Top 10 Games Like Tomb Raider for PC and Playstation in 2024

Joe Smith
Joe Smith
Games Like Tomb Raider

If you are in a search of Games Like Tomb raider then this article is the ultimate guide for you to provide with all the essential and required information.

These days when the gaming world is becoming too realistic that the kids under 18 are spending their full day in one room playing games. There is a dire need to inform and attract those who are fond of PlayStation/PC games through this article. 

Moreover, 3d games are gaining more and more attention from not only kids but adults as well. 

Well if you are looking for games that are addictive and have the capability to make you feel realistic, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss several addictive games that are quite similar to that of Tomb Raider. 

In fact, all those who are looking for the games that will bring them to this 3d world as if in real life. Then you must read this article. 

These games include thrill, drama, story, stunts, and action. All the characters in most of these games are not real. The good thing about these games is that the way the story attracts you is amazing. 

Here we have compiled a detailed article to provide you with all the options to look towards Tomb Raider in detail and the rest of the similar games.

Games To Play If You Like Tomb Raider

The year 2021 is the period of advanced technology that enables you to select the best game like Tomb Raider at an affordable price.

There are numerous games available in the market but we have searched in detail to have a list of the best ones for you. Check out the best games like Tomb Raider that are getting popular in 2021.

1. The Last Of Us

Platforms: Play Store 4

Genre(s): survival horror, Action-Adventure

The Last Of Us is the year award winner among 200 games that are famous for exploring the brutal world after the breakdown of the pandemic. It is fully realized with PlayStation 4 including all the DLC packs. Moreover, it is a commentary from a creative director to give a real-world feeling during the play.

This game is about the civilization that has resulted in twenty years later the pandemic that has affected human survival on the earth in a ruthless manner. It was about the environment when people were killing each other for getting weapons and food and all other requirements.

The main hero of the game is a female hunter, named Joel who was hired for the smuggling of a fourteen years girl whose name was Ellie. Despite an oppressive military presence to impose the quarantine zone, the job gets started and it goes through a brutal journey across the whole country.

It is completely compatible with PlayStation 4 for higher resolution, and clear shadows to make it easy to find the enemies. It comes with a full-featured 1080p along with other multifarious features that are improved enough for quality provision.

The game is built with a high-quality resolution that is proof of the most attractive and catchy representation of the gameplay environment. It is provided with live commentary and an option for multiple players to build a team for playing the game. 

2. Horizon Zero Dawn

Platforms:  Playstation 4

Genre(s): Action-role playing and Strategy

One of the best games of the console generation is Horizon Zero Dawn. The unique features of Horizon Dawn give it a top position in the list of the best games like Tomb Raider.

It is an outstanding game with fascinating graphics that makes it more attractive to the action play. It is best for the promotion of a primitive advanced world with an extra feature of robotic forms.

The main feature of this game is Aloy that is best as a protagonist in her character and has the courage to stand up for those who do not dare to stand up for themselves. She is a female hunter and the best companion of Lara Croft due to its exciting character.

The presence of the mechanical beast makes Horizon Zero Dawn exciting gameplay just like a story that creates suspense. These mechanical beasts can be taken down easily as you have the freedom to play efficiently. In this regard, the use of the most potent arrows makes the task easy. 

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In addition to these, there are a number of side missions that make you attentive during the play so that you will not lose the game. Moreover, you can easily kill your enemy with a little attention and care. 

3. Batman: Arkham City

Platforms: PlayStation 3

Genre(s): Action, Stealth, and predator 

Akram city is one of the best action video games. It incorporates stealth and predator tactics. All of its gadgets are available at the regular bat claw and sonic Batarang.

Now it has improved quality such as cryptographic can track signals, and line launcher now has features to launch ziplines, flip over bat claw, and switching direction.

Moreover, the remote control Batarang built-in bark and boost, and the grappling gun can be used to glide to boost batman up in the air. 

In addition, four new gadgets are revealed. Smoke pellet to confuse enemies, remote electrical charge which is a spinner like a taser gun used to power generators and shock enemies, ice grenades are used to freeze enemies and balled rope for tying up enemies. 

Moreover, it is empowered with the provision of multifarious characters such as Two-Face, Penguin, Catwomen, Harley Quinn, Calendar Man, Hugo Strange, The Riddler, Victor Zsasz, The Joker, and many more. 

Moreover, it includes puzzle elements and the use of batman detective mode that represents the enemy skeleton and clue on screen. Which is used to detect forensic activities such as tracing the origin and snipping around? Action, Strategy, and Adventure.

4. Bioshock Infinite

Platforms: Xbox 360 

Genre(s): First-person Shooter

Bioshock Infinite is one of the best action video games. It incorporates life on the line and hired gun Booker Dewitt’s only tactics to wipe the slate clean. It rescues Elizabeth, a mysterious girl imprisoned since her childhood.

It is forced to trust one another, Booker, and Elizabeth forms a powerful bond in the way of escape. It provides the facility of open tears that provide time and space for shaping the battlefield. In one way or the other, it tides the enemy by pulling required weapons and protects itself by using safety tricks. 

During it, they learn to harness an expanding arsenal of weapons and abilities. It fights and kills the enemy by throwing explosives and shooting the lightning that spread devastation against the enemy.

It fights on zeppelins in the clouds along with high-speed Skylines. In the street of Colombia going down, the player survives against all the coming threats and reveals all the secrets of the city. 

The award-winning game among eight hundred games known to be the best games like Tomb Raider. It is a 1999 model but is still eye catchy with its presentations and design that makes it more reliable and demanding even in the 21st century too.

5. Uncharted 2

Platforms:  PlayStation 3

Genre(s): Action, Cinematic Story, and Adventure

UNCHARTED 2 is full of action, cinematic Story, and adventure among thieves. In this PlayStation 3 game, Nathan Drake performs actions and is basically a fortune-hunter with a shady past. 

This game is also featured with the Multiplayer option which makes it easy in supporting other characters, competitive campaigns, and even more. 

This game basically revolves around the lost fleet of Marco Polo. In this, Nathan Drake is basically pushed into the journey where he will discover the secrets of the lost fleet.  

Nathan Drake’s objective is to discover the Shambhala and to discover a very expensive stone known as Cintamani Stone. This adventure actually put him in front of the most lethal enemy and the game here became more interesting.

This game is several campaign missions and one thing that makes it different from the previous version is its multiplayer options. The open layout allows the players to go more action full and stealth while performing various maneuvers.

This game is powered by Naughty Dog’s 2 Engine Technology. During the game, it provides a 3rd person camera view. This game is one of the very demanding games among players from all over the world because of its unique features. 

6. Just Cause 2

Platforms:  Xbox 360

Genre(s): Multi-point action, destruction

Just Cause 2 is a video game with amazing technological connections from the original. Designed with second-generation software technology with a high definition of games. The new level of game action in open spaces. It is the only 2 causes for action in the air, on the ground, and underwater, including a lot of points, real motor movement, and a fighting action that allows players to hold almost anything within 200 meters.

Three times as many triples as before new skills and stunts. The best open-world action in the market. In an Iain nation on the island of Panau, opposition groups are fighting in the streets while ruthless dictator Baby Panay is using a system of oppression and deception to his people. Elsewhere on the island, your friend and mentor Tom Sheldon disappeared with a passion for top secret and millions in Agency funds. 

Like Rico Rico Rodriguez, the Agency’s most dangerous weapon, you have to enter the island and find Sheldon, removing the violent chain of events that will haunt Panau. Take to the air, unlike any other sport. Feel the full-blown freedom theme with a unique parachute and dual combat. Freefall, base jump, It’s impossible to hold back. Your best tool is now a weapon. 

The possibilities are as big as you think. Explore the island paradise over 400 square miles of your playground. Hundreds of goals can be accomplished in any way or order you choose. Catch the wind in a high-speed dirt bike, over 100 cars, sea, and air are yours.

The player is equipped with multifarious high-efficiency weapons that are single-handed as well as dual handed in their function. The rocket launcher, triggered explosives, sawed-Off shotgun, grenades launchers, and vehicle-mounted weapons are best to perform the tasks effectively. 

7. Sleeping dogs

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC Download, PS4 Digital Code.

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Thrill

Sleeping Dogs is a game based on martial arts as it starts in Hong Kong. This is an open-world action game and this feature plays an important role as it describes the word freedom in it. The player can go to any desired place at any time available on the map. 

In Sleeping Dogs you basically play the role of a person whose name is Wei Shen. He is an undercover cop, here She needs to prove herself by going through multiple illegal and by taking different criminal actions.  

The action in this game is very thrilling as you drive in the car while shooting out on enemies. Mixed with some deadly martial arts moves and makes very realistic actions while hand fighting.   

In this game, your playground is Hong Kong and you will visit all the secrets of the city and your interaction will be direct with criminals. Further, you have entered illegal races to beat your enemy in one way or the other. 

Sleeping Dogs has stunning graphics and outstanding multiple realistic moves. In last, this game is alternate to GTA, and the important point is that it has more defined hand fighting.  

8. Thief

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Genre(s): Stealth

Thief is a unique and exciting game in which Garrett is the thief and the hero of the game. He is a solidary and dark hero with an unmatched and outstanding skill that makes him the best among all his enemies. 

The game is about the ability of the thief that how he explores the difficulty prone and sick city. He goes to the heights of the rooftops that he make easy with the help of shady black allies. 

Garrett is equipped with highly advanced weapons that facilitate him to use blackjack to take down the guards by shooting multiple arrows at a single time with a unique facility of manipulating and making the environment outsmart to kill the enemies. 

Moreover, it is built with a high-quality resolution that gives the world breaking visual elements to give an exciting and first-person experience. These features make it the best game like Tomb Raider.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, it is built with the use of Next-Generation Technical possibilities that enable the thief to deliver incredible and unprecedented sights, artificial intelligence, and sounds that give an exciting environment during the play.

9. Far cry 2

Platforms: Xbox 360

Genre(s): First-person Shooter

This game is about the beautiful and the hostile world of Africa and is an award-winning game. It is a featured and open-ended game that enables the player to play the game of his choice. The after-effects of the game are incredible.

Far Cry 2 comes with high-quality graphics which is proof of the great work of Ubisoft that is famous for developing the Dunia Engine to deliver realistic and interactive environments with special effects in real-time such as night and day cycles. It also makes it easy to kill the enemy with the use of artificial intelligence.

Moreover, this game is famous for an expansive and realistic environment that is 50 square km in size and enables the players to run easily into and out of the battlefield. To make the environment more realistic the players are made to confront wild animals from time to time. 

The actions taken by the player are the reflection of the environments to fulfill the mission by gaining the required weapons and arsenals. As a result, destruction is spread all over in the form of fire and other causalities. 

The weapons are present in a wide and huge variety to facilitate the players to take immediate action. The player has the freedom to use a machete or sniper riffle according to the requirements. Trucks, cars, gliders, boats, and other vehicles are also available.

10. Boiling Point

Platforms: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows XP

Genre(s): First Person Shooter

Boiling Point is a unique game that comes with the feature of a non-linear plot. This feature facilitates the player to choose the way of playing which he likes the most. There is sneaking around and guns blazing along with the choice of saving Lisa. you can save or leave Lisa because it totally depends on you.

The game is provided with numerous NPCs that have hundreds in number that facilitates the player to behave differently in different situations and the ease of getting the required and correct information. 

It is also up to you how to play the game because the direct encounter and hand to hand interaction greatly affect the reputation of the player. It may cause horrible aftermaths that may kill the player or the confronting enemy.

In addition to these, the player has the freedom to buy, steal, or hijack the vehicle if it is necessary to get it. There are trucks, cars, boats, tanks, and helicopters that make the environment more messy and horrible. 

The game covers an area of 625 square km that is bigger than the whole area covered by Chicago. This huge area is good for the free movement of the player to give him a realistic and fantastic environment. 

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Tomb Raider Game in Detail

Tomb Raider is a fascinating game that requires the following system to work efficiently. 


  • MS-DOS
  • Mobile Phone
  • Playstation
  • Playstation 2, 3 & 4
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS X or iOS
  • Xbox, Xbox 1 and Xbox 360
  • Sega Saturn
  • PlayStation Portable
  • Dreamcast
  • Android
  • GameCube
  • Nintendo DS
  • N-Gage 2.0
  • Playstation Network
  • PlayStation Portable
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Wii. 


  • Adventure and Action 
  • Survival Horror
  • Thrill
  • Stealth
  • predator

Tomb Raider System requirements

To play the games like Tomb Raider or the Tomb Raider itself you must have a system that fulfills the following conditions. 

  • CPU: Dual Core Central Processing Unit (AMD Athlon64 X2 2.1 GHz (4050+)/Intel Core2 Duo 1.86 GHz (E63000)
  • RAM: 1GB or 2GB 
  • Sound Card: Yes
  • Video Card: Video RAM with a Graphics Card of DirectX 9 i.e Radeon HD2600 and Geforce 8600
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 8

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To summarize, those who love being a gaming addict must buy and install Tomb Raider. Once you will start the game you will try not to quit due to its stunning graphics and because of the interesting story. 

The above-mentioned games are the best top-10 games that are similar to Tomb Raider. If you buy one out of these 10 you will be eager to buy the next. 

Lastly, before making a final selection you must read all the above details carefully to avoid any mistake before purchasing the game, such as read carefully the specification of each game mentioned above. 

Joe Smith

Joe, a computer science graduate and PC hardware expert, boasts a decade of experience in the field. His lifelong passion for gaming drives him to excel as a prominent figure in the gaming community, consistently pushing boundaries with cutting-edge technology.

The Last of Us Remastered
The Last of Us Remastered

The Last Of Us is the year award winner among 200 games that are famous for exploring the brutal world after the breakdown of the pandemic.

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