Is a 550W PSU Enough for Your RTX 2060 Super?

Muhammad Allayhan
Muhammad Allayhan
Is a 550W PSU Enough for Your RTX 2060 Super

Are you worried about getting an ample power supply for your RTX 2060 Super? Can’t figure out if your old 550 watts PSU would be enough or not? So is it? Well, the straight answer would be YES it is! 

But would I recommend going for it? Well yes and no! If you already have a 550-watt power supply and thinking about upgrading to an RTX 2060 Super then you can stick to your old power supply. But if you’re thinking about getting a new power supply then a 600-watt would be a better pick. 

And why am I saying this? Read along to find out! 

How much power do you need for your RTX 2060 Super? 

Well, if you go with the company’s recommendation, 550 watts should be enough for the RTX 2060 Super. But that’s the least you can do! You need to remember that the power supply isn’t just your GPU; it powers your whole system. And different parts of your system have different power consumption rates. Although these parts do not consume as much power as the GPU, their combined power consumption is quite significant. So it’s always a wise choice to get PSU with a 20% increase in extra wattage than your GPU needs. 

This way, you’ll be sure that your PSU can handle any performance hikes while you’re playing a graphics-extensive game or doing high-duty work. In my opinion, you should at least grab a 600 watts power supply if you love your system. 

What to consider while buying a power supply for your RTX 2060 Super? 

Since you’ve been wondering if 550 watts would be enough for RTX 2060. It means either you’re thinking about upgrading to RTX 2060. Or you’ve already bought it and now you want to make sure you buy the right power supply. In the latter case, I think you need to know a few things before you grab any power supply. 

Even though the RTX 2060 super has a power consumption of 175 W. And a 550 watts power supply may seem more than enough but when it comes to buying a power supply, you need to consider some other things as well.  

Here I’m going to discuss some important factors that can’t be overlooked when buying a power supply. Whatever GPU you have or plan to purchase in the future. These two factors are definitely going to help you find the perfect power supply for your system. 

  • Power output of your PC 
  • Efficiency of the power supply

First, you need to figure out;

What’s your PC’s output?

Before we jump into any stats, you should know that every part of your PC has a different power consumption rate. And the power supply you’ll need will depend a lot on the processor you’re using. 

If you’re rolling on a high-end PC, then here’s what your power consumption will look like for different parts;  

PC components Power consumption 
RTX 2060 super 175 watts 
High-power processor ( I used AMD Ryzen 9 7950X) 230 watts
4 SSDs36 watts 
Motherboard 80 watts 
3 Case fans of 120mm18 watts 
2 CPU fans of 120mm 12 watts
Total estimated consumption 551 watts 

And here are the power consumptions for a mediocre-tier PC; 

PC components Power consumption 
RTX 2060 super 175 watts 
High-power processor ( I used AMD Ryzen 7600X) 134.3 watts 
2 SSDs18 watts 
Motherboard 80 watts 
2 Case fans of 120mm12 watts
2 CPU fans of 120mm 12 watts 
Total estimated consumption 431.3 watts

There! You’ve seen it yourself! You can see a clear difference of 120 watts between a mid-end PC and a premium one. So, I would suggest you go for a higher-wattage power supply if you own a high-end PC. And also, it’s better to purchase a power supply that gives 100 to 150 watts of buffer to stay on safer. Because you wouldn’t lose your whole system for a cheaper power supply now, would you? Plus, when we overclock our PC, it needs an extra 50-100 watts of power consumption. 

Cutting to the chase, if you have a high-tier PC, go for a 700 watts supply. However, for a mid-class PC, 550-600 watts would be more than enough.

How efficient is the power supply? 

When hunting for a power supply, another crucial factor to consider is the power efficiency of the PSU (power supply unit). The more efficient the PSU is, the less energy it’ll consume, saving you from high electricity bills. I’d recommend you get a power supply with an efficiency of no less than 80%. It might be comparatively expensive but trust me it’ll be worth it! You won’t have to suffer from any power failure and voltage drops that could harm your PC. 

Muhammad Allayhan

Muhammad Allayhan, a gaming and PC hardware virtuoso, breathes life into pixelated worlds. A legendary overclocker, he unlocks hidden power in gaming rigs. Navigating from 8-bit realms to today’s masterpieces, Muhammad’s words immerse readers in an ever-evolving digital odyssey. Join him as he reveals the secrets of gaming’s cutting edge.

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