Is PSVR Worth It in 2024? Detailed Review

Joe Smith
Joe Smith
Is PlayStation VR worth it

PlayStation is actually a thing that completely changed the world of games. PS4 is the best seller for all the gamers using the console. Now PS with the support of VR is an incredible thing. The PSVR is a great thing that amazes gamers now. Most of us know that it’s been a while since the launch of the Sony PlayStation VR also known as PSVR. Still, people are discussing whether PSVR is worth it in 2021.

PSVR is worth it because it is wholly compatible with all the new PlayStations like PS5. As it’s old now, available at a reasonable price, which is another hit. 

Its Camera Comes Separately

You need to buy the camera separately except if it comes in the box. For sure, this is something intriguing as a camera is essential for the device to work. The price for the whole box is more valuable because oftentimes it comes with the VR World that is worth extra bucks.

Its camera comes in a little amount that you need to buy. Mostly it gets set at the below side of the TV. However, you can place it higher for a better experience. Definitely, its tracking will get better as it will be higher looking down easily. 

For better tracking results, you can go for a light stand or camera tripod. It will be helpful to prop it up at a higher pace. Also, using 3M strips for placing and fitting the camera right behind the TV is an option. Then for best tracking, slighting tilts it downwards. 

How PSVR Looks?

Is PSVR Worth It

If you are getting this VR set for the first time, then words are not enough to describe the feeling it will give you as you put PSVR. It could become your experience that you always keep in your mind.

When the point is about design, it is extremely comfortable. It is because it comes with cushions to make you play comfortably.

It enables you to move while playing the game to experience the surroundings differently. This Sony PlayStation comes with 5.7 inches OLED screen that is 1.920 x 1080 resolution. This is something great supporting 360° vision.

Another nicer thing is its mic that is built-in and integrated with the Headset. Its headset comes with a front and main OLED display. Its head strap has a dial to make adjustments according to size. In front, you will find a soft cushion where you will place your forehead. 

This PlayStation includes full 3D audio and in-ear headphones. It is just fine only if the audio is not considerable for you. However, there is still a jack for headphones allowing you to connect your headphones for more quality sound. 

Just below the OLED display, there is a small button that allows you to make back and forth movement in the display. It will become easy for you to pull it on your eyes. 

Aim Controller of PSVR

Is PlayStation VR worth it? In terms of its aim controller, it’s totally worth it. It is the dream of most gamers. There is no comparison between traditional screen game-playing and having a shotgun in hand and killing out zombies in the world of virtual reality. 

This is what this aim controller lets you do. Also, it prevents you from taking the DualShock for the navigation of menus. However, you need to give it some time to get used to it because you are unable to see the buttons because of your big headset. It seems like a person picking the DualShock that does not play a game. 

Definitely, this seems something odd, but you will get this when you experience it in reality.

Furthermore, there are a lot more games on their way that you can play on the aim controllers. In this regard, there are plenty of experiences on your way to try with your aim controller. For sure, this sounds amazing to real gamers. 

That’s the truth that it is an expensive thing, and you find it rare because it’s famous. But keep in mind that each trouble is worth this accessory. 

Also, this aim controller is better than the move controller when it comes to tracking. Aim controllers are something perfect providing you with the immersion of gaming in virtual reality. Spending some extra bucks on it will be something great. 

Move Controllers of PSVR

Playing with a DualShock Controller will not make it the same PSVR you actually want. The motion controllers of PSVR give life and immerse it at its fullest. Without its motion controllers, you can never enjoy the virtual reality of holding handguns and shooting. 

Rarely you may experience the tracking of its move controllers getting a bit off, but it easily gets fixed. It does not give you the tracking experience like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but this is what its price can offer you. 

Our recommendation to you is to get move controllers in place of the aim controllers because it offers more flexibility than that. You can directly use it in several more games so yeah it is worthier your money than a simple aim controller. 

If move controllers are not suitable for you, so the DualShock controller is still an option. At the same time, it does not allow you to experience some breathtaking things on some particular games, which the motion controller can offer you. 

How PSVR Tracks

Surely, everyone knows that PSVR tracking quality is not the same as the high-end ones. However, another considerable point to mention is that PSVR is enough to bear its own tracking. 

You will rarely notice the PSVR drift. It is when you see an image, not in the center of the camera. It will affect the immersion of your game and ends up in disorientation. The good thing is that it gets easily fixed as you hold the option button present on the DualShock, aim controller, or motion controller, yes simple as that. 

The PSVR tracking is itself amazing and as it can play you off from the game, but without any issues gets fixed and takes you again to the world of 3D.

Games for PSVR

In the year 2016, when PSVR got launched, it was not something considerable to buy. It is due to the concise and shortlists of games. Just after two years, the game library got a massive boost with several big names like Bethesda and such others. 

Besides this, there is now a vast variety of games in almost all genres. This assures you that you will easily find whatever your interest is in. Most games are reasonable to buy. Also, the community of PSVR on the most famous forums is highly recommending several game names that are beneficial for your money and assure you to take you into the gaming world. 

Some PSVR games you can play are:

  1. I expect you to die
  2. Superhot
  3. Star Trek – bridge crew
  4. A fisherman’s tale

Apart from these best, other games are also fun playing. The Pegi 7 and ESRB 10 are both quite colorful and fun to play games, taking you to several different worlds at different levels. As it’s virtual reality, then it will make you feel that you are actually in the game. The camera is the thing connecting you to VR, and this is what enables you to look and feel the fantastic gaming world. 

Also, it does not require you to turn on your TV for playing games. It is because of the earbuds that do not make other people in the room listen to anything. 

PSVR Compatibility with PC

Nowadays people in a significant number are asking whether PSVR is compatible with PC or not. So yes, PSVR compatibility with PC is possible via the use of some third-party programs and modding. It allows you to watch movies, play SteamVR games, and other things with your PSVR. That’s obvious that its headset is actually not designed for this purpose, to make it happen it demands some setup. 

Third-party program Trinus enables you to make your PC compatible with the PSVR. If you are truly interested, then a full detailed setup guide is easily available on the internet about Trinus VR. Also, it lets you have a great experience with your smartphone and VR compatible with each other. It is the most suitable option for testing the VR most directly. 

However, PlayStation is the thing PSVR is actually designed for so it will only give you the real and intact feel of virtual reality. 

Final Words – Is PSVR Worth It?

VR gaming is a new norm in the world of gaming. Yes, for now, it is premature. It is still providing you with the experience that will make your money worth it. Also, this PSVR is an ultimate entry into the virtual reality gaming world. PSVR becomes your potential investment if you do not own a great high-end PC. There are plenty of VR games now available that you can play and use this PSVR to its fullest. 

Joe Smith

Joe, a computer science graduate and PC hardware expert, boasts a decade of experience in the field. His lifelong passion for gaming drives him to excel as a prominent figure in the gaming community, consistently pushing boundaries with cutting-edge technology.

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