Best Budget Gaming Monitors Under $100 in 2024

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
Best Budget Gaming Monitors Under $100

Gaming is a promising hobby, and it has been spreading out since the early ’90s. There’s a reason for investing long hours in gaming, and it’s not addiction. From the early 2000’s statistical findings, it is to indicate that gaming is one of those extra-curricular activities that provoke IQ levels and reduce stress levels by many folds. The concept of gaming drastically changed in the 21st century. Now, it’s all about being extravagant and having all the latest technologies in order to get the best out of what a human sight and mind are capable of.

What gamers crave is acceptable in plenty of ways. When you are building your cool gaming rig, you need to make sure that you get all the high-end components that can last for years. The same is the case with gaming monitors.

It’s crystal clear that gaming monitors wield prime features that can favor the gaming experience. Not to mention, some of the display manufacturers are straightforward about providing such monitors, but with time, their demand is seen growing. Now you can differentiate and lookup for over hundreds of gaming monitors in the market.

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A Comprehensive Review of the best gaming monitors under 100 USD

In this section of the article, we will be focusing on top-tier enlisted products. It’s worth mentioning that the list is not restricted to these products, and it keeps on expanding. Our focus is to provide you with entities that are best-rated by elite gamers/users.

So, let’s begin!

Prime 5 Best Gaming Monitors to Get in 2024!

Title EarnedDesignModelRatingPrice
Best versatile monitor under 100Acer-VG220QAcer-VG220Q 4.9/5Buy on Amazon
Best gaming monitor under 100HP-Pavilion-21.5-(CWA)HP Pavilion 21.5 (CWA) 4.8/5Buy on Amazon
Best budget-friendly monitor under 100Acer-R221Q-Bid-21.5-inchAcer R221Q Bid 21.5-inch 4.6/5Buy on Amazon
Best user-friendly monitor under 100BenQ-GW2270-21.5BenQ GW2270 21.5 4.5/5Buy on Amazon
Best rendering/gaming monitor (Alternative)ASUS-VS228H-P-Gaming-monitorASUS VS228H-P Gaming monitor 4.3/5Buy on Amazon


Best Versatile Monitor

Acer-VG220Q gaming monitor

What do people say about the product?

The recorded statistical data speaks volumes. Users around the globe reported a 95% confidence level of the product. The percentages show that most of the buyers liked the supreme features of the Acer-VG220Q. It’s one of the highest-rated monitors you can get hold of.

Outstanding features

You don’t need to set up a heist to cover up for such a monitor. The affordability factor is reserved and allows the majority of the gamers to have an aesthetically pleasing product for extravagant needs. The monitor comes with IPS technology, which will enable you to have wide-angle views. Surprisingly, the monitor comes with a one-millisecond response rate. What happens is that most of the entry-level monitors usually come with at least a 5ms response rate, but Acer-VG220Q has something different on the plate for you.

The monitor generates FPS at lightning speed; thus, plummeting the chances of stutters and freezes. AMD FreeSync technology is embedded with that monitor (if you want to turn on the synching options, you would have to use the control center of the monitor). It’s phenomenal because the monitor will be syncing the refresh rate of the GPU with itself. But you have to bear in mind that the color accuracy is not what you might be expecting. The IPS technology is renowned for using the brighter color combination, but regardless, the difference is clear.

Additionally, you get a thin bezel design on the monitor, which adds up to your system’s aesthetics. Also, the monitor remains static because of the high-quality stand. You can position the monitor as per your will, without compromising on the performance ratio.

You might not be fascinated by the color-coding of the stand, but it’s completely okay. You are getting a model that comes at a subsidized cost, so it’s better if you don’t complain.

Acer-VG220Q specifications  

Size: 21.5.”
Response time: 1ms
Panel: IPS
Resolution: 1920 X 1080 (1080p)
Refresh rate: up to 75 Hz
  • Uses thin bezels
  • User-friendly OSD
  • Uses AMD FreeSync
  • Fast response rate
  • Put use to IPS technology
  • Lack of color accuracy
  • Not VESA compatible

HP Pavilion 21.5 (CWA)

Best Gaming Monitor

HP Pavilion 21.5 CWA gaming monitor

What do people say about the product?

There were countless positive reviews about HP Pavilion 21.5. Most of the buyers like the way the monitor is designed. The ease of installation was another acknowledged factor: use the screws and fix them. That’s all! Having that said, 90% of the users reported zero freezes and stuttering while playing games.

Outstanding features

HP pavilion 21.5″ has paved its presence in most households. The reason is nothing but being highly exceptional for gaming purposes. The monitor came into being for gamers as it wields all the latest technologies, which are par the standards of high-end gaming. You must be wondering why the monitor is so cheap? Well, the price factor is rapidly changing due to recent advancements made. With this monitor, you can maintain all the aesthetics you want. Pair it up with the best casing available in the market, and go on a showcase spree with the best monitor under 100 dollars.

The monitor has a standard 21.5″-inch display, which might be lowered than most concurrent gaming monitors in the market. The color spectrum implemented is out of the box. You get a bright display screen with pixels (around 2 million) wavering to form a smooth picture quality—no wonder, why it stands out in the pool of flagship models.

The monitor has a 16:9 ratio with a 1080P resolution. Unfortunately, since it’s a cheap gaming monitor under 100 dollars, you get a response time of 7ms, which is quite high for gaming niches. That’s the only setback that can lead to you reconsidering your options. It’s worth mentioning that the IPS technology used in the monitor allows you to have displays from wide-angles—no wonder, why the monitor charms hardcore gamers.

To our surprise, the monitor only munches on the 20-Watt power supply. You get HDMI, HDCP, and VGA support with the monitor to render the image at its peak. The looks of the monitor include arsenic-free glass, mercury-free backlighting, and low halogen properties. Moreover, you get all the I/O ports on the monitor, which is another thing to note.

HP Pavilion 21.5 (cwa) specifications  

Size: 21.5.”
Response time: 7ms
Panel: IPS
Resolution: 1920 X 1080 (1080p)
Refresh rate: up to 60 Hz
  • HDMI, HDCP and VGA ports
  • No delay rates
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Use aesthetically pleasing design
  • IPS technology for wide-angle views
  • Inconsistent screen timings (turns blackout of nowhere)
  • Screen size is small
  • 7ms Response rate

Acer R221Q Bid 21.5-inch

Best Budget Friendly Monitor

Acer R221Q Bid 21.5-inch gaming monitor

What do people say about the product?

It’s not shocking to see the positive reviews about 100 dollar gaming monitor: Acer R221Q Bid. The reason for this unknown widespread is because of the compatibility of the monitor with consoles and PCs alike. You know what happens is that most of the monitors are not even remotely compatible with consoles, and that’s a bummer. Even a few of the users reported that the gaming was immersive while playing it on Acer R221Q. It’s easy to set up and works flawlessly, regardless of it being the best budget gaming monitor on the list.

Outstanding features

The side-by-side comparison brings in unique mounting elements of the monitor. The one which tops all of them is the price factor. Even though it’s affordable, it is competing against expensive units. What else do you want? The monitor can deliver a display at 1920 * 1080 (1080P) without any flickering and stuttering. It’s also worth mentioning that you can use the monitor for multimedia purposes (rendering, gaming, projecting) with HD productive scale.

Acer R221Q Bid uses IPS technology; thus, increasing the wide-angle views of the monitor. You can stand at the corner of the room and still behold all the projecting colors at the best possible ratio. It’s also a zero frame and on-fleek monitor which entices the user every time he/she plays the game on it. Surprisingly, the monitor provides a 4ms response, which is significant compared to most of the contemporary monitors in the market. You also get a blue filter (display presets), which can be toggled on and off as per your will from the monitor’s control center.

In addition to that, Acer Comfyview and Flicker-free technology help reduce eye strains and screen glaring.

As far as the physical properties are concerned, you get HDMI, VGA, and DVI so the user can have access to most of the displays on the screen. Not to mention, Acer uses power-saving technology, which helps in lowering the bill rates by two folds. To be honest, at such a low cost, you are indeed getting a gem. What are you waiting for? Go and buy it already!

Acer R221Q Bid 21.5-inch specifications  

Size: 21.5.”
Response time: 4ms
Panel: IPS
Resolution: 1920 X 1080 (1080p)
Refresh rate: up to 60 Hz
  • Features a slim and attractive design
  • Outstanding picture quality
  • Comes with a space-saving oval stand/platform
  • Many I/O ports on the monitor
  • Uses flicker-free technology
  • Can be used for average gaming
  • Does not use 100% RGB standards

BenQ GW2270 21.5

Best User-Friendly Monitor

BenQ GW2270 21.5 gaming monitor

What do people say about the product?

BenQ is renowned for using eye-care technology, which makes it as per the requirement. The reviews about BenQ GW2270 are astounding. Users say it’s one of those products which comes with plenty of user-friendly features; thus, evoking love for it. BenQ is easy to install and navigate. The reviews have been backed up by a 90% confidence level, making it another all-rounder product.

Outstanding features

As we said, BenQ GW2270 is another exception to the $100 price tag. It comes with a blue filter that reduces eye strains by a factor of 3. It also harbors eye-care technology that can be tweaked from the monitor’s control panel. The functionality is outstanding, giving you a boost, especially while gaming. Even the flicker-free technology used in the monitor helps reduce screen splitting, stutter, and freezes, again providing you with a smooth gaming experience.

Surprisingly, the monitor comes with an exceptional contrast ratio of 3000:1, surpassing the given threshold for traditional monitors. Even the color depth is decent. BenQ GW2270 is also known for providing a combination of pixels that can increase the intensity of the image, proportionally more exceptional than most of the existing flagship models. The response time of the monitor is 5ms, which is again decent for what it costs. Notwithstanding, the monitor makes use of anti-ghosting properties that can help you navigate in-game without the screen breaking down. That’s wonderful, to be honest!

BenQ is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. There’s only a single problem with the monitor that it doesn’t come with suitable (read: absent) ports.

The monitor’s design is taken a notch further by implementing a new combination of metallic frames and bezels at the bottom. In our opinion, BenQ is best for aesthetics if you have the right combination of systems installed at your place. The monitor will work like a charm!

BenQ GW2270 21.5-inch specifications  

Size: 21.5.”
Response time: 5ms
Panel: IPS
Resolution: 1920 X 1080 (1080p)
Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Exceptional contrast ratio of 3000:1
  • High response rate
  • VGA and DVI-D inputs
  • Compatible with most of the windows version
  • No speakers
  • Lacks HDMI port

ASUS VS228H-P Gaming monitor

Best Rendering/Gaming Monitor (Alternative)

ASUS VS228H-P Gaming monitor

What do people say about the product?

Statistically speaking, gamers have reported that Asus VS228H-P is best for gaming and rendering purposes as an alternative to top tiers. No dead pixels were recorded, even the colors were vibrant. ASUS VS228H-p has implemented sharp detailing technology, which helps produce better pictures than most of the existing flagship models. Thus, skyrocketing the confidence level of the product by 90%.

Outstanding features

We were thinking of placing ASUS VS228H-P in the number one position but failed to do so for so many reasons. Regardless, it’s an alternative to top-tier gaming monitors. The monitor comes with superior image quality. On top of that, you get a classic elegant design that matches the gaming rig’s aesthetics. Surprisingly, the monitor uses an exceptional contrast rate of 50,000,000: 1 with the HDMI interface. Additionally, you get a sturdy stand and a slim profile that can be drooled over for the years to come.

ASUS VS228H-P uses versatile viewing positions with smart view technology; this technology allows a user to watch movies in any possible direction (upward lying down). You can also use a smart view to adjust color parameters as per your will. Even you can view the monitor from different angles because of the IPS technology used inside the processors.

Moreover, the implementation of exclusive splendid video intelligence technology helps in optimizing video performance by two folds. You can also enhance color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness with the control panel. Notwithstanding, the monitor also uses six preset video modes: Scenery, Theater, Night view, Game, sRGB, and standard), which can be toggled on and off via a dedicated hotkey.

Many users have reported that rendering was way better with ASUS VS228H-P than any other monitor under 100 dollars. In short, this is your best shot. If you are unable to decide which gaming monitor to buy, don’t worry. Asus VS228H-P will uplift your dreams.

Asus VS228H-P specifications  

Size: 21.5.”
Response time: 5ms
Panel: IPS
Resolution: 1920 X 1080 (1080p)
Refresh rate: up to 75 Hz
  • Uses anti-theft lock
  • Supports a large number of connectivity options
  • Offers six preset modes
  • Provides variable skin and temperature modes
  • Blinding- brightness
  • Does not have built-in speakers

How greatly an ordinary monitor differs from a gaming monitor?

An ordinary monitor lacks too many features of a typical gaming monitor. Firstly, the delay and response rate are high, which is disturbing for the operator. Secondly, the chances of stuttering and freezing are all-time high in standard monitors. Stutter only happens when there’s a humongous difference in the refresh rate of the card and the monitor. Even the lines are skewed and out of sync. The arrival of gaming monitors killed out all those extreme decisions.

A typical gaming monitor ensures that the user doesn’t end up complaining about anything.

In this guide, we will be ensuring that you get ample evidence for distinguishing factors between what a typical and a gaming monitor looks like. It’s evident from the title that we will be tackling the monitor series under $100. That is tricky! Firstly, the monitors will be cheap. Secondly, you will be getting the majority of the features present in most flagship models.

What’s the paradox between the price tag and quality?

Price tags and quality features are poles apart in excess of ways. It’s a myth: Pricier the product, more features it will offer. It’s a saying, “Once a myth, always a myth.” You don’t have to believe what people say. To an extent, the myth is believable because, in pricier products, you do get most of the advanced embedded features. But this is changing. If you are going for monitors under $100, you don’t need to worry about the quality and absence of ergonomic features. They will be present, regardless.

To put it in beginner’s terms, as the technology is advancing and the appearance of new products is taking place, the older products are decreasing in value; thus, allowing you to get exceptional monitors at such a low price.

What things to consider when getting gaming monitor?

It’s favorable to inspect the holding points of research. Similarly, before buying, you need to display scrutiny to ensure that you get the best possible product. It is only possible if you are familiar with all the connecting points of a monitor.

Refresh Rate

Gamers can differentiate between variable refresh rates as if by perception. Jokes apart, the refresh rate is the most notable property of a monitor that should be looked into before making any decisions.

The rate is measured in “Hertz,” It’s an indication of how frequently your monitor will be displaying pixels on the screen. It’s important to know that you get a discrete range for refresh rates of the monitor. It starts from 60 Hz and ends up at 240 Hz (there are a few phenomenal entities-monitors- that even exceed the 240 Hz threshold). But when we are talking about monitors under 100 USD, you don’t expect them to touch the 240 Hz boundary (those monitors are costly).

It’s worth mentioning that 60 Hz is an ideal refresh rate and enough to generate 1080P image scaling. Most up-to-date gamers feel relaxed while playing games on 60 Hz monitors. This finding connotes that most monitors are reliable for perfect gaming sessions, and you don’t have to seek beyond 60 Hz to fill your desires.

If you are not a competitive gamer, then 60 Hz is considerable for single-player games.

Screen Size

Selecting from a bunch of screen sizes can cause chaos because what happens is that you become doubtful. It’s essential to educate yourself on how different screen sizes can affect your long-hour gaming sessions. For example, a 22-inch monitor is just below the given threshold. Most of today’s games will cause exceptions on the screen. Well, today 24-inch monitor is an ideal option. It is because of the effective scaling of the 24-inch size. It’s perfect!

But if you plan to choose something about 24-inch, then you are in terrible need of reconsideration. It’s not like those monitors above 24-inch are a buzzkill. Sometimes, a considerably larger screen can increase eye-straining and might divert your attention to those parts of the screen where your focus is unnecessary.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is a crucial part of finding the best gaming monitor under $100. Screen Resolutions like 4k and above are simply out of your reach at this budget. What you can get hold of is still better than nothing. We want you to know that for under 100 Dollars, your best shot is to get 1080P. That’s all you can gather at this budget. It might come off as absurd, but most of the gamers have refined time playing games on 1080P.

It’s also true that not everyone is liable to spend more than $100 on gaming monitors. Neither people are into spending on extravagant monitors. So, at this time, 1080P is a standard.

Panel Types

The panel area is a long-debated topic. Feel like people are more into stubborn states than actually doing anything about it. With gaming monitors, you get around three types of panels, and they all are poles apart from each other. With the advancement in technology, industrialists have polished most of the panels (an integral part of the monitor for enhanced screen depiction). It’s a requirement to go through all the types of panels you can get under $100 because you will be using the monitor and not us. To help you out with the cherry-picking process, we’ll enlist all the three types of panels in existence to date.

  • IPS (in-plane switching): Offers slower response time than TN and VA. You also don’t get high refresh rates with IPS technology. On top of that, it’s a panel dedicated to professional editors because of the high color accuracy provided by the IPS technology. Not to mention, it’s also one of the most expensive panels because of the exclusive features that come with it.
  • TN (twisted nematic): Offers the highest response time, with the best overall gaming performance. TN panel is for gamers because of the boosted refresh rate technology used. On top of that, you get TN panels at a subsidized price (cheaper than VA and IPS). The only con of using the TN panel is the limitation of view from different angles. Even at times, the color combination is above the board.
  • VA (vertical alignment): Offers the worst response rates as compared to IPS AND VA. As far as the color quality is concerned, it offers a decent color ratio and delay rates, but it’s rare. Not to mention, the VA panels are used for general purposes only (not for gaming or rendering).

Response time

In gaming monitors, you get a panoply of variations in response rates. Most of the ideal monitors come with a 1ms response time, which is significant for a smooth gaming experience. It’s also true to get a 2ms response rate, and it’s nearly imperceptible to behold the time difference because the scale used is in milliseconds. If you are in search of budget-friendly gaming monitors, then expect the variations to touch 5ms. It’s understandable because not every decent monitor offers a fast response rate. There are trade-offs, and you have to approve.

I/O ports

At this stage, it’s crucial to view the body parts of the monitor in the best possible way. You are required to examine the I/O ports on the monitor and re-evaluate your decision based on your findings. Under a $100 gaming monitor, you should expect at least to get HDMI, DVI, and Display port connectivity. The display port feature enables you to use the same monitor in consoles like Xbox and PS5. It’s rare to find these on cheap monitors, but what’s wrong with searching? You might end up finding an exceptional piece for your gaming rig!

Which gaming monitor is best for you?

Probably, each one of them is on the list of gaming monitors under 100 Dollars? Like we said, all the data is statistically proven and has credibility.

We recommend you go for Acer-VG220Q because it’s a versatile gaming monitor you can get hold of under $100. At such a subsidized cost, you are getting a monitor that can withstand long hours of gaming, writing, and rendering without flickering. What else do you want? By buying this, your life is complete. It comes to a close. Go and buy it already!


All the discussed products from this rundown article are shortlisted while taking their MSRP price into consideration. There is a clear chance of arising prices by a small multiplier due to shortage and increasing demand.

Side Note: If you are not restricted to any budget, then do remember that the list is not finite. You can find golden pieces (gaming monitors) at $150 or $200.

What sort of questions do users ask?

No! Pc is not a requirement at all. Gaming monitors do come with dedicated ports like VGA/DVI, DisplayPort, and HDMI that you can use for connecting Xbox and PS5. So, if you are a console user, then yes, you can play on gaming monitors.

yes, it is! Most of the latest AAA titles run smoothly on 60 Hz. None of the recent games require you to have more significant refresh rates because not everyone can buy high-end gaming monitors. Apart from this, there are near to no stutters or freezes at 60 Hz. You are in good hands!

Yes, they are! You get variable resolutions like 1080p and above; hence, increasing the immersive gaming experience you can have. Even the refresh rates are higher, which can ultimately result in 4K gaming.


Hey, I’m Muhammad Bilal. I’m a tech fanatic (also read: Gamer), who loves scrutinizing fine details. I aim to strive hard in my respective fields (as a writer and software programmer). Before pursuing my majors in a university (right now in A-levels), I want to spend time exploring and reviewing the latest technology.

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