https aka ms Remoteconnect Not Working: how to fix it?

Joe Smith
Joe Smith
https aka ms Remoteconnect Not Working

Hey Minecrafters! I reckon you’re having trouble using the remote connect website to communicate with your friends. Well, don’t worry! You’re not alone in this, it’s a rather common issue faced by many of us.

What should you do? What’s the fix here? In this article, I’ll cover all the possible ways to rid you of this problem. So stick with me as I walk you through all the techniques. Let’s get into it!

What is https aka ms Remoteconnect?

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know about it. But for those who don’t know, it is a website that allows Minecraft players to communicate while playing across different gaming devices like PS, Xbox, Nintendo, and even smartphones. It takes your gaming experience to a whole new level. All you need is a Microsoft account to enjoy this cool feature.

Why did https aka ms Remoteconnect stop working?

There are multiple possibilities why this service isn’t working for you. The most common reasons are;

Corrupt game data

This problem might’ve caused due to having corrupt game data. This can happen if you meddle with the crucial files of the game. Sometimes a mod software can also block access to the data. So whenever you’re downloading game data, make sure it’s from a reliable source.

Not having the right setup

This error can also occur if your equipment isn’t properly set up. To avoid this, you’ll have to configure https aka ms remote connect.

Your account may be logged in to another device

Another common reason why you’re facing this problem is that your Microsoft account is being used on a different device.

Some best ways to fix this problem

Now let’s stop talking about the problem and come to the solutions. What should you do to fix this issue? Let’s explore some effective ways out of this problem.

But hey, while we’re diving into solutions for remote connect issues, you might have run into other common Minecraft problems too, like issues with mob farms. If you’re struggling with that, check out our guide on why your mob farm might not be working. It’s packed with tips to get you back on track!

Try the Microsoft sign-in code from Minecraft

To start, I need you to use your Microsoft sign-in code in Minecraft. To do that;

  • Open Minecraft and click on the Sign-in access multiplayer option and then you need to link your Microsoft account.
  • Once you do that, you’ll receive an 8-digit code
  • Now open a new tab on the same browser and search
  • Enter your code here and follow further instructions to link your game to your Microsoft account
  • If this doesn’t work, you should make a new Microsoft account and try linking with it

In most cases, this should resolve the problem. But if you used a new Microsoft account, it may not work the first time. So I’d recommend you repeat the process a few times before you move on to the next solution.

Restart your device

Whenever you’re playing any game or using any application, numerous files or cache bugs are produced and saved in the database. These bugs can cause various errors including the one in discussion. To rule out this reason, all you need to do is restart your device. No matter if you have PS, Xbox, Nintendo, or a smartphone, restarting the device will clear out any bugs or glitches. So did it work? If not, try the next method.

Log out of your account from all other devices

If the issue persists, then your Microsoft account might be logged in more than a single device. You might’ve logged it in a while ago on some other device and now you can’t recall. If that’s the case, you’ll need to log out from all the devices except the one you want to use. After logging out, check if the error is still there.
If you can’t remember logging into another device, you can always create a new Microsoft account.

Delete all saved game files

If nothing has worked for you so far then it’s time to take some serious action. See, over time your old game file can get corrupted and this may be causing the problem. In this scenario, you’ll have to delete all your old game data to fix the problem. I’d recommend you make a backup of these files, just in case this technique doesn’t work.

If you’ve never done it before, here is how to do it;

  • Open Minecraft game and go to “settings”
  • Navigate “system settings” and click on it
  • Tap on the storage option and you can check all your saved game files there
  • After that, enter Minecraft store documents and then click on “game storage”
  • Finally, press the delete icon to destroy all the game files

Once you’re done, go to the main menu and log into the game again. Try connecting remote connect now to see if it did the trick. If it didn’t, shake it off and move on to the next step.

Logout and reinstall Minecraft

Have you tried everything above but it seems that you’re out of luck today? Well then, as a last resort, you should log out of the game and uninstall it from your device. Then you can reinstall it and check if it solved the remote connect problem. By deleting and reinstalling the game, you get rid of all the damaged files or bugs that may be causing the problem.

Enable the cross-play feature on your device

Never heard of the cross-play feature in Minecraft? Well, it allows you to play with your pals and build your worlds together. No matter if you have a PS and your friend has an Xbox, you won’t have any problem playing together. But for that, you’ll have to enable it first. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry! I’ve got your back.

How to enable cross-play on Nintendo Switch?

To enable cross-play on your switch;

  • Launch Minecraft on your Switch
  • Navigate and tap on Invite to Game option
  • Now enter your friend’s Minecraft player ID to invite them
  • And once your friend accepts your invite, you can hang out together in the game

How to enable the cross-play engine on your Xbox?

All you need to do is;

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller
  • Go to your account and then enter account privacy and online safety
  • Then click on Xbox stay privateness
  • Now select Customized and then open Communication and Multiplayer
  • There you need to make sure that communication outdoors of Xbox Stay is enabled

And if you were facing any communication problems with your friends, it would surely be resolved.

Final thoughts

I hope I helped you fix your remote connect error and now you’re able to enjoy the game with your friends. Although you won’t usually come across this problem, once you’ve fixed it. But even if you do, you can simply try the above steps again to fix it. If you still have any questions about this problem, feel free to comment down below. I’m here for you!

Joe Smith

Joe, a computer science graduate and PC hardware expert, boasts a decade of experience in the field. His lifelong passion for gaming drives him to excel as a prominent figure in the gaming community, consistently pushing boundaries with cutting-edge technology.

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