Pokemon Masters Tier List 2024

Furqan Shahid
Furqan Shahid
Pokemon Masters Tier

Almost everyone from the 90s or even before that grew up playing Pokémon games in form or another; my first experience with Pokémon was on my Gameboy Color when I played Pokemon Yellow and I remember getting completely lost in the game for ages until I tried my hands on the Silver and fell in love even more. 

The franchise has evolved continuously and continues to do so and Pokémon Masters is just another game in the long-running franchise that you can play. The game come with a lot of players that you can collect and some of them are much, much better than others.

This is the reason why a Pokémon Masters tier list is what we need so we can get started with the game and you know what you need to pick and why you need to pick. 

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Before you get started, Pokémon Masters splits your sync pairs into different roles ranging from physical, special, tech, and support and each of them work differently. The purpose here is to find the best sync pairs for each class, so you know what you need to get started.

Pokemon Master Sync Pair Types

The game brings you sync pairs, and we are going to explore each and how they work.

Physical Sync Pairs 

In almost all the Pokémon titles, the sweeper gameplay style has been among the most common ones, and we are going to start with the strongest physical attackers in the game, so you are fully aware.

Special Sync Pairs 

Special sync pairs are a lot like physical sync pairs, wherein, these pairs are focused on dealing a lot of damage, however, these are often on the slower side, so that is one thing to keep in mind.

Tech Sync Pairs 

Tech pairs are different as they are better when it comes to sending barrage of status effects and it is not at all unusual for them to get extra damage using sync moves. It is always better to pair them with a matching striker for the maximum effect and damage.

Support Sync Pairs 

As the name suggests, support sync pairs work in order to keep the entire team fighting properly. However, this is not done through healing but through tanking hits with high bulk, or providing buffs, both of which are very helpful.

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Pokemon Masters Tier List

Now that we have all the types out of the way, you can look at the tiers and which character goes into which tier list.


S Tier

S tier should not really come as a surprise to anyone. Regardless of the game you are talking about, this tier is always the one that manages to dominate the game and provides the best experience. Oftentimes, mastering this tier can be difficult but once you get a hold of it, you are unstoppable.

Sync PairType
Cynthia – Mega GarchompPhysical Strike
Steven – Mega MetagrossPhysical Strike
Hilbert – MightyenaPhysical Strike
Acerola – PalossandTech
Bianca – MusharnaTech
Karen – Mega HoundoomSpecial Attack Strike
N – ZekromPhysical Strike
May – SwampertTech
Serena – DelphoxTech
Sygna Suit Leaf – Mega VenusaurTech
Hilbert – SamurottSupport
Professor Sycamore – XerneasSupport
Sabrina – Mega AlakazamSupport
Player – TorchicSupport
Skyla – SwannaSupport
Sygna Suit Blue – Mega BlastoiseSupport


A Tier

There are times when the difference between S tier and A tier is very minor to a point that it all depends on who’s playing with the character. A tier characters are often just as good and if played right, can give S tier characters a hard time.

Sync PairType
Steven – Alolan SandslashPhysical Strike
Olivia – Midnight LycanrocPhysical Strike
Sabrina – AlakazamSupport
Lyra – MeganiumSupport
Rosa – DelibirdSupport
Giovanni – Mewtwospecial attack striker
Karen – Mega Houndoomspecial attack striker
Blue – Mega Pidgeotspecial attack striker
Sygna Suit Cynthia – Kommo-Ospecial attack striker
Acerola – PalossandTech
Will – XatuTech
Agatha – Mega GengarTech
Flannery – TorkoalTech


B Tier

A common misconception about B tier characters is that they are not good enough. That is not the case at all. They might be a bit difficult to get started with but once they are in the right hands, you can easily be a dominating force.

Sync PairType
Phoebe – DusknoirSupport
Misty – StarmieSupport
Drake – SalamenceSupport
Wally – Mega GalladePhysical Striker
Iris – HaxorusPhysical Striker
Noland – Mega PinsirPhysical Striker
Korrina – Mega LucarioPhysical Striker
Sygna Suit Grimsley– SharpedoPhysical Striker
Cyrus – PalkiaSpecial Attack Striker
Flint – InfernapeSpecial Attack Striker
Player – SolgaleoSpecial Attack Striker
Player – PikachuSpecial Attack Striker
Lance – DragoniteSpecial Attack Striker
Burgh – LeavannySpecial Attack Striker
Caitlin – ReuniclusSpecial Attack Striker
Brock – OnixTech
Professor Oak – MewTech
Koga – CrobatTech


C Tier

We are now heading towards the C tier and honestly, I would not mind playing with C tier characters but they are only good for the start of the game and carrying them towards the endgame is more or less impossible since they cannot hold on their own.

Sync PairRole
Lyra – JigglypuffSpecial Attack Striker
Barry – EmpoleonSpecial Attack Striker
Bruno – MachampPhysical Striker
Silver – Ho-ohSpecial Attack Striker
Bugsy – Mega BeedrillPhysical Striker
Ethan – TyphlosionSpecial Attack Striker
Gardenia – RoseradeSpecial Attack Striker
Kris – FeraligatrPhysical Striker
Elesa – ZebstrikaPhysical Striker
Molayne – DugtrioPhysical Striker
Roxie – ScolipedePhysical Striker
Pryce – DewgongSpecial Attack Striker
Clemont – HelioliskTech
Ramos – VictreebelTech
Acerola – MimikyuTech
Calem – MeowsticTech
Blaine – RapidashTech
Brawly – HariyamaTech
Wallace – MiloticTech
Crasher Wake – FloatzelTech
Erika – VileplumeTech
Gladion – SilvalyTech
Marnie – MorpekoTech
Siebold – OctilleryTech
Viola – MasquerainTech
Sophocles – TogedemaruTech
Winona – PelipperTech
Lana – AraquanidSupport
Rosa – SerperiorSupport
Glacia – Mega GlalieSupport
Cheryl – BlisseySupport
Liza – LunatoneSupport
Maylene – MedichamSupport
Roxanne – ProbopassSupport


D Tier

This is the tier that you have to avoid at all costs for the simplest reason that characters in this tier are not at all strong and often fail to deliver the same level of experience that you could get from other characters and that is what we want to avoid whenever you are playing the game.

Sync PairRole
Marshal – ConkeldurPhysical Striker
Norman – SlakingPhysical Striker
Player – SolgaleoSpecial Attack Striker
Roark – RampardosPhysical Striker
Shauntal – ChandelureSpecial Attack Striker
Tate – SolrockPhysical Striker
Zinnia – RayquazaSpecial Attack Striker
Brycen – CryogonalTech
Candice – AbomasnowTech
James – WeezingTech
Lucy – SeviperTech
Lt. Surge – ElectrodeTech
Thorton – BronzongTech
Cheren – StoutlandSupport


To this day, Pokémon Masters remains to be one of the most extensive game and the purpose of this tier list is to ensure that all players have an equal chance of playing and know which characters to pick. As with all tier lists, this Pokémon Masters tier list is subject to change based on new updates that will be released.

Furqan Shahid

I have been gaming for almost 24 years with extensive knowledge of all platforms and the gaming industry, in general. With interests in literature, art, gaming, and PC hardware.

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