Best Lightweight Gaming Laptop in 2024

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
Best Lightweight Gaming Laptop

I’m personally not a fan of laptops due to the restriction of component upgrading, but here I would say that the best lightweight gaming laptops are just breathtaking. I agree that the notion of laptops was just obscure from time immemorial. But with the passage of time, everything has changed.

What’s surprising is the fact that gaming laptops exist. The only key difference is that these slim gaming laptops have everything already in-built. You don’t get to custom build a laptop as It just goes against the laws of manufacturing a portable and lightweight gaming laptop.

Especially in 2021, you can get hold of a surfeit of lightweight gaming machines, and that’s just applaudable. In the coming sessions, we will be shedding light on different available Intel, and Ryzen processors with their dedicated Nvidia and AMD integrated GPUs. For that, I would recommend you to buckle since I will be extensively enumerating all the best lightweight gaming laptops, which are definitely worth the investment in 2021.

List of 10 Best Lightweight Gaming Laptops

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(Sapphire entry)

Razer blade 15 Advanced gaming laptop

Imagine having a beast of a gaming laptop at your disposal. As far as my reaction is concerned, I’m definitely going full-on submissive. Razer blade 15 advanced gaming laptop breaks traditional boundaries and blesses you with high-end and top-notch components. For instance, this specific sapphire entry harbors in RTX 2080.

The RTX 2080 is enough to run any game at 4k. On top of that, you are getting hold of a 10th generation Intel Core i7 as a pair-up CPU. What else do you want? It’s worth mentioning that you can select the laptop from three different colors: black, pink, and paper-silver. To our surprise, there’s another entry waiting ahead of us in the article, and is known as the “base model.”

That laptop also belongs to the same lineage, offering fantastic specifications. Apart from this, the laptop also slips in 16 gigs of RAM running at 2933MHz base frequency. You can bring it a notch further by tweaking in the BIOS setting for a decent overclocking session. The same can be done to the processor and GPU alike.

As far as the gaming experience is concerned, the laptop offers a whopping constant 60FPS generation at 4k with a refresh rate of up to 300Hz. That’s assuring, in my opinion. It also makes use of an OLED touch screen, DCI-P3 100% color space, and HDR 400% true black properties. Even it’s 0.70-inch-wide, making it the world’s number one smallest laptop to date.

Last but not least, the RGB module is also available for redeeming aesthetics.


OSWindows 10 Home
Processor8-core 10th Generation Intel Core i7
Display300Hz FHD Matte
Storage / RAM1TB PCIe / 16GB RAM
CoolingVapor Chamber

(Titanium entry)

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 14

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is a choice of enthusiasts, and I believe not everyone can handle it. This titanium entry is profound because of the type of specifications it entails. For instance, with this laptop, you can go as high as RTX 2060, which means the possibility of using this laptop for rendering is at an all-time high.

Since you can enable the RTX factor, you can render sharper images and play triple-A titles at maximized resolution. The best part about buying this laptop is that it’s comparatively light-weighted and falls under the category of lightweight gaming laptops.

Apart from this, Zephyrus offers a perfect combination of RTX with AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS, which is a marvelous processor. It offers 8 cores and 16 threads, which ultimately indicate the soaring speeds of your processor.

As far as the display is concerned, the laptop offers a 120hz gaming display on a WQHD panel. It’s worth mentioning that the panel is decent enough to render images without any perceptible latency. The color accuracy of the laptop is top-notch. You don’t have to worry about pixels dying due to excessive exposure to the white light outside.

On top of that, the laptop also redeems its aesthetic quality by pitching in flashing logos and an attractive thin layer of silver. Also, the portability of the laptop is spell bounding because it’s light-weighted and doesn’t make you feel lethargic when carrying it around. All in all, with its monstrous battery life, ASUS ROG Zephyrus is a 10/10 laptop.


OSWindows 10 pro
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 9 4900HS
DisplayIPS-level panel (WQHD)
Storage / RAMM.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 and 1TB HDD/16GB

(Platinum Entry)

Gigabyte Aero 15 WB Thin light

The platinum entry holds enough credibility to sustain the user’s interest. Gigabyte Aero 15 WB is a majestic entry and belongs to high-end lineage. The laptop is spectacular in terms of pitching in assuring specifications and smooth performance.

Well, the laptop has two different models. One makes use of Windows 10 home with GTX 16 series and i7, whereas the other one has Windows 10 pro, RTX 20 series GPU, and Intel Core i9 10th generation. It entirely depends on your taste buds as to what specification to tackle, but in this article, I’ll go with RTX 20 series and Core i7.

Apart from this, the laptop has an AMOLED panel installed, which makes the overall picture quality candy to the eyes. Not to mention, the overall build is aesthetically active and gives off modern vibes, hence accommodating your colorful choices. It’s worth mentioning that the laptop has a 3mm Ultra-thin bezel, with an Azure AI networking module installed. This makes the laptop resounding in its essence.

As far as the reviews are concerned, they were overwhelming. The majority of the users were able to render at lower timestamps and games at the 4k spectrum to achieve perfection. It’s not surprising to see that the laptop also considered Ethernet E2600 for eradicating latency in networking and multiplayer. All in all, it’s a wonderful platinum entry that shouldn’t be ignored.


OSWindows 10 Home
ProcessorIntel Core i7-10750H
Display240 Hz IPS
Storage / RAM512 GB SSD / 16GB RAM

(Golden Entry)

Alienware 15 R4 Gaming laptop

Alienware has always been my favorite, but due to price inflation, especially for Alienware laptops, the price tags have skyrocketed. That’s the reason why the laptop didn’t secure anything about the golden entry; still, it’s a withstanding choice considering the specification and reserved aesthetics.

The laptop offers an Intel Core i7-8th generation processor paired up with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, which might not be satiable for today’s standards, but still, you can consider its function for at least two more years. Definitely, it’s not future proof because of the old components used, but you can rely on it nonetheless for pretty good years.

Apart from this, the laptop offers 24GB RAM, which is insurmountable and wonderful because if you are buying a gaming laptop, you do need a lot of RAM for rendering and gaming at the same time.

It’s worth noticing that Alienware laptops are phenomenal because of the robustness and efficiency of the products. You can completely take a leap of faith and consider these laptops as your golden chance to redeem perfection.

Also, in the same category of Alienware 15 R4, there are different specifications you can choose from, but I went forth with the one mentioned below.


OSWindows 10 Home
ProcessorIntel Core i7-8750H
Display1920 x 1080 IPS
Storage / RAM512 GB SSD + 200 GB HDD/ 24 GB

(Silver Entry)

MSI GS66 Stealth 10SFS

Yes, we are going in reverse, and it’s time to shed light on our silver entry product. I would also like to mention; it nowhere means that you have to discard those products that are below in the list. The key is that as you go down the ladder, you get hold of more budget-friendly products. So, hang on!

Anyways, MSI GS66 Stealth 10SFS is a marvelous laptop that offers Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super paired up with Intel core i9-10980HK. That’s just ridiculous! The specifications are perfect, in my opinion. It’s also worth mentioning that you get hold of 16GB RAM, which is enough to power on your gaming laptop. On top of that, it hardly weighs 2 kgs, which indicates the slimness of the laptop. The laptop is also enough to render at the lowest time stamps because of the RTX model involved. It was recorded that the blender rendering stayed at 20 seconds max, with Maya skyrocketing to its maximum possible potential.

As far as the gaming sessions are concerned, MSI GS66 Stealth is a god-tier product. It was recorded that the majority of the games ran at 4k without any input lag. All the frames were relatively constant at 60, which means that the laptop is perfect for high-end gaming.


OSWindows 10 Home
ProcessorIntel Core i9-10980HK
GPUNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super
DisplayIPS Full-HD
Storage / RAM1TB SSD/16GB RAM

(Bronze Entry)

MSI GS65 Stealth 1668

The last category is of bronze entry, and the award is taken by MSI GS65 stealth, the same lineage that earned the silver entry too. There’s not much difference in the specifications, as they both cater to the same lineage. But yeah, the difference for GPU is worth noting. For example, MSI GS65 stealth offers GTX 1660 Ti, which performs nearly the same as that of RTX 2060, but the use of ray-tracing in RTX 2060 makes it an unmatchable configuration.

Anyways, the processor slotted in the laptop is core i7-9750H, which is again decent enough to run the majority of the latest triple-A titles. You can also overclock with the help of MSI afterburner for reaching the overclocking benchmark. It’s worth mentioning that the laptop offers a whopping 130+ FPS signature, which indicates the highly sophisticated nature of the laptop rendering games at 4k.

Apart from this, you can increase the maximum number of RAM modules to 64 GB, which is exhilarating, in my opinion. It’s worth mentioning that the panel used by the laptop is IPS 240 Hz, which reduces the input latency and offers a significant increase in pixel switching on detailed images.

All in all, it’s a majestic laptop with an aesthetic layout.


OSWindows 10 Home
ProcessorIntel Core i7-9750H
DisplayIPS 240 Hz
Storage / RAM512GB NVMe SSD/up to 64 GB RAM


From here onwards, all the products will be award-less, since they are just mediocre laptops. Anyways, ASUS ROG Zephyrus DUO is another decent laptop that you should be buying for yourself. In specific, ASUS laptops have always been out of this world because of the configurations. For example, with this laptop, you get hold of the 10th generation Core i9 and Nvidia RTX 2080 Super.

In my opinion, both components make a perfect match because there isn’t any recorded bottleneck between the two. You can simply overclock both the CPU and GPU as per your will to reach the maximum overclocking potential.

It’s surprising to see that the panel used by the laptop is resounding. It makes use of a 300 Hz refresh rate with a 3ms delay, which makes it another best laptop to cling to for years to come. Apart from this, you can turn on the RTX module for rendering sharper images for both office-work and entertainment. All you have to do is download blender or MAYA for rendering images with RTX turned on.

Moreover, the recent reviews speak volumes about how magnificent the laptop is when it comes to generating FPS. Well, the majority of the games were being run on 4k with constant 40-60FPS. That’s a win-win situation, either way.


OSWindows 10 Home
ProcessorIntel Core i9-10980HK
GPUNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super
DisplayAnti-glare display (4K UHD 3840 x 2160)
Storage / RAM1TB + 1TB M.2 NVMe / 32 GB RAM

Razer Blade 15 Base gaming laptop

Do you remember I mentioned that there would be another Razer product on the list of the best lightweight gaming laptops? Luckily, your wait is over. Razer Blade 15 base gaming laptop resembles the advanced gaming lineage but has differing specifications. The base model offers Windows 10 Home, Intel Core i7 10th generation paired up with RTX 2070. Yes, the previous one had an RTX 2080 Super. There’s not much difference, but still, RTX 2080 is a phenomenal card anyway.

Apart from this, the laptop offers an FHD matte/OLED 4k display, which is perfect for availing a seamless gaming experience. All you have to do is tune up all the graphic settings, turn on the RTX modular, and bingo, it’s done.

It’s worth mentioning that the laptop also brings in advanced heat pipes for cooling because it’s no doubt that RTX will be thrusting out heat waves. You can also use an external cooling pad to reduce the overall temperature of the gaming laptop. As far as the user reports are concerned, the laptop outperformed many flagship models and is one of the smallest laptops to date after the advanced model.

All in all, it’s a go-to laptop if you don’t care about price tags.


OSWindows 10 Home
Processor8-core 10th Generation Intel Core i7
Display144Hz FHD Matte
Storage / RAM512GB PCIe / 16GB RAM
CoolingAdvanced heat pipe

Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming

It’s time to talk about the second last product on our list. It’s an Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop, which is another fantastic lightweight gaming laptop that you should be buying in 2021. The laptop offers a blistering Fast 240Hz refresh rate with a minimal input lag of 3ms. It’s brilliant, in my opinion, because during intense gaming sessions, the input lag has to remain at bay, and this laptop does the same.

Apart from this, the laptop offers you 10th generation Core i7 with RTX 2070, indicating the good transfusion of two different working components. Not to mention, 10th generation processors work best with RTX GPUs. Hence there will also be a perceptible increase in the overall performance of your gaming laptop.

On top of that, you also get hold of 32GB RAM with 2TB SSD. Unfortunately, this indicates that the laptop will definitely cost you an arm and a leg because all the specifications are top-tier. Anyways, you can also overclock both the GPU and CPU by third-party software if you want to. Conclusively, the Acer predator is a withstanding choice for enthusiasts.


OSWindows 10 Home
Processor8-core 10th Generation Intel Core i7
Storage / RAM2TB SSD/32GB RAM

Acer Nitro 5 AN515 54 51M5

Acer Nitro 5 is the last product in our list of best lightweight gaming laptops, and it’s pretty much similar to those mentioned above. As for the specifications, it comes with a 9th generation Core i5. In specific, i5-9300H. For the GPU, it’s GTX 1650. I guess both the CPU and GPU are decent enough to render 3D images and run games at 4k. Although there won’t be 60FPS at 4k, still something is better than nothing.

Anyways, the laptop also offers a dedicated LED lighting system for enhanced projection. Other than that, the use of IPS technology makes the overall picture quality candy to the eyes. It’s worth mentioning that the standard RAM offered by the laptop is 8GB RAM, which is quite low because the warzone alone requires 12GB of RAM to function properly.

In short, it’s a good laptop for under $900.


OSWindows 10 Home
Processor9th generation Core i5
DisplayIPS (1920 x 1080)
Storage / RAM1TB HDD/8GB RAM


I would let you all know that the above-mentioned list is not finite and can go to lengths depending on the selection criterion. What matters is that you need to cut down on many laptops due to negative notoriety. For that, we have shortlisted the best lightweight gaming laptops in different categories for you. If you ask for my recommendation, I would suggest you root for Razer blade advanced gaming laptop because it’s the only laptop on the list with unparalleled specifications.

I hope that the article was viable and comprehensive in every way. If you think there was something amiss with the article, then do let me know in the comment session.


Hey, I’m Muhammad Bilal. I’m a tech fanatic (also read: Gamer), who loves scrutinizing fine details. I aim to strive hard in my respective fields (as a writer and software programmer). Before pursuing my majors in a university (right now in A-levels), I want to spend time exploring and reviewing the latest technology.

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