My PS4 controller not charging no light – how to fix it? 

Muhammad Allayhan
Muhammad Allayhan

Has your DualShock 4 stopped charging? There’s no need to worry! This problem is quite common and there are plenty of solutions for it before it comes down to buying a new controller. I understand how annoying it is when you’re enjoying your gaming sessions every other day and then out of the blue, your controller won’t charge! 

However, it’s not that big of a deal! There are some easy ways out of this! I’ve put together some of the best methods to fix this issue in no time. So without any further ado! Let’s begin! 

How to fix the PS4 controller that is not charging and there are no lights

Reset your controller 

Sometimes a random bug can be the reason why your controller is not charging. And all you need to do is reset your controller. If you’ve never done it before, just follow along; 

  • Power off your PlayStation 4
  • Detach your controller from the console 
  • Then look for a small hole at the back of the controller near the “L2” button. That’s the Reset button! 
  • Found it? Now take a small pin or any thin object to press and hold down the reset button for 5 seconds. 
  • Reconnect your controller back to your PS4 with a USB cable and switch it on 

If your controller light turns blue and then starts shifting between white and amber, then congrats! Your controller’s fixed! But if there’s no light, then you need to move on to the next fix. 

Swap the USB cable 

Before you start worrying about your controller or console, don’t forget the possibility that your USB cable might be at fault. Alright? If your cable is worn out or frayed, you need to replace the cable right away. But if it’s not damaged, try charging another controller with the old cable. 

If it doesn’t work then you just have to replace the cable with a new one. However, in case the old cable worked with the other controller then the problem isn’t as simple. So you’ll have to try another fix. 

Check the charging port 

When was the last time you cleaned the charging port on your controller? Can’t recall, Right? Well over time, dust and debris can accumulate in the charging port causing it to stop working. So do you see any dirt in the charging port? Well then take a small piece of cloth or a toothpick to clean it out. You can also use a can of compressed air if you want to be thorough. 

But if you think cleaning the port won’t fix the issue then replacing it would be a good idea. You can have it replaced by a professional but if your inner technician won’t let you go to the repair shop. Here’s an easy way to replace the port; 

  • Remove all the screws at the rear of the controller
  • Using a plastic pry tool, pinch an opening in the bottom of the left handle of the controller and work your way up to the joystick.
ng a plastic pry tool, pinch an opening the controller
  • Now gently pull on the pry tool to crack open the casing. Use the same trick for the right handle as well. 
  • Once you’ve disassembled the controller, unscrew the charging port board on the rear cover and detach the cable plugged into the main board.  
  • Now, install the new charging port, and before you close it back, make sure the new port is working. 

Did it work? Great! If it did but if not then I’m sensing the problem might’ve been with your PS4 all along. So let’s move our crosshairs to the console now and leave the controller out of this. 

Inspect the PS4 USB ports 

We were so dug into fixing the controller that we almost forgot that the problem could be with the console all this time. The USB ports on your PS4 might be the issue. I suggest charging your controller from a different device like your PC or standard USB wall charging unit. If it starts charging then the problem is definitely with your console. 

In that case, you can either have the port replaced or try a different USB port on the console. The choice is yours!

Update PS4 firmware

If you’re sure that there is nothing wrong with your charging port and resetting the controller didn’t help. Then I suggest you go for a software fix and update your PS4 firmware. Never done it before? Well, go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update. If you see any updates available, select “Update Now”.   

Once the updates are downloaded, press “Next” and let the console complete the process. Now, try charging the controller again to see if it did the trick. 

Check the power save settings 

While you’re in the settings, I need you to take a look at the power settings. It should be set to supply power to the USB ports while in rest mode. Here’s how you can do it; go to Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode > Supply Power to USB Ports.  

Change the controller battery 

If nothing has worked for you so far, then probably your battery has lost its charge over time. You can replace your battery to see how that works. Here’s how;

  • Pry open the controller the same way told you earlier and you’ll find the battery right on the motherboard. (make sure your controller is switched off before you open it) 
  • Take out the old battery and place the new one in
  • Assemble it back and try charging it 

If changing the battery couldn’t fix the problem then there’s a chance that your controller’s motherboard might be faulty. In this scenario, you’d have to go for professional help. 

Additional tips to extend the battery life of your controller  

If you fancy a longer life for your controller, I urge you to follow these tips; 

  • Never leave the controller plugged in once the battery’s full (it takes about two hours to fully charge). It’s not healthy for your battery. 
  • Avoid using the controller in high temperatures or direct sunlight
  • When you’re not playing, turning off the controller or putting it in rest mode can help conserve the battery life 

Final thoughts 

Now you’re aware of all the most common solutions if your PS4 controller stops charging. And I’m sure one of these fixes would do the trick for you. 

But remember, dealing with electronic gadgets is a risky job. So if you’re not comfortable with doing it yourself, it’s always better to call a professional. 

Muhammad Allayhan

Muhammad Allayhan, a gaming and PC hardware virtuoso, breathes life into pixelated worlds. A legendary overclocker, he unlocks hidden power in gaming rigs. Navigating from 8-bit realms to today’s masterpieces, Muhammad’s words immerse readers in an ever-evolving digital odyssey. Join him as he reveals the secrets of gaming’s cutting edge.

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