Best Power Supply for GTX 1080 in 2024

Touseef Khan
Touseef Khan
Best Power Supply for GTX 1080

A power supply is an integral part of a computer, and without it, your system won’t be getting the current to run. Also, if your system doesn’t get the right PSU then you’d be facing a lot of problems very soon.

The GTX 1080 is very famous among gamers as this GPU has the potential to run any high-end game with mid-tier settings and run it smoothly without any issue. And to back it up with the right voltage, a suitable PSU is really needed. 

To eliminate your miseries, our team has done in-depth research about power supplies and came up with the best power supplies for GTX 1080 that are considered the perfect ones in terms of being an awesome peer with the GPU.

So without any further ado, let’s dive in…

List of 10 Best Power Supplies for GTX 1080

Below are the 10 best PSU for GTX 1080 that are handpicked by our team to help you not stress out and get the best PSU in the game. 

For better understanding, scroll down to the “Buyers Guide” section to know about the things that should be looked at before buying a PSU.

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EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G3

The SuperNova G3 power supply (650W) has a 128mm cooling fan that is backed with a hydraulic dynamic bearing to ensure it works and outranks quietly. Also, the EVGA makes a claim that the G3 works even better than the previous version, G2 models. 

To give you a variety of options, the EVGA SuperNova G3 comes in 5 different models that range from 550W up to 1000W. 

Another thing about this PSU is that it is 80 PLUS Gold certified which means that it is made for greater productivity and provides room for all modular cables, top-quality Japanese brand capacitors, and EVGA’s ECO Intelligent Thermal Control System that allows the PSU to efficiently perform quiet operations at low-to-mid power.

It has a reduced size, but it doesn’t mean that it lowers down its performance. Despite being 150mm long, the SuperNova G3 is one of the smallest PSUs in the market with improved performance and features.

What we didn’t like

Apart from the top-tier performance and premium build, the only thing that displeases the eyes are the cables as it has bulky cables that minimize the overall aesthetic look.

  • Reduced size with great performance
  • Hydraulic dynamic bearing fan
  • Lower ripple
  • Improved efficiency
  • Quiet
  • Bulky cables
Corsair SF600 Platinum

The Corsair SF600 is considered to be the king among the SFX PSUs as it has new records for excellence, efficiency, and performance. On top of that, its ultra-quiet operation under tough conditions is something that is worthwhile. 

Also, it is manufactured around an innovative internal design that offers high-end performance, extremely stable voltages, ultra-low electrical noise. It has a 92mm fan that plays a vital role in improved performance and reduced noise. 

It has the ZERO RPM FAN MODE, which means that the cooling fan won’t spin at low to medium loads until you need it to give extremely silent operation. 

What’s next is that it comes with individually sleeved modular cables.

What we didn’t like

As compared to other 600W Power supplies, the Corsair SF600 Platinum is expensive, but it shouldn’t be an issue if you’re a fan of top performance and money isn’t an issue for you. Another thing is that it doesn’t come with the SFX-to-ATX adapter, although it has the bracket for it. 

  • Japanese Capacitors
  • 80 PLUS Platinum Certified
  • 92MM Cooling Fan
  • Low noise
  • Relatively expensive for 600W range
  • SFX-to-ATX adapter not included
EVGA Supernova 750 G3

Right after the launch of other competitive power supplies in the market, the EVGA didn’t let others win easily. They came up with the best and introduced the SuperNova 750 G3, which has a robust build.

It is well-known for its reliability, performance, and high-end efficiency. The G3 is smaller in size as compared to the G2 lineup and has improved the performance alongside a new Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing Fan that allows it to have an ultra-quiet performance.

Additionally, the EVGA ECO Intelligent Thermal Control System allows the PSU to eliminate the fan noise as much as possible for quieter performance at low to medium loads. 

On top of that, its new and improved components make the PSU have a prolonged and increased lifespan as well. 

The top-quality Japanese brand capacitors make sure to give long-lasting reliability. Not only that but the fully modular design helps in reducing the cable clutter and uplifts the airflow for better airflow.

Also, this power supply offers heavy-duty protections that include UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Overcurrent Protection), SCP (Short Circuit Protection), OVP (Over Voltage Protection), OTP (Over Temperature Protection), and OPP (Over Power Protection).

  • Greater performance
  • Longer lifespan
  • Quieter operations
  • 91% efficiency
  • Modular design
  • None
Thermaltake Toughpower PF1 650W

The Thermaltake Toughpower PF1 650W has an ultra-quiet hydraulic 120mm bearing fan that provides superior cooling performance alongside without making any sort of high noise under most conditions. 

Furthermore, the fan is an auto-regulated one which means that the speed depends on the power consumption for delivering an efficient and quiet operation. Another thing about this PSU is that the fan will only work when the load exceeds the 20% range. Also, for constantly spinning, a switch at the back can be turned off. 

Additionally, it has ICs on the same side of the fan for efficiently pulling the heat away and keeping the temperature constantly low. And the Toughpower PF1 uses high-quality Japanese capacitors for higher efficiency, longer life, and more reliability. 

The fully modular design helps the Toughpower PF1 to reduce cable clutter.

What we didn’t like

Apart from all the good things that we found in this PSU, there’s only one thing that was a tradeoff for us; this power supply becomes noisy under heavy load…

  • 80 PLUS Platinum Certified
  • New Single Side SMD
  • 120mm Fan
  • Compact design
  • High-quality Japanese Capacitors
  • Noisy under burden
Corsair RM750x

As Corsair is widely known for building top-notch PSUs, it has, yet again, surprised us with its RM750x model. This PSU offers higher efficiency levels with its up-to-date and latest platforms that work tremendously well in minimizing the thermal loads. 

The RM750x comes in with four PCIe and two EPS connectors and includes a couple of more peripherals connectors as well. Another impressive thing is that it features eight four-pin Molex connectors that are mostly used by many peripherals. But, the distance between them is only 10cm, which is too short. 

To reduce the ripple on the power supply’s outputs, the EPS, ATX, and PCIe cables are backed with capacitors. 

Also, it is 80 PLUS Gold Certified so it ensures high efficiency and performance alongside tight voltage regulation and quiet operation. For all the high-end PCs where reliability is important, this PSU is a go-to partner for them as it is armed with the Japanese 105°C capacitors. 

What we didn’t like

The only thing that we didn’t find quite pleasing is that the Corsair RM750x doesn’t feature the fan test button. 

  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified
  • Superior Performance
  • Tight Voltage control
  • Less excess heat
  • Premium components
  • No fan test button
Thermaltake Smart 700W

The Thermaltake Smart 700W is pretty good at saving energy through its great efficiency of up to 86% alongside backing any mainstream PC with the latest requirements. The cherry on top is that it has a built-in 120mm ultra-quiet intelligent cooling fan that helps in delivering admirable airflow at surprisingly low noise.

Furthermore, it is 80 PLUS Standard Certified and is specially optimized to work with all generations of Intel processors to attain max energy saving. It also features top-quality components for continuous stable performance. You’re all safe from the capacitor leakage and explosions now.

It comes under the Smart Series model that means it is armed with a +12V rail, giving a powerful performance under every sort of system load. The Thermaltake Smart 700W also offers decent breathing space for your PC. 

Additionally, it has 100V-240V input voltage alongside 12A Max input current, and the frequency is around 50Hz-60Hz.

The Smart 700W has multiple connectors that make the cable installation pretty easy for you and can be done within no time. 

  • 120mm Ultra Quiet Fan
  • Multiple Connectors
  • 80 PLUS Standard Certified
  • Single +12V Output
  • Reliable performance
  • None
Corsair RM550x

If you’re someone who gets irritated with louder PSU noise or noise in general then you’d be glad to know that the Corsair RM550x is prone to be at the lowest noise level even at the full load because it is tuned with a low-noise fan; making the overall noise to keep it at minimum.

Furthermore, it features the Zero RPM fan mode that helps in lowering down the noise while operations and performing the silent operation at low-to-medium loads. 

The fully modular cables are really effective and let you connect the cables to your system in no time and with less effort. Also, the 100% industrial grade (105°C rated) Japanese capacitors make sure stable performance and reliability. 

What we didn’t like

It is a fact that the Corsair RM550x provides premium performance, but it is comparatively little expensive as well. The price can be overlooked if getting a PSU with high-end performance is your end goal. 

  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified
  • Compact Size
  • Fully Modular Cables
  • Zero RPM Fan
  • Top-quality Japanese Capacitors
  • Expensive
Rosewill Hive 650W

When it comes to excellent performance and stable voltage output, the Rosewill Hive 650W performs tremendously well as it is a highly efficient and up-to-par PSU for gaming PCs

Due to its Intelligent Thermal Operation and 135mm fan that automatically controls fan speed, it offers exceptional performance at a low noise in response to different temperatures by adjusting the fan speed. Also, it is 80+ Bronze Certified, which makes it able to offer 82% to 87% efficiency in normal loading situations.

It makes sure of long-term performance with its high-quality components and plays a huge role in uplifting the experience for you in a positive way.

Another thing about this power supply is that all of its cables have mesh sleeves for better ventilation and effortless cable routing. And the modular cable design minimizes the clutter and bulk from the inside of the chassis. 

The rock touch finishing off the black-coated casing of Rosewill Hive 650W is truly premium and top-notch, and it gives a hint of top-quality work as well. The casing adds a very superior touch to the PSU. 

  • Auto Fan Speed Control
  • 80 PLUS Bronze Certified
  • Stable performance
  • Low noise level
  • Affordable
  • None
Seasonic Prime 600 Titanium

The Seasonic Prime 600 Titanium is engineered in such a way that it holds the output voltage in a tight range for consistent and stable performance. 

For less clutter and improved airflow, the cables are fully modular which also results in a better ventilation system. Furthermore, its components are manufactured in an innovative way that they do not add any bulkiness to the overall PSU and also eliminates the excess heat from the surrounding without any considerable effort. 

It has the capability to cope with any system’s tough operating conditions due to its high-end efficiency. Moreover, it is the premium high-capacity fanless power supply that you can ever get your hands on.

This PSU can easily offer 96%+ efficiency level at 50% level, which makes it a very competent player in the game right now. And it minimizes the stability issues as well. 

What we didn’t like

The sole thing that we didn’t like about the Seasonic SSR-600TL is that it is expensive as compared to its competitors. 

  • Premium Hybrid Fan Control
  • Fully Modular Cables
  • 135mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan
  • Reduced Clutter
  • Top performance
  • Expensive
Seasonic FOCUS Plus Platinum SSR 650PX

The Seasonic FOCUS Plus 650 has a closely packed neat design that offers high power output despite being small in size. Furthermore, it is 140mm deep in size and delivers impressive performance and efficiency. 

Moreover, it is ideal for mid-range gaming devices. Apart from the greater performance and higher efficiency, it does quiet operations effortlessly. 

One thing that is much appreciated about the Seasonic FOCUS SSR-650PX is that due to its compact size, your system will experience much better ventilation. Also, the high-quality components will help in enhancing the performance and deliver stable output. 

It has fully modular cables that are easily installable and helps in reducing clutter. And it comes with improved peripheral customization, too. 

Another thing about this PSU is that it won’t be too heavy on your wallet. 

What we didn’t like

The only thing that we didn’t like about this PSU is that it has a shorter distance between its peripheral connectors as compared to its competitors in the market. Also, it will be much better if it has a short response on the minor rails. 

  • Solid performance
  • High-quality components
  • Hybrid Silent Fan Control
  • Better Ventilation
  • Fully Modular Cables
  • A shorter distance between peripheral connectors
  • Longer response on the minor rails

Buyer’s Guide

In order to get the best PSU for your GPU, you’d need to look for a couple of things in it and take multiple things into considerations that are mentioned below.

Ignoring these things will lead to a PSU that wouldn’t work up to what you’ll expect. Also, it will create problems in the future for you and can, severely, damage your GPU as well.


Quality is something that should never be overlooked as ignoring it can lead you to counter a ton of problems in your life. 

If you opt to save money and go for a cheap PSU then it might save you some bucks in short term, but it can cost you a lot in the long run by damaging your PC’s component and making you invest a lot more than what you were supposed to if you had picked a top-quality PSU. 

A quality PSU can give a long-lasting life to your computer, so we recommend you to do your homework before going to buy one. 


Another important thing that should be taken into consideration is the wattage of the PSU that your system requires. It is really necessary to look at the wattage of the power supply as not every wattage of PSU can fit your PC’s requirement. 

This is kind of a situation where more is always not the best. However, a PSU is able to provide enough power under heavy load to all of the components.

Furthermore, the majority of the PSUs hit their peak efficiency from 40% to 80% of the power supply’s max capacity. And we recommend building to about 60% of a PSU’s capacity to be in the sweet spot for efficiency and leaving enough room for future upgrades.


The efficiency of a power supply is very important because a higher-efficiency one tends to give better performance, generating less heat, and wasting less power; making the PSU make less fan noise. 

A PSU that has an efficiency rating of 80% gives 80 percent of its rated watt in the form of power to the system and loses the other 20 percent as heat. Furthermore, there are several tiers of 80+ ratings that include bronze, silver, gold, and platinum; and the PSUs have been divided into these tiers due to their performance and other aspects. 

Cable Management

If you’re a fan of aesthetics then you won’t be pleased to see your PSU carry the huge stack of unused cables and struggling to hide them inside the case, which later on can be interfering with the airflow in smaller cases. 

We would recommend the modular PSU for GTX 1080 because they are the popular ones in the market; allowing you to effortlessly organize your power connections, and have many pros as compared to the standard ones. 

Trusted Brands

A PSU from a trusted and widely known brand can give you a lot more great performance than the local and cheap quality ones. It is not always good to save money when you’re prone to get something fishy that drives you to damage yourself in the future. 

We suggest going for a branded power supply as they are more trusted and offer the performance that you expect. 

Also, trusted brands give a warranty so if you run into any issue, they will help you out with that. 


After going through this guide, you’ll be able to make proper decisions before buying a power supply for your GTX 1080 to enhance the performance and experience. 

It’s really important to look for a powerful PSU that really delivers what it promises because it plays a huge role in your PC. Not every power supply matches your system; neither a random picked one can fit and deliver as you expect. 

If you’ve found what you were looking for, do let us know about your input in the comment section as well.


To be more precise, a PSU with at least 550w would work fine. However, a 500w one works too, but to make your GPU worthwhile and to save it from being damaged, 550w, or above is always recommended.

We wouldn’t recommend going for 450w PSU for GTX 1080 as the GPU requires more energy to properly work and execute. However, a 500w would be pretty enough for it, but for safety precautions, a PSU with at least 550w would be an ideal candidate for the GTX 1080.

To be honest, we cannot say that it is the ultimate KING as it was back in 2016, but it is still a better competitor and a great option for 1080p 144Hz or 1440p 60Hz for new games and runs smoothly the older games at up to 4K resolution.

It all comes down to your budget, but if you’re building a gaming pc then you wouldn’t want it to be destroyed or damaged in a couple of days right after building. A cheap PSU can damage the GPU and other components in your system, so it is NOT recommended to opt for a cheap PSU. You can wait till you can afford to buy a decent one.

There are a few brands that make the best PSUs in the market. Opting for a well-known brand would really be an appreciated decision as widely known brands won’t take a single step to ruin their reputation; so a branded PSU will give you a huge performance difference if compared to a local one.

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