RTX 2060 Vs RTX 2070 -Benchmark Results

Nvidia’s revolutionizing the concept of GPUs by taking the development a notch further. The advent of the RTX series has created opportunities for gamers, developers, and renderers alike. Since Nvidia

Best 6800 XT Graphics Cards in 2021

best 6800 XT

There is no way to deny the fact that AMD’s attempt to revitalize their graphics card department has been going through some struggles. Especially when it comes to catching up

Best RTX 3090 Cards in 2021

RTX 3090 Cards

Nvidia released their RTX 3090 cards in September 2020, making them the latest and the most expensive desktop graphic card/ GPU to be launched by NVIDIA as of yet. With

Best GTX 1660 Ti Graphics Card In 2021

Best GTX 1660 Ti Graphics Card

When it comes to budget gaming, these Non-RTX Turing based graphics cards offer excellent performance as they are much better than the Pascal-based GTX 1060 graphics card and offer the

Best RX 580 Cards for Gaming in 2021

Best RX 580 Card for Gaming

There’s a considerable number of GPUs for a single card. It’s because of conventions used by AMD and Nvidia. What they do is send away their chipsets to different brands

Best RTX 2080 Ti Graphics Cards 2021

Best RTX 2080 Ti Graphics Card

Whenever we talk about the best graphics card for 4k gaming, the RTX 2080 Ti got a significant spot on this list because Nvidia and AMD haven’t released anything powerful