Best Power Supplies for Gaming PC in 2024

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
best power supply for gaming pc

With each passing day, there’s something new in the stash for gamers; especially, GPUs and CPUs. A dream gaming pc includes probably everything groomed and latest and brings in a seamless gaming experience. To be honest, a power supply is an integral part of your system, let’s say a magical ward that protects your PC from voltage spikes and fluctuations. The same power supply also provides ample power to your gaming pc with a withstanding efficiency. But this concept is restricted and tucked in the box because no one takes it seriously. A bad Pc power supply can ultimately lead to your gaming system’s downfall: an immediate death warrant. Well, that’s the reason why we will be discussing the best power supply for gaming pc.

I still remember lodging in a Redragon’s local PSU in my gaming system. After a couple of months, my whole system was in Dante’s inferno. Like there was a weird trail of smoke billowing out of my system, and suddenly everything went black. Then I did some research and came to a conclusive end that, as long as your PSU is from a notable brand, you are in safe hands. This story is just a small piece of a larger puzzle, where each day, hundreds of gaming systems experience a serene death. If you do not want that to happen to your beloved and shining gaming system, follow these upcoming steps.

It’s time to move towards the actual product review session of the best power supplies for gaming. Without any further ado, let’s begin!

List of 10 Best Power Supplies for Gaming Pc (Quick Overview)

ModelCapacityEfficiency ratingModularityPrice
1600W80+ Titanium FullBuy on Amazon
1200W80+ Titanium FullBuy on Amazon
1300W80+ PlatinumFullBuy on Amazon
1000W80 + GoldFullBuy on Amazon
850W80+ Titanium FullBuy on Amazon
850W80+ GoldFullBuy on Amazon
750W80+ GoldFullBuy on Amazon
700W80+ BronzeFullBuy on Amazon
650W80+ GoldFullBuy on Amazon
600W80+ GoldFullBuy on Amazon

(Editor’s pick)

Corsair AX1600i

I’ll be honest with you! I deliberately substituted a humungous power supply in the list that goes up to 1600W. Well, it’s indeed overkill, but have you heard of Nvidia’s announcement about the RTX 3000 series? In the reveal, the graph showed that the RTX 3090 would, collectively with other components, require at least a 1200W rated PSU. Some enthusiasts will buy the latest GPU; hence, the reason for pitching in Corsair AX1600i is the editor’s pick on the list of Best Power Supplies for Gaming PC. The power supply is fully modular, which means not only will it power on your motherboard, but also other components like fans, coolers, peripherals, and a lot more. Not to mention, the PSU is 80+ Titanium, which means that the power generated will be used up by 94%. Only 6% will be lost as heat.

To be honest, it’s a huge difference marginally when compared with bronze and standard-rated PSU, where the loss as heat goes up to 16%. On top of that, it’s recommended to use the PSU on an ATX build because of its size. In addition to that, the PSU makes use of gallium nitride transistors for enhanced efficiency. The included fan is also designed to run at low-noise levels, which means although you will be running an RTX GPU, the overall noise produced will remain at bay.

  • Can turn on beasts components
  • Fully modular with external connectivity
  • Uses Titanium rating
  • Extremely expensive
  • Huge

(Runner up)

Cooler MasterWatt Maker

It’s an interesting product, especially considering the present elements. Cooler MasterWatt maker brings in an efficient 1200W PSU, enough to power on GPUs like RTX 2080 Ti and Core i9 10th generation chipsets. Not to mention, the coming generation GPUs can also be slotted without any power issues. Apart from this, the PSU offers 94% Titanium efficiency, which means the power loss as heat is negligible. On top of that, the PSU has an increased airflow system for reducing the modular temperature. Moreover, for enhanced modularity, the power supply supports plugging in the majority of the components externally. With this in mind, you can, without any problem, plugin RGB fans, coolers, and other peripheral devices as per your will.

Furthermore, you can control the PSU with an application known as Cooler Master Connect, available on Google Play and the App Store. With this application, you can change to discrete established profiles: Standard, silent, gaming, OC, and custom. The custom profile will have a different fan curve, whereas, a gaming profile might kick in an extensive fan curve. The PSU also makes use of streamlined 3D technology for exclusive circuits. It’s worth adding that the PSU comes with a 7-year warranty, which is enough to safeguard your spent money. Do you know what’s surprising? The PSU is economical, which means that it draws less power from your household, amplifying it with an amplification module for turning on your beast system.

  • Use modular cables for enhancement
  • Economical PSU
  • 1200W for turning on high-end gaming systems
  • Noiseless
  • Expensive PSU
  • Bulky

Antec HCP-1300

Antec HCP-1300

After Corsair and Cooler Master, Antec is one of the reputable brands for PSU. If by chance, you don’t get your hands on either of the first two, then Antec should be your resort. Well, Antec HCP-1300 is a 1300 watt power supply with a Platinum rating. The rating allows the PSU to produce higher efficiency rates; for example, with platinum-rated PSU, you can go up as high as 90%, which is an amazing score. 90% percent efficiency means that only 10% is lost as heat. Not to mention, Antec HCP makes use of high currents, which means that the resistance in the wire remains at bay. On top of that, the PSU is full time modular, which means that you can plug in any device as long as they have connectors for a 24-pin slot, 

4+4 pin slot, 8-pin slot, Molex, SATA, floppy, and OC link.

The PSU’s overall size is decent, which means that you can slot it easily in standard ATX cases. Do you know what’s surprising about Antec HCP? You can use the OC-link given at the back to connect two Antec PSUs. This ultimately leads to collective added power from two PSUs. For example, you can get a 2600W supply with two Antec HCP-1300, which is truly withstanding. You also get to hold a 7-year warranty, which is enough to sustain the product’s credibility. Last but not least, the PSU makes use of Japanese heavy-duty caps for enhanced performance and longevity.

  • Marvelous components
  • Japanese transistors and heavy-duty caps
  • 1300W Platinum-rated PSU
  • Platinum rating
  • Temperatures remain below 50 degrees
  • Spacy
  • Expensive
  • At times can be noisy

Corsair RMX RM1000X

Corsair RMX RM1000X

Corsair RMX RM1000X is a wonderful and working PSU. Well, 1000 rated PSU are generally enough to turn on your RTX and Core i9 builds, but you need to up your rating game for something bigger than that. The Corsair RMX RM1000X is an 80 plus Gold rated PSU, which means the PSU’s overall efficiency is above 80%. It’s a little disappointing to see that the efficiency is directly related to the amount of load on your PSU, which means that the overall efficiency will be different on 20%, 30%, 50%, 70%, and 100%. So, do keep that in mind before purchasing the PSU. Not to mention, the transistors in the PSU can withstand temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius, which is commendable, in my opinion.

It’s worth mentioning that the fan uses zero RPM mode, which means that the noise levels will remain at bay. Other than that, you can use modular DC cables to extend the overall load on your PSU. It’s surprising to see that the PSU gives you a 10-year warranty, which is insurmountable, in my opinion.

  • 1000W is enough for turning on high-end PCs
  • Uses phenomenal Japanese transistors
  • 80+ Gold rated
  • Uses higher efficiency levels
  • Lies in the mid-expensive range
  • Takes averagely high powers from your household

EVGA Supernova 850 T2

EVGA Supernova 850 T2

EVGA Supernova 850W T2 power supply Unit is an amazing entity on the list of Best PSU for Gaming PC. It took the 5th sweet spot on the list, which means that the PSU is worth a shot. Well, EVGA Supernova is a Titanium-rated PSU, which means that the efficiency of the supply dwindles around 92-94%, which is commendable. The reason for it being elite is that the PSU does not use different loading criteria for pitching variable efficiencies; rather, it stagnates at one point, which is a good thing, in my opinion. The power supply offers a 10-year warranty, which is a full decade. To be honest, spending hundreds of bucks on a PSU can take a toll on your savings. Still, at the same time, PSUs like EVGA offer phenomenal warranty timings for credibility and authenticity.

It’s worth mentioning that the EVGA Supernova is a modular power supply and can slot in different peripherals, connectors, extenders, and coolers. On top of that, the power dissipated in the wires is negligible; thus, skyrocketing its efficiency rate. It also makes use of high-quality Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con solid-state capacitors for enhanced performance. Last but not least, the PSU can run multiple Nvidia GPUs with the help of an Nvidia SLI-ready module inside the power supply. That’s amazing, right?

  • Titanium rating
  • Efficient at 94%
  • Uses high-quality capacitors
  • Uses Nvidia SLI for multiple GPU insertion
  • Is expensive for average gamers
  • Can be tough to manage cables

Be quiet! Straight power 11

Be quiet! Straight power 11

Be quiet! Straight power 11 is a wonderful Gold PSU that you can get for your gaming system. The PSU entails withstanding whisper-quiet fan solutions, with the highest possible efficiency rate. It’s worth mentioning that the PSU has twin identities: one Gold rated and the other platinum. For this article, we have chosen 850W as a gold one to meet the ends because not everyone can afford platinum-rated PSUs. On top of that, the PSU is modular, which means that you can connect different peripherals, coolers, and Fans directly with the PSU itself. It also comes with LLC, synchronous rectifier, and DC-to-DC power conversion.

In addition to that, the PSU uses a silent mode for cooling itself, although the temperature rarely surpasses the 50 degrees Celsius threshold. Last but not least, the transistor density and capacitors in the PSU are of high quality, making it another beat of a PSU in the list. What are you waiting for? Go and grab it already!

  • Gold rating
  • 90% efficient
  • Has high modularity
  • Affordable
  • Not a renowned brand
  • Low warranty

Cooler Master MWE

Cooler Master MWE

I know that people will call me a fool for inserting a cooler master power supply. To be honest, the hate is discouraging because, at times, units can be turned out to be faulty. There are a couple of Cooler master units that are crappy and faulty; that’s the reason why people do not buy the cooler master’s PSU that often. But believe me, this one is different because I have personally used it for like four years before changing to corsair. The PSU is 80+ Gold rated, which means that the efficiency levels pitched in by the PSU is time high. Not to mention, the PSU’s fans propel air at a higher rate, which ultimately puts the PSU’s temperatures at bay. It’s worth mentioning that the Cooler Master MWE uses advanced circuitry and flat flexible cables for ease of use.

In addition to that, the PSU gives you a 5-year warranty, which is enough to give you authenticity for at least a half-decade. It’s worth adding that the PSU makes use of a sealed LDB FAN bearing for a quiet cooling solution. For modularity, you can connect different peripherals, fans, coolers directly with the PSU with an amazing supply rate.

  • 90% efficient
  • Uses Gold rating
  • Durable
  • Low lifetime warranty
  • At times PSU is faulty

Thermaltake Smart RGB

Thermaltake Smart RGB

Thermaltake products are aesthetically pleasing, and this PSU is no different. Well, the Thermaltake Smart RGB makes use of RGB components for lighting your system and aligning it with your expectations. Not to mention, you can channel the RGB mode with the help of the given button at the PSU’s back. Apart from this, the PSU belongs to a bronze category, which is a bummer to the PSU’s overall efficiency. Usually, bronze power supply efficiency remains at 82% or a little higher. That’s all. Apart from this, the PSU uses high-quality components for a high-performance ratio and ensures that modularity prevails. You can connect any external device with the PSU, even liquid coolers as well.

The PSU design is appraisable because it uses a high-quality mesh metal for ventilation; thus, lowering the overall temperature of the supply. On top of that, the power supply cable management is also commendable, which means that the PSU’s overall size is reduced by a factor of 2. Last but not least, the PSU makes use of ultra-quiet smart zero fans, which means that the noise levels while cooling will remain at bay.

  • 80% efficient
  • Uses RGB for aesthetics
  • High-quality components
  • Low noise levels while cooling
  • Bronze rated PSU have lowered efficient rates
  • Is not performative as compared to other PSUs

Seasonic Focus GX-650

Seasonic Focus GX-650

Seasonic power supplies are love, and to be honest, if I ever have a chance to shift from corsair, I’ll definitely go for Seasonic Focus GX-650. The power supply is 80+ Gold certified, which means the efficiency pitched by the PSU dwindles between 88% to 90%. That’s truly appreciative of conserving how Seasonic PSUs are cheap and trustworthy at the same time. On top of that, the PSU offers an extended warranty life of 10 years, which is insurmountable, in my opinion. On top of that, the PSU is portable and can be fitted in any form factor. Apart from this, Seasonic Focus GX-650 is fully modular, which means that you can connect the majority of the external and peripheral devices without worrying about short circuits.

It’s worth mentioning that the power supply makes use of hybrid silent fan control, which makes no noise while working round the clock. Last but not least, the PSU has top-notch wonderful embedded components for increased performance.

  • 90% efficient
  • 80+ Gold certified
  • Reduced noise while cooling itself
  • Offers a 10-year warranty
  • At times, 650W supply is not sufficient to turn on good gaming systems

Antec NE600G

Antec NE600G

Antec NE600G is the last product in the out list of Best Power Supplies for Gaming PC, and to be honest; it’s a good product. You can rely on it for at least 5 years because the warranty goes down the drain after that. Antec NE600G offers 80+ gold certification, which means the efficiency can go up to 92% on variable loads. Not to mention, the PSU makes use of whisper-quiet technology for a cooling solution. Other than that, it uses Japanese heavy-duty capacitors for enhanced performance, which means you will not be seeing any PSU breakdowns. On top of that, the PSU is modular, which means you can plug in anything as long the overall PSU usage remains below 600W. I know, in these times, 600W is nothing, but this PSU is targeted at those who have a budget gaming pc.

  • 92% efficient
  • 80+ Gold certified
  • Affordable
  • 600W is nothing for today’s standards

How to choose the Best Power Supply for Gaming Pc?

The foremost step is to cherry-pick a power supply that fulfills all the added ratings of your component. Let’s say your CPU, GPU, motherboard adds up to 450W. For future-proofing your PSU, you would need around a PSU of 500W or higher. If you go with a rating that just matches the threshold (read: boundary) rating, then the chances of your system dying is at an all-time high. Maybe, your system won’t even turn on. To counter this problem, you can use online power supply calculators for the addition of individual ratings and know about the recommended PSU for your system.

Now comes the need for selecting the best possible rating for your power supply. Well, considering the international rating system, you get to cherry-pick from:

  • 80 Plus
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Titanium

Let me remind you, these ratings are not fundamental ratings that you can get; since the gaming horizons are ever-expanding. But for the sake of simplicity, we’ll go with these. After choosing the best power supply brand, it becomes imperative for you to select one of these ratings. The 80 Plus rating represents the overall efficiency of your PSU at 80% or above. The titanium rating is the best on the list since it ensures that around 87%-90% of the power generated is supplied to your components. In plain terms, less power is dissipated as heat. Well, the efficiency is also measured in discrete levels: 20%, 50%, 70%, 80% and 100% loads.

It’s worth mentioning that as long as the efficiency of your PSU is high, the heat generated in your components will also remain at bay. On top of that, you need to consider individual brands and what sort of customer service they pitch in because I have come across a couple of crappy Cooler master supplies that have negligible reliability.

Last Words

I want to stress the key point, that does not ever buy faulty or local brands, because ultimately, you will be planting a time bomb in your PC. Finding a compatible and notable brand is a crucial step, and helps you deliver lifelong support and experience. The PSUs mentioned above are tested and are known for being elite and reputable. I have tested them on a couple of systems, and believe me, the performance is astounding. If you think I missed something about the best power supply for gaming Pcs, please let me in the comment section.

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