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Furqan Shahid
Furqan Shahid
Best Pink Laptop

As the world has moved towards a more progressive stance and continues to do so, we are seeing more and more products that are in different colors, this allows the user to actually go away from the black, gray, or white color scheme and actually buy something that looks different, and well, fun, at the same time. There is no shortage of good laptops available in the market.

However, if you want to buy the best pink laptop or the best rose gold laptop, you might not be so lucky because there is a lack of these colors being easily available. But do not worry, we have spent a long, long time trying to find all the laptops that you can look into just so you can have the experience you want, to be honest.

The purpose of this roundup is to find all the laptops that fall into the pink or rose gold category so you do not have to worry about not having the experience you want.

Reviewing the Best Pink Laptops/Rose Gold

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The purpose of this entire round up is super simple, to be honest. We just want to look at the best pink or rose gold laptops that are available in the market. However, before I proceed with the roundup, I do have to mention that there are not a lot of offerings in the market with such a color scheme, therefore, the list is going to be on the smaller side, but don’t worry, we will try to add as many laptops as we can find for your convenience.

Our Top Pick
Razer Book 13

Razer Book 13

Editor’s Choice


  • CPU: Intel Core i7-1135G7 / 1165G7
  • Graphics: Intel Xe (iGPU)
  • RAM: 8/16GB
  • Storage: 256GB – 1TB SSD
  • Screen Size: 13.4”
  • Max Refresh Rate: 60Hz

We are all aware of the fact that Razer has always been one of the top brands when you are talking about computer peripherals. However, over the past couple of years, the company has extended its lineup to add more devices like gaming computers as well as laptops. Their Blade lineup of laptops is something that has taken the market by storm and for all the right reasons as you are getting a fantastic product with excellent performance. This is where the Razer Book 13 comes into play.

If you look at the specs, you can tell that Razer didn’t make this laptop for gamers, as a matter of fact, it is only using the Intel Xe GPU instead of something from AMD or Nvidia, for that matter, and honestly, that’s fine. Why? Because this laptop is made for productivity and media consumption and the uses that you are getting out of the laptop are more than enough.

Razer has made sure that everything about this laptop is up to the mark and the moment I turned it on, I fell in love with the display of this laptop as it is one of the most beautiful screens that you will get to enjoy. Punchy colors, great contrast, absolutely beautiful sharpness, and great brightness, too. If you want to buy this laptop so you can edit your photos or watch some movies, this is the laptop to go for.

The design of this laptop is also excellent, it feels solid and premium in hand and the thin bezels are absolutely amazing. That added with an excellent build quality and you have got yourself a recipe of success that is not going to let you or anyone else down.

The battery life and keyboard is another strong point about this laptop and I am honestly surprised by how good the speakers are on it, so you can easily listen to your favorite music, too.

Honestly, the Razer Book 13 is a near-perfect Windows laptop that allows you to do almost everything there is. If only you had higher storage offerings too, it would have been the best. 

Overall, the Razer Book 13 surprised me more than I thought it would; despite not being a gaming laptop, it is built like one, wherein, everything from the build quality, to the design, and other aspects of the laptop scream quality and dedication. If you are looking for a laptop that is great for creativity, with identical build and feel as a MacBook but with Windows, this is a great laptop that gets the job done.

  • Has amazing color reproduction.
  • The peak brightness and contrast remain amazing.
  • Thin bezels with gorgeous displays.
  • Excellent keyboard and trackpad.
  • Top-notch battery life.
  • Could use higher storage models.



Runner Up


  • CPU: Intel Core i7-10710U
  • Graphics: Intel UHD
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Screen Size: 13.3”
  • Max Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Dell as a company is known for having some of the best laptops, they have a wide range of offerings going from the standard Dell laptops as well as XPS offerings, and their gaming lineup that is sold under the Alienware branding. It should not come as a surprise that if you are looking for good laptops, Dell is the company to go for. However, the DELL XPS 7390 is something that is a good thing for those who are looking for a rose gold laptop.

I do understand that in terms of the specs, you might be surprised that I am featuring an older generation laptop but trust me, finding pink or rose gold laptops is rather difficult and you are not always inclined to find what you are looking for. However, that absolutely does not mean that the options that are available in the market are not good enough and the DELL XPS 7390 is lacking in terms of the overall specs.

Still, you are looking at a great laptop as the XPS returns and sits well on the legacy it created years ago. What I am saying here is that in case you find yourself looking for a laptop that offers great performance and feels great in hand, too. Then this is the laptop to go for.

I have always loved the XPS lineup of laptops all because of how premium and good they feel and this one is no different. From the moment you take them out of the box to the moment you set it up, every aspect of this laptop is brilliantly executed with high quality materials, and top-notch design language that is coherent, as well as seamless.

The 4K display on it is one of my favorite things as it makes the whole idea of content consumption and productivity even better. Sure, Windows does run into some scaling issues with 4K resolution but it never reaches a point where one would call it overbearing.

Dell has done an excellent job with the whole battery life, as well as you are going to get an impressive battery life despite the fact that the display is 4K. If you want to take this laptop out for a spin, I can assure you that it is not going to let you down in terms of how good the battery life is.

The keyboard and the trackpad are also two solid points of this laptop, and if you are looking to get some word processing done, this laptop will allow you to do it with ease.

I do not really find myself running into issues with this laptop but I would mention that it is running an older chipset, and if that is not a problem for you, then you should go right ahead with this purchase.

Overall, the DELL XPS 7390 is definitely the laptop to go for if you are in search of a great overall performance and price, too. You want the best rose gold laptop? This is going to deliver the performance on every front without disappointing anyone, to say the least.

  • One of the best build qualities.
  • Great overall looks and design.
  • Solid component choices.
  • Beautiful display.
  • Great trackpad and keyboard.
  • Stellar battery life.
  • Uses a slightly old chipset.

MSI Prestige Pink 14

MSI Prestige Pink 14

Best Pink Laptop for Gaming


  • CPU: Intel Core i7-1185G7
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Screen Size: 14”
  • Max Refresh Rate: 60Hz

There is no way to deny that MSI has some excellent offerings in the market and the best part is that you can even go for their gaming computers, peripherals, and other tech that they have been selling for years now. However, if you are looking for, or interested in their laptops, you would be happy to know that the company has solidified itself as one of the best brands when you are talking about laptops. I’m talking about both gaming and non-gaming laptops, ensuring that the experience you get is great. This is where the MSI Prestige Pink 14 comes into play.

Now, in terms of the specs, you can easily say that the MSI Prestige Pink 14 is not going to hold back. Sure, it is not a beast that is made for gaming but the performance that it does deliver is more than satisfactory and if you have been looking for a good laptop that is not going to cost you a lot of money and is also pink, then this is a good buy.

Now, of course, the GPU here is the star of the show, the Nvidia GTX 1650 might look like an odd choice but considering the price you are paying for this GPU, I doubt that you are buying into something that is not good. For those wondering, below are some performance numbers that you can expect in the games, so in most of the cases, you should be more than good to go.

  • Hunt Showdown: 45 frames per second.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2: 40.1 frames per second.
  • Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: 40.3 frames per second.
  • Borderlands 3: 50.5 frames per second.
  • Control: 36.1 frames per second.

Now, the most important part that you must know here is that these scores are based on all the games running on medium settings with FHD+ resolution. You can further get improved performance by tinkering with the settings and even dropping down the resolution. 

Needless to say, if I am to use the MSI Prestige Pink 14 for gaming, I can easily say that for casual gaming, you are looking at a home run that is not going to disappoint you.

The screen is another thing that I do like as it offers near 100% sRGB support along with 75% of Adobe RGB space, which is suitable for most of the color-accurate work. However, the screen is not bright as it only offers 282 nits of brightness, which is on the dimmer side.

Honestly, the MSI Prestige Pink took me by surprise, I was not expecting this laptop to be this good in terms of anything but I have been thoroughly pleased. Sure, might not be for everyone but hey, you are getting a laptop that does deliver great performance. The only issue here is the brightness of the screen and that is about it.

In short, the MSI Prestige 14 is all work and some play, too. Thanks to a dedicated GPU and a pink splash of color that makes the laptop look good.

  • Offers pretty good color reproduction.
  • The Nvidia GTX 1650 works really well for casual gaming.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Good specs.
  • The screen is on the dimmer side.

HP Stream 14

HP Stream 14

Best Pink Laptop for Students


  • CPU: Intel Celeron N4020
  • Graphics: Intel UHD 600
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64GB eMMC
  • Screen Size: 14”
  • Max Refresh Rate: 60Hz

HP has some amazing laptops in the market and the best part is that every now and then you might want to get something that is not going to cost you a lot of money and there is nothing wrong with it. We all have different needs and saving money is something that a lot of people go through. Additionally, you do not always need a high-end laptop. For instance, a student would need a laptop that does work really well rather than being very expensive. This is where the HP Stream 14 comes into play.

I mean, you can tell just by looking at the specs alone that the Stream 14 is not here to win any awards and honestly, there is nothing wrong with it. As I have mentioned before, some of us are just looking for a good performing laptop that does deliver a good experience without costing a lot of money, either.

Now, there are some key selling points for the HP Stream 14, and the first one is that if you are in search of an inexpensive, large-screen Windows-powered laptop, then this is right up your alley because it is just that and more. 

I would be honest with you, I was not expecting much due to the inexpensive nature of this laptop but after using it for some time I had a realization just how good this laptop actually is because you are spending money on this and the best part is that it is not really going to create any issues for you.

For starters, the overall build quality for the price is decent, to say the least. I mean, even though it is made almost entirely out of plastic, it still is good and does not feel like it is going to break in your hands. You are also getting a pretty reasonable sound quality, especially when you look at the price of this laptop, something that I can guarantee you, is going to make you want this laptop.

However, my favorite thing about this laptop is that it comes with one year of Microsoft 365, so all your productivity needs are catered to out of the box.

Now, while the laptop itself is good and cheap, that does not mean that you can get all the benefits. For starters, the laptop has low storage, and that might not be enough for a lot of people. The display is average, and the keyboard can be noisy.

Overall, the HP Stream 14 is the laptop to go for if you are not looking to spend a lot of money. If you are a school or college-going student, then this serves as an excellent offering that will get almost all the jobs done and will not slow you down in any case. You want a good laptop for your kids but do not want to splurge? This is where to go.

  • Pretty affordable for a Windows laptop.
  • Decent build quality.
  • Sound quality is actually not bad.
  • You get one year of Microsoft 365.
  • The keyboard is on the noisier side.
  • The display is subpar at best.
  • Not enough storage.

Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air

Best Rose Gold Pink Laptop


  • CPU: Apple M1.
  • Graphics: 7-Core GPU
  • RAM: 8GB RAM
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Screen Size: 13.3”
  • Max Refresh Rate: 60Hz

We are finally on the last product of our list and trust me, this one is special simply because it is one of the fastest laptops available in the market. Not only that, if you are looking for the most stunning interpretation of rose gold, this is it. After Apple announced the M1 chip, the laptop market was more or less redefined because we now had access to one of the fastest chips and it was not even that expensive, to begin with. Sure, people had doubts but after a while, those were cleared when Apple shared the performance numbers. In comes the Apple MacBook Air, one of the more affordable MacBooks with stellar performance thanks to the M1 chip.

Now, you can tell by just looking at the specs that this laptop is not built for number crunching. However, that is not something that Apple intended for it, either. Apple wanted to give consumers a choice to get an affordable laptop but with stellar performance that would put the competition to shame, as well as some of the higher end offerings. So, if you have been in the market looking at a laptop that does perform really well and has a lot of offerings, this is it.

I don’t think this should come as a surprise to anyone but the Apple MacBook Air is one of the fastest laptops I have tested in terms of the overall performance. Every app and task that I threw at this laptop was handled like a champion and there were barely any discrepancies that came in the way of how good the performance on this laptop was.

The M1 chip is insanely fast, and while you might be a bit put off by the fact that it is relatively new, the good new is that Apple is hard at work when you are talking about adding support for new and old apps, so you do not really have to be in a situation where you might not get the desired results.

Another great thing that Apple has done with the M1 MacBook Air is optimizing the chip to an extent that the battery life is no fuss at all. For those who are not sure what I am saying here, the battery on this MacBook can go as high as 14-hour and if that is not an impressive number, I don’t know what is. You can even go ahead and get a better battery if you tweak some settings based on your requirements but the bottom line here is that you are not going to be let down by how good the battery is.

Apple’s Magic Keyboard makes a return and it is one of the most comfortable keyboards I have used on a laptop. Sure, it is not as good as a dedicated mechanical keyboard but for a notebook keyboard, it is excellent.

Last but not the least, Apple has also improved the webcam, so you are not really being left out in terms of the video calling.

As far as the downsides are concerned, the Apple MacBook Air checks most of the boxes in good points, to be honest. However, I would mention that for a modern laptop, you are looking at thicker bezels and in tradition Apple fashion, the MacBook Air is also lighter on ports, so that is one thing that you have to keep in mind.

Overall, I would say that it is safe to believe that Apple more or less redefined the laptop market with the M1 chip. I was not expecting this level of performance but after just a few days of using this laptop I cannot really go back. If you want the best rose gold laptop that is not running Windows, then buying the Apple MacBook Air is the smartest thing you can do and that too, without any regrets.

  • Top-notch performance without breaking a sweat.
  • Amazing support for legacy apps.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • The Magic Keyboard is comfortable.
  • Good webcam.
  • Bezels slightly on the thicker side.
  • Not a lot of ports.


As a consumer, I do understand the frustration that most people face when they are in the market searching for a laptop or any device in a specific color and they fail to do so. I also understand that there are a lot of people who are going to say how a color never really matters and it is true. However, there are people out there who want to be sure that if they are buying something, anything, the color is something that speaks to them as much as the design.

That is why we understand the lack of pink or rose gold laptops in the market and the frustration that comes with it. Therefore, this whole round up focuses on making sure that those who are looking for the best pink or the best rose gold laptop without having to go through a lot of issues can easily find what they are looking for and something that actually delivers good performance, too. That way, at the end of the day, you will not have any issues finding the laptop you want.

We curated this list by looking at the best pink laptops to bring you all the products that we stand by.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Even though not as common, pink laptops have started to become a norm in the modern day and age with more and more companies exploring this colorway.

If you want to get your hands on a Dell laptop in pink color, the company does sell a few under their Inspiron lineup.

A lot of laptops in the market are available in a variety of colors, including rose gold, pink, black, white, and even blue.

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