Best Motherboards for i9 10900K in 2024

Furqan Shahid
Furqan Shahid
Best Motherboards for Intel Core i9-10900K

There is no over to overlook fact that Intel Core i9 10900K is one of the most powerful CPUs available at the time of writing. For those who are building a new PC or for those who are upgrading from an old one, getting your hands on this CPU is the right thing to do. Of course, you will also need a good motherboard to go with Core i9 10900K.

That is where we are going to come and help you. You see, we have prepared a list of the best motherboards for Intel Core i9 10900K because it is a great CPU with great demands. The best part is that all the motherboards have full support for overclocking along with your traditional features like RGB.

This means that you are not leaving out any feature here. If you want the definitive building experience, you can just pick a motherboard from this list and get started with it and the motherboard is going to do wonders for you in that regard.

So, without digressing any further, let’s look at the list, as always, we have kept it short and simple, so you do not need to worry about buying something not good enough.

List of 5 Best Motherboards for i9 10900K

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MSI MEG Z490 Godlike

MSI MEG Z490 Godlike

MSI has really upped their games as far as their motherboards and other offerings are concerned and are now considered to be one of the top brands when you are discussing gaming components, and motherboard that we are looking at serves a testament that the company is willing to go to provide consumers with what they are looking for.

The MSI MEG Z490 Godlike is the flagship motherboard from the company and the best part is that it is every bit as good as you would want in a motherboard and then some. True, some of the enthusiast-grade features may get lost on those who don’t plan on doing much with this motherboard but aside from that, you are getting the whole package.

Now the good thing is that this motherboard delivers a strong feature set including an OLED display panel that is right on the motherboard that will help you get some extra features and readings. The BIOS itself is super-stable and very, very easy to use. This means that you are not putting yourself at risk trying to understand what is what.

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The fast 10 Gbit LAN is excellent for anyone who has internet connectivity fast enough and the bundled M.2 expansion card allows you to add more M.2 drives without having to worry about anything. The rear I/O of this motherboard is where it truly shines as you are getting access to twin Thunderbolt 3 ports along with a heap of other connectivity options.

With so much good to look at in this motherboard, my only complaint here is that the larger ATX size might cause some installation concerns for entry-level cases, and that is about it.

Overall, it is safe to say that if you are looking for a no-compromises motherboard, getting your hands on the MSI MEG Z490 Godlike makes a lot of sense than you might think. True, the motherboard will not be suitable for anyone who is not looking for all the features that this motherboard has to offer but if you are looking for something that will last you a long time and offer great stability, this is the one that you should be going for.

  • Brings a lot of features.
  • There is a very convenient online OLED display panel.
  • The BIOS remains stable and is easy to use.
  • You are getting fast 10Gbit LAN connection.
  • The bundled M.2 expansion card is great to have.
  • The rear I/O panel works wonders.
  • The motherboard might have some clearance issues in smaller cases.

MSI MEG Z490 Unify

MSI MEG Z490 Unify

If you are not looking to spend all your savings one expensive motherboard, there is no much to worry about as MSI has got you covered still. Much like other companies in the market, MSI does happen to have a lot of options ranging from different budgets.

The MSI MEG Z490 Unify is a simpler option that does not cost a lot of money but still has some features that a lot of people would like. Granted, it is not as feature-packed as the bigger brothers, but considering the price drop on this motherboard, you are looking at an absolute bargain.

For starters, you are getting your hands on a minimalistic, dark PCB for those who are looking for that. The overall build quality of this motherboard is one of the best and will not let you down. The VRMs are actively cooled, and the power delivery design goes as high as 17 phases, which allow for plenty of stability.

The overall feature set is also excellent, and MSI has also added support for onboard Wi-Fi 6, so you are covered if you are looking for a proper featured experience. Another great thing that we don’t see very often is that MSI has added separate front and rear end audio chips which allow for solid, uncompromised audio from the front panel header or the back one.

The minimalistic dark PCB design means that there are no onboard RGB LEDs which might be a polarizing factor when making a decision, and the top ports on this motherboard can be a bit tricky to access when you have this motherboard installed.

Overall, I would say that the MSI MEG Z490 Unify is something that you should be on your list if you are trying to narrow down good motherboards. If you want something that looks simple but runs with great stability, this great motherboard simply can do that for you.

Sure, the lack of RGB might be something that some people may have issues with but it does not come in the way of the performance at all.

  • The minimalistic, dark PCB looks excellent.
  • The build quality remains sturdy.
  • Actively cooled VRMs perform with great stability.
  • 17-phase power design.
  • Great set of features including on-board Wi-Fi 6.
  • Separate front and rear panel audio chips.
  • The lack of RGB might not be for everyone.
  • Connectors on top of the motherboard are difficult to access once it is installed.

Asus ROG Maximus XII Apex

Asus ROG Maximus XII Apex

There is no way to overlook the fact that Asus has had a long and successful career in terms of giving us some of the finest PC components. Everything ranging from entry-level to enthusiast-grade is available with Asus and although there is a premium here and there at times, you know that you are getting a definitive experience every time you buy into the ecosystem.

With that said, the Asus ROG Maximus XII Apex is one of the best motherboards for Intel Core i9 10900K, and that too, for several reasons. For starters, this motherboard is going to offer you great performance through and through for several reasons. It is made for those who want to overclock and has uncompromising methods to achieve that.

It comes with one of the best VRMs that are capable of 70 amperes, and the overall styling is one of the best that we have seen on any motherboard. Not just that, you are getting 10 USB ports and 8 SATA ports for those who want the absolute best of connectivity. You are also getting access to 2.5 GbE and integrated Wi-Fi.

There is one downside that might not concern most people but if you are an enthusiast who wants to have the best of every world, it might be a letdown. The motherboard only has support for a maximum of 64GB RAM, since there are only two RAM slots on this motherboard. Asus decided to cut down on that to ensure that more focus can be on the overclocking features of this motherboard as well as stability.

Overall, if you are looking for a solid performer and you want something that you can use to push your CPU to the limits, the Asus ROG Maximus XII Apex is the motherboard of choice that you should be going for. It is not going to let you down in any case, and the performance is excellent in every single way. Sure, the lack of 2 additional RAM slots might be a disappointment for some but overall, it should not come in the way of how this motherboard is going to perform.

  • It is one of the best-looking motherboards in the market.
  • The premium 70A VRMs are excellent for stable overclocking.
  • Solid I/O with 10 USB ports and 8 SATA ports.
  • Fast wireless connectivity.
  • You are only getting 2 RAM slots.

ASUS TUF Gaming Z490 Plus

ASUS TUF Gaming Z490 Plus

Over the past couple of years, Asus has managed to create some of the finest motherboards that are available in the market and the best part is that if you are looking for something that is good and delivers solid performance, Asus has you covered in every possible way.

The Asus TUF series of motherboards is excellent from a budget perspective, but at the same time, manages to deliver some of the best price-to-performance ratios and overall great performance as well.

The motherboard focuses on value but at the same time, does deliver good design and excellent build quality along it. You are also getting a great audio chip inside, and the Intel-powered 2.5G LAN is great to have. You are also getting Wi-Fi 6 support out of the box, and there are two M.2 slots for added expandability for those who want access to it.

In addition to that, there are 2 RGB headers with 1 ARGB header. The Thunderbolt 3 header is great as well, and Asus has made sure that this motherboard is competitively priced because after all, it does deliver excellent value for your money.

There is nothing about this motherboard that makes me wonder if there are better options at the same price. It delivers everything an enthusiast would need. However, you have to keep in mind that it does not support the faster Gen4 of PCI-Express, so it is better that you are aware of that.

Overall, the ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-Plus is a great offering for anyone who is on budget and does not want to spend a lot of money on getting half the features that they are not going to use. The features that you get in this motherboard are more than enough and will deliver excellent value for money, too.  

True, the motherboard may not be shipping with some of the more advanced features but it is not a problem since everything one would normally need is already available on this motherboard and the performance remains as stable as it could get.

  • You are getting one of the best designs.
  • The build quality is excellent.
  • Quality audio chips for an excellent performance.
  • Intel 2.5G LAN.
  • Wi-Fi 6 support.
  • Dual M.2 slots.
  • Plenty of headers including 2x RGB and 1x ARGB.
  • Thunderbolt 3 header.
  • Great pricing.
  • Does not have support for PCI-E Gen4.

Gigabyte Z490 Vision G

Gigabyte Z490 Vision G

We are finally looking at the last motherboard on our list of Best Motherboards for i9 10900K and this time we are looking at something from Gigabyte. After all, the company is known for providing us with some of the best motherboards and other similar components, so it is only fair that we are adding them to our list. Plus, this particular motherboard has been on my list for some time now.

Gigabyte proudly talks about how this motherboard is catered towards gamers but that does not mean that we cannot review it, right? Well, the Gigabyte Z490 Vision G is the one that we are looking at, but if you want a slightly different color scheme, you are also getting the Vision D. But for now, let’s just look at the Vision G.

For starters, the first thing that caught my attention was the fact that this is loaded with USB ports. I always believed in not needing this many USB ports on a motherboard until I ran out of them on my PC. So, yes, 10 is ample for a lot of people. The power delivery is great, as well. This should allow you to overclock your 10900K to good clocks.

The motherboard also brings support for the 2.5G LAN, which is excellent and while it is not as fast as 10G LAN, not a lot of people are going to have internet that is fast enough. Last but not the least, you are also getting Thunderbolt 3 support.

If for some reason, you decide to go with the Gigabyte Z490 Vision D, you will also get support for AX200 Wi-Fi, which is not something that Vision G has. But the rest of the features are the same, so you are not being left out.

My only concern here is that if you are spending on a motherboard with a good emphasis on how it looks, then this might be a polarizing situation for you as the looks are not going to be for everyone and that is one thing that might sway your decision elsewhere.

Overall, I would say that the Gigabyte Z490 Vision G is the motherboard that you should be investing in if it fits your budget. It does not matter if you are a creator or not, the motherboard is excellent in every single way, to be honest. Especially the Vision G, if you are talking about a white aesthetic.

  • Plenty of USB ports.
  • Great power delivery.
  • The audio codec is excellent.
  • Access to 2.5G LAN.
  • Vision D coms with AX200 Wi-Fi.
  • Support for Thunderbolt 3.
  • The looks can be polarizing for some buyers.

Final Word

Buying a new motherboard is perhaps one of the easiest things if you know what you are doing or what you are looking for, in the market. However, the same cannot be said for everyone, I still remember the time when I bought my first motherboard and the overall process of getting my hands on it was not an easy one.

However, after spending some time buying new motherboards I finally figured out how to do it and when to do it. Therefore, it allowed me to get my hands on the best possible motherboards every single time I had to get my hands on a new one or had to build a PC for a friend. With this list, we aim to help you out choosing the best option that is available for your Core i9 10900K. These motherboards have been tried and tested, and will deliver great performance and stability; two of the most important things any PC builder needs.


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