Dell vs HP Laptop – Which Brand is Better in 2024

Joe Smith
Joe Smith
Dell vs HP Laptop

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What sets apart a laptop from a PC? Nothing, but portability. It’s for sure that laptops have been playing an integral role in our lives, and it must go on till the end. The technology is ever-changing, and as long as portability serves you well, you are in a good place.

There’s a hype about getting high-end laptops, be it for the workspace, or gaming purposes. It entirely depends on the taste buds of the user; therefore, the rivalry stands out between Dell laptops and HP laptops. It’s just because both the flagship companies have been striving hard to climb the ladders to ultimate success. But in this perpetual war, newbies are the most affected ones.

We have brought you a comprehensive and discriminating overview between the two flagship companies for proper decisive action.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) – The Pearl in the Ocean

The neck-to-neck competition given by HP is worth praising. They have mastered the art of providing people with top-notch quality products, and that’s the reason why they have clambered the ladders to success so quickly. Their existing models are robust and functional until today.

We’ll be honest with you. HP is one of the versatile organizations you can cling your hopes to if nothing else works out for you. Especially when you are looking to get laptops.

Dell – The Rising Star

The company, headquarter, is situated in America. They aim to provide technical equipment for the users; this means that they have done a marvelous job in terms of providing user-friendly products to their users. Their products are refreshing and instill immense gratitude in the hearts of the buyers.

It’s worth mentioning that Dell has been striving hard to stay at the top of the tower. Their position stagnated for a couple of years, and maybe for the years to come.

Dell laptop Vs HP Laptop

This portion of the article will be focusing on little details between the two rivals. Be it in the form of design and layout, construction material, performance charts, quality of the product, customer care support, etc.

Design and layout

Taking Dell, for instance, they have been ignoring proper color schemes on their finished products. Instead, they aim to provide outstanding performance and power durability. Most of the eons-old laptops have nearly the same layout and design, making most of the laptops indistinguishable from each other.

Surprisingly, Dell’s new product lineage has somewhat improved in terms of giving on-fleek designs, because you know what, it’s one of the leading factors of how your laptops look. Most of the time, people might oversee it, but it’s way more important than being flamboyant.

Notwithstanding, you will be surprised to see their Alienware series, which is entirely out of the box in terms of design and layout. The reason is nothing but the changing audience. The Alienware series targets competitive gamers, and you know, they love vibrant colors.

When looking at the size, Dell products have varying sizes depending on the form factor chosen. So that’s altogether a different story. You can still choose from a plethora of sizes.

On the contrary, when we consider HP in terms of providing sleek designs and refurbished layout, HP wins the competition. Then have stacked up a surfeit of models in their arsenal. Like every other day, there’s a new release, and you see something completely different from their last version. They focus more on aesthetics, but it doesn’t mean they ignore the performance and durability of the products.

Most of the newer lineage products are way more enticing and enthralling, and it’s not just with HP, but Dell is also increasing their standards. The fight is perpetual, and the competition is tight. And what you root for, serves the outcomes.

Hardware credibility

It’s Dell’s forte to sign in with high-end quality products and primarily, the components used inside. Since the budget factor can’t be stressed enough, Dell has been laying out different schemes and in-budget-range laptops for the people who can’t root for the expensive ones.

As far as the graphics card, CPU and RAM are concerned, it’s of top-notch quality. The quality is apparent on most business laptops. For instance, core i7 5th generation laptops business-optimized, giving you an edge while working. Not to mention, most of the time, CPU/GPU bottlenecks, and to eliminate the factor, they use the same quality and as per the demand GPU/CPU to purge out such uncertainties.

It’s worth mentioning that most of the products from Alienware lineage are exceptionally high and of varying specifications to suit the individual’s taste buds.

In comparison, what HP is producing is below the threshold provided by the Dell companies. It’s not the components that are wretched or despicable, but they are just not most of the time up to the mark. Although you must have witnessed the same specifications used for the same-price product, what sets Dell apart from HP? The use of a high-quality variant, which is absent in the HP products. It’s worth noticing that each product has around more than three variants, and each cost different from the other.

Innovating Ideas

Catering to the innovating ideas is again Dell’s forte.  They are all about bringing in new features, technology into role play, and fundamental basic principles that they have incorporated into the products. It’s all about presenting something revolutionary and non-orthodox. Dell is known for manufacturing bulky and heavy products; this isn’t a downside at all. The reason is nothing but top-notch quality processors and GPUs that are heavier because of their originality.

Do you know what the real definition of being unparalleled and unique is? It’s Presenting a new series that differs significantly from what you have been serving to the nation. Dell’s XPS series has gained widespread recognition for being phenomenally light-weighted and slim. Even the idea of bringing in the Control center for Alienware laptops is something worthy to be praised.

On the other hand, HP doesn’t care much because its streamline is just not restricted to laptops only. They have to focus on printers, Scanners, LEDs, casings, and so much; hence, resulting in downgraded ideas for notebooks. But this doesn’t mean that they stopped caring about laptops. Most of the latest HP laptops are equipped with furbished features in terms of design, layout, architecture, and components.

 Customer Care support

It is no doubt that the customer service of Dell is top-notch. They have been listening to their customers for so long, and look forward to improving their services. No wonder why Dell’s taking the lead in terms of customer care support. You get excellent warranty services in case anything gets broken.

On the contrary, the way HP is tackling the concept of customer service is worth praise. They have been stretching their business around the globe and setting up sub-headquarters so the customer from that particular region can easily reach out with their queries. Aside from this, you also get phone assistance, which helps you navigate to your destination without letting you fret over the issue. That’s something phenomenal, to be honest.

But, when you are comparing Dell’s customer care support with HP’s, then it’s no doubt that Dell has something better to offer.

Dedicated Software

It’s a tie between the two. HP and Dell both serve equally well in terms of software and hardware optimization. The control center, which helps you optimize your laptop, is of top-notch quality and surprisingly embedded in both the HP and Dell.

Price tags

Pricing has a mysterious aura to it. Whenever a new person lodges himself/herself into the world of laptops, his/her first question is always about the pricing. Well, it’s a variable quality. You can’t seemingly predict the price tags, but one can assure you that Dell is relatively cheaper than HP. Most of the advanced features are inaugurated in Dell laptops, whereas HP uses the same generation or higher components in their notebooks. The affordability factor with Dell has always been mild and user-friendly. Even though the parts from Dell are full-fledged and extraordinary, regardless, they charge less. It’s all because of the retailers being less in number for a few countries.

On the contrary, HP preserves its identity through elitism, which is similar to being above all. That’s the sole reason for higher price tags for HP. Regardless, they sell top-tier products. You can’t blame me for that!

Below-mentioned is the tested table for both the flagship companies. They are Tier-S products, and worth looking at before jumping to any sort of conclusion.

List of 5 Dell Vs HP laptops

Title EarnedProduct’s NameDell/HPRating
Best performance laptopDell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK Dell4.9/5
Best budget laptopHP A6-Series (HP 15-BA009DX) HP4.8/5
Best Gaming laptopAlienware Area 51m R2 Dell4.9/5
Best Notebook seriesHP Notebook i5-6200U HP4.8/5
Best graphic designing laptopDell Inspiron i5-4210U Dell4.7/5

Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK

Best performance laptop

Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK

Well, Dell Inspiron lineage products are something out of this world. They have rooted themselves, and now providing high-end quality products for the users. Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK offers a sharp design with outstanding performance.

The laptop is designed for office work and gaming purposes, leading to it being one of the versatile laptops to get hold of. But wait! Why the best performance title? It’s because of the components used inside the laptop. Buy Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M and 6th generation Intel Core i7 (quad-core processor) that brings in positive energy. Surprisingly, with these components, you can have high-end gaming performance, and escalated rendering period.

It’s worth mentioning, the audio software implemented is not even comparable to other flagship models. It’s simply unparalleled. Enjoy music while working! Even the ports used inside the laptop use most of the advanced generation I/O ports, and that’s completely impressive.

You also get an extended battery lifetime, hence allowing you to work for prolonged hours without disturbing your work routine. No doubt, Dell outperformed most of the HP laptops in terms of performance ratio.

Product Specification

Intel Core i7-6700HQ
Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M-4096 MB
Memory: 8192 MB DDR3L 1600 MHz
15.6-inch Display (16:9) 1920 x 1080
Battery: 74 Wh Lithium-Ion
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 bit
2.6 Kg of weight

HP A6-Series (HP 15-BA009DX)

Best budget laptop

HP A6-Series (HP 15-BA009DX)

Let’s welcome HP to the list. You must be aware of the fact that HP is renowned for taking a severe toll on your pocket, but here it’s not the case. HP A6-series won the category of the best budget laptop, and it’s worth appreciating. The laptop offers 500 GB storage, with exceptional processing properties.

It’s also light-weighted; hence portability remains. But, there’s a problem; the laptop doesn’t offer much of a battery span. It will hardly last for 5 hours, and then you will require charging your laptop again. That’s the tea, and if you are rooting for HP A6-series. It doesn’t necessarily connote to it being a low tier laptop, because most of the components used inside are of tier-A. So, yeah, you can relax about it.

The laptop is also used for gaming purposes, but do remember you will only be able to play midrange titles.

Product Specification

AMD A6-7310 quad-core
AMD Radeon R5 integrated graphics card
Memory: 4GB
500 GB storage
15.6-inch Display (16:9) 1920 x 1080
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 bit

Alienware Area 51m R2

Best Gaming laptop

Alienware Area 51m R2

Alienware series from Dell is what you should be rooting for if you are into gaming, but with portable systems. Alienware Area 51m R2 has set the stage ablaze, and it was only possible through the use of high-end components. Let me remind you, the Alienware series is expensive and can take a heavy toll on your lifetime savings. Alienware Area 51m R2 is one of the world’s most potent overclocking gaming laptops you can get hold of. It uses Nvidia and AMD graphics cards (depending on what version you are going for) and features up to 10th generation Intel Core i9 K-series processors. K means that the processor is unlocked and ready to be overclocked.

It explicitly uses Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB GDDR6, which is one of the latest graphics cards using the RTX technology. No wonder why it took the best gaming laptop title. Even the design is on fleek with an RGB controlled background. You can customize your laptop’s profile as per your will. It’s worth mentioning that it costs $5000, which is exceptionally high and can only be purchased by elite class people who are gaming enthusiasts.

Alienware Area 51m R2 uses the copper cooling system, and Quad HD+ displays to allow you to game at 4k without compromising on temperatures. You can also program a couple of keys on the keyboard with the help of the AlienFX control center.

No wonder Dell is one of the leading companies to take over systemic high-end gaming.

Product Specification

17.3-inches screen 4K enabled
Core i9-k 10th generation processor
Nvidia RTX 2080 Super 8GB GDDR6
Memory: 64 GB
2TB storage
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 bit

HP Notebook i5-6200U

Best Notebook series

HP Notebook i5-6200U

The Notebook series from HP has something to offer, and it’s HP Notebook i5-6200U. It won the best notebook series title, which means that in terms of having a smaller laptop, your only shot is to get i5-6200U. Well, it’s because it has outperformed most of the products in the lineage. The laptop allows you to multitask without any software failure (which happens with most laptops) and can withstand a battery life of nearly 8 hours. That’s fascinating!

You also get high-quality graphics on the laptop, with a full HD SVA anti-glare WLED backlit display. This means that most of the videos and pictures you will be viewing have top-notch results. The laptop also comes with 1TB of storage.

All in all, if you are looking forward to having some cheap, but also a versatile product, then HP Notebook i5-6200U it is.

Product Specification

Intel i5-6200U
Intel HD graphics 520
Memory: 4 GB
1TB storage
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 bit

Dell Inspiron i5-4210U

Best graphic designing laptop

Dell Inspiron i5-4210U

It’s not surprising to see Dell for the third time on the list. Well, Dell Inspiron i5-4210U is one of those laptops which you can rely upon without having any doubts. It offers boosted turbo technology, which can help you design and render at a full clock speed rate. This laptop is majorly for work purposes only, so do not think about gaming mid-range titles, because it might not. It also comes with elegant tuned-in audio software. Notwithstanding, the laptop has multi-key presses resistant technology, which can register ten keys at a time without malfunctioning.

You get around 8Gb of memory and 1TB hard disk, enough for you to render and design at ease.

Product Specification

15.6-inch screen
Intel Core i5-4210U
Intel HD graphics 4400
Memory: 8 GB
1TB storage
Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 bit

What’s the bottom line?

After giving a thorough read to the list as mentioned earlier, at what conclusion did you arrive? It might not satiate your desires for having an all-rounder at a cheap rate, but there’s always a mid-way to go about. One thing is sure: Dell is on the lead. For most of the article, you must be wondering why it is Dell and not HP. The answer is quite straightforward and its competition. HP could have done more for its customers, but they were, for most of the part, adamant.

Dell offers standardized laptops with robust technology, and that’s the tea. Even the Alienware mentioned in the list has all the latest components you can find in the market. In this Dell Vs HP laptop competition, in my opinion, Dell took the trophy, and they deserve it. But it doesn’t mean that you start boycotting or neglecting the HP products. They are of equal quality but lose their charm due to laziness.

All in all, if you are looking forward to having phenomenal experience, Dell laptops should be your ideal aim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dell processors are of top-notch quality, hence giving you an overall boosted performance, whereas HP laptops bless you with longer and robust batteries, hence you can work longer in your working hours.

Yes, they do. You must have heard about the Alienware series. It’s from them, and it’s totally out of this world. They have transformed the world of gaming, into something so small and portable. You can play most of the latest titles on the Alienware series, without compromising on the performance. Well, this is not the case with HP laptops. They aim to provide the best value-added working laptops.

At the end of the day, the ultimate choice is yours. If you want something under your budget, then HP it is. Otherwise, you can always go for Dell products if the price factor doesn’t concern you.

Joe Smith

Joe, a computer science graduate and PC hardware expert, boasts a decade of experience in the field. His lifelong passion for gaming drives him to excel as a prominent figure in the gaming community, consistently pushing boundaries with cutting-edge technology.

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