews. To be honest, it’s an amazing RAM with lowered CAS latency and offers a withstanding base frequency. The best part is that it’s overclockable. For the capacity, it entirely depends on your preference.

Patriot Viper Steel Series DDR4

It’s time to talk about the patriot Viper steel series. To be honest, they are amazing RAM modules. You’ll definitely fall head over heels for them.

Performance ratio

The recent reviews speak volumes about how the Patriot viper steel series is affordable, and at the same time, functional to the extent that the series skyrocket the overall performance of the system. The RAM offers speeds up to 4400Mhz, but it entirely depends on the overclocking (XMP profile). Apart from this, the RAM is largely compatible with AMD and Intel motherboards, making it versatile so far.

Heat spreader

It’s of no surprise to see that RAM making use of a heat shield, which is nothing but a dedicated heat spreader. These heat shields are a requirement because when you overclock through the XMP profile, the temperatures tend to go a notch further, which could permanently impair your RAM from better functioning.

XMP profiling

Well, yes, the RAM offers XMP profiling, which is nothing but a gateway to the realm of extreme overclocking. You can visit the motherboard’s settings, and from there, overclock the RAM. That’s all.


It depends entirely on your personal preference, but I suggest you buy the RAM package with at least 16 gigs of capacity, so you’ll stay future-proof.

Best 16gb Gaming Ram

Patriot Viper Steel RGB series

The last product of our list of Best gaming rams is too from the patriot Viper steel RGB series, and it functions the same as the previous one.

Performance ratio

As far as the RAM’s performance ratio is concerned, it does wonders, in my opinion. The ability to function on different motherboards makes the RAM series versatile and amazing. It’s worth mentioning that you can reach the soaring frequency speeds by simply overclocking the RAM module. Apart from this, you get withstanding support for value-added features such as RGB lighting.

Heat spreader

The RAM also extensively makes use of a heat spreader to keep the temperatures at bay since the majority of the users will be overclocking the RAM to its maximum possible value.

XMP profiling

The best part about the RAM is that you get to overclock it through the XMP profile. Although you might not achieve the same result on AMD motherboards as XMP is only available on Intel MOBOs, it’s still worth a shot. All you have to do is visit the BIOS settings, and from there, tweak the settings, and it’s done.


I would suggest you get hold of at least 16GB of RAM, but you can still go for 32 and 64, as it’s your choice.

What things to evaluate when Selecting the best Memory for Gaming?

Double data rate (DDR)

Even a layman’s mind can comprehend the concept’s direct correlation with the increase in the DDR number with the performance. Basically, a double data rate indicates the rising and falling of the clock signals simultaneously. In short, the higher the number (DDR4 and upcoming DDR5), the better the transfer of data would be. So, when you are selecting RAM modules, you need to implement a more crusading style to win the heart of your gaming pc build. Everyone loves their PCs, so please make sure you get at least DDR for today’s standards.

RAM Capacity

I have come across different blogs and forums where everyone is profoundly in conflict with the selection criterion regarding RAM capacity. The majority of the people say 8GB Ram is the way to go since it will need a couple of more years to cross this boundary. But I guess they are wrong. RAM with 16GB capacity is a crucial requirement when you are high-end gaming, editing, and rendering 4k images. As long as there are extended virtual memory in combination with physical memory, your system will be going to do wonders, believe me.

Again, it’s your choice, but as I said, 16GB in 2024 is the best choice. You can also venture out to get 32GB of RAM, which is overkill, but highly skilled gamers and professionals who are into multitasking prefer having either 32GB or 64GB of RAM.

XMP profile

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you must have come across the word “XMP.” The acronym stands for Extreme memory profile, which is developed by Intel. In simpler terms, the XMP profile is the ability to tweak the RAM’s memory algorithm for overclocking. Yes, you heard it right. You can overclock RAM modules, but only if you want, and currently, it’s only applicable on Intel motherboards only. No, it doesn’t mean that you can’t overclock the RAMs on AMD motherboards, but it’s not fully achievable. Like the sort of performance, enhancement is not appreciable on AMD motherboards.

Anyhow, if you are looking forward to tweaking the BIOS settings for RAM overclocking, I would recommend you to have a look at decent Intel motherboards. Having said that, it’s always proposed that Intel processors with the “K” version are the epitome of perfection when combined with overclockable RAM modules.

CAS latency

Yes, it’s more of a technical side of the RAM. I would suggest you not dive right away into the internals of the RAM module since such a concept repels away the readers. In paraphrased terms, CAS latency is the delay between different rows and columns inside the RAM when catering to date. The higher the CAS latency value, the lower the performance of the RAM would be. In short, you are required to get hold of RAM modules with lowered CAS latency (CAS latency of 16 in many corsair RAMs).

AMD Vs. Intel

This perpetual battle has no end to it, and in the near future, we are definitely going to see them rivaling against each other for ultimate exposure. As far as the RAM modules are concerned, in correlation with the overall performance, both the Intel and AMD slips-in correct figures and evaluation. You can go with either of them and still behold withstanding performance. Also, threadrippers are best suited for faster and overclockable RAMs because recently, many people beheld a perceptible increase in the overall frames per second.

Final thoughts

This brings us to a close, I guess. I hope the above-mentioned list was viable and accessible to a large cohort, as I tried my level best to pitch on only RAM modules that were rigorously tested. Other than that, if you ask for my recommendation, I would suggest you go for Corsair RAM modules because of their higher probability of overclocking and cross-compatibility with a multitude of motherboards.


Hey, I’m Muhammad Bilal. I’m a tech fanatic (also read: Gamer), who loves scrutinizing fine details. I aim to strive hard in my respective fields (as a writer and software programmer). Before pursuing my majors in a university (right now in A-levels), I want to spend time exploring and reviewing the latest technology.

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