Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – 10 Things You NEED To Know

Joe Smith
Joe Smith
New Features in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Just as the sun rises, so does the excitement of the Monster Hunter gaming community. The latest expansion, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, is now out, and here are 10 things you absolutely need to know to get the most out of your gaming experience.

New Features in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

1. Buddy Recon Points

To start, let’s talk about a new feature in Sunbreak: Buddy Recon Points. These points function similarly to camps, allowing you to fast travel to specific areas of the map. The twist? You assign a buddy to hold that position and can fast travel to it once per hunt. It’s a one-time-use fast travel point, so use it wisely.

2. Dango Hopping Skewer System

Next, we have a new system for dangos, the Dango Hopping Skewer system. It allows you to adjust the levels of your selected dangos, offering more flexibility in managing their effects. Your most important dango buff should sit at the top, while your least important one should be at the bottom.

3. Kahoot Nest

The Kahoot Nest is a well-loved feature from the base version of Rise, and it’s back in Sunbreak. Be sure to visit the Kahoot Nest every three to four hunts to maximize your loot collection.

4. Rampage Skills

Rampage skills have been revamped in Sunbreak, now existing as Rampage Decorations that require monster parts to craft. Weapons now have a Rampage Decoration slot, adding another layer of customization to your build.

5. Secret Areas

Keep your eyes peeled for secret areas in Sunbreak, similar to the hidden rooms in the base game. Mega barrel bombs are your key to unlocking these hidden treasures.

6. Talismans Lock

Say goodbye to accidental melding of your favorite talismans. Sunbreak introduces a new feature that allows you to lock your talismans, safeguarding them from accidental melding.

7. Training Room

The Training Room offers new options to help you practice or test your builds. Although the room itself is the same as in the base game, these new options can give you the edge in mastering your build.

8. Baby Owl

Fans may be disappointed that Poogie is not in Sunbreak, but worry not. A tiny white owl has taken its place as the game’s adorable pettable creature.

9. Switch Skills

Sunbreak introduces a new switch skill swap system. Two differently colored scrolls allow you to preset your switch skills before embarking on a hunt, helping you adapt to varying situations.

10. Backroom Deals

Finally, don’t miss out on the new Backroom Deals feature in the Argosy. This feature converts some of the items your buddies gather into a variety of different items, including some new items unique to Sunbreak.

Sunbreak introduces a host of new features that make the Monster Hunter Rise experience richer and more exciting. Whether it’s exploring new areas, experimenting with new systems like the Dango Hopping Skewer and Switch Skills, or simply petting the adorable baby owl, there’s plenty of fun to be had in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. So, pick up your weapons, gather your buddies, and happy hunting!

Joe Smith

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