Best UPS for Gaming PC in 2021

Best ups for gaming pc

Making a battery backup for your gaming PC can be one thing that saves hours of unsaved progress from a critical risk. No matter how great a protector you have in protecting your most important gaming PC in the event of a power outage, you can’t just predict (especially in the Canadian winter) when the power goes out. The battery time would be very useful that night because it took me a few more attempts when I started the next day to finish it, but I lost a few hours on that. You don’t want that important data to make a mess. Also when you play games on your PC for long enough and on the verge of saving and suddenly the power goes out. Either your saved data would go corrupted or cannot even be made to auto/manual save in time. That’s where we need the best UPS for Gaming PC. It keeps your data safe in the event of something like a power outage that could completely disrupt the day’s work or your gaming progress.

Gaming PCs are not cheap that we may compromise on their safety. I remember burning numerous computers just because of the electric surge. So, we looked at the power capacity of each revised UPS model, which is measured using a volt-ampere power output. To determine how powerful your UPS for Gaming Pc should be, adjust your PC power supply by 1.6. For example, if your power is 500W, you will need an 800VA UPS. Size and weight are important factors to consider when choosing a UPS. We also checked the number of stores in each revised UPS for Gaming PC because this determines the number of connected devices.

What to Pick?

UPS protects your Gaming PC from electrical shocks and fluctuations that could damage your device. The UPS is sometimes confused with a battery backup for a gaming PC. However, the latter applies only to devices that provide emergency backup power and not protection against power fluctuations. There are some users which are new to the Gaming PC UPS stuff, you may be intimidated by how best uninterruptible power supplies work but with guidance, you will find that a good UPS can make the difference between a good job and a big job. We are on the list of seven indisputable energy prices you can buy right now. We’ve solved the problem of learning what a good UPS for Gaming does and giving you research. See options below:

List of Best Top UPS for Gaming PCs

Best in Market Check Price
Best quality UPS for Gaming PC Check Price
Long term UPS For Gaming PC Check Price
Most demanding UPS for Gaming PC Check Price
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The Premium low budget UPS Check Price

CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD  Best in Market

CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD

CyberPower PFC CP1500PFCLCD is a mini-tower compact UPS with a top collaborating structure that delivers battery backup as well as protection for workstations, gaming PC, home entertainment systems, and communication devices that require a PFC power interface. It also comes in different voltages such as 850VA, 1000VA, 1350VA, and the best one which is best for Gaming PC is 1500VA. The CP1500PFCLCD features a multi-color LCD control panel to instantly monitor status and alerts with just a glance. The screen tilts for a simple view when the UPS is positioned as low as a desk.

Two USB charging ports (one Type-A and one Type-C) for portable devices such as cell phones and tablets, regardless of the power consumption. This model also comes with an automatic voltage regulation, which controls any voltage fluctuations. Besides, the CP1500PFCLCD has a Green Power feature that reduces power consumption by 75%. In your search for the leading UPS for PC gaming, the CP1500PFCLCD should be a high-end member. Its availability, sine wave circuits, high power, many built-in spaces, and good design make it one of the best UPS for gaming PC, so you can enjoy your game without any fear of your Gaming PC.


Battery Voltage12V
Load Capacity1500VA, 1000W
Input Frequency57 – 63 HZ
Dimensions14 x 3.9 x 11inches
Weight24.9 pounds
CertificationsEnergy Star, FCC DOC Class B
Additional FeaturesStatus Indicator
Battery Backup10 minutes
  • Specially designed to protect Gaming Pcand workstations
  • It is designed with outlets located at the back
  • It has a multifunction LCD in which you can see battery status, load levels, and other running info.
  • The design of the sockets is safely at the back but it is difficult to reach it when needed.
  • There are limited sockets for battery power

CyberPower PR3000LCDRTXL2UN UPS System

Those looking for the best UPS for PC gaming of 1100 watts or more should check out the Cyberpower PR3000LCDRTXL2UN. The device has enough power to cover up to 5 high-end gaming PCs long enough to securely lock and store everything properly. If you have a few PCs or a few weak ones, you can run them for more than 10 minutes each with this UPS. So, what are the best UPS for gaming pc? Yes, if you are a proud owner of a new AC sensitive set, pure sine wave technology can make a difference.

Cyberpower PR3000LCDRTXL2UN is a single tool that uses for Gaming Pcs to pure sine wave circuits, which ensures a high-quality design for your computer. This device has an instructional LCD screen that displays as many details as battery levels and current load PR3000LCDRTXL2UN has 9 more than enough stores to cover multiple PCs and parameters. An easy UPS converter tower for Gaming PCs with a topology that works with line and pre-installed SNMP card, CyberPower Smart App Sinewave PR3000LCDRTXL2UN provides battery backup, power protection using the output of sine wave, and privacy defense of different division servers, network devices, storage servers’ components, and telecom fittings that require Active PFC power source combination.

The Technology for the best UPS for Gaming PC uses AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) to adjust small power oscillations without turning to battery power, which covers and saves more battery life. The device is a remote management card that provides remote management and UPS configuration with a standard.


Battery Voltage120VAC
Load Capacity3000VA, 3000W
Input Frequency47 – 63 HZ
Dimensions19.5 x 17.25 x 3.5inches
Weight71.8 pounds
CertificationsEnergy Star
Additional FeaturesStatus Indicator of multi-features display
Battery Backup5 minutes
  • It has a great monitoring faceplate
  • It has installed AVR in it which may help in minor power fluctuations
  • It has limited outputs
  • It makes noise when used

APC BE600M1-600VA UPS System  Long term UPS Solution

APC BE600M1 600VA UPS System

Protect the workspace with this battery backup. Up to 12 minutes of running time in half-line or 3 minutes in full loading allow users to save activity or maintain critical connections during a power outage. The built-in USB port allows you to charge your mobile device. This battery protection battery 330-watt backup battery protects your gaming PC from unnecessary electrical power. It works as a battery backup and crash protector for computers and other electronic devices. This is the smallest UPS for the gaming PC we have reviewed so far. But its 600VA / 330W power is not a joke. It is more than enough to keep your devices like speakers and modems working.

A good way to use the APC BE600M1 is combined with the powerful 1000VA UPS. That way your PC and network connection is safe – it’s important when playing games online. This is the top online UPS and can keep your internet connection and your laptop, tablet, and smartphone active in the event of a sudden loss of power. If you are in the middle of writing an email or other important document, you will find more time to save your work. The APC BE600M1 relies on a sine wave machine, which is ideal in this case where the UPS for gaming PC is used for accessories and connectors. It also features a USB port that lets you charge your phone and other devices. So, why do we think this is a good UPS for PC gaming? We suggest this to users because we need to make sure that our essential accessories are protected over our beloved gaming console and PC. The availability of the product makes it even more attractive.


Load Capacity600VA, 330W
Input Frequency92– 139 HZ
Dimensions10.79 x 4.13 x 5.47inches
Weight7.5  pounds
CertificationsEnergy Star
Additional FeaturesStatus Indicator
Battery Backup23 minutes
  • It comes with the seven outlets
  • It also has a USB charging port for mobile devices
  • It also has a surge protection feature system
  • It is very easy to use
  • Makes beep noises
  • Major drawback it only has one USB charging port

CyberPower CP600LCD Intelligent UPS System

Integrated UPS with standby topology, CyberPower Intelligent LCD CP600LCD provides battery backup (using sine wave output) as well as protection for the rise of Gaming PC, workstations, communication devices, and home entertainment systems. During long-term power outages, the CP600LCD delivers enough battery power to make good shutters to protect against data loss and damage to critical electronics. CyberPower LCD UPS 600VA Compact Description Intelligent CP600LCD ideal for protecting the energy of people working at home, in the office.

System vitals can be displayed by Intelligent Crystal-Blue LCD, Gaming PC, or desktop. Input rate, Voltage output rate, and power, operating time, battery, error, and mode. 600VA / 340 UPS – Prevents electronic equipment from reducing power by up to 75%. Multitasking mode, upload more information. Input rate, Voltage output rate, power, operating time, battery, error, and mode. 600VA / 340 UPS – Prevents Gaming PC from reducing power by up to 75%. Multi-task mode, upload more details. It provides power long enough for the device to close properly when the power supply fails. It helps prevent data loss and reduces the stress of an object caused by a hard shutdown. It diverts excess volume to critical electronic equipment during an AC power outage or power spike to prevent injury. It uses pulse wave fluctuations to produce a compressed sine wave, which is limited to providing low-cost battery storage for machines that do not require sine wave extraction. Others Specifications are as follows:


Load Capacity600VA, 340W
Input Frequency 57– 63 HZ
Dimensions10.79 x 4.13 x 5.47inches
Weight7.5  pounds
CertificationsEnergy Star
Additional FeaturesLCD diagnostic display
Battery Backup10 minutes
  • It has 8 Outlets, 4 for power surge protection only
  • It is ideal for gaming PCs, laptops, and other electronics
  • It has a compact design which let you keep it away from sight
  • It has cramped outlets
  • Major drawback it doesn’t havea USB charging por

Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT  Best low budget UPS

Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT

The Tripp Lite is an American UPS manufacturer based in Chicago. The company specializes in the production of UPS but also manufactures communication equipment, cables, and other products. The first Tripp Lite product to be updated is 1500VA UPS – SMART1500LCDT which is good for Gaming PC. The SMART1500LCDT may look like a nice black box, but this UPS PC packs a real fist. It weighs around 12kg, and the product size is 49cm x 23cm x 28cm. The blue LCD screen stands at the front of the app where users can track the input/output power, battery power, and UPS load.

This UPS can also be controlled with PC power management options or with Tripp Lite software. UPS has 10 stores separated between those that offer explosion protection only and those with a battery backup which is good for Gaming PC. In addition to AC line protection, the SMART 1500LCDT has Data Line protection, which puts in our UPS the best PC playlist. Data lines are especially vulnerable and can cause power outages to damage your devices. This is why Tripp Lite adds Data Line protection, which keeps your phone lines and modems secure.

The Smart Pro LCD 1500VA, 120V Line Uninterruptible Interactive Power Supply delivers battery backup and AC power guard against shutdowns, blackouts, electrical heaves, and line distortion that could damage electronics or terminate data of PC. Equipped to back up your personal computer or audio/visual stuff, this UPS switches to turn to battery backup mode in a small fraction of time as milliseconds to keep your linked devices running extended enough to store data and shut down securely lacking data loss. While all the ten NEMA 5-15R protect against instabilities, offer up to 90 minutes of UPS battery backing for a typical desktop PC and monitor for up to ten minutes of half-load (450W) backing.

The automatic voltage regulation (AVR) converts low-voltage under voltages such as 92V and high over voltages up to 150V without using battery power. EMI / RFI sound filtering improves the performance of your equipment and prevents damage. The 650-joule pressure increase rate protects your Gaming PC, from dangerous power surges. The NEMA 5-15P 6-meter cable plug connects to any NEMA 5-15R socket. The large LCD screen shows real-time input power, overload, AVR, remaining battery lifetime, and battery conditions at a glance.


ModelSmart 1500 LCDT
Load Capacity1500VA, 900W
Input Frequency 50– 60 HZ
Dimensions19.29 x 9 x 11inches
Weight27 lbs. pounds
CertificationsEnergy Star
Additional FeaturesSmartPro LCD, USB, Power alert software, and Audible alarm indicator
Battery Backup10 minutes
  • It has 10 Outlets, which makes it the most demandable product
  • Price is too low as compared to others
  • Very clean and compact design display is also clear to readout
  • It is good for Gaming PCsmost demandingUPSby the gamers
  • It has an audible sound indicator
  • The outlets at the front make uncomforted for wire connection

Tripp Lite 750VA/450W AVR  Premium low budget UPS

Tripp Lite 750VA 450W AVR

The Tripp Lite is the company that introduces the best UPS for Gaming PC comes Ultra-Compact Line Interactive UPS offers complete power protection for Gaming desktop PCs, network workstations, and a variety of electronic devices and consumers. This Gaming PC UPS turns to battery saving mode within a fraction of milliseconds to keep connected gear running without disruption or data harm during a power disaster. The automatic voltage adjustment of the Voltage Regulation / AVR maintains the smooth, continuous operation of the equipment connected between the brownouts and over voltage. Pop-up stores only offer easy protection for printers and other desktop accessories that do not require battery support. AC pressure and increased data link prevent connected mechanical damage. USB communication port supports built-in power management and automatic shutdown.

The model looks like an extension cord than the traditional UPS device. But despite its size, the UPS can still use the power of the mid-range playback with its 750VA / 450W. If you are moving something heavy, you should definitely consider the options for the most powerful purchase protector. With great power, the Ultra-Compact Tripp Lite 750VA / 450W will give you 2.4 minutes to save your game, let your colleagues know what’s going on, and turn off the PC properly. One of the main advantages of the model is its compact design. It comes with the lightest, small, and does not take up much space. However, the smallest size means fewer locations, and this model has only 6 sizes. But as with all other products in our beautiful UPS for PC gaming list, stores are equally divided between battery support and explosion protection.

The Ultra-compact Tripp Lite 750VA / 450W does not have an LCD screen but has an HID-compatible USB port that allows you to use your Gaming PC’s power management software to control UPS usage. The model includes automatic voltage control, which ensures stable input power without using battery power. When it comes to the best battery backup on Gaming PCs in this price range, most use the sine wave output during battery saving mode, and the Ultra-compact Tripp Lite 750VA / 450W is no different.


Load Capacity750VA, 450W
Input Frequency 60 HZ
Dimensions12.01 x 7.01 x 4.02inches
Weight15.3 pounds
CertificationsEnergy Star
Additional FeaturesAuto shut down features for windows
Battery Backup11 minutes
  • It comes with 12 Outlets, which is best and ideal for Gaming PCs now days
  • It has a special feature when its battery low it shows the notification at the pc
  • Because of its 750VA, it has an issue of power flicker
  • It does not come with the software feature


A lot of love goes to building a high-quality PC, and nothing can ruin that relationship any faster than a bad force. While most of us pass without a blast protector, most of us would be so upset if the brownout resets our systems during a game or other important activity. However, the UPS industry is not as good as the computer industry, and it was caught up in the unpredictability of the computer hardware that took place a few years ago. While CyberPower is the first company to launch a consumer-level UPS for Gaming PC to support high-quality hardware, there is much to be said in favor of its business competitors.

As we discuss in FAQ that the final decision depends on your preference we introduce you guys to the best in the market now it’s your choice what is your budget and what you want, for further if you talk about the range of low budget you must prefer the Triplet models which we introduce you with link follow at above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What people need a UPS for my gaming PC?

UPS may not be the first thing you think of when you buy a PC. Depending on how much you want to spend, an energy booster can show you a less expensive option. However, UPS is a worthwhile investment because you never know when a sudden loss of power outage is likely to occur.

What is the best UPS product?

There are 3 top UPS to look for when selecting the best backup for your gaming rig – Tripp Lite, Cyberpower, and APC

How many UPS do I need for my computer?

The capacity of the UPS should be based on the amount of power your PC needs and the additional equipment connected to it. We always recommend buying a UPS at a slightly higher rate than what your PC needs.

Which is better – APC or Cyberpower?

While Cyberpower may have a better reputation, both companies produce quality products. The final decision depends on your preferences and individual models.

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