Best Monitors for RTX 2070 Super in 2024

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
Best Monitors for RTX 2070 Super

Every day hundreds of buyers ignore the compatibility and trade off their savings to only settle for something below the threshold. Why would you buy a 1080P monitor when you are blessed with an RTX 2070 Super? Does that make sense? No, because the best monitors for RTX 2070 super exist, and that’s what you should root for considering the price margin.

The 20-series RTX is able to propel settings at a much higher frequency considering the incorporated Ray-tracing module. When you buy a low-end monitor, then you are just curbing your GPUs performance. That’s why today, we will talk about the best monitors for RTX 2070 Super. So, hang on, and buckle up for this adventure ride to the realm of 4k monitors!

List of 9 Best Monitors for RTX 2070 Super

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Best performative monitor Buy on Amazon
Best beast monitor Buy on Amazon
Best curved monitor Buy on Amazon
Best Ultra-wide Monitor Buy on Amazon
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Best Versatile Monitor

BenQ SW271 27 Inch 4K HDR

The number one position is blissfully taken by the BenQ SW271 27-inch monitor, which talks about being efficient and highly versatile. Although it’s shaped, which is a black hood, it is there to allow you to concentrate properly or reduce the amount of lightning passing in/out, so the overall doesn’t get affected.

On top of that, the monitor supports 4k, which is an indication that you can extensively make use of RTX 2070 Super and its ray tracking module to achieve photorealistic images. It’s worth mentioning that the monitor also pitches in HDR for sharpened brightness and retaining the overall picture quality for an enthusiast.

Apart from this, the monitor also makes use of AQCOLOR technology, which is 99% adobe RGB; thus, providing you with color-efficient images. It’s not surprising to see that the monitor also provides support for a card reader, so you can transfer all the required data directly through the monitor USB port.

Moreover, the monitor also offers you enough assets for calibration. All you have to do is master them by reading the given manual. To be honest, the on-screen commands will be your best friend in such learning times. Furthermore, you can also mount the monitor on walls, or possibly anywhere like, you know, using it for consoles.

Finally, the monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is enough to run games at 4k.

  • Color-efficient
  • Highly equipped with advanced features
  • Makes use of shading hood
  • Offers calibration support
  • Expensive

Best Performative Monitor

ViewSonic VP2785 4K 27 Inch

The next candidate on our list is ViewSonic VP2785, which is another 4k monitor. Well, since we are talking about RTX 2070 super, it’s obvious that the majority of the products in the list will support 4k modularity. Otherwise, it’s useless if you are buying a normal 2k monitor.

Anyways, the monitor upholds the notion of 4K UHD, which is basically a more refined version of 4k. On top of that, you also get hold of IPS technology, which indicates the high color accuracy and viewing angles for the user. It’s like heaven on earth, and to be honest, you’ll fall in love with it.

Apart from this, the monitor makes use of 99% Adobe RBG, EBU, and SMPTEC-C for decent color contrast, ratio, and whitening. It just doesn’t stop here. You also get hold of hardware calibration in which you can set distinct profiles and presets for swinging between gaming, editing, and coding times. For instance, you can set up color ratio, aspect ratio, and different lighting options for a gaming profile, whereas they can stay dormant for editing and coding profiles.

It’s worth mentioning that the monitor also offers flexible connectivity, which allows you to connect it to different operating systems and devices (PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, Apple). You also get hold of different ports like HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2, and DisplayPort for enhanced connectivity, coupled with a 3-year warranty. What else do you want?

  • 3-year warranty support
  • Availability of profiles
  • Withstanding screen uniformity
  • HDR10 content support
  • Bulky

Best Beast Monitor

Acer Predator Gaming X34 pbmiphzx curved

The best part about this monitor is that it offers G-Sync compatibility. The people who are not aware of how magnificent this feature is can scroll down to the bottom and read in-depth about G-Sync popularity. Anyways, you can use RTX 2070 Super, which is obviously Nvidia’s GPU, with the G-Sync option on the monitor. It will help you align the monitor’s refresh rate with that of the GPU; thus, skyrocketing the overall performance of your monitor.

On top of that, it’s a 34″ QHD monitor supporting 4k at its finest. The incorporated curved texture encapsulates the watcher as such a style leaves an impression of being surrounded by a 3D environment. This helps redefine the viewer’s perception skills, hence, rewarding a seamless gaming experience to the user. Well, it’s not surprising that the monitor earned the title of being the best candidate for the RTX 2070 super.

Well, it just doesn’t end here. The monitor also provides you with the option of overclocking. Basically, it means that you can extend the base refresh rate of 100Hz to 120Hz, by tweaking the monitor’s settings. That’s just wonderful, in my opinion, because it lends enough options to the gaming enthusiast.

It’s worth mentioning that the monitor makes use of sRGB technology for color saturation, IPS technology for a panel, and QHD for Zero Frame technology. All in all, it’s a majestic entry.

  • Wall mount support
  • Overclockable
  • G-Sync
  • QHD
  • Hard to overclock
  • Lies at the expensive spectrum

Best Curved Monitor

SAMSUNG 49 inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

It’s time to review the best-curved monitor for RTX 2070 super. Well, it goes without saying that curved monitors are the epitome of perfection, as they allow the user to experience a 3D environment at its finest. You get to perceive the world from a surrounded view; thus, eliciting feelings of joy and glee.

Apart from this, the laptop is a QHD monitor with a refresh rate of 240Hz. That’s amazing because the higher the refresh rate, the better the channeling between discrete pixels on the screen. It’s worth mentioning that the monitor upholds the QLED screen, which is based on quantum mechanics, like particles accelerating and hitting on the screen with enabled photons.

Thus, this new technology of quantum realization is the far best technology to date for projecting images and videos on the screen. Moreover, the monitor also offers support for G-Sync and Freesync, making it an all-rounder entry. All you have to do is turn on the settings for either of them and bingo; your screen will be syncing the refresh rate with that of your GPUs.

It’s worth noticing that its huge size-49-inch-is what makes the monitor a resounding entry. You can feast on its existence as long as it’s sitting in your room.

  • Freesync support
  • G-Sync support
  • Calibration option
  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • 49-inch
  • Occupies a lot of space

Best Ultra-wide Monitor

VIOTEK SUW49DA 49 inch

It’s not even surprising to behold an ultra-wide monitor in the list. If a person has RTX 2070, then obviously, an ultra-wide monitor is his/her best option. Because such monitors allow users to expand their viewing horizons, imagine playing your favorite assassin’s Creed title on that 49-inch screen. It will definitely feel like heaven!

Well, the VIOTEK SUW49DA 49-inch is a masterpiece when considering all the specifications. For instance, you get hold of a 1440p 120Hz screen panel, coupled with 4ms 1800R. This makes sure that the monitor retains the overall picture quality and gives you something that speaks volumes of perfection. Apart from this, you get hold of the 4K resolution, which is a must require feature for running games at 4k.

All you have to do is crank up the in-game settings, and bingo, you are good to go. It’s worth mentioning that you also get hold of a 3-year warranty, 2xHDMI ports, and 3.5mm VESA, which helps in enhanced connectivity.

The monitor is also optimized for 4k gaming, so all you have to do is a channel in and out between different settings. In short, it’s a majestic monitor suitable for enthusiasts.

  • Decent color contrast
  • AMD Freesync
  • Tilt-adjustable
  • Speakers
  • VA panel
  • 4ms response time

Best ASUS Monitor

ASUS ROG Strix XG27UQ 27

I have always shown keen interest in ASUS products, and believe me, ASUS ROG Strix XG27UQ 27″ is a phenomenal laptop. Although it’s a bit expensive, crossing the $1000 threshold, still it’s an amazing entry pitching in all the latest features for enhanced gaming.

For instance, you get hold of HDR DSC technology, coupled with 4k and 144Hz modules. Since the monitor supports 4k resolution, you can literally use the same monitor for rendering images and videos at 4k by using Blender or Maya software. Apart from this, the monitor has a refreshing 1ms delay rate, which is insurmountable, in my opinion. Having such a low delay rate makes the overall gaming experience seamless and joyful.

Apart from this, the monitor also supports Adaptive sync, which is an automated feature for synching the misaligned refresh rate of the GPU with that of the monitor. It just doesn’t stop here. You also get hold of Display HDR 400, DCI-P3 90% coupled with Eye Care technology. This basically indicates that the monitor supports different presets for different scenarios. All you have to do is use them through the on-screen navigation.

Last but not least, the monitor also slips in all ports and cables, which is a requirement for powering on your monitor. All in all, it’s a wonderful monitor if you are up for spending $1000.

  • Adaptive Sync
  • HDR technology
  • Shadow boost
  • ASUS Aura Sync lighting for aesthetics
  • Heavy
  • Little small in size (27″)

Best Frameless Monitor

AOC CQ32G1 31 5 Curved Frameless gaming monitor

Have you ever heard of frameless monitors? If so, then now is the time. However, it’s a completely new thing, still worth a look. Well, these frameless monitors basically have no frames. They are lined without them, so you only get to see the actual screen panel. Don’t worry; the screen won’t break since they have been adjusted in such a way that every time there’s an unwarranted contact with the screen, it prevents itself from getting vandalized.

Anyways, AOC CQ32G1 31.5″ is an amazing frameless monitor on the list. You can completely rely on it for years to come. The best part about the monitor is that it makes use of the FreeSync module that can be turned on with either of the GPUs (AMD or Nvidia). What it does is aligns the mismatched refresh rate and gives you the final image as magnificent and spell bounding.

Apart from this, the monitor also offers a VA panel, which is a decent panel, but again, IPS and TN panels are way better than VN panels, so yeah, that’s a bummer. It’s worth mentioning that the monitor has a 4ms response time, which is decent, in my opinion. Do you know what’s surprising? The monitor doesn’t even cost you an arm and a leg. Imagine getting such a withstanding product and that too on the boundary of $400. That’s just lovely!

  • Free Sync
  • Cheap
  • Offers a variety of options for tweaking
  • VA panel

Best Budget-Friendly Monitor

Acer ED323QUR Abidpx 31 5 inches WQHD

It’s time to shed light on the best budget-friendly monitor for RTX 2070 Super. You must be wondering, how can one get a monitor that’s huge, wide, and reciprocate in the same way when compared to flagship models. Well, here we are. Acer ED323QUR is an appealing monitor that costs you less than $400. That’s remarkable because you get hold of a 31.5-Inch screen, coupled with the monitor’s well-defined curvature.

What sets this monitor apart from the pool is that it incorporates the majority of the withstanding features for seamless gaming. For instance, you get hold of VA panel, Free Sync compatibility, 4ms response rate, 144Hz refresh rate, which is just an indication towards a fulfilling entry.

It’s worth mentioning that the monitor offers all the required ports and cables. The package is self-explanatory and doesn’t require much assistance. You can easily assemble all the parts and power on the monitor on your own. Apart from this, the recent reviews of the monitor are quite delicate and purposeful. I found them invigorating and true because I can blindly trust Acer when it’s about monitors. They really do pitch in amazing products.

  • Free Sync
  • Budget-Friendly
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Curved texture
  • VA panel

Best Designer Monitor

BenQ PD2700U 27 inch 4k monitor

The BenQ PD2700U takes the last entry (Yes, another BenQ monitor, surprisingly). Do you know what’s surprising about the monitor? Well, the monitor offers 4K compatibility and that too under $500. Do you get that? It’s one of the aesthetics monitors, which combines user-friendly design, is cheap, and is perfect for developers and designers.

As far as the specifications are concerned, the screen size is 27″, has a resolution that supports 4k, and makes use of IPS technology for color accuracy and viewing angles. I would say IPS monitors are the best, so please always buy those; although the list has some TN and VA monitors, you can still look at them.

Other than that, you get AQCOLOR 100% Rec.709, which is nothing but the incepted color module. Apart from this, you get hold of the sRGB factory-calibrated monitor, which ensures that the picture’s overall quality remains at its finest. It’s worth mentioning that the monitor also brings in all the required presets, including Eye Care, Anti-Glare technology. This means that the monitor ensures all the ergonomics and makes sure the user has a positive experience while using it.

  • sRGB colors
  • Anti-glare technology
  • IPS panel
  • Eye-care Technology
  • Affordable
  • 60Hz refresh rate (Too low for 4K)

What things to consider before buying the monitor for RTX 2070 super?

G-Sync/Free sync Compatibility

These terms might be new for you, but in reality, they have been around for a good 5-6 years; kudos to the new technology. Well, if you want to cut off the tears and broken edges on your screen, then you need either of these two options. Monitors come with G-Sync or Freesync properties that help in aligning all the distorted frames on your screen. The sort of lines you get on games. It’s because of the misaligned configuration of the Refresh rate of your GPU with that of the monitor. So do pay enough heed while selecting a G-Sync monitor and Freesync, as G-Sync monitors only work with Nvidia GPUs.

Refresh Rate and Resolution

These two properties of a monitor go hand in hand since refresh rate is the measure of how many cycles your monitor takes to produce that pixels-higher the refresh rate, the more accurate the transition from frame to frame. It’s worth mentioning that you also need to stay aware of what sort of resolution you need your monitor to be on. For instance, you possibly can’t run games at 4k if your monitor can only sustain 2 k (1920 x 1080) resolutions.

Delay Rate

I would always suggest you buy those monitors only with a lowered time delay. Usually, 1ms to 5ms is a standard delay for monitors, but as long as you remain below 5ms, you are good to go. Basically, it’s the measure of delays between two consecutive shiftings in frames. Anyhow, just do remember my advice about delay rates.


It’s a completely value-added feature, and not many of the monitors offer it. If you are buying one with overclocking enabled, then congratulations because now you can swap between two different refresh rates and extend your monitor’s potential to the heights it’s destined to be on.

Final words

I hope the article was accessible to a large cohort. And if not, please do let me know where you are stuck, so I can reply and help you out. Other than that, if you ask for my recommendation, I would suggest you buy BenQ SW271 27 Inch 4K HDR because of the sort of specifications it entails. You’ll fall in love with this monitor, believe me. Also, the list already has a budget-friendly entity, so do look at that too if you are short on budget.

Happy gaming!


Hey, I’m Muhammad Bilal. I’m a tech fanatic (also read: Gamer), who loves scrutinizing fine details. I aim to strive hard in my respective fields (as a writer and software programmer). Before pursuing my majors in a university (right now in A-levels), I want to spend time exploring and reviewing the latest technology.

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