Ficmax Gaming Chair Review 2024

Joe Smith
Joe Smith
Ficmax Gaming Chair Review 2022

It really becomes difficult to pick up the best gaming chair when you have so many options in the market. Another thing is, it becomes a hectic task to find out the one that not only enhances your experience but also stays with you for a long time.

Since we are gaming enthusiasts and go through the same issues as you, we have found the best gaming chair that can actually live up to its claim, which is the Ficmax Gaming Chair.

Ficmax is one of the well-known brands that are famous for making computer gaming chairs. They offer a number of colors in the market with different reasonable prices. You definitely will not prefer an office chair over these fantastic products. 

Additionally, it is important to understand that Ficmax is a much better and friendly brand that manufactures the best chairs for you. After gathering all the complaints from the users, Ficmax designed this chair to give hope to the gaming community. 

From the head massager to the optimal footrest, it has everything that a gamer needs. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a complete all-in-one package.

Moreover, chairs should be designed in such a manner that they may not leave any corner for complaints. Your head must have an amazing rest pillow and your legs must not hang out too far. These are the few basic demands that the users are looking for and the Ficmax provides you with a lot more than this.

Without wasting more time, let’s start by highlighting the main features of the Ficmax Gaming Chair.

Features of Ficmax Gaming Chair 

Ficmax Gaming Chair went through a survey to see if it meets the users’ requirements or not. This survey has concluded with the following significant features of the Gaming Chair that are discussed below. 


Despite all of the premium features and design, it comes at an affordable price and if you’re aiming for a long-term investment then you won’t find a better option than this.

Its design lets you enjoy comfort for hours without getting tired. The pillow for massaging the head through vibration is an amazing feature within this price. 
In addition to this, the pillow for lumbar massage is another outstanding feature that you can hardly get in this amount. 


Talking about the style of the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair, you may feel that it is a typical old-style gaming chair but the colorful lining on the backrest tells a completely different story — they are stunning and give a sexy look to the chair.

You can tilt, rotate or spin as per your wish and choice. It has a backrest of 32.7 inches, where you will find an adjustable lumbar massage pillow and a head massage pillow. Additionally, you can adjust the height of the chair according to your height as well.


Ficmax Gaming Chair comes in a variety of colors in the market. Other than this, the color is mostly available in a combination of three i.e. blue, red, and purple. This makes it look like a typical racing-style gaming chair with a sexy design. 

Keeping this aside, Ficmax has dominated the market and attracted customers through the selection of the color and its matching scheme. The color kept on changing but all are awesome. What we have seen is that all available colors have nailed it.


The material used by Ficmax is quite fantastic and reliable. The seats are made and covered with the best quality PVC leather which is sturdy and smooth material. This leather has some undeniable features such as; it is easy to clean and it can retain its color for years. 

The high-density sponge has been utilized in the inside of the chair that is simply more than soft and does not deform with time.

The frame is an alloy made which means it is strong and light in weight. Furthermore, it has been made by using ABS plastic that enhances the quality and it also provides thermal and chemical stability.


Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is made with high-quality materials alongside carefully engineered to meet the trendy look. The use of level 4 cylinders of international standards is one of the best features of this most demanding and reliable chair. 

Additionally, this is a heavy-duty chair that comes with caster wheels that are pretty sturdy. Due to all of the top-of-the-line materials, it can bear up to 250lbs.


This chair is amazingly designed to provide you with comfort. The head massage vibrating pillow is an outstanding facility provided by Ficmax. In addition to this, the company uses a high-quality sponge for the comfort of the users so that they can feel relaxed.

Similarly, the backrest can be adjusted into four different modes and angles. First, 90 degrees is for working so that you must be kept away from laziness. Second, 100 degrees is adjusted for gaming purposes. Thirdly, 120 degrees for reading purposes and lastly the 180 degrees for taking complete rest.

ficmax chair review


When we talk about the gaming chairs; most of us immediately observe the design and if it doesn’t spark joy, we prefer to move on… but the Ficmax has carefully incorporated all the features to make its gaming chair a “People’s Choice”.

The Ficmax Gaming Chair is designed totally to beat the existing competition in the market and guess what? It succeeds. Its color design total gives the first look of a typical racing gaming chair but it is unmatchable.

Furthermore, its look is amazingly attractive. The design and the ergonomic features have made this a unique chair among the others. It has a footrest that is adjustable and you do not need another stool for your feet to be rested on.

Vibrating Massage Lumbar

It comes with two PVC leather-made cushion pads; the lumbar cushion and the headrest cushion. The good thing is this lumbar support offers a vibrating massage that keeps you active and relaxed at the same time.

The chair has a USB connection that can be attached to your system and this basically provides the energy to the lumbar cushion to vibrate. This lumbar cushion guarantees the expulsion of tension from the lower back and from the adjusted area of the back body.


The framework is professional and keeps the product’s value high in the market. The base is designed with max protection and strong casters. The chair is fully safe and its framework is proving it.

For height adjustment, it uses gas springs that are fully safe and guarantees the long life of its working. In addition, this chair also uses an integrated metal frame all over the body, where needed. This metal is light in weight and has the ability to lift weight up to 300 pounds easily.

Retractable Footrest

Ficmax is one of the best gaming chairs with a footrest. Among all of the features, one of the most important is that this chair comes with an adjustable footrest. Most of the chairs lack this feature and the customers either use an extra stool as a footrest or they have to compromise with the existing features that come with the chair. 

In addition to this, the footrest is best enjoyed when you adjust the back of the chair to 180 degrees. If you ever feel tired while playing a game, you won’t need to move to your bed rather you can adjust your chair at 180 degrees, open the footrest and you are good to go.

Vibrating Headrest Pillow

The Ficmax Gaming Chair comes with two PVC leather-made cushion pads; the lumbar cushion and the headrest vibrating cushion. The headrest is the most significant part of any chair and if this is not well designed, it makes the value of the chair fall to the ground.

The chair has a USB connection that can be attached to your system and this basically provides the energy to the headrest pillow to vibrate. This gives you complete relaxation and you can feel like you are in heaven after a hard day. This feature is amazing and has raised the ranking of the Ficmax High-Back Gaming Chair.

Adjustable Armrest

The other important feature of any chair is the armrests. If a chair does not have an armrest then most of the customers completely replace the chair. Whereas the Ficmax company has this feature and has ensured that armrest shall be installed in their products.

The armrests in Ficmax Gaming Chair include adjustment up and down as required by the users. The armrest is thick and gives you ease and relaxation. But it cannot be adjusted in different directions such as; left or right.


A chair must be durable and should have all the qualities of reliability. Otherwise, this drawback can guarantee the loss and fall in demand. The survival of products depends on their durability as this increases their worth among the customers.

The chair has a stylish color combination i.e. black and purple. A high-quality sponge is used that gives complete relaxation and comfort. The outer finishing is with the help of PU leather that is waterproof, does not retain color, and very easy to wash and clean.


Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is popular due to the components that come with it at the same price. It carries an essential chair seat that is comfortable due to the attachment of the backrest, armrest, and footrest. 

In addition to these, the wheelbase and gas cylinder are best with the massage lumbar support. The headrest pillow with a seat plate mechanism is unique in its functioning.


Ficmax Gaming Chair Review 2020
MaterialPVC Leather, Alloy Frame, ABS Plastic, High-Density Shaping Foam
Weight51 Pounds
Cushion Thickness3.9 Inch
Backrest size32.7 Inches
Dimension33.8 x 12.6 x 25.2 Inches
Weight capacity250 LBS
Reclining90-180 Degree
Input/OutputsUSB connectivity for massage features
MassageUSB Electric
  • Pretty comfortable
  • Stylish design
  • Sturdily built for the provision of safety
  • Multifarious color options for contrasting with your interior design
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Adjustable arm set for various heights
  • Removable massaging lumbar pillow and headrest pillow
  • Soft and durable leather makes it the best choice
  • Premium and strong wheels
  • Allen key bolts
  • No proper instructions for set up
  • Hokey lumber support vibrating pillow
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Low-quality vibrating pillow

Why Should You Buy it?

From the users’ reviews, it has been concluded that most people do like the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair and want to buy it due to the following reasons.

  • This chair is among all the high-quality and top-rated chairs which are famous for the provision of comfort for gamers
  • Gives an electric massage and reclining of 90 to 180 degrees
  • The well-cushioned thick pad setting is the main feature that attracts most of the customers
  • The adjustable armrest and height are prominent and give a comfort zone for the gamer.
  • It is best for casual gamers who love to sit for hours

Buying Guidelines

If you’re aiming to buy the Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair, you can have it from a trusted seller or an online store.

However, it is important to read carefully all the essential features and specs of the chair before placing the order.

You can also buy this chair from a dealer that can provide a second-hand product, but this is not recommended and may lead to wastage of your money so it is not a good option.

Final Verdict

Finally, it has been found that the Ficmax Gaming Chair is the best one among all the other gaming chairs available in the market. It is recommended to have this quality product so that you enjoy the gaming and can feel comfortable without any difficulty. 

It is highly demanding due to its artwork that is sturdy and comfortable with adjustable features. All these features are good and value your money and you will enjoy these for a long period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the commonly asked questions about the Ficmax Gaming Chair are given below that have been collected after a detailed survey from the users. 

When it comes to the spare part of the chair then you must contact Ficmax as they can guide you in the best way. 

Moreover, the company is good at providing customer services so you must seek help from them to avoid any mishap.

Ficmax Gaming Chair is one of the gaming chairs that have a feature to be laid flat. This feature is essential because it provides comfort to the gamer during the play. 

At a position of 120 degrees, the chair remains equally comfortable and stable.

The massager is the essential and unique feature of the Ficmax massage Gaming Chair. The massager is built with different height settings that enable it to vibrate.

Joe Smith

Joe, a computer science graduate and PC hardware expert, boasts a decade of experience in the field. His lifelong passion for gaming drives him to excel as a prominent figure in the gaming community, consistently pushing boundaries with cutting-edge technology.

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