Paladins tier list 2024

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
Paladins tier list

If multiplayer and character building are the things you yearn for, then Paladins is a game you should play in 2024. It’s a team shooter game that came out in 2018. Like Overwatch, you get to build a resounding character portfolio and use it against your enemies. The game has released around 45 playable characters so far with tweaked gameplay mechanics. It’s worth mentioning that the game is pure sci-fi based, which means you will be coming across a lot of weapons and powers that are not akin to our realm.

To explain further, the game makes use of the characters known as “Champions.” In simpler words, these champions correlate to the different types of classes you play with. Just like in Overwatch and other battle royale games, you have to win the last spot. So, if you want to know the bits of how the game functions and which character to go for at the end of the day, then read this paladins tier list that will aid in deciding..

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Symbols explained

  1. SS+ Tier – Need an upper hand? These champions are your best shot if you want to charge forward in multiple battles. Even the winning rate with these champions is at an all-time high. But do remember that your opponents can also wield the same champions, so try counter-acting their attacks.
  2. S Tier – The playable characters in this tier are as par the standard set by the champions in the SS+ tier. The only difference is that only a few of the abilities or characteristics are a buzzkill. Otherwise, you can use these champions to win multiple matches against your enemies.
  3. A Tier– If you are able to utilize these champions in the right way, then there’s no harm in using these characters. Although they are average and can be called on a 50/50 probabilistic ratio, they are worth a while if wielded properly. Also, you would need to coordinate these champions with your other teammates to exploit the full potential of these playable characters.
  4. B Tier– Not recommended for finalizing the champion. Yes, you can put them to use for practice and other matches, but they are quite nerfed down for the most part.  It’s true that you can still use them in ranked matches, but at the end of the day, you will be at a loss.

SS+ Tier

Paladins SS+
Champion  Normal SkillsUltimateClass
AtlasChrono Cannon, Setback Stasis Field, Second Chance ExileFront Line
KogaSubmachine Guns, Hellkite Claws, Shadow Step, Skewer Dragon Stance, Agility Cyclone StrikeFlank
InaraStone Spear, Earthen Guard, Impasse, Warder’s FieldSeismic CrashFront Line
CassieCrossbow, Disengage, Blast Shot, Dodge, Roll Scout  Roll Scout  Damage
BarikBlunderbuss, Barricade, Turret, Rocket Boots  Dome Shield  Front Line
Makoa  Cannon, Dredge Anchor, Shell Shield, Shell Spin,  Ancient RageFront Line      
Bomb King  Sticky Bomb, Detonate, Grumpy Bomb, Poppy Bomb  King BombDamage
ImaniFrost Bolt, Pyre Ball Frost Bomb, Inferno Cannon, Elemental Shift, Frostfire Glide    Dragons Call  Damage
ViktorAssault Rifle, Iron Sights, Frag Grenade, Hustle  BarrageDamage

S Tier

Paladins S tier
Champion  Normal SkillsUltimateClass
LianHeirloom Rifle, Valor Presence, Grace Enlightenment (Ultimate)  Enlightenment  Damage  
YingIllusory Mirror, Shatter, Illusion, Dimensional Link  Illusory Rift  Support
SerisSoul Orb, Restore Soul, Rend Soul, Shadow Travel  ConvergenceSupport
Mal’Damba  Spitting Cobra, Mending Spirits, Gourd, Slither  Dread SerpentSupport
AndroxusRevolver, Defiance, Reversal, Nether Step  Accursed ArmFlank
AshBurst Cannon, Kinetic Burst, Siege Shield, Shoulder Bash  Assert DominanceFront Line  
FernandoFlame Lance, Shield, Fireball, Charge  Immortal  Front Line  
TerminusMassacre Axe, Calamity Blast, Power Siphon ShatterfallReanimateFront Line  
KhanHeavy Repeater, Bulwark, battle shout, Commander’s GrabOverpowerFront Line
IoLight Bow, Moonlight, Guardian Spirit, Lunar leapBegoneSupport
StrixTalon Rifle/Pistol, Scope/Flare, Quick Switch, Stealth  FlashbangDamage
Sha LinLong Bow, Crippling Arrow, Rapid Shot, WithdrawHeat HazeDamage
WilloWand of Overgrowth, Dead Zone, Seedling, FlutterFae flightDamage

A Tier

Paladins A Tier
Champion  Normal SkillsUltimateClass
FuriaPyre Blade, kindle Soul, pyre Strike, Wings of WraithInflameSupport
JenosStar Splitter, Astral Mark, Void Grip, Stellar WindThrough Time and SpaceSupport
GroverThrowing Axe, Crippling Throw, Blossom, VineWhirlwindSupport
PipPotion Launcher, Explosive Flask, Healing potion, WeightlessEvil MojoSupport
DrogozRocket Launcher, Fire Spirit, Salvo, ThrustDragon PunchDamage
KinessaSniper Rifle, Sniper Mode, Oppressor Mine, TransporterHeadhunterDamage
TorvaldGauntlet, Nullify, Protection, RechargeHyper BeamFront Line
LexMagnums, In pursuit, Retribution, Combat SlideThe LawFlank
EvieIce Staff, Ice block, Blink, SoarIce StormFlank
TalusVercharger, Blitz Upper, Overcharge, Rune of TravelTrue PowerFlank
ZhinInferno Blade, Counter, Billow, WhirlSpiteFlank
DredgeCursed Howitzer, Broadside, Harpoon, ShortcutKrakenDamage
RaumHellfire Gatling, Ignition, Soul Harvest, JuggernautCataclysmFront Line

B Tier

Paladins B Tier
Champion  Normal SkillsUltimateClass
VivianLight Machine Gun, Precision Sights, Deflector Shield, Sensor DroneSentinelsDamage
TyraAuto Rifle, Nade Launcher, Fire Bomb, Hunter’s MarkCrossfireDamage
RuckusMiniguns, Missile Launcher, Emitter, AdvanceHexa FireFront Line
BuckShotgun, Net Shot, Recovery, Heroic LeapBuck WildFlank
GrohkLightning Staff, Shock Pulse, Healing Totem, Ghost WalkTempestSupport
MojiFamiliar Spit, Familiar Spray, Magic Barrier, ScamperBon AppetitFlank
SkyeWrist Crossbow, Poison Bolts, Smoke Screen, HiddenTime BombFlank
MaeveDaggers, Pounce, Nine Lives, ProwlMidnightFlank
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Final thoughts

Well, this is it! I hope you will be able to get your dream character for the front lines. Anyways, do have a look at other average characters for support and Damage. They are really worth it. Happy gaming!


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