AMD Ryzen 7 Vs Intel Core i7

AMD Ryzen 7 Vs i7

Gamers are well aware that when it comes to PC upgrades, the CPU is the most important factor to consider. Your computer processing unit must be of high quality because

Best CPU for RTX 2070 builds in 2021

cpu for rtx 2070

We all know that RTX 2070 got a significant spot in Turing-based graphics cards as a mid-range GPU with excellent performance. This GPU is capable of maxing out some of

Best CPU for RTX 2060 and 2060 Super

CPU for RTX 2060

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 is engineered to dominate 1080p gaming and bring you smooth framerates in open-world adventure and competitive games. Achieving ultra/max settings in games with 1080p is

Best CPU for Editing and Gaming in 2021

Best cpu for editing and gaming

It’s completely reasonable to divert your focus on components like GPU, RAM, and motherboard since they largely make up for your gaming system. I have personally been through this dilemma