Best RGB Case Fans in 2024 – ft. 120mm, 140mm & 200mm

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
Best RGB Case Fans

Building a gaming rig in 2021 can be cumbersome if you are bombarded with numerous options to look for. The key element for using the best RGB Case Fans is to provide efficiency and enough cooling system to the beast you are setting up.

“RGB Fans are like a rainbow, colorful and spectacular” ~ Anon.

The notion of installing the best RGB fans in the system surfaced when the GPUs and CPUs were blasting and bouncing off the walls. To minimize the problem manufacturers produced such cases that can harbor RGB fans. It’s like hitting two birds with a single stone. You will have an enticing look at your case, and the fans will reduce the soaring temperatures.

The below-mentioned review will allow you to draw valid and rational decisions for your gaming rig.

Let’s move in!

List of 10 Best RGB Case Fans  – Our Picks

NameDesignAir FlowFan SpeedStatic PressureNoise LevelPrice
Thermaltake Riing Trio Thermaltake-Riing-Trio41.13 CFM1500 RPM2.01mm-H2O25.2 dBABuy on Amazon
Corsair LL120 RGB Corsair-LL120-RGB43.25 CFM1500 RPM1.61 mm-H2O24.8 dBABuy on Amazon
Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200 Noctua-NF-S12B-redux-120059.2 CFM1200 RPM1.31mm-H2O18.1 dBABuy on Amazon
Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM Noctua-NF-A12x25-PWM60.1 CFM2000 RPM2.32mm-H2O22.6 dBABuy on Amazon
NZXT Aer RGB 2 NZXT-Aer-RGB-252.44 CFM1500 RPM33 dBABuy on Amazon
Cooler Master MF120R A-RGB Cooler-Master-MF120R-A-RGB59.0 CFM2000 RPM2.14mm-H2O31.0 dBABuy on Amazon
Scythe Kaze Flex 120 PWM Scythe-Kaze-Flex-120-PWM51.2 CFM1200 RPM1.05mm-H2O24.9 dBABuy on Amazon
upHere RGB upHere-RGB49.CFM1100 RPM17.6 dBABuy on Amazon
Thermaltake Riing plus 20 Thermaltake-Riing-plus-20117.96 CFM1000 RPM1.68mm-H2O29.2 dBABuy on Amazon
Cougar Hydraulic Vortex RGB Case Fan Cougar-Hydraulic-Vortex-RGB-Case-Fan43.54 CFM1500 RPM1.17mm-H2O26.0 dBABuy on Amazon

Thermaltake Riing Trio

Best Editor’s Pick RGB Case Fan

Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 RGB fan

Thermaltake is a renowned working company, providing people with top-notch accessories. You can easily get hold of high-end Thermaltake cases and PSUs. To our surprise, they also started supplying RGB fans. Thermaltake Riing Trio fans are indisputable for the performance it shows. It supplies your system with adequate Airflow, plummeting down the high temperatures.

As far as the RGB pattern and system are concerned about this product, it’s spell-bounding. You can take control of these patterns and RGB lighting with the help of a remote controller. Surprisingly, the trio pack offers three leading to gusts of winds providing freezing temperatures.

Comparatively, this product also offers a 9-pin USB connector which is different from the flagship models. This is approvable in the sense that you don’t have to mess around with the wires anymore. The 9-pin connector will outperform the 4-pin connector, giving you a user-friendly procedure for setting up the fans.

Thermaltake is also known for providing unparalleled features. One of them is the “RGB Plus Ecosystem”. This ecosystem mode allows you to sync all the RGB fans installed in your system. It’s awe-inspiring to know that you can also control the modes through an app on the phone. Simply call out “Hello Thermaltake” and the rest of the pattern and cooling system will be handled eloquently by the integrated AI software.

Not to mention, you can set up current weather scenarios on the thermal take panel. By buying this model, you can have as low as 25 dBA noise levels, which is quieter and relaxing. Believe me, these fans are worth what they cost.

  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Syncs and Razer Chroma
  • Trio RGB fans
  • Can be used with Amazon Alexa
  • Expensive

Corsair LL120 RGB

Best Runner Up RGB Case Fan

Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB fan

Do you want to live in the future? Well, in particular, Corsair LL120 RGB fans offer something similar. You can get aesthetic cyberpunk vibes by setting up these fans in your system. It’s worth mentioning that Corsair is one of the leading companies in the gaming world. There are thousands of builds you can stumble upon, and buy without giving a thought. The same is the case with these beautifully manufactured fans.

Corsair LL120 offers a wide range of patterns you can feast upon. You have the authority to control the light as per your will with the help of a controller. Practically, these fans come with an over loop system. You get around two of them for different functionality. One of them is suitable for RGB lighting and the other for rotating effects. As I said, corsair is something out of this world. They have published a unique software known as “iCUE”. This software allows you to take control of the fans externally. Simply install it over, and control the airflow, modes, patterns with just a single click.

You have the choice to either buy a pack of three fans which have the same size, or buy them individually. You can get corsair LL120 fans in two sizes only: 120mm and 140mm. So, it’s better if you check the spacing in your case before darting out to the market.

Unfortunately, the fans are a little louder compared to other flagship models. The reason is the fan’s speed of around 1500 RPM. This resolves into them being turning the blade at a faster rate. In a sense, this is a good indication for lowering the temperatures. There’s another little problem. It’s of the price tag. Corsair LL120 is brutally expensive, costing you around $120 for the set of three fans-with a corsair lighting Node pro. Verily, if you are a budget gamer, then these fans are out of your league.

Side note: “inserts angry gamer noises”

  • Exceptional Quality fans
  • Average noise levels
  • Aesthetic design and RGB
  • Expensive

Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200

Best Overall RGB Case Fan

Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200 fan

Noctua has been celebrating its decades of performance. One of their finest achievements: Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200 fans. From the look of these fans, you’ll be repelled away because of the 70’s or 80’s look. The fans are not aesthetically charged or attractive. That’s the only bummer for buying this fan, otherwise, in terms of performance and airflow, it’s top-notch.

It’s a DIY-lover fan, which means you can edit the fans as per your will. The redux fan has proportionally a greater fan base because of the exceptional lowered noise levels, with high fan speed. That’s phenomenal, believe me. Comparatively, with other Noctua models, this NF-S12B is the cheapest of them all. You can get the fans at an average buyer’s price, and still get the refined output.

If you are an RGB lunatic, then these fans are not for you. The RGB functionality is absent from these fans because of the 80’s look and design. They are suitable for normal and mediocre cases with no glass panel. I’ll be honest, if you have an on-fleek case with RGB turned on, then do not go for these fans. They might pull down the enticing look of the case. If this doesn’t bother you at all, then there shouldn’t be any afterthoughts. Go and buy this already. You can even stash them up for later purposes. Believe me, when I saw they are one of the best RGB Case fans you can get your hands on.

  • Inexpensive
  • Great performance
  • Less powerful when put against other Noctua models

Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM

Best Highest airflow RGB Case Fan

Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM fan

The next spot is taken by the same company’s fan: Noctua NF-A. It has the same khaki color, which makes it dull and anti-RGB. Yes, you can’t RGB because of the design and layout. The main purpose of the Noctua series is to provide high-end working fans and not on fleek products that will die sooner or later. The 120mm fan is a golden gem. For its size, it blows air at high turbulent speed, giving a cool tint to the case. Why? Because of all the fans, this particular model has a fan speed of 2000 RPM which is explicitly high when compared to other models in the list.

The list maxes out at 1500 RPM, but this beast of a fan has planned something else. The speed comes with a cost. No, don’t worry. The fans won’t cost you a million dollars. The only problem is the noise levels. At such a high speed, the fans tend to produce aggressive squealing voices and it’s understandable. If you have zero issues regarding noise levels (22.6 dBA), then Noctua NF-A is just made for you.

Surprisingly, it surpassed its rivals such as cooler master and corsair in terms of noise levels and speed. This is astonishing. Here’s the plot twist. You can turn down the speed and when tested on rigs, this is the same fan that can run quieter compared to other flagship models. Yes, if you plan to tune down the RPM to below 1000, you will get a serene and tranquil environment in which you can bask in.

In short, the features like speed control, y-splitter cable, and a few bunches of rubber vibration dampers live up to the legacy. If you are an average PC gamer looking for running variable fan curves, then Noctua NF-A should be your bet.

  • A plethora of value-added accessories
  • Highest speed fans available
  • Unattractive colors
  • A little expensive for the price it comes with (no LEDs)


Best Attractive RGB Case Fan


NZXT is known for manufacturing enthralling products. Aer RGB 2 is one of them. The company is one of the marginalized groups that don’t receive appreciation. Believe me, when I say they are climbing the ladders to success. This particular model is another beast you can get your hands on if looking forward to cooling your PC. There’s only one thing that might come off as distractive: Noise levels. The fan has a sleek and enticing design that can run RGB perfectly. But the problem is that even on the lowest possible setting for the fan, it runs louder.

Unlike the corsair LL2 series, the fans have a discrete outer loop for glowing RGB. This tends to make the fun run RGB at a beautifully attractive rate. This also results in the loop shining the light backward, illuminating the case from 360 degrees. It also comes with a dedicated controller and hub on which you can connect the RGB switches. It’s because not many motherboards harbor RGB header slots.

  • Attractive
  • DIY possibility
  • Runs louder on low settings
  • Fans are expensive

Cooler Master MF120R A-RGB

Best Affordable RGB Case Fan

Cooler Master MF120R ARGB 120mm Fan

Don’t worry, I know the Cooler master is expensive, and it’s just because of the ultimate properties and features they sell with the product. But here’s a surprising thing, cooler master MF120R A-RGB is not expensive at all. It’s a budget-friendly fan that can be simply installed in your fans without paying a toll on your pocket.

Comparatively, MF120R’s design is duller than the Corsair LL2 series because of the makeshift in the ring pattern. The outer loop is faded and occupies most of the light, leading to less excretion outside the ring. But in terms of providing airflow, it’s one of the best you can get your hands on. You can get these fans at a low price of maybe $22 and it varies from vendor to vendor. So, for that, you need to do your part of the research.

So, here’s a turndown. They run louder. They have a stipulated value of 31.0 dBA which is comparatively higher than other flagship models. If you are completely fine with jets running in your system, then there’s no problem in getting the fans. The speed range can rise to 2000 RPM which is pretty high for a low-cost fan. I would like to break it to you, that please don’t use the fans at 2000 RPM because of the excruciatingly painful noise. You should tune down the speed to a maximum of 1500 RPM to protect your cute little eardrums. No one loves going deaf at such a young age.

  • Affordable
  • High airflow rate
  • Runs louder
  • Dull RGB patterns

Scythe Kaze Flex 120 PWM

Best Durable RGB Case Fan

Scythe Kaze Flex 120mm fan

If you are into flashy packages and love to be flamboyant to your friends, then scythe Kaze Flex might not be your shot. These fans come in low-end packaging, giving the impression that they came from a very low-class company. But, wait a minute. There’s a saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Scythe models are many folds better than the contemporary flagship models. The part of the problem is the dull and outdated design and that shouldn’t be the problem at all. You are concerned with the cooling system, and not drooling over the flashy and attractive looks.

Scythe Kaze Flex runs amazingly at 1200 RPM. The outstanding static pressure and CFM make the fan run incredibly faster. The blades of the fans are uniquely designed giving them an edge over the corsair and cooler master models. As far as the noise levels are concerned, they are negligible when the fan’s running on default settings. It can easily touch 1600 RPM without causing havoc and chaos in the system. But here’s a problem. You don’t get RGB with the fans. That’s something to take note of. Otherwise, it’s a 10/10 fan.

If you are looking forward to having a budget-friendly fan, then Scythe Kaze Flex should be your first resort.

  • Durable cables
  • Inexpensive
  • Relatively noisy on higher RPM levels

upHere RGB

Best Budget RGB Case Fan

upHere rgb fan

Is it a new company on the market? Well, maybe. But that shouldn’t stop you from searching for a good model. You should never go for names. There are plenty of models that are of top-notch quality and still coming from non-reputable companies. Well, up Here RGB offers a wide array of features that include the controllability of fans and RGB lighting. These 120mm fans produce 17.6 dBA noise levels at full speed. That is quite a grandeur. These fans also ensure that your system gets adequate air and enough static pressure to prolong the lifespan of the components.

Sadly, you can’t control the fans from third-party software but still get a controller to remotely control the patterns as per your will. Fascinatingly, it sues a hydraulic bearing which makes the fans look attractive and enticing.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Low noise levels
  • Pack of 5 fans for such a low cost
  • Average quality fans
  • Lack of animated aura
  • Variable CFM (unknown)

Thermaltake Riing plus 20 

Best 200mm RGB Case Fan

Thermaltake Riing Plus 20 RGB fan

Here’s to other Thermaltake fans in the list of best RGB case fans. It’s not at all suspicious. Believe me, Thermaltake fans are out of this world. That is the sole reason for another product to take the 9th spot on the list. There’s a little difference when this product is compared with other models on the list. It’s humongous with a size of 200mm.

Warning: “don’t buy these fans unless your case supports 200mm fans inside”

Since these fans are huge, this means one thing. A perfect airflow system. The fan blades are comparatively longer which helps in generating high-pressure air and pulls and pushes the air vice versa to give a breezing environment to the components. It offers a CFM of 117 which is the highest in the above-mentioned list. The only reason for taking the 9th spot is the size of the fans. Not every case can inhabit such fans.

Surprisingly, you also get a fan controller through which you can control the RGB pattern, mode, and speed of the fans. It also comes with a hydraulic bearing that helps in reducing the friction between the blades of the fans. In turn, this enhances the thermal dissipation efficiency of the fans.

Additionally, you can install third-party software that helps you in tweaking the various options for the fans. Be omniscient and take over the vibrant fans.

Last but not the least, the colorful RGB is a deal you can only get with these fans. The illumination is topping all the competitors.

  • Quitter regardless of the humongous size
  • Can be purchased with a controller
  • Spell-bounding design
  • Striking airflow
  • Expensive

Cougar Hydraulic Vortex RGB Case Fan

Best Compatible RGB Case Fan

Cougar Hydraulic Vortex RGB fan

Cougar Hydraulic Vortex RGB Case Fan takes a new approach for display. Rather than using an in-built lighting function that flips with fans, it went with ring-shaped lights. These discrete loops are placed outside the fan and glow individually. That might come off as weird, because the fans will not be displaying the lights, but the rings outside the fans.

You can address around 18 RGB patterns with the help of a remote controller. Not to mention, you can also install software to allow the fans to stay in sync forever. These fans come with a package that includes around 3 fans. The price is pretty much lower than the existing flagship model, hence making the product take the last spot on the list of best RGB case fans.

The fans also support Aura Sync, MSI Mystic light sync, RGB Fusion, and Polychrome sync. Surprisingly, the fan produces only 16 dBA noise levels, which is exceptionally lower than other contemporary models. Go and buy it already!

  • Quitter regardless of the humongous size
  • Controller
  • On-fleek rings
  • Synching compatibility
  • Sometimes rings can malfunction

Key Factors in determining the suitable RGB component

Best RGB Case Fans and Overclocking relation

You can also get your hands on the best pc case fans to provide effective airflow to the system. The overclocked components tend to run higher in temperature, because of the boosted frequency. More power is dissipated which can comprise the ambiance of the system. These RGB fans can promote adequate internal pressure and act as a savior to your components. The exhaust mode can squeeze out the warm air from the temperature to the surrounding.

On the other hand, these RGB case fans can also act as an intake, providing a gust of cool air to the components.

Types of Fans

The interrogative part is yet to come, but before you utilize your precious time in digging the best RGB fans for your case, you need to be aware of the types of fans. For that, what you have to do is postmortem your case and find out what size of the fans the case can fit in. It’s common to find 50mm, 70mm, 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm size fans. The sizes differ from case to case, and to make sure that you don’t end up buying the wrong-sized fans, you should take your time in investigating.

Airflow System

When buying the fans, the key point is to develop a sight for the airflow system. For the system to prosper, it’s vital to get a proper value for CFM (cubic feet per minute). This value indicates the amount of wind your system will be getting.

Noise Levels

There are two types of fans: Silent and Non-Silent. Their functionality is poles apart. The reason for creating dual-operational fans is to cater to a wider audience. If the fans are silent with low noise levels, they will be using a passive-cooling mode, which results in less reduction of the ambient temperature. On the contrary, if the noise levels are excruciatingly high, then expect temperatures to decrease exponentially.

Normally, the noise level range is from 10 dB to 36 dB. Well, personal preferences step in and vary from person to person. When we talk about gamers, they prefer lower noise levels.

Static Pressure Fans

It has been recorded that static pressure fans tend to produce aggressive wind patterns. In a sense, this is favorable because as long as the radiator and heat sinks are getting ample air to stay below the threshold temperature, it’s completely fine.

Investigating the ancient fans

It’s worth noting that, even if you are aware of all the information regarding RGB, you must replace the fans every year or so. The reason is that the dust particles accumulate themselves and shorten the lifespan of the fans.

Not to mention, the negative static pressure which reverses the positive static pressure can do more harm than good to the components. The negative pressure creates a void that can suffocate the components inside the case.

You can also troubleshoot the existing fans by checking the air pressure and the cooling department. Use third-party software to note the temperature on stress and idle levels.

In short, change your fans already!

Compatibility requirements

The fans come with a variety of slots and plugs. Generally, you’ll either get a 5 Volts 3-pin RGB header or a 12 Volts 4-pin RGB header. The intricacies start from here onwards. Firstly, you will have to make sure that you plug in the right header on the correct slot. The interchanging of pins can inherently damage the fans. Bear this in mind.

Here a little walkthrough to the cables that come with the RGB Fans:

  1. 3-pin connectors: If your fan inherits a 3 pin-connector, then keep in mind that you can’t control the fans externally. You will have to tweak the BIOS (option available on a few motherboards) to change the speed of the fan.
  2. 4-pin connectors: You have full access to control the RGB lighting, fan speeds, and the mode they run on.
  3. Molex: If you are plugging your fans with the Molex, then bear in mind you don’t have the option to have access to any controlling options. The fans will run at full speed because they are being powered through a PSU.

The Concluding Advise

Your foremost thoughts will be to go for the cheapest of them all. But keep in mind, only get the fans that have the compatibility to run for a longer period. You don’t want your fans to die out of nowhere. Before buying the fans, you have to keep in mind that noise levels and static pressure are the key elements to finding the best RGB case fans. Keeping this in mind, I would like to propose to you to go for either Thermaltake Riing trio or the Thermaltake Riing Plus 20.

The reason for selecting these two fans for you is nothing but outstanding performance provided by these exceptional budget-friendly fans. As long as your PC remains cool and functions longer, then there’s no problem in buying the Thermaltake fans.

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

The acronym RGB stands for Red, Blue, Green. They are the primary colors that make other secondary (complimentary) colors. You can have multiple colors shining out of the case if you have RGB fans.

Let’s say the letter “A” stands for asynchronous. The RGB fans will be out of sync, producing dedicated and unique colors for every passing second.

Static pressure, Airflow, CFM, and noise levels should be researched before buying the fans. If all of the mentioned key elements are within the threshold, you can root for those fans.

ARGB fans can tune themselves automatically to provide you with a rainbow effect. So, you don’t have to worry about it.


Hey, I’m Muhammad Bilal. I’m a tech fanatic (also read: Gamer), who loves scrutinizing fine details. I aim to strive hard in my respective fields (as a writer and software programmer). Before pursuing my majors in a university (right now in A-levels), I want to spend time exploring and reviewing the latest technology.

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