Is the Nintendo Switch worth it in 2024?

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
is Nintendo switch worth it

Nintendo Switch is a console that never fails to surprise users. The most unique and charming games reside within that Nintendo switch. To be honest, games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are the epitome of perfection. That’s the reason why Nintendo games are at times ported on PCs and different consoles. Not to mention, you don’t possibly have to be afraid of taking it anywhere. Since it’s a portable and hybrid console, it can be shipped to any place easily without causing you any trouble.

On top of that, Nintendo Switches use wide TVs, so it’s always better to keep them beside your mounted Televisions. Anyways, the real question arises, Is Nintendo Switch worth it? Especially in 2024, considering the gaming revolution caused by PC and PlayStation 5. That’s the reason why I planned on penning down all the equivalent and crucial factors/bulletins for whether it will be a decent choice to buy a Nintendo Switch in such times.

Before I enumerate all the factors in the coming Nintendo Switch review, I would like to explain what exactly a switch is for those who do not know such a concept. In layman’s terms, the Nintendo Switch is a hub (just like a PC, but portable), which directly gets connected back to your television. The Switch also has features like a touchscreen, gamepad stylus, wireless Joy-Con controllers (a dedicated Nintendo controller), and a couple of ergonomics beneficial for the user’s comfort. Nintendo Switch gameplay can also be streamed on Twitch, but you’ll need a special Nintendo switch capture card and recording software.

What type of Nintendo Switches are available at your disposal?

In the last couple of years, a few versions of Nintendo surfaced. Number one is the original, which we will be talking about in this article. The other one goes by Nintendo Lite, which is a watered-down version of its ancestor. In the lite version, many features were cut down to accommodate the concept of “Lite.” and Nintendo OLED, Apart from this, there are rumors about Nintendo Switch 2. So, if you are a fan of the original Nintendo Switch, then you might need to give read about the “Lite” and the “second version” of it.

Nintendo’s Design and Layout

nintendo Switch design

All those grumpy and dull designs do not define the Nintendo switch even in the slightest. Although people might not accept such a console as a medium for gaming, its design and layout are dazzling and unremarkable. The Switch has definite and rounder curves to give it a look of a hand-handling device.

joy con round curves

Not to mention, the design is perfectly rendered with matte plastics, which sort of gives the Nintendo its shiny and lustrous look. When you are buying a switch, you have the option of alternating the color of your device, and it’s only possible if you have enough guts to ask the seller (joking, don’t worry). In essence, you just have to cherry-pick your favorite color and Bingo; it’s done.

The sliders or handlers at the two extreme ends bless Nintendo with their magnificent existence. With these handlers, you can navigate easily through and out of the device, use Type-C connectors, and have fun with an AC adaptor. On top of that, the dock has three USB ports for extended connectivity (projection of the screen on your TV through an HDMI), and a tiny chamber to keep your wires clean, tidy, and at bay.

In addition to that, you can use Joy-Cons, which are dedicated controllers for switching between mobile and tablet modes. All these designs and Ergonomics of the Nintendo make it all worth it to give it a shot. If you want to play games on separate screens, connect the connector to the dock, and Bingo, there’s your game in 1080p dancing and flashing on the big screen.

Price and Affordability Factor

Nintendo originally made its blockbuster appearance in 2017, and at that time, the price factor was somewhat around $300+. However, as new versions and updates were released over time, the cost of the Nintendo Switch decreased dramatically. The same Nintendo Switch is now available for about $300, the OLED model for about $349.99, and the lite version for about $180 to $200.

How the Joy-Cons enhance the gaming experience on Nintendo Switch?

nintendo switch joy cons

These Joy-Cons are the basic need for running the Nintendo Switch. Without them, possibly, you can’t have a seamless gaming experience. The controllers have an orientation where the negative sign indicates that you can play games with other players (Multiplayer) or on local servers. The positive sign is just for you, to be honest. Anyways, you can also find HD rumble for getting in-game feedback, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope for motion control. On top of that, you get dedicated IR sensors for having wireless gaming on televisions and monitors. For the accessories and value-added items, you get Joy-Con straps for a secured grip, Joy-Con sliders for having the familiar game experience from other consoles.

I would say, Joy-Cons are a blessing. It makes Nintendo Switch less annoying, comparatively.

Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying?

In spite of some of its flaws, the Nintendo Switch remains an interesting device with some wonderful exclusive first-party games, impressive subscription perks, and a low price.

Nintendo’s Specifications

The Nintendo Switch’s overall weight lies in the range of 0.88 pounds to 0.94 pounds, depending on the accessories attached. For the dimensions, you get a decently refined size of 4x 9.4 x 0.55 inches, which is enough to behold on-screen movements. Not to mention, the built-in LCD can support up to 720P gaming, and if connected to an HDMI cable, you can go up to 1080, depending upon the resolution of your monitor/television.

Apart from this, Joy-Con controllers have rechargeable batteries with a life span of 20 hours on a single continuous gaming session. The battery takes around 3.5-4 hours to get fully charged, so yeah, that’s the catch. In addition to that, if you are ready or just restless to play games, you can use direct switching or connection to power on your Nintendo Switch without using the batteries.

Portability Factor

For gamers, stopping amidst an intense gaming session can turn out to be a total ramshackle. Well, have you ever taken your gaming PC or Xbox with you while traveling? No, right? That’s the reason Nintendo Switch breaks this God-awful tradition of gaming at home. The portability makes Nintendo what it is today. Well, the reason is nothing but the orientation of the Nintendo Switch as a handheld device, which can be carried anywhere without the fear of damaging it. Not to mention, you can charge your Nintendo and play for hours and hours while traversing from one destination point to another. To be honest, it’s beneficial for your kids, especially those who are naturally yahoo, and loud, and wild. You can shush them away by buying this gem of a gaming console.

Last but not least, you can use the Joy-Con controllers to make your kids compete against each other. Simply connect the “Positive controller” to the “Negative one” and Bingo, it’s done. Tell them to cry over not because they were forced to travel, but over their loss in the game.

How can you play online Multiplayer on Nintendo Switch?

Most of the games require a flawless internet connection, and Nintendo is no different. It allows you to get connected to online modules, add friends, play Co-op missions, and do many things that are possible on Pc and Xbox. You also get to play games like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Zelda, NES, and SNES games. You can also access the companion smartphone application to have fun with your newly connected device. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t have to pay monthly charges for online games, unlike Xbox and Pc. Though there’s a systematic backlash, and that’s: Not many games can get you online, so yeah. On top of that, you also need a smartphone connection to have voice talk over games like Zelda and Mario.

After a year or so, Nintendo releases their bundles, which means that now you can play as many online games as possible in correlation to the bundle selected. For example, Nintendo Switch online charges you $4.00/month, whereas, for 12 months, it’s around $20.

Game Collection in Nintendo Switch

There are two ways you can get the game library for the Nintendo Switch. Either get physical cards that have to be installed over or install them through the Nintendo e-shop. Now you must be wondering about the total storage of your Switch. Let me put it in plain words. Nintendo is not like PCs, that you would need huge spaces to install the games. Well, firstly, the games do not take much space, as there’s a backup server that can be used to launch games in real time without stressing over the storage. In total, you get 32 GB of internet storage, and that’s all. There’s still an option that you can take advantage of, but to be honest, it will only cost you an arm and a leg. It’s to get a microSDHC or microSDXC, which is another way to increase your overall internal drive capacity.

As far as the games are concerned, you get monster-hunting RPG Pokémon, Mario smash-bros, Zelda, Witcher 3 Wild hunt (I know right), Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, DOOM, and a lot more. In my honest opinion, I would say it’s a wonderful thing as Nintendo is expanding their horizons in terms of pitching in more top-quality games.

Should you get a Nintendo Switch?

If your question is “Should I get a Nintendo Switch?” then the answer is probably “Yes.” I have planned to jot down all the points mentioned above and give you a final verdict about whether it is feasible to go for the Switch or not. Initially, the developers’ horde was in no way equitable to the existing one, which means the developers are increasing for Nintendo Switch day by day. This again sort of brings us to the rumor of Nintendo Switch Pro. There’s still not a single official citation that proves the rumor’s legitimacy, but it helps us stay motivated for something anew. Anyways, not to mention, the number of developers is also proportionally incrementing on the lite version, which means more games. As I mentioned before, Nintendo is trying to expand its horizons, and most probably, they are getting successful. Although it’s true that there’s a perceptible drop in the overall graphic quality, what else can you do? Trading off games for graphic quality is fine to me, as long as you enjoy the plot or storyline.

On top of that, now you have access to online modules, companionship, and the ability to play with friends makes the Switch even more worth it. But, there’s still a problem, and it’s sort of related to the number of sales per million population. Nintendo Switch rarely goes on sale, and that’s why people do not even care to glance over its aesthetics and sturdy build. But I guess, with each passing day, the number of buyers is also increasing, so it’s a win-win situation.

In conclusion, considering all the shortcomings of the Nintendo Switch and its positive aspects, I would say, yes, it’s worth it; for people who can’t spend a lot on expensive gaming systems and consoles. Not only this, but many new PC games are coming on Nintendo Switch as well; although the screen is minute and might not deliver the same overall graphics quality that comes with a gaming PC, it’s still worth a shot.

  • Convenient for gaming
  • Affordable
  • Amazing controllers
  • Ease of Usability
  • Variety of games available
  • Graphics lack real rendering
  • Uses Online membership
  • At times some games do not function properly
  • Short battery life


Processor: Nvidia Tegra
Resolution: 720p handheld/1080p on dock
Storage: 32 GB (can be expanded)
Weight:0.88 pounds
Size: 4 x 9.4 x 0.55 inches
Battery life: 9 hours


The Nintendo Switch is definitely worth the buy. The console is packed with features and games that are sure to keep players entertained for hours on end. Not to mention, the Nintendo Switch is perfect for gamers who love to play on the go. So if you’re looking for a new gaming console, the Nintendo Switch is definitely the best option available.


Hey, I’m Muhammad Bilal. I’m a tech fanatic (also read: Gamer), who loves scrutinizing fine details. I aim to strive hard in my respective fields (as a writer and software programmer). Before pursuing my majors in a university (right now in A-levels), I want to spend time exploring and reviewing the latest technology.

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Thank You!

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hey i just want to know if its worth buying because of money and are the games worth it for lots of money

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Planning on buying a switch, but I’m scared I’ll use it for 2 months and never touch it again like my 3ds I bought a few years back.. will the switch keep me entertained for a long time?

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’m fairly new to the console world as I only use a pc. What console would you recommend that would last me a long time without getting bored?