Step by Step Guide to Connecting your PS3 Controller to the Pc

Manal Sayed
Manal Sayed
Step by Step Guide to Connecting your PS3 Controller to the Pc

The PS4 has snatched the focus away from the PS3, and everybody now is gaga over the new PS5. That isn’t a reason enough to get rid of your PS3 or discard your consoles just quite yet. PS3 controllers might still be useful for gamers who would like to play on their PC.

If you are now bored and tired of your good old keyboard and mouse setup, the best bet is picking up your old controller that’s been sitting there around collecting dust. An old PlayStation DualShock 3 controller is exactly what you have been seeking, which will be a great upcycling fix too.

The DualShock3 controller for PlayStation is not something that’s easy to operate on the PC. Then why bother when something newer is so much simpler to use? The PlayStation 3 controller is one-of-a-kind in a few aspects. 

Even the best PC consoles don’t have pressure-sensitive analog face buttons like the Dualshock 3. Therefore, there could not be a better choice of a controller than the Dualshock 3 especially if you would like to use it with the PS emulator for playing PS2 games. 

If you like the feel of the old controllers rather than the updated DualShock4, then this controller is meant for you.

Before getting started, don’t forget the mini-USB cable that is needed to charge the controller. If you cannot find one, a standard mini-USB cable can be found online at a really affordable price or you can also get one at your local electronic store. 

Make sure you turn off your PlayStation 3 before going forward as it can interfere with the installation process

Take your controller and let me walk you through the step-by-step process.

Prerequisites: What You Will Require:

  • Original PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 controller
  • Mini-USB cable for the controller (aka default PS3 charging cable)
  • Keep your Bluetooth dongle ready if you intend to connect wirelessly which is optional.
  • Please ensure your PS3 is turned off before proceeding, as pressing the PS button will turn on the PS3, preventing you from connecting it to your PC.
  • To be able to install the initial set of PS3 controller drivers you will need to connect your PC with the mini-USB cord. Once most of your setup is finished, download the following files (these are required for the SCP software to function):

Software Needed

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft DirectX runtime
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 runtime
  • Xbox 360 controller driver (Needs to be only installed on Windows7)

Note: Even though the majority of you guys have already installed these drivers, it’s always a better option to double-check so you can eliminate issues down the road, especially when you’re unsure if you have installed them in the first place or not. If you already have them installed, the installation process will notify you.

Connecting PS3 Controller On A PC using SCP Driver Package

Connecting PS3 Controller On A PC

Installation instructions for ScPToolkit

  1. Start by installing the four Microsoft packages (link mentioned below). Xbox 360 controller driver should also be installed if you use Windows 7. It’s pre-installed in Windows 8 and 10!
  2. Connect your Dualshock 3 to your computer using a mini-USB cord. 

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Note on Bluetooth installation: If you want to use the controller wirelessly, please ensure you already have a Bluetooth dongle plugged in or ensure that your motherboard supports Bluetooth connectivity. You will require a Bluetooth 2.0 or dongle that is higher and it does fully support Enhanced Data Rate, according to ScpToolkit (EDR).


The recent and the updated version of the SCP DS Driver needs to be downloaded. Considering the folder will be in a 7-zip format, you’ll need to download and install a file archiver application for Windows, such as WinRAR, assuming you don’t have one already.


Extract the compressed folders containing the most recent version and updates.

Open the unzipped latest update folder and proceed to ScpServerbin, where you need to copy all of the files.

Pasting and replacing

Now you will need to go to ScpServerbin within the unzipped latest version folder, then all you need to do is paste all the files you have copied in the folder. If you get a warning, replace the files in the destination folder.

Deleting the original files

Now that we have done the necessary process, you can go ahead and delete the original folder and the compressed folders as well. You can also delete the unzipped versions of the recent update folder. From here onwards, we will be using the lasted version folder.

Open ScpServer

Copy the bin folder from ScpServer, which is located in the latest version folder.

Renaming the folder

Make your way to C: Program Files, where you’ll create a folder called Scarlet then a folder named Crush Productions inside the Scarlet (they’re the ones who produced the software in the first place), and paste the bin folder inside.

Gaining Admin rights

Click on the continue button when asked for the Administrator rights.

Run as Admin

Open the pasted bin folder, right-click the ScpDriver software, and select Run as Administrator from the command prompt.

Configuring and installing

Before you click on the Install button, you need to be sure that the checkboxes beside the Bluetooth Driver and the Configure services have been checked out. 

You can check the Force Install button if you’re running Windows 7 or an older windows version. In Windows 8 and 10, this procedure should be able to install the pre-installed drivers.

Detecting the controller

When the installation is finished, click Exit and then start the ScpMonitor application because you’ve had your controller attached from the beginning, it should be detected by default. You can also play Steam games with your PS3 controller if the game supports console controllers.

If your controller isn’t detected, unplug it and connect it back in. If “Charging” appears instead of “Reserved,” the controller has been detected and is functioning. If your controller is still not identified, restart your computer. 

If the Host Address in the SCP DS3 Monitor software still says disconnected after performing all of the steps above, that means the Bluetooth is not supported.

A Bluetooth dongle is required to connect your PS3 controller to your PC (Windows 7 or Windows 10) remotely through Bluetooth. You’ll need to enable Bluetooth as well.

Finding your folder

Open the Zadig application by going to the Zadig folder within the  C:\Program Files\Scarlet then move into the Crush Productions\bin folder.

Load preset device

Open or double-click Bluetooth.cfg by going to Device > Load Preset Device.

Locate the dongle

First, select the USB dongle from the drop-down menu under Options-List All Devices. If you want to identify the USB dongle that you require to connect to the PS3 controller, you need to open Bluetooth and other device settings and then click on the device and printers option under the related setting section.

Replace the driver

After selection of the USB dongle that you plan on using as your dedicated PS3 Bluetooth, you can then click Replace Driver.

Locating host address

Verify that a Host Address has been discovered by the SCP Monitor.

Remove the controller from the cord, and your PS3 controller should connect to your Windows 10 PC over Bluetooth. NOTE: If it doesn’t detect on the first try, simply plug it back in and disconnect it again; the controller should recognize within a few seconds. 

If BTH is displayed in PAD 1 rather than USB, that means it’s connected, if not then you can proceed below to the section titled Calibrating and Ensuring it’s Connected to manually check if it’s connected.

Calibrate and connecting.

You need to connect the PS3 controller to the PC by using SCP Toolkit.

Click to get the ScpToolkit by clicking the green Download button.

Open files

The ScpToolkit Setup application you just downloaded should be opened and installed.

Run Toolkit

After the installation, click the Run Driver Installer button.

Downloading Drivers

To download the drivers, start with choosing the drivers for your console like “Install DualShock3 driver”.  To choose your PS3 DualShock3 PC dongle wirelessly, you can just click the Install Bluetooth drivers, Pick the device from the drop-down menu once again.


After you’ve confirmed the devices you’ll be utilizing, click Install. Keep in mind that following the installation, pop-ups and audio prompts may appear.

Confirming changes

After the installation, use the SCP Monitor to double-check your changes. Now you’re ready to go and can use your DualShock 3 controller wired or wirelessly.

Calibrating And Ensuring that It’s Connected

You are required to press the Bluetooth and Other Devices settings once again and then you can click on the Device and printer option that is under the related section setting if you are using Windows 10. 

To check the connection on your Windows 7 PC, you can click the start menu, then select Control Panel then devices and printers. Your PS3 controller will now be swapped with an Xbox 360 controller for Windows, which really is wonderful because the drivers we downloaded earlier trick Windows into thinking the PS3 controller is an Xbox 360 controller. 

Right-click it, then select Game Controller Settings and Properties. Everything should be fine if the buttons you press are reflected in real-time in the Properties Window.

Congratulations if this matches the buttons you hit on the controller! You may now play games that support console controllers with your PS3 controller!


It completely depends on you whether you like using a controller to game with or not. And it’s clear that you’re not alone. Many competitive gamers enjoy playing with a console controller rather than a regular keyboard and mouse. 

In any case, I hope this lesson demonstrated how to use a PS3 controller on a computer. And if it didn’t, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments. 

Things like this can be challenging, especially if you’re not used to executing such hacks on your own. Feel free to drop us a comment below if you need any further assistance.

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