Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 50 USD in 2024

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 50 USD in 2022

Given final touches to your gaming rig can be euphoric in a myriad of ways. It can cost you thousands of dollars if you are not researching and feeding your little brain with the right information. People usually cross wires when keyboards are concerned, especially the rivalry between membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards.

We can relate when you are short on budget and don’t exactly know what to root for. When talking about membrane keyboards, they are demarcating the notion of gaming. You can’t game flawlessly on such ancient technology, and that’s why mechanical keyboards were born. The key difference between these two types of keyboards is the use of switches and the experience they entail.

Mechanical keyboards offer a wide range of features and cross software compatibility which can earn you the rights to programming and DIY-ing your keyboard. Notwithstanding, mechanical keyboards also offer tactile and Clicky switches which are worthy of gaming and typing for prolonged hours.

On the contrary, membrane keyboards are the epitome of a lumbering jack.


There are various types of switches you can get your hands on and the reason for creating a plethora of them is to accommodate a variety of gamers with different preferences. The Cherry MX is one of the popular switches. You can also get Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown with their dedicated compatibility.

But how to get such unparalleled switches in just $50?

Well, the below-mentioned guide will focus on the variants that are not directly affiliated with the original keyboards. They are mainly from Chinese manufacturers that are producing real-switches-like experiences. Mostly, the switches are Cherry MX clones and provide the same tactility.

So without any further ado, let’s shed some light on the best mechanical keyboard under $50.

List Of 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 50 Dollars

NameDesignRatingSwitch typePrice
Redragon K552 Kumara Redragon-K552-Kumara-4.8/5Outemu BlueBuy on Amazon
EagleTec KG010 EagleTec-KG0104.7/5Cherry MX BlueBuy on Amazon
VELOCIFIRE TKL02 VELOCIFIRE-TKL024.5/5Brown switchesBuy on Amazon
Gigabyte Force K83 Gigabyte-Force-K834.2/5Cherry MX RedBuy on Amazon
Rii RK902 Rii-RK9024.1/5Generic BlueBuy on Amazon
Tomoko 87 Tomoko-874.0/5Outemu BlueBuy on Amazon
Redragon K553 USAS Redragon-K553-USAS4.0/5Outemu BlueBuy on Amazon
Azio Levetron Mech5 Azio-Levetron-Mech53.9/5Cherry BlackBuy on Amazon
AUKEY KM-G7 AUKEY-KM-G73.8/5Outemu BlueBuy on Amazon
E-Element Z-88 E-Element-Z-883.7/5Outemu BlueBuy on Amazon

Redragon K552 Kumara

Best Overall Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The number one sweet spot is taken by Redragon K552 Kumara due to the compactness and the nonexistence of the Numpad area (Tenkeyless keyboard). It’s a portable and standard size keyboard which can be carried anywhere. This mechanical keyboard comes with 87 standard keys and 12 multimedia keys (volume and editing).

Surprisingly, the keyboard inherits Outemu Blue switches (same as Cherry MX blue) which makes the keyboard top-notch for gaming and typing. Since these are Cherry MX clones, they tend to be louder and resistive. This means that you have to press a little more to reach the actuation point for registering keys.

Due to it being a mechanical keyboard, Redragon K552 Kumara can withstand around 50 million+ keystrokes without dying out. You can also prolong the indicated lifespan by cleaning the switches every fortnight.

As far as the design and layout are concerned, it’s a sturdy keyboard with Aluminum and ABS construction. Well, K552 also uses the double-shot molded keycaps-Enhanced resistivity and longevity-that makes the keyboard versatile. The color coding is fascinating, and usually, Red LED can increase the discernibility of the user. Notwithstanding, the keyboard also comes with Anti-Ghosting keys that allow you to register as many keys as possible at a single instance. Forsooth, this keyboard is designed for junky gamers since they can’t withstand failures.

Overall, it’s versatile and worth buying for under $50.

Let us remind you that, this keyboard is not wireless and carries a dedicated attached USB cable (non-detachable-A bummer) which could be a downside since most of the mechanical keyboards come with a detachable USB cable for portability. It also uses water-proof technology, but again this doesn’t mean you’ll submerge your keyboard in cold-water. No need to kill it. The water-proof technology was incorporated for accidental spills.

Keyboard Specifications

Number of keys87 keys
LED LightingRed LED
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Switch typeOutemu Blue Switches
FeaturesGold plated USB connector, Metal ABS Construction, Anti-Ghosting keys, Switchable keys (to different Cherry MX variants), compatibility with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.

EagleTec KG010

Best Durable Mechanical Keyboard

Eagletec KG010 Mechanical Keyboard

Why did this keyboard take the second spot? Well, it’s nothing but the neck-to-neck performance durability with the flagship models. It comes with 107-keys which results in more functionality and giving you an edge to program those keys to your will. To suit your tastes, this keyboard has RGB backlighting which fixates you on those mesmerizing colors.

You can change the colors as per your will. Simply use the command panel (third-party software) or program macro keys to change the colors. This keyboard is earned with Cherry MX blue keys that make them more tactile and best for gaming purposes. The actuation point for these keys is lower, giving you an edge in registering keys as quickly as possible. If you are a typist, then believe us, this keyboard is just made for you. EagleTec KG010 has around 5 stars for typing purposes.

Moreover, this keyboard comes with a detachable USB slot, so you can easily carry it around. The layout and design are worthy to note, especially the pattern provided by backlighting RBG. The sleek and on fleek design help relinquish a positive aura. If you are a gaming enthusiast who wants keys to never die (around 50 million+ keystrokes), then this keyboard should be your bet. Go on and buy it already!

Keyboard Specifications

Number of keys107 keys
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Switch typeCherry MX Blue Switches
Features12 multimedia keys, conflict-free, anti-ghosting, sturdy keyboard (Aircraft-grade Aluminum), compatibility with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.


Best Portable Mechanical Keyboard

VELOCIFIRE TKL02 Mechanical Keyboard

Here’s to another Tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. VELOCIFIRE TKL02 has a reputation for its mind-blowing switches. It comes with 87 keys which are enough for gaming and typing purposes. Since the keyboard has blocked the Numpad area, this makes it portable and compact. There’s something new about this keyboard. The brown switches. Well, this type of switch is renowned for its tactility and relatively silent clicks. So, in general, whenever there will be a keystroke, you will hear nothing. These sorts of switches are made for those people who can’t withstand the Clicky environment and have audible impairments.

Additionally, these keyboards provide shot injection keycaps for longer durability and reliability. It’s a bummer to not behold the RGB pattern. It’s okay, you will still be experiencing the eye-catching white LED glowing out of the keyboard, which makes it worth using in the darkest hours.

As far as the design and build are concerned, it’s pretty decent with plastic coating. Don’t worry, the plastic can withstand the ultimate high pressures. It won’t break apart. Not to mention, the keyboard also supports NKRO with the anti-ghosting feature. These features are a must if you are a gamer looking for a high-end experience. Anti-ghosting service helps you press a myriad of keystrokes at once, registering them without causing havoc. So, if you are playing Tekken or Street Fighter, it’s time to smash those keys.

Moreover, the keyboard also supports Macro recording keys and other programmable surplus keys that can be used for your vendetta. Unfortunately, the USB cable is non-detachable which means you will not be able to use the wire for extra-curricular purposes.

Last but not the least, the supportability and compactivity with every Microsoft windows are commendable. You can install the keyboard on XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. On top of that, you will also be able to use it on Mac and Linux.

Keyboard Specifications

Number of keys87 keys
LED LightingWhite LED
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Switch typeCherry MX Brown Switches
FeaturesWindows and Linux Support, Tilting Feet, NKRO, and anti-ghosting technology.

Gigabyte Force K83

Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

GIGABYTE Mechanical Cherry Red Keyboard

There’s only one special type of switch, and that’s Cherry MX red, exceptionally designed which promotes high-end gaming environments. Now imagine, buying such a mechanical keyboard with those switches under $50. It’s like a dream come true. Gigabyte Force K83 brings Cherry MX Red keys which are suitable for the gaming niche only. This keyboard requires low actuation force/pressure for proper key registration. Well, every coin has two sides, so is the case with Red switches. They are less tactile with average Click sounds. So, in short, you will not be experiencing full tactility with Red switches, and it’s completely okay.

It has a wonderful build that remains on fleek forever. The Ebony-black design captures your attention on the spot. It has also earned enough reputation for wear-resistant keycaps. This means that the keycaps will not wear out sooner or later. Approximately 50 million+ keystrokes are possible with Gigabyte Force K83. Unluckily, this mechanical keyboard doesn’t come with a dedicated backlighting system. It’s simpler for what it offers. Accept it!

You will also have command over programmable keys with multimedia controls situated at the rear end of the keyboard. You can trigger the keys by pressing the special function key (Fn). On top of red switches, you also get the anti-ghosting features that make the keyboard ultimately suitable for eSports.

To wrap it up, we will recommend you to go for this mechanical keyboard if you are into insane sections of fighting or sporting genre.

Keyboard Specifications

Number of keys104 keys
LED LightingNon-Applicable
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Switch typeCherry MX Red
FeaturesWindows and Linux Support, Compact design, anti-ghosting technology, wear-resistant keycaps.

Rii RK902

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard Under 50 USD

Rii RK902 mechanical keyboard

It’s one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards you can get your hands on. It can cost you a maximum of $20. Exactly! Now the real question is, what does it offer? Well, it’s another Tenkeyless keyboard with no Numpad area giving you the ability to carry it anywhere. It’s compact and portable with a blissful design. Surprisingly, at such a low cost, you are getting White LED functionality that looks pure and mesmerizing whilst typing and gaming.

Notwithstanding, this keyboard comes with Cherry MX blue switches which are tactile and Clicky. The actuation point is lowered, helping you register keys at ease.

When talking about design, it’s mediocre with proper keycaps. Surprisingly, you also get resistive technology for longer input. The manufacturers state that you can easily go as far as 50 million keystrokes. That is huge for such a budget-friendly keyboard.

It has a non-detachable USB wire, which means that you can’t extend the wire as per your will. In $20, it’s enough. The body is made up of plastic material that can withstand extensive heat environments.

Keyboard Specifications

Number of keys87 keys
LED LightingWhite LED light
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Switch typeCherry MX Blue
FeaturesWindows and Linux Support, Compact design, anti-ghosting technology, wear-resistant keycaps, and a non-detachable USB wire.

Tomoko 87

Best Compact Size Mechanical Keyboard

Rii RK902 mechanical keyboard

There’s a reason for this model to take the 6th spot on the list of the best keyboards under 50 USD. It’s nothing but what it entails for the stipulated price tag. Tomoko 87 blesses you with Outemu Blue Switches, which are Cherry MX clones, giving you nearly the same typing and gaming experience. The registration and the actuation point are quite the same, so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s another compact size keyboard without the Numpad area providing you with portability.

Unfortunately, the RGB functionality is absent from this keyboard and you get no backlighting settings. In short, it’s a plain mechanical keyboard. It’s quite a surprise to see such budget-friendly keyboards providing water-resistive properties. This feature is made for accidental spills and not for submerging your keyboard in a pool of water. Pay heed to instructions properly, before you end up suffocating your keyboard.

Additionally, you can clean your keycaps and DIY them as per your will. There are around 87 keys you can play with. On top of that, you can program multimedia keys by using the: Fn key. It’s also supportive of anti-ghosting technology that helps you in registration a myriad of keys at once, making the keyboard suitable for prolonged gaming sessions.

To purge out gaming anxiety, the Vic Tsing has launched another variant that supports LED functionality. You can get that at a little higher price tag. Nonetheless, you will enjoy the clicks with or without the LEDs.

Last but not the least, the keyboard can be run on Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista, and 10.

Keyboard Specifications

Number of keys87 keys
LED LightingNon-Applicable
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Switch typeOutemu Blue Switches
FeaturesWater resistive property, N-Key Rollover, and Anti-Ghosting support system.

Redragon K553 USAS

Best LED Mechanical Keyboard Under 50 USD

Redragon K553 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Here’s another Redragon model in the series. You must be wondering what’s so special about Redragon products. Well, they are aesthetically built upon protective layers, which give them a resistive boost against environmental factors. This particular model uses an aluminum metal plate for keys mounting, giving you resistive and prolonged keycaps. Not to mention, the keyboard uses a unique design with painted key buttons that makes the keys visually discernible from long distances. You can easily clean and remove the keycaps and DIY them as you wish.

Additionally, the keyboard is still enormous without the Tenkeyless feature. The reason is the usage of metals in the keyboard. If you are finding phenomenal keyboards under $50, then Redragon K553 should be your shot.

Moreover, the keyboard uses Outemu Blue switches which are tactile and Clicky, suitable for gaming and typing purposes. You can also change the switches if you don’t like the generic blue ones, but they will add up as an extra value service with the keyboard. Redragon K553 is earned with 87 keys panel with 12 multimedia keys that can be programmed with dedicated software. Surprisingly, the keyboard also uses ABS construction and Anti-ghosting properties that allow you to smash all the keys at once without causing permanent damage to the keyboard. On top of that, it uses a Gold-plated USB cable, Red LED backlighting and accepts adaptability to Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Keyboard Specifications

Number of keys87 keys
LED LightingRed LED lightning 
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Switch typeOutemu Blue
FeaturesWindows and Linux Support, Compact design, anti-ghosting technology, wear-resistant keycaps, Conflict-free keys, Golden USB cable.

Azio Levetron Mech5

Best Flagship Mechanical Keyboard

Azio Levetron Mech5 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

It’s worth noting that Azio Levetron Mech5 offers wrist support under $50. That’s quite an investment and still, they are charging so little. This is one of the reasons that this keyboard took the 7th spot on the list of best gaming keyboards under 50 USD. The keyboard is entirely mechanical with constant blue Led backlighting. You can’t RGB, and it’s completely okay. You can still control the pattern of lights as per your will. So, that’s the thing.

Additionally, the keyboard offers extended macro keys with a volume controller. So basically, you can adjust the volume through multimedia keys on the keyboard, with a programmable option. It harbors an extension of the Numpad area which can be plugged in as per your will. Not to mention, it comes with Cherry black mechanical switches which are linear and are suitable for gaming purposes due to lowered actuation point and force.

Surprisingly, the keyboard is designed very differently when compared with other contemporary flagship models. It’s highly Mech-like, emerging AI feelings whilst using the keyboard. For such a design, $50 is less, but it’s the reality. Grab the model already, if you are into high-end keyboards with mesmerizing layouts.

Keyboard Specifications

Number of keys104 keys
LED LightingDepends
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Switch typeCherry MX Black
FeaturesWindows and Linux Support, Compact design, anti-ghosting technology, Modular design.


Best Easy to Use Mechanical Keyboard

AUKEY KM-G7 mechanical keyboard

AUKEY! It’s a brand renowned for providing day-to-day accessories like power banks, charges, etc. It’s worth mentioning that we are now manufacturing high-end competitive mechanical keyboards for gaming enthusiasts. AUKEY KM-G7 is a portable and compact size keyboard with 87 keys. It is another Tenkeyless keyboard, providing you with no Numpad area. This means that you can handle the keyboard easily. This keyboard uses Outemu Blue switches which are clone to Cherry MX but gives proper Clicky sounds and tactility.

Surprisingly, you can RGB in so many ways with this special type of keyboard. It gives you access to 6LED backlighting, 9 preset lighting effects, and 2 slots for a personal lightning assignment. This is another out-of-the-world keyboard you can take advantage of at such a low cost.

It comes with a sleek and mesmerizing design and offers clear keycaps which can be easily discerned at late hours. Additionally, it also offers ABS keycaps, with proper metal construction and anti-ghosting properties. In short, you can smash the keys as per your will without causing collateral damage. It’s also earned with water-spilling properties that can protect your keyboard against accidental liquid spills.

Keyboard Specifications

Number of keys87 keys
LED Lighting6 color LED lightning
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Switch typeOutemu Blue
FeaturesWindows and Linux Support, Compact design, anti-ghosting technology, ABS construction, waterproof design.

E-Element Z-88

Best Water-Proof Mechanical Keyboard

E-Element Z-88 Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The last spot is taken by the E-Element Z-88 keyboard. We would like to break it to you that there is a multitude of great keyboards under $50. But this list only contains a few of them and the reason for this particular keyboard to take the last number is reasonable. Well, it harbors Outemu Blue switches which are best for gaming purposes due to proposed tactility and Clicky sounds. If you are a fanatic gamer who plays on an intense spree, then this keyboard is just designed for you.

It also offers you a wide array of lighting effects with an RGB notion. The best part is that you can program the patterns through dedicated software. Not to mention, E-Element offers you anti-ghosting property making the keyboard best for Esports purposes with water-absorbing properties. Believe us, it’s one of those keyboards you can rely upon forever.

Last but not the least, you can install the keyboard on any given windows. If you are a little backward and love Windows XP, then don’t you worry, the keyboard is made in such a way that it can roll over its compatibility concerning the installed windows.

Keyboard Specifications

Number of keys104 keys
LED Lighting6 color LED lightning
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Switch typeOutemu Blue
FeaturesWindows and Linux Support, Compact design, anti-ghosting technology, ABS construction, waterproof design, programmable keys, backlighting mode, Double-shot injection, FN shortcut keys.

Final Thoughts

If you are feeling embarrassed about the price tags, then you don’t have to. Mechanical keyboards are far superior and reliable than membrane keyboards. Even a cheap mechanical keyboard performs two to three times better than those ancient keyboards. As long as you are using Cherry Mx clones or original switches, it’s not much of a problem.

We would like to recommend you root for Redragon K552 Kumara because of the outstanding performance. You don’t have to worry about the Outemu switches being a rip-off to the original ones. Chinese switches still perform up to the mark, and especially the collaboration with Redragon keyboards is worth noticing. It’s just $50, go on and buy it already!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Chinese switches provide the same performance and experience that you can achieve on Cherry MX switches.

As long as you are using mechanical keyboards, yes, it is. Do not use Membrane keyboards as they wear out easily and can leave negative long-lasting imprints.

There’s a dedicated manual that comes with the keyboard. You can use it to set up the keyboard on the system. Don’t forget to use software to control RGB lighting.


Hey, I’m Muhammad Bilal. I’m a tech fanatic (also read: Gamer), who loves scrutinizing fine details. I aim to strive hard in my respective fields (as a writer and software programmer). Before pursuing my majors in a university (right now in A-levels), I want to spend time exploring and reviewing the latest technology.

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