Exos Heroes Tier List 2024

Exos Heroes is a game with more than one hundred heroes to choose from. But how do the pros classify them? And why are some tiers higher than others?
Mohammad Tarar
Mohammad Tarar
Exos Heroes Tier List 2022

The Exos Heroes Tier List is a ranking of all the playable heroes in Exos and how they stack up against each other. Some characters are strong attackers, some are good defenders, and others have super cool abilities that can help you out in tough situations. This list will give you an idea of who to pick to build a badass, dominating team!

You might be wondering, “what’s so special about this tier list?” Well for starters, this tier list includes even the new heroes that have been rolled out in v 4.0. We have 6 classifications incorporating all of the heroes based on their abilities. So keep reading to understand the standing of these heroes and absolutely crush the game.

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What is Exos Heroes?

Exos Heroes is an RPG game where you can level up and upgrade your character. It’s possible to compete against other players or complete quests by fighting the monsters in this world. The characters can be classified into tiers depending on their stats and how strong they are. In Exos heroes, there are three types of statistics: health points (HP), attack skill damage (ASD), and skills unlocked so far (SUFW).

Exos heroes also have its own unique maps called battlefields which can be played by two teams of three players in one game mode or five (three on each team) players in another.

Each character’s tier list placement is based on four categories: movement speed, attack power, defense power, and range/effectiveness against opponents. 

What are the types of characters in the Exos Heroes?

There are six types of characters in the Exos Heroes. There are tanks, healers, assassins, fighters, supports, and generals. We have included all of these types in the tier list of exos heroes.

Tanks have an extraordinary amount of health that makes them a good defense for their team when it comes to direct damage from opposing players or enemies. They can also deal some decent ranged damage themselves if needed as well as having abilities that assist teammates in taking out opponents with less health than they do. 

Healers on the other hand focus more heavily on supporting others rather than doing attacking themselves. So you would want one when playing against teams who don’t particularly excel at protecting themselves. Those who fight with general heroes absolutely require a healer. Since they will inevitably be killed quickly by enemy players unless someone is healing them constantly. 

Assassins are designed to take down opponents without them being able to fight back. This is why they’re perfect for taking on an opponent who has been left alone by teammates or other enemies since their abilities make it easy to quickly dispose of the target. 

Fighters should be on your team when you need someone swift and lethal in order to destroy any enemy that poses a threat. Otherwise, these types of characters handle themselves fairly well against tanks, supports, and healers alike. However, there aren’t many long-ranged attackers in this class so they’ll have difficulty dealing with snipers. 

Generals are a mix of fighters and supports. They are capable of dishing out damage and are also good at supporting their teammates with healing spells or buffs.

Lastly, we get the support character which can be either offensive or defensive depending on the situation. Their uniqueness is largely due to its variety of skills allowing it to buff allies through healing or protection, or attack enemies with their own ranged attacks.

Following is an overview of all these types of heroes to give you some idea! This overview should be the base upon which your attack strategy should be built.

Tanks generally shouldn’t go near an assassin without support from teammates. Healers should stay away from enemy fighters unless there’s someone else protecting them. Fighters should take out enemy healers before moving on to other enemies.

How Characters in Exos Heroes were classified? 

The characters in the tier list of Exos Heroes were categorized based on general playstyles and who they’re most effective against. Since some heroes do better than others depending on the situation that’s at hand which is why we’ve placed them into a ranking system for all to see how well they stack up against each other. 

Generally, higher-tier ranked heroes have fewer weaknesses. Lower-ranked ones tend to be much more specialized in one domain and lag behind in all others. But they can still be useful if used correctly. 

Tier List of Exos Heroes:

Following is an updated tier list incorporating all of the characters rolled out in August 2021. You must be thinking about what makes our tier list authoritative? So for your satisfaction, while creating this list, we have taken into consideration the following.

  • Hero Tier
  • FC
  • Healing abilities
  • Attack capabilities
  • Chaos nature
  • Amount of damage inflicted upon the opponent
  • Passive skills
  • Position
  • Enhancement
  • Active skill

According to these factors, we have divided the characters into 6 tiers. These aren’t official rankings so you might disagree with us and we respect your opinion. We have tried to create this list with as much authenticity as possible.

SS Tier:

Tier SS

The first tier is called “SS”, which means that these characters have a good amount of HP and ASD but they don’t yet have active abilities. They learn skills automatically like the lower tiers and you won’t have to put any effort into it. So it’s easier for them to get stronger since there are fewer things to worry about as compared to S-tier.

They dominate every format of the game whether it is PvP or PvE. They are at the top of the hierarchy in Exos Heroes. Their names are given below.

  • FC Gariff
  • FC Rudley
  • FC Talla
  • FC Rera
  • FC Schmid
  • FC Rachel
  • Misty
  • FC Bathroy
  • FC Jinai

They are capable of single-handedly winning you the game. With these on your side, you definitely will be a force to be reckoned with.

S Tier:

Tier S

The next tier is called “S”, which means that these characters have a lot of HP and ASD but they don’t have any active abilities yet because SUFW starts at zero. They also need time to learn new skills since it doesn’t come automatically with leveling up like for lower levels.

These characters have the potential to reach the SS level after a bit of work. They can be extremely over-powering but not as destructive as the SS heroes. If you are just starting out and have the time to develop a character, opt for these characters.

Following are the characters we have included in the S Tier.

  • FC Magi
  • FC Iris
  • FC Adams
  • FC Luna
  • FC Baraka
  • FC Annie
  • RC April
  • Dorika
  • FC Zeon
  • FC Shell
  • FC Tentalo
  • FC Shufraken

A Tier:

Tier A

People who want different kinds of support or healers should opt for characters of A-tier. This is because you’re not restricted to what type you can play here, unlike higher levels where everyone’s pretty much either an assassin, fighter, healer, tank or general depending on your build choices when creating them. The heroes included in this list are:

  • FC Jinn
  • FC Neomi
  • FC Ramge
  • FC Baraka
  • FC Uloom
  • FC Morris
  • FC Jean
  • FC Lepin
  • FC Rera
  • FC Brook

B Tier:

Tier B

The fourth tier is called “B” and it’s a lot more difficult to handle because the skills have been reset back to zero with each round. The heroes in this list are given below.

  • Bathory
  • Schmid
  • FC Emma
  • FC Anasthasia
  • FC Scarlet
  • FC Chati
  • FC Otard
  • Gariff

There’s no difference between tiers A or B because all skill points at this level start at zero again when you reach those tiers.


Tier C

Tier C-Tier Characters have niche qualities compared to others in their respective classifications but can be powerful under certain circumstances. Their effectiveness actually depends upon the player. If you are a little smart about them, they can be extremely lethal.

  • FC Yao
  • FC Corgi
  • FC Degas
  • Carie
  • FC Deva
  • Rachel
  • Luna
  • FC Subraina
  • Shufraken
  • FC Deva 
  • FC Velorr


Tier D

Last and definitely least, we have the D-tier (or sometimes just called trash), where the characters only have moderate amounts of both stats. These are characters that would work best if all your team has gone down and there’s nobody left alive and you want to hold the battle until reinforcements arrive. In other words, they are good-for-nothing sacrificial pawns.

There is a long list of heroes that we have placed in this tier.

  • FC Topaki
  • FC Dana
  • FC Liffy
  • FC Nika
  • FC Iden
  • DC Wilkes 
  • FC Lyungen
  • FC Xiakhan
  • FC Mahar
  • Ginai
  • Prithioff
  • FC Monika
  • FC RM
  • FC Glenn
  • FC Byneris
  • FC Kylock

With this, our Exos Heroes Tier List is concluded!


Whether you’re looking for a team to dominate the game with, or just trying to find your favorite character in this list, we hope that our Exos Heroes Tier List has helped. We are always looking for feedback so if there is anything else you would like us to cover about the game please let us know! Finally, be sure to check out all of our other posts on video games and gaming culture here at the gamingcutter.com

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