Best PS5 Controller Chargers in 2024

Furqan Shahid
Furqan Shahid
Best PS5 Controller Chargers

It has been some time since the PS5 came out and while the stock is still on the lower side around the world, those who did get their hands on the new console are enjoying it a lot. After all, a generational leap is always something to enjoy, no?

With that said, a new console also brings a lot of new accessories that you can get your hands on. One of our favorite accessories happens to be controller chargers. Sure, you can charge your controllers by just using the cable that is supplied to you. But let’s be honest, having these controllers charge on a good dock is a much better option.

That is why we have decided to look at the best PS5 controller chargers. At first, we were under the impression that you might not be able to find a lot of good options but that is not the case. The market is already swarming with some great controller chargers.

To be sure that our readers do not get confused, we have decided to look at the best offerings available in the market so you do not have to worry about buying the wrong one or buying something that is not good enough.

List of 5 Best PS5 Controlling Chargers

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DualSense Charging Station

DualSense Charging Station

I often find myself saying that there is nothing better than first-party accessories. It does not matter what gadget you are talking about, first-party accessories are always a step ahead of the rest of the options that are available in the market.

This is where the DualSense Charging Station comes into place. Yes, this is the official one made by Sony, and you can buy it separately with ease. Now, there are a lot of great things about this charging station, starting with the fact that it is small and compact. You can easily chuck it into your backpack or just put it on your desk and forget about it taking any extra space.

If you are trying to be cautious about the USB ports on your DualSense controllers and you do not want to damage them or wear them down, this docking station is convenient and excellent in every sense of the way. Just put the controllers on when they are not being used, and it will start charging them right away.

Another great thing is that it follows the same colour scheme as the PS5 and the controllers, so you know that you are not getting something that will stick out. There is an overall cohesive element that is important for me, and a lot of people.

As far as the downsides are concerned, I would be hard-pressed to find any. In my experience with this charging station, I have not run into any issues. I would recommend this to everyone who is looking to get their hands on a good product that delivers the performance that is promised without costing a ton of money.

  • The compact form factor for easier carrying.
  • Super-easy to use.
  • Can charge up to two controllers.
  • Looks great with a PS5 and controllers.
  • None at the suggested retail price.

OIVO PS5 Controller Charger

OIVO PS5 Controller Charger

While I do recommend people to get their hands on the first-party accessories simply because there are a lot fewer chances of any failures, one really important thing that one should understand is that there are times when you might run into something that simply is better than the first-party option.

The OIVO PS5 Controller Charger is a testament to that because while it is a third-party accessory and on the cheaper end, it actually is a lot more convenient and does offer some extra features, too. This is great when you are discussing a good charging station for your PS5 controllers.

Right out of the box, the compact design had me in love with this dock, I normally don’t prefer having larger sizes. Even the charging dock for my Razer Basilisk Ultimate is small. Not just that, you are also getting extra USB Type-C tips for charging, and Oivo is smart enough to keep the color scheme in cohesion with the PS5, so you don’t feel like you have bought something that is out of place.

Thankfully, despite being a third-party offering, the overall charging performance of this charger is excellent and you are not going to get into any sort of trouble, either if you are worried about overcharging or the damage to the batteries.

My only complaint here is that the USB Type-C dongle ends up protruding just a bit out of the controller, which could lead to accidental snapping off if you are not being careful but other than that, there are no issues with this charger.

  • Compact design for easy storage or carrying.
  • Fast charging with safety measures.
  • Adheres to the PS5 design language.
  • Extra USB Type-C tips for charging.
  • The USB Type-C charging tips protrude a bit and can result in accidental snapping.

ANATYU PS5 Controller Dock

ANATYU PS5 Controller Dock

The next PS5 controller charger that we are looking at breaks away from the tradition as it is different than what you would normally expect, and honestly I am not bothered by it. However, the same cannot be said about everyone who is thinking about putting their money on it.

We are talking about the ANATYU PS5 Controller Dock and while I do like how it breaks away from the same design pattern that we have been seeing, others might have different opinions. For starters, instead of being small and compact, this one comes in two pieces.

The vertical piece stands like a tower with docking positions for the controller, and the horizontal piece lays on the surface providing a balance to the whole unit itself. Not just that, it is made out of black, semitransparent plastic which at first glance looks cheap but has a function since behind that plastic, you get LED lights for telling you about the charging.

I will be honest, I like the charging dock but the looks just don’t do it for me. You have seen how big the PS5 is and while it does not match the same size, it looks like something that is oddly big for being something simple. Charging docks are supposed to be simple and discrete.

Overall, if you are looking for something that suits the black PS5 color scheme, and you are not bothered by how it is made, or how it functions, then the ANATYU PS5 Controller Dock is a great offering for that purpose. Granted, it does have some limitations and a shoddy build quality that does not do it for me, but it still is a good charging dock that does not cost a lot of money.

  • A unique take on how charging docks should be.
  • The status LEDs for easier understanding.
  • Takes 4 hours to charge both controllers.
  • The overall form factor is large and dubious in build quality.

BEJOY PS5 Charging Station Dock

BEJOY PS5 Charging Station Dock

To be sure that there are no mistakes or discrepancies, we are keeping the list as short as possible so people don’t end up buying products that are not good for them or get confused by the sheer number of options that they have available to them.

This is where the BEJOY PS5 Charging Station Dock comes into place as it is an affordable alternative to the other available options but that does not mean that it is a bad thing. The all-white design is another great thing that I like about this charging dock as it just blends right in.

The status LEDs are great too if you are looking to be sure that your controllers are being charged properly. Just like some of the other brethren in the market, this charging dock also charges your PS5 controllers in 4 hours or under that, which is fine, to be honest.

The best thing about this charging dock is that it comes with two magnetic USB Type-C adapters that plug into the Type-C port on your controllers, and when you put the controllers on the station, you will be able to get the perfect fit every single time and it will start charging right away.

I love this approach because it basically eliminates the need to plug and unplug the cable all the time and not just that, it provides better protection against any damages.

Overall, the BEJOY PS5 Charging Station Dock is something that you should be getting your hands on if you are looking for something that delivers a great overall performance and value for money.

  • An innovative way to charge your controllers.
  • Compact design.
  • Good build quality.
  • Standard charging time of 4 hours.
  • None.

MENEA Charging and Cooling Stand

MENEA Charging and Cooling Stand

The last charging dock that we have on our list Best PS5 Controller Chargers is what happens when you take a standard charging dock and put it on steroids because that is what this is all about and it is not bad at all. Quite the opposite as this is one of the most clever uses of extra space.

I am talking about the MENEA Charging and Cooling Stand and yes, while it does serve as a charging dock for your Dual Sense controllers, at the same time, it also serves as a cooling stand for your PS5, and not just that, it also comes with additional USB ports, and more importantly, you have storage space for your PS5 games. So, yes, there is a lot that is being given here.

Now, it should not come as a surprise that this whole charging dock is massive in size because you get to put your PS5 on top of it in a vertical position. On the left, you can place your chargers for charging, and not just that.

Another great thing is that on the front, you have LED charging indicators on the right, you are getting three USB ports. This is great because having a USB hub built into your charging dock is always the best thing that you might get to experience.

On the right side of the whole station, you are going to find a retractable shelf which is great because you can store up to 14 physical copies of the games, and on the inside, two fans can keep the console cool when you are gaming. A versatile choice, to say the least.

My only issue is that all of this is definitely going to take a lot of space, and will need regular cleaning, too. So, that is one thing that can be a downside for some.

  • One of the most versatile takes on charging stations.
  • Can store 14 physical copies of games.
  • Has two cooling fans for optimal cooling.
  • Brings 3 USB ports on the front.
  • Takes up a lot of space.

Final Word

It has only been a month since the PS5 hit the market, and even now, finding a PS5 is not easy due to a shortage and demand being way higher than we thought, in the first place. However, that has not stopped the third-party manufacturers from bringing in their accessories for the console.

Charging stations in my opinion is among the most important accessories that you can buy because they make life so much easier. Rather than plugging in your controller every night and being worried about the USB port malfunctioning or being damaged over time, you can just get a simple dock, and be worry-free.

If you want to spend a little extra and get the one that has magnetic charging points, then that is even better because it just goes to provide additional peace of mind that your controller is not going to give in any time soon.

This list caters to all the best PS5 controller chargers, and hopefully, you will not have any problems buying the right one.

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