How To Connect JBL Speakers Together

Furqan Shahid
Furqan Shahid
How To Connect JBL Speakers Together

We are all aware of the fact that JBL has been making excellent audio products for the longest time and their wireless speakers are amazing. However, do you know that a lovely feature of these JBL speakers is that you can connect all of them together and play the same tunes from all the speakers? Yes, thanks to JBL’s Connect and Connect+ technology, this is entirely possible and, in this guide, we are going to teach you how to connect JBL speakers together.

The first part of connecting these speakers together is rather simple; you can just use the JBL Connect app and connect the speakers together. However, you can also do the same using Bluetooth, although the steps are a bit different.

Now, before we begin, it is important to know that JBL uses various connection protocols. You have JBL Connect, JBL Connect+, and JBL Party Boost. If you want to connect these speakers together, all the speakers must be using the same connection protocol or else it will not work, as there is no cross compatibility.

How to Connect JBL Speakers Together 

Before you pair your JBL speakers together, knowing the compatibility is important. This is done by ensuring that they are on the same connection protocols. In the bullet points below, you can check the connection protocols and how to tell them apart.

  • JBL Connect: Is represented by an hourglass. 
  • JBL Connect+: Is represented by an hourglass with a + sign next to it.
  • JBL PartyBoost: Is represented by an infinity symbol.

Now that you are aware of how you can identify the connection protocol, we are going to look at how to connect the JBL speakers together.

Step 1: Turning the Speakers On

Turning the Speakers On

Simply go ahead and connect all the speakers that you want to pair together. Press the power button for a few seconds to turn the speakers on; the LED indicator should either be blue or white and you will also get a confirmation prompt from the speaker.

Step 2: Pairing and Connecting the Speakers to the Source 

Pairing and Connecting the Speakers to the Source

Next up, you have to pair and connect your JBL speakers to the same source. Remember, you cannot just go ahead and connect them to random sources as that would not work. The process is simple, on your JBL speaker, press and hold the Bluetooth button until you hear a tone, the tone means that your speaker is in Bluetooth mode. Then open the Bluetooth menu on your device, connect to the speaker that is showing up.

Step 3: Playing the Audio and Connecting Other Speakers 

Playing the Audio and Connecting Other Speakers

Once the speaker is connected, you need to play the audio from the source and you will hear the audio coming from only one speaker. Now go ahead and press the Hourglass/Infinity button on the JBL speaker that is playing the audio. Once that is done, press the Hourglass/Infinity button on any of the additional JBL speakers that you want to pass the audio through, and in a few seconds, you will start hearing the sound from all the other JBL speakers.

That is it, you have successfully managed to connect JBL speakers together, the feature is great especially when you have speakers placed in multiple rooms and you want the same music playing throughout the house. Remember, the JBL Connect+ has a range of 30 feet but the PartyBoost is upgraded to support up to 100 feet. It is also important to note that these connection protocols are not backwards compatible.


JBL’s technology that allows you to connect multiple speakers together is nothing short of revolutionary and while I do understand that this is not for everyone, the ability to play the same music throughout the entire house is an impressive thing, to say the least. This combined with JBL’s impressive sound and build quality makes up for an amazing recipe for excellent music environment and immersiveness.

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