Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming in 2024

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

The concept of online gaming has revolutionized the way people play. Be it a high-end gaming pc, laptop, or server. In such advanced technological times, everyone needs a functional internet. Understandably, mid-gaming disconnections can be a total bummer for gamers, especially if you are winning a game. Not only gamers, but even office workers, and the people who are using the internet for making a fortune can be significantly affected if such sudden disconnections happen. That’s where the best ethernet cables for gaming sink in.

For now, you must be wondering what these cables are for, and what exactly they do. Don’t worry; your questions will be answered in a cohesive and structured way.

Before I pitched in what sort of ethernet cord for gaming you should root for, let me remind you how flawed these Wi-Fi systems are. Well, you might agree to disagree, but believe me, for high-end gaming, Wi-Fi systems/routers are not best suited. The reason is the attenuation (loss of power) of the signals.

These vast walls in your house or office work as obstacles and reduce the signal quality by many folds. So, before you even argue why I excluded these Wi-Fi systems, pay attention to what I said. To be honest, around 75 percent of the gamers reported having latency issues during intense online gaming sessions, just because they were using Wi-Fi devices.

Now, we will be moving towards the actual product review session. In this part, we will discuss different types of ethernet cables you can get hold of. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

List of 10 Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming

Cat8Buy on Amazon
Cat7Buy on Amazon
Cat8Buy on Amazon
Cat6Buy on Amazon
Cat7Buy on Amazon
Cat6Buy on Amazon
Cat7Buy on Amazon
Cat6/Cat5e/Cat5 standardsBuy on Amazon
Cat6Buy on Amazon
Cat8Buy on Amazon

Our Top Pick

DbillionDA Cat8 Ethernet Cable


Main Characteristics:

  • Variable sizes (3ft, 6ft, 10ft, etc.)
  • Compatible with the majority of the devices
  • Uses S/FTP
  • Use of RJ45 connectors
  • Water and corrosion resistant
  • Compatible with Cat7/Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6e

Today’s Editor’s pick award goes to DbillionDA cat 8 ethernet cable, which is a superfast gaming ethernet cable and more. Although it has its limitations, nonetheless, the cable works efficiently with most of the systems. For the features, the wire offers four shielded foiled twisted pairs and working OFC wires. Well, because of using a shielded pattern.

The bandwidth of the wire jumped to 2000 MHz, which is phenomenal since now, the data transfer rate lies in the spectrum of 20Gbps-40Gbps. Not only this, but cat8 cables can reduce the interference/external add-up by 95 percent. You can now stream games, watch online movies, and have online conferences without any latency. 

Not only this, but the wire also offers waterproof properties because of PVC. On top of that, the wire is durable, strong, and works against anti-corrosion perfectly. Apart from this, the cable is thicker and offers fast lighting stability for data transfer. Well, with the usage of RJ45 connectors at both ends, the cable functions with IP Cam, routers, Nintendo switch, ADSL, Adapters, Modem, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Pc, laptops, and with many other devices without breaking a sweat. With these features in mind, I would only say that DbillionDA Cat8 is a magnificent ethernet cable you get for your device.


Vandesail Cat7 RJ45 Ethernet patch network cable

Best Flat Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Main Characteristics:

  • Comes in a wide range of sizes
  • STP shielding
  • Compatibility with most of the devices
  • Data transfer of 10Gbps
  • RJ45 connectors

The runner-up title goes to Vandesail Cat 7 Shielded RJ45 ethernet cable, not because it’s the most bought cable, but also for what it offers. It is considered as best ethernet cable for pc gaming because the cable comes with STP shielded wires, which means you can stream games, watch videos, listen to music, and download games without degrading surfing/download speeds.

Not only this, but the cable also offers a whopping 1000 MHz bandwidth, which correlates to the speed up to 10Gbps. That’s excellent, considering it’s a Cat 7 ethernet cable. Now you have the possibility of connecting the cable to huge networks such as WAN/MAN. Apart from this, the cable offers a wide range of connectivity with multiple devices. For instance, you can connect the cable to PS3, PS4, Xbox, Patch panels, DSL/Cable modems without causing any malfunction.

On top of that, the shielded twisted pair (copper wires) and RJ45 connectors help in expanding the network by two folds. It’s worth mentioning, the interference between electromagnetic waves is greatly reduced because of hard-core shielding. All in all, Vandesail Cat 7 is a perfect ethernet wire if you don’t want to spend more than $7.


Phizli Ethernet Cable Cat8

Best Durable Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Main Characteristics:

  • Waterproof
  • Protection against UV-light
  • Compatible with Cat7/Cat5/Cat6
  • Have RJ45 connectors

Phizli Ethernet Cable makes use of the Cat 8 type, which means most of the attenuation and interference with the electromagnetic spectrum is comparatively reduced. Not to mention, the same wire makes use of the quadruple shielding effect (F/FTP) with the help of copper wires. This means that the frequency of the data will be around 2000 MHz. With this frequency, the data transfer rate jumps up to 40Gbps, which is applaudable in my honest opinion.

It’s worth mentioning that the cable also uses upgraded PVC for protection against water, UV light, and corrosion. It’s true that the cable is just a facsimile of DbillionDA, but comes at a cheap price (around 8 dollars). On top of that, you also get compatibility with plugging the ethernet cord with many devices; For example, PS4, PS3, Xbox, Netgear, Nintendo Switch, ADSL, Cam, routers, and a few more. 

Apart from this, the cable works perfectly without causing any performance degradation. In conclusion, it’s a beautiful ethernet cable and does not cost an arm and a leg making it one of the best ethernet cord for gaming. 


Importer520 50 Foot 50’ Cat6

Best Good Value Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Main Characteristics:

  • It’s affordable
  • Decent data transfer rate
  • Have protective shielding against EMF
  • Works perfectly with most of the devices

Well, the Importer520 uses Cat 6 type, which does mean that there will be a perceptible decrease in performance. To be honest, Cat7 and Cat8 are the cables that you should be rooting for today’s gaming standards. But, surprisingly, this cable is just as functional as any Cat7 type. Sounds weird, right? Well, you’ll know once when you read the product’s details.

The cable comes with RJ45 connectors, which means that there’s a decent increase in data transfer rate and a clear decrease in electromagnetic interference. Not to mention, the cable uses a simple layout (blue color) without any shiny and luster coating which is simple and sometimes can do wonders. Well, the cable is cheap and comes in flexible sizes. This means that you can connect the ethernet cable, possibly anywhere.

On top of that, the cable is compatible with most of the devices. For instance, you can connect Importer520 with PS4, PS3, Xbox, Pc, and many more devices. 


Jadaol Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Best High Speed Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Main Characteristics:

  • Uses STTP shielding
  • Have a unique design
  • Cross-compatible with different modules

Are you looking forward to buying an amazing Cat7 cable? Then, the Jadaol Cat7 ethernet cable is what you should be getting for your system. Why? Well, the reason is simple. This cable comes with a plethora of options that are similar to a Cat8 cable. What else do you want if you are getting all the advanced features of a higher-tier cable!

The cable offers many features, such as a data transfer rate of 10Gbps. To achieve such a marvelous speed, the cable makes use of the cat7 SSTP shielding effect. It allows the cable’s frequency to stay at 600 MHz, which correlates to the transfer rate of 10Gbps.

Moreover, the cable has a unique forming design, making the ethernet cable compatible with most of the obstacles like walls, tables, etc. Well, for device compatibility, you can connect the ethernet cable with the majority of the date’s devices like PS4, Xbox, and Pcs. That’s commendable, considering it’s a Cat7 cable.

On top of that, the cable is also cross-workable with Cat5, Cat6, and Cat5e. What else do you want? Last but not least, it also offers RJ45 connectors, which help in skyrocketing the overall performance of the cord.


Ultra-Clarity Cables Cat6 Ethernet cable

Best Quality Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Main Characteristics:

  • Certified modules
  • Warranty
  • Use of PVC for protection
  • Comes in variable sizes

Ultra-Clarity cables Cat 6 is a wire that makes everything accessible. Firstly, the cable comes in plenty of sizes, which allows it to be connected across different mediums. Secondly, the same wire goes through a series of heavy working sessions to testify to the findings of bandwidth and data transfer.

It helps in determining the loss of power ratio. Thirdly, for performance, the cable offers a low impedance ratio, which only helps in strengthening the overall quality of the signals. It’s worth mentioning that the signal’s strength plays a crucial role in determining how fast your system will be. Apart from this, the cable supports frequencies up to 500 MHz, which helps in projecting speeds up to 10Gbps. 

Moreover, you get fortified certificates with the cable that sort of help in protecting against the interference of electromagnetic radiation. Last but not least, the cable has a 1-year warranty, so yeah, you are in good hands, at least for a year.


CableGeeker Cat7 Shielded Ethernet Cable

Best Compatible Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Main Characteristics:

  • Use high standards (certifications)
  • Use of RJ45 and shielded twisted pairs
  • Clean look
  • Compatible with different devices and wire modules

Although the cable lies at an expensive range, it’s still worth a shot considering the cross-compatibility options and top-notch functionality. CableGeeker Cat7 destroys every barrier, especially the overwhelming differences between Cat7 and Cat8 ethernet cables.

For this particular extra-ordinary cable, frequencies can shoot up to 600 MHz, which directly correlates to the speeds up to 10Gbps. It’s extraordinary in every aspect because the majority of the cat8 cables, due to obstacles, fail to even deliver a fraction of their proposed speeds.

Anyways, the cable is molded with four shielded twisted pairs (copper wires) and gold plated with RJ45. This means that the overall impedance is further reduced. Not to mention, the cable is compatible with the majority of the devices, and also offers support of Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6.

For the design, the cable takes on a clean-slated look; thus, making it aesthetic and worth installing. In light of these mentioned bulletins, CableGeeker Cat7 is a go-to ethernet cable.


Mediabridge Ethernet Cable

Best Variety of Use Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Main Characteristics:

  • Supports Cat5e, and Cat6
  • Have CM grade PVC
  • Have Velcro Strap
  • High-frequency speed of 550 MHz

The cable might look like to have dull looks, but believe me, Mediabridge is a decently functioning ethernet cable that offers a number of mediocre features that are somewhat acceptable for what it costs.

This particular cable supports the cable type of Cat6 and Cat5e; thus, expanding the working range of the cable. Not to mention, the cable has a high speed of 10Gbps, which makes all the data transfer reach ends within nanoseconds. Additionally, the cable is PVC certified, which means that EMF interference will be kept low.

From the recently surfaced reports, it was clear that this cable is best for online gaming sessions, video conferences, and streaming. If you think you are in need to upload your gameplay videos, how about getting Mediabridge ethernet cable at a budget price tag.

Last but not least, the cable uses four shielded twisted pair wires for enhanced performance. All in all, it’s a majestic cable.


Cable Matters 5-color Combo Snagless

Best 5 Color Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Main Characteristics:

  • 5-color combo
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Offers 10Gbps speed
  • Frequency of 550 MHz
  • Cross-compatible with a multitude of devices

Cable matters 5-color combo Snagless is a wire which comes in different colors. In short, aesthetics is reserved to a greater extent. Not to mention, the cable is compatible with the majority of the devices; for instance, PCs, servers, PlayStation 3, Xbox, NAS, VoIP phone, etc.

Apart from this, the cable offers to speed up to 10Gbps, which is outstanding. On top of that, you also get RJ45 cable connectors and a bandwidth of 550 MHz, which ultimately connects to your ethernet cable working flawlessly 24/7. In addition to that, the cable also ensures that the EMF interference remains low, and you get top-notch quality signals throughout your intense gaming hours.

In conclusion, it’s a wonderful cable to go in 2021.


LinkinPerk Cat8 Ethernet Cable

Best Designing Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Main Characteristics:

  • 18-months warranty
  • Support Cat7, Cat6, and Cat5
  • Zinc metal shielding
  • Protected snap-in layer
  • Soaring frequency of 2000MHz

It’s time to review our last product on the list of best Ethernet Cables for Gaming and believe me; you shouldn’t ignore it at all. I know, people usually negate the last reserving entities because of the stereotype (products being non-functional). Anyways, LinkinPerk Cat8 ethernet cable is a marvelous cable that does not cost you an arm and a leg.

The cable offers a whopping frequency of 2000 MHz, which means that the cable’s data transfer rate will reach up to 40Gbps. Damn, that’s exciting. On top of that, LinkinPerk Cat8 can run on different multimedia devices without breaking a sweat.

This means that you can connect the same cable to your gaming consoles and television without needing to get a new one. It’s worth mentioning that the cable uses multiple shielded wires that help in reducing EMF interference and its overall ratio. 

Last but not least, the cable makes use of RJ45 connectors and protecting properties like corrosion-resistant and waterproof. In light of all the mentioning bulletins, LinkinPerk is a go-to ethernet cable.

How to cherry-pick the best ethernet cable for gaming?

Indeed, there shouldn’t be anything to consider when buying wires. But at times, you need to search fine details to find a compatible and functioning ethernet cable. That’s the reason why we will be addressing a couple of features that shouldn’t go ignored in the first place.

  • Length of the ethernet cable: What’s the point of getting ethernet cables when they’ll fall short a couple of meters from your house? Not to mention, small wires will only end up causing further problems when repairing. Hence, don’t cheap out on ethernet cables.
  • Durability: We all know optic fiber cables are best because they offer longer durability, increased bandwidth, and less power loss. It’s always recommended to buy those ethernet cables that offer enhanced performance and live for many years. No one loves buying expensive ethernet cables now and then.
  • Frequency: It’s one of those characteristics of an ethernet cable that should be considered. The frequency or the speed is the measure of bandwidth provided by your cable (data transfer rate). For instance, if your internet connection provides a bandwidth of 2Gbps, and the cable can only transfer at 1Gbps, then clearly, you are at a loss. It’s always required/recommended to buy those cables with higher frequency or speed because you might upgrade sooner or later. As a general thumb rule, remember that the cables of 500 MHz, 600 MHz, and 1000 MHz can support speeds up to 10Gbps. 

What’s the difference between Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat7?

The type of cable has always been a hot topic for gamers, and to be honest, there’s possibly no conclusive answer to it. Well, Usually, Cat6 is preferred over Cat5e because of top-notch data handling. Not to mention, with Cat6 cable, the chances of having crosstalk or the addition of external power are reduced by three folds.

On top of that, Cat6 follows standard and strict data transfer rules, which makes it the best against Cat5e. In addition to that, Cat6 vs Cat7 is a recent topic, and for the clear cut, Cat7 tackles Cat6 greatly. It’s because Cat7 wires are usually used over long distances with minimum attenuation per length.

It’s also worth mentioning that Cat6 and Cat7 have nearly the same protocols and have the same type of connectors, but the only difference is that Cat7 has more shielding and perceptible control over higher frequencies.

How are Cat8 Cables taking the lead?

With the arrival of Cat8 cables, everything changed, perhaps in a good way. Well, Category 8 (Cat8) cables differ greatly from the old types of cable, in terms of frequencies covered, protocols, and distance. In short, with Cat8 cables, you can go up to 2Ghz (2000 MHz), which means that the speed coverage will be around 25 Gbps to 40 Gbps.

There’s only a single drawback of using Cat8 cables, and it’s the distance covered. Well, with Cat8 cables, you can maximum go up to 25 meters, which is way lower than Cat7, which offers around 100 meters distance coverage.

Wrapping up

Speaking from personal experience, in my old days, I never knew the difference between the type of cables, especially the factors that affect the latency and overall bandwidth of data transfer. But as I grew out of my shell, and took a peek into the huge and ever-expanding world of ethernet cables, I knew then that I lost my precious years in using something that wasn’t even remotely valuable. That’s why I pitched in my writing about different types of ethernet cable you can get in 2021 for the gaming niche. Well, if you think I missed something regarding the best ethernet cables for gaming, feel free to hit me up in the comments.

Side note: Do remember that you would at least need a cat7 cable for seamless and uninterrupted gaming sessions because the overall impedance is low compared to cat6 or below cables. You can also go for cat8 cables, which are 100% efficient, but there are tradeoffs for choosing the latest cat8 cable (The limited expanding factor). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, Cat7 cables can support speeds up to 10Gbps, which is perfect for intense online gaming hours, but there’s a setback. It’s the loss of power in cat7 cables. Although the ratio might not be surprising enough, every packet counts in delivering a top-notch quality gaming experience.

Not really. The type of cable used doesn’t really affect the ping, but the signal packets’ taken route. If, by say, the route taken from Dubai to New Zealand is congested, the higher the ping will be. In short, it’s just the bounce rate of the packet signals.


Hey, I’m Muhammad Bilal. I’m a tech fanatic (also read: Gamer), who loves scrutinizing fine details. I aim to strive hard in my respective fields (as a writer and software programmer). Before pursuing my majors in a university (right now in A-levels), I want to spend time exploring and reviewing the latest technology.

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james landry
james landry
2 years ago

Jadaol Cat 8 network cable piqued my attention while scouring for possible wires for my home improvement project. I like how the manufacturer employed a unique flat silhouette design for the product. Notably, this specific design allowed me to install this ethernet cable much easier and effortlessly. I even think that this cable can be easily run through walls and beneath tight spaces.

james landry
james landry
2 years ago
Reply to  Muhammad Bilal

However, I noticed that the package perks of the product lack additional installation clips for longer cable length offerings. In my case, I ordered a 75 ft cable, but I had only received 20 clips for i