Best Thermal Paste For PS3 in 2021

Best Thermal Paste For PS3

After the great success of the PlayStation, Sony released the PlayStation 3 with some significant advancements in hardware and software. This gaming console got a considerable spot in gaming when

Best Gaming Backpacks 2021

Best Gaming backpacks

It always has been a problem: Carrying your laptop and other devices. They are prone to vandalism because normal bags do not have protective features, and that’s where the problem

Alienware AW2518H review 2021


Rating: 4.6/5 Imagine having a flashy, reflective and aesthetic monitor in front of your eyes. But wait, we are not here to just imagine things. In reality, we will be

Best Monitor Size For Gaming?

There’s indeed a dedicated world of monitors, and before diving in, you need to ensure that you have a thorough out plan for every nick of information. Monitors usually come

CPU Tier List 2021 – CPU Hierarchy

cpu tier list

Intel and AMD both are giving each other a good competition time by releasing powerful gaming and workstation processors every year. Here you need to know that there is a