Best CPU Water Block For Better Cooling in 2021

Best CPU Water Block

When it comes to building a gaming rig, the first and ahead of all things, we need to care about is the efficient cooling. Most of the time, we use Air coolers when low on budget or the AIO cooler for some reckless overclocking, but they are not versatile and suffice to hold back the temperature peeks. 

There comes the CPU water block, which has both of these things as they provide efficient cooling for the chip and design them to get maximum performance. There we have the best CPU water block in terms of performance and aesthetics, which you can consider for your gaming rig or rendering machine. 

The reason why I’m working on this guide is that there are several CPU water block options that you can get, and it might confuse some users about what’s the best one. You need to take care of a couple of things before buying the water block, and here you need to be selective. 

Before buying any water block, make sure it’s compatible with your socket or not, and it can handle the TDP of your processor. Some water blocks are made for high-end processors while some for mind range, though; for some cases, it may not matter the most, but buying the specific one will give you advantage. 

We need to check before buying any CPU water blocks are build quality, the mounting hardware we are getting with the block, installation, and much more. So, let’s give it a start with the first cooler on the list without doing any more ado on this. 

List of Best CPU Water Blocks

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BXQINLENX Professional Special CPU Water Cooling Block

BXQINLENX Professional Special CPU Water Cooling Block

Users looking for a CPU water block that’s only specific to Intel processors may find BXQINLENX an excellent option for them. The dimensions of the base of this block are 50 mm, 50mm, and 3mm in height. No matter what processor or socket you got, it is compatible with almost every LGA socket ever released. 

The base of BXQINLENX Professional Special CPU Water contains pure copper, while the frame is made up of stainless steel. The outer top side of this block is made up of glass, which looks stunning, and in RGB builds, it gives excellent looks. At the same time, you can say that this block is well appealing for both cooling and aesthetics. 

As you know, Water blocks installation on motherboards is a bit tricky, and those who don’t have prior knowledge of it were unable to do this. In our case, the building is very easy, and it comes with a complete mounting set, so you don’t have to buy things from third parties to install it. 

The two different versions of this block are specified for Intel and AMD processors, and we can use the one which fits with our PC. Note that they are specifically designed for each socket, and you can’t use the other in replacement of the first. The large size backplate gives maximum heat dissipation results in better cooling of the chip. 

The downside of this CPU water block is the installation manual is not well guided, and it could be much better. Also, buying a different variant for AMD processors doesn’t seem fair to me. Other than that it’s the right choice if you are low on budget and looking for water block for some mid-range build.


Manufacturer & ModelBXQINLENX Professional Special CPU Water Cooling Block
Material Stainless Steel, Copper
Socket SupportIntel LGA 11xx
RGB LightsYes, but only available in the one variant
MountingEasy to install
Dimension5.5 x 4.4 x 0.7 inches
Hole Diameter12.9 mm
  • Comes with a complete mounting set.
  • Compatible with most of the Intel sockets.
  • Two different variants for Intel and AMD CPUs.
  • Large-sized cooper backplate.
  • Aesthetically good.
  • The installation manual is not well guided.
  • For AMD processors, you’ve to buy a different variant.

Thermaltake Pacific DIY W7 Plus CPU Water Block CL-W279-CU00SW-A

Thermaltake Pacific DIY W7 Plus CPU Water Block CL-W279-CU00SW-A

In terms of availability and number of variants, the Thermaltake Pacific DIY LCS stands first as there are more than 13 variants of this block alone. Some of them come with RGB lights and some with reservoirs with different storage capabilities to select the one according to their needs.  

The reservoir comes in 100 ml, 200 ml, 300 ml, and 500 ml size, and you can choose between these variants. This reservoir’s maximum flow rate is 1135 L/Hr, which is useful for high TDP processors and especially in overclocking cases. 4-Pin AIO connectors power this whole block, but make sure your motherboard has that header.  

This water block is compatible with every LGA and AMD socket, and you can use the same one for both of the processors. This CPU water block’s mounting process is straightforward as you have to put it on your processor and tighten up the screws though you can also check the manufacturer guide on it. 

It comes with all of the required hardware to install it on your processor, including the thermal paste and all of the screws.

I wouldn’t say I like the RGB variant because that water block comes in very cheap build quality, and most of the users don’t like that. The wires are not well covered and attached, and on a little stretch, their solder becomes visible. While the other variants are good enough in terms of quality but the problem is with the RGB one only. 


Manufacturer & ModelThermaltake Pacific DIY W7 Plus CL-W279-CU00SW-A
Material POM PMMA
Socket SupportIntel LGA 11xx
RGB LightsNo (Available in one variant)
MountingEasy To Install
Dimension13.8 x 3.3 x 4.1 inches
Hole Diameter12.9 mm
  • Available in 13 different variants.
  • Have a bunch of RGB lights.
  • Offers maximum heat dissipation.
  • Works with both Intel and AMD processors.
  • The mounting process is simple if you have little knowledge.
  • The build quality of the RGB variant is the worst.
  • The wires are not well covered and attached.

Phanteks PH-C350I_BK C350I CPU Water Block RGB Black Edition

Phanteks PH-C350I_BK C350I CPU Water Block RGB Black Edition

Sometimes we need a broad base for high-end processors, especially in overclocking, and for that there, we have the Phanteks PH-C350I. It’s straightforward to use a CPU water block, and the thing that attracts users towards it is the better cooling performance and effortless installation. 

This water block’s base is roughly 70mm, 70mm, 4mm, and much bigger than the previously mentioned water blocks. This gives the best in class performance as well as optimal thermal dissipation near the chip. Our priority while buying a CPU cooler is the cooling performance; later, we check the aesthetics. 

The mounting brackets directly come from the Solid-SKU and are bundled in the package, which some might already know is very easy to install. This water block’s installation process takes less than a minute, making it the best and easy to install the CPU water block. 

Likewise, with all other CPU coolers in this list, this one also comes in several variants specified for each socket, and you have to make sure that you are buying the right one accordingly. The company has installed some RGB lights in this cooler for aesthetics, which looks good and pleasant in color coordinate builds. 

The downside of this cooler is that after-sale support is terrible, and they are not going to support you much in case of any problem. Also, non-RGB builds it’s aesthetically straightforward, and RGB lights integrated on them look awkward. Other than that, the performance of this water block is undoubtedly impressive. 


Manufacturer & ModelPhanteks PH-C350I_BK C350I CPU Water Block RGB Black Edition
Material Copper Base, Aluminium Frame
Socket SupportIntel LGA 11xx, AM3, Am4
RGB LightsYes
Dimension70 mm, 70 mm, 4 mm (Base)
Hole Diameter12.9 mm
  • Comes in two different variants.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Has a bundled RGB controller.
  • Impressive build quality.
  • No after-sale support from the manufacturer.
  • Aesthetically not that great.

EKWB EK-Velocity CPU Waterblock

EKWB EK-Velocity CPU Waterblock

EKWB EK-Velocity works with Intel processors only, and the right thing in it is designed and targeted for high-end processors or flagship. Other than this one, there are nine different models available for this water block, and you can select the best one according to your requirements and needs. 

This water block’s base is made up of pure copper, while the top side is of acrylic, which looks good in RGB builds. There are some RGB lights integrated into it, too, which looks good when using effects. Like the other water blocks from this manufacturer, it also comes with all necessary hardware, making the installation process much more comfortable than before.

The compatibility of this water block is good enough, and it’s versatile, too, so we can use it in our way. Also, the company worked on both the cooling performance as well as the aesthetics of the block. There is a rubber backplate, which further increases the heat dissipation capacity of this block and makes it more compelling over others. 

EKWB EK-Velocity CPU Waterblock has two large loop pipes for water in-and-out flow to allow the chip’s better cooling. The water flow rate of this block is also impressive and is appreciated by many users. Long story short, it’s okay as far as you have enough budget for a custom loop and looking for the best build quality CPU water block.

The downside of this water block is the manual is not well guided, and it may cause some problems to you while installing the block if you don’t have prior knowledge. Also, the price of this water block could be lowered down for mid-range builds. 


Manufacturer & ModelEKWB EK-Velocity CPU Waterblock
Material Acrylic, Copper
Socket SupportIntel LGA 11xx
RGB LightsYes
MountingEasy To Install
Dimension3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches
Hole DiameterG1/4″ Threads
  • All necessary hardware is bundled.
  • Compatible with most of the Intel processors.
  • Easy to install with the included hardware.
  • Good in aesthetics and performance.
  • Minimal instructions on the manual.
  • Costly option.

EKWB EK-Velocity sTR4 CPU Waterblock

EKWB EK-Velocity sTR4 CPU Waterblock

We all know there are two types of processors: the first one is the normal one we use in our gaming builds while the other is the workstation processors. They come with more cores and threads and are used for high-end data processing, but we can’t use them to play games. 

If you own such a processor usually named as Xeon from Intel or Threadripper from AMD, there we have a great water block designed for them. EKWB EK-Velocity is specially designed for threadripper processors and gives excellent performance with such beast processors. It’s compatible with 3rd generation TR processors and a worthwhile option for cooling. 

With these 32 core processors, we can’t use Air or AIO coolers as they can’t handle the heat generated by these processors, so that’s why we need CPU water blocks for them. They are versatile, and you can set them for how much performance you are demanding from them. 

There are some LED lights in this water block too, which gives excellent aesthetics, and I like the most. This water block’s build quality is undoubtedly best in class, and it’s much better than the previous options we’ve seen in this list. If you own a processor other than the Threadripper, you can consider getting the different variants of it. 

The downside of this cooler is it only works with the thread ripper processors, and for other sockets, you have to buy a different variant. Also, the product packaging was not very good, and it seems terrible because most of the time, terrible packaging damages the hardware during shipment.


Manufacturer & ModelEKWB EK-Velocity sTR4 CPU Waterblock
Material Copper, Glass
Socket SupportThreadripper 3rd generation
RGB LightsYes
Dimension5.12 x 4.72 x 2.36 inches
Hole Diameter12.9 mm
  • Versatile water block and supports custom loop.
  • Bundled with a large LED light strip.
  • Build quality is, no doubt, the best in class.
  • Comes in five different variants for different sockets.
  • Works with thread ripper processors only.
  • The product packaging is not that good.

EKWB EK-Supremacy Classic RGB

EKWB EK-Supremacy Classic RGB

We’ve got another great option from the same manufacturer but a different lineup with a different design and features. This one is designed for high TDP processors like Intel Core i9 9900k or 10900k, especially when you consider overclocking with these processors this water block will play an essential role in cooling. 

Like the previous one we’ve mentioned in this list, this one also comes with an acrylic top and high-grade copper bottom, which gives enough cooling. The RGB lights with the acrylic top give charming looks in RGB builds, and I’m sure aesthetics lovers are not going to skip this option because it’s right in performance and aesthetics, so what else we need.

I like the EKWB water blocks because they come with a complete hardware set, so we don’t need anything else for the installation. It comes with all screws attached, and all you need to do with it is tighten up the screws, and that’s done. That’s not only in this one but in all of the water blocks from this manufacturer. 

Also, you don’t have to worry about the water flow and speed as this one also works even in low water flow and speed. This makes it versatile, and you can get the best performance out of this block without spending a lot of money on other loops. So, in the end, I would say it’s a great piece of a product if you own a reasonable budget. 

The bad thing I found in this cooler is that the company didn’t guide the manuals, so some users might find it hard to install if they don’t know about installing. Also, the price is exceptionally high as compared to the other competitors in the market. 


Manufacturer & ModelEKWB EK-Supremacy Classic RGB
Material Copper and Acrylic
Socket SupportIntel only
RGB LightsRGB strips
Dimension5.04 x 4.53 x 2.01 inches
Hole DiameterG1/4″ Threads
  • Bunch of RGB lights.
  • Compatible with Intel processors.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Offers excellent performance for its price.
  • The installation process is not well instructed.

XSPC Raystorm Neo Waterblock Black Chrome

XSPC Raystorm Neo Waterblock Black Chrome

XSPC Raystorm Neo Waterblock Black Chrome is compatible with both Intel and AMD sockets, but different variants exist. This block’s frame is made up of stainless steel, while the base is made up of pure copper, which is 53 mm, 53 mm, 3 mm in size. 

It’s available in four different variants, including the Copper, Silver, Chrome, and Chrome Black, and you can get them according to your choice. The kit includes complete hardware of this block, including the RGB controller with all required cables, springs screws and everything you need to install this on your processor. 

It comes in a minimalist design, which is very easy to install even for non-techies because there are a few screws that you have to tighten. This block’s compatibility is excellent enough as we can use it with almost every processor in the market, but buying a different variant for AMD might disappoint some users. In terms of aesthetics, I would say it’s one of the great RGB CPU water blocks build for color coordinate builds.  

The RGB controller of this block is responsible for changing these lights’ color effects, and it comes with hundreds of different effects. The speed and the colors of the lights are also adjustable with this controller. The downside of this block is its installation is easy but very time taking. 

If you compare it with some RGB blocks, including one from Thermaltake brands, this water block’s quality is much better. I like the most in this block because it’s available for every socket you need, including AMD, Intel, and Threadripper. Being specific to AMD processors, this is an expensive but best am4 waterblock for modern builds.


Manufacturer & ModelXSPC Raystorm Neo Waterblock Black Chrome
Material Stainless Steel on side High graded Copper
Socket SupportAMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM4
RGB LightsYes with RGB Controllers
MountingVery easy to install
Dimension5.55 x 4 x 2.55 inches
Hole Diameter12.9 mm
  • Minimalist design.
  • Compatible with most of the Intel processors.
  • Bundled with all of the mounting hardware.
  • The installation is time taking.

Bewinner Computer CPU Water Cooling Block Jet Type

Bewinner Computer CPU Water Cooling Block Jet Type

In the end, we’ve got is the Bewinner Computer CPU water cooling block, which is specifically designed for AMD processors. The good thing in this water block is the build quality compared to other options on this list. It’s also compatible with all of the AMD sockets except the thread ripper processors but a different variant.

This water block makes direct contact with the processor and offers maximum cooling performance. The bottom side of this block comprises high-quality copper, while the tp side is made up of high-grade POM. For most users, installing this cooler is not a problem, and you can easily mount it with the hardware that comes with it. 

This cooling block is good as far as you are low on budget, but you can get better options for those willing to spend more money on cooling solutions. The contact area is made up of copper, which is not high graded and results in performance loss. The base’s surface is good as it directly contacts the processor, and the thermal paste removal process is also damn easy with it. 

The installation of this cooling block is easy if you have a little knowledge of such things, but it’s not well guided. Overall, for thirty bucks, it’s one of the best choices we can get and ignore these one-time installation cons. When it comes to buying the best am4 water block, there might be no other better option than this one under this budget category.


Manufacturer & ModelBewinner Computer CPU Water Cooling Block Jet Type
Material Steel & Aluminium
Socket SupportAMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM4, FM2
RGB LightsNo
MountingBit Hard
Dimension4.02 x 2.4 x 0.79 inches
Hole Diameter12.9mm
  • Comes with a complete mounting set.
  • The installation is much easier than you think.
  • The base makes full contact with the processor.
  • Supports most of the AMD processors.
  • By spending some more money you can get much better options.
  • Copper CPU block.
  • Installation is not properly guided


When you need more than average cooling in your high-end gaming rig, the first and foremost option that comes into our mind is the CPU water block. They are versatile, and we can use them in the way we want to get full cooling performance out of them. 

When you own some high-end processor that produces much heat and consider overclocking that CPU, normal Air or AIO coolers fail in this situation, and there you must need a custom water cooling solution. There we’ve some of the best CPU water blocks that you can consider according to your needs and the budget. 

The cheapest CPU Water Block is the BXQINLENX Professional Special CPU Block, while the most expensive one on this list is the Thermaltake Pacific DIY LCS PR22-D5 300ml. There we’ve listed several different water blocks for every socket, but as you know, each of them has its pros and cons. 

First of all, know your requirements and socket and select which water block will give you better value from this list and select that for your upcoming build. 


What is a Water Block in a computer system?

A water block is like a heatsink attached to the processor, graphics cards, or the northbridge chipset. It is used for better cooling of the chips, and we know processors with high thermal power design produce more heat, and to cool them down, we need some high cooling solution. These water blocks later connect with a pump, making water flow in them, taking hot water from them, and putting cold water inside the block. 

What is the best AIO CPU Water Block? 

Deciding what CPU water block is best for our build is challenging because there are hundreds of options in the market from which we’ve to choose only one product. There is a thing that every time, not the most expensive product is the best one in the market. We’ve reviewed several water blocks and found EKWB EK series the best among the competitors. Its users most appreciate the performance and aesthetics of this water block, so I picked it first on the list.

Do Intel Water Blocks Works With AMD Processors?

A water block designed for Intel processors will not work or attach with AMD processors because they are different manufacturers, and their processors work on different sockets. In a few cases, Intel water blocks work with AMD too because they are designed in such a way to work with both LGA AMD AMx sockets but only for a few ones. Also, there are workstation processors that work on a different socket, and you have to get a water block compatible with them. 

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