JBL Headphones not Turning On – How to Fix the Issues

Furqan Shahid
Furqan Shahid
JBL Headphones not Turning On

JBL headphones and speakers are among the finest in the market and they are generally built to last you a long, long time. However, as with any other electronic gadget, the chances of failure are always there. Sure, these headphones and speakers are tested thoroughly, but you would be surprised to know how sometimes, they just stop working and that too, without a proper and reasonable explanation.

If your JBL headphones are not turning on for some reason, there could be multiple factors that could be contributing to this issue or just one, to be honest. That is why in this guide, we are going to explore some methods that should help you troubleshoot.

Note: Some of the methods here require you to open your headphones. If your headphones are out of warranty, it is okay to do so but if they are in warranty, opening them will void it.

Method 1: Fully Charging the Battery 

fully charging the battery

Considering how JBL headphones use batteries to work, there is a possibility that you might have run out of battery. Batteries work in a way that if they are not charged for a long time, they tend to discharge to a point that charging them again takes a long, long time. So, what I would suggest is that you are charging your JBL headphones until you see that the charging indicator has lit up.

Furthermore, if the charging indicator is not lighting up, changing the cable could address that issue for you.

Method 2: Figuring Out the Issue 

Once your headphones are fully charged, try turning them on. If they still refuse to turn them on, then follow the steps below to see if that works for you.

  • Start by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds.
  • Now, press the power button thrice and do it in quick successions.
  • Long press the power button again until the LED indicator turns on.

Doing so should fix your JBL headphones and will allow you to use them as they should be used.

Method 3: Resetting the Headphones 

Resetting the Headphones 

More often than not, the reason for headphones not turning on is simply because they need to be reset. I have faced this issue on my Sony WH-1000XM4 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and both times, resetting the headphones fixed the issue.

If you want to know how to reset your JBL headphones, simply press and hold the volume + and volume – buttons until the headphones turn on. If this does not reset the headphones, repeat the method a number of times until the headphones turn on and function as they should.

Do note that once they are reset, you will have to pair them to your phone/device all over again.

Method 4: Getting a Faulty Power Button Fixed 

Getting a Faulty Power Button Fixed

If your headphones are showing signs of life when you charge them but refuse to turn on, there is a chance that you might be dealing with a faulty power button. This can happen to anyone and it is an easy fix, to be honest.

However, if you are new to the whole process of fixing headphones, I would suggest that you take it to a professional. If the headphones are under warranty, then I would suggest that you claim the warranty and get a replacement.

If the above-mentioned suggestions cannot be followed through, then repairing the headphones yourself is still a viable option however, you need to know how the headphones can be opened.

Still, the guide below should help you open the headphones since most JBL headphones are constructed the same way. However, it is important to know that opening the headphones on your own will void the warranty.

  • Start by removing the ear cushions from the earcup that has the power button on them. This is a tool-less procedure and should work without any issues.
  • You will now get access to three screws in total, open them using a standard screwdriver and you will be able to take apart the earcup.
  • See if all the connections are properly soldered inside the earcup and press the button gently, clean any dust if there is.
  • Reassemble the earcup by putting the screws back in and then put the ear cushion back.

Once you are done with this, try turning on the headphones. If they still don’t work, then taking them to a qualified repair shop is the way to go.

Method 5: Getting the Battery Replaced 

Getting the Battery Replaced

The last thing that I am going to tell you is that you might be dealing with a faulty battery. Now, how do you get this fixed? The simplest way to replace a battery on wireless headphones or any wireless device is by taking it to someone who knows how to fix these technologies.

Now, one thing that everyone needs to know is that replacing batteries are often not the most ideal way to get something fixed and it might be hard based on where you are located. Still, you can always look at online forums to see if you yourself can replace the battery of the headphones.

What Else Can You Do to Fix JBL Headphones?

If despite following the tips and methods above, you still have not been able to fix your headphones, then there might be some other issue altogether.

One of the issues that I have not mentioned here is the failure of the mainboard, simply because such instances are rare and they barely take place. But, if your headphone is showing no signs of life after performing extensive troubleshooting, the chances are that you might have a damaged mainboard at hand.

Another issue that some users have reported has to do with one of the sides not working on headphones; this is something that used to happen to wired headphones all the time. In case your audio is completely gone from one side of the headphones, sending it in for warranty claim or repairs is the only way to fix it.


Over time we develop a bond with our headphones thanks to all the countless hours of music listening that we take part in. So, it is obvious that if they stop working, there is a larger problem at hand. Well, with this guide, we aim to address the JBL headphones not turning on the issue and hopefully help you fix your headphones.

My closing remarks would be that if you have your headphones in warranty, better to claim it than attempt a repair on your own or give it to a third-party repair service.

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