Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest [Benefits & Buying Tips]

Joe Smith
Joe Smith
Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest

What is the best way to save your energy while playing video games? Are you looking for a Gaming Chair with a footrest that can ensure your comfort? To answer these questions many brands have come into the field and have found ease for you.

Most of the game lovers are tired of sitting for hours in front of their systems and having no comfort sitting. Normal chairs being used at homes are not designed to bring ease in the lives of the persons.

Moreover, a study has found that most of Australian people have suffered from chronic back pain. Out of these people, the maximum people were hardcore gamers. This became a big question why this happened?  

These issues and questions have forced the brands to make chairs that are specially designed for game lovers. These chairs have now come to be known as the Gaming Chairs which may be added with footrest. 

Gaming Chairs with footrest are stunning pieces of furniture and new technology that has become most demanding and has captured the hearts of the customers because of the comfort it brings with it.

Gaming Chairs and office chairs have great differences. Other chairs are less comfortable whereas the Gaming Chairs are fully designed to keep comfort as an objective. 

These chairs come with many benefits such as footrest; headrest; lumbar cushions; adjustable neck and much more than you can expect. This design makes these chairs up high in ranks.

There are a number of things that are important to buy these Gaming Chairs with Footrest. A user must go through these important things before buying any gaming chair with a footrest. These various significant things are discussed below.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Gaming Chair with a Footrest

Before buying a Gaming Chair with a Footrest you need to consider a number of things so that you could avoid any issues. The best gaming chair can only be bought if you have researched the following things before. 

Current Price 

It is a natural process that every person whenever looks at the product that attracts him. That person, first of all, looks at its price and then his pocket. Here this Gaming Chair with Footrest has also been asked about its price.

Yes, one shall search the trending price of the product. But the reality is the price depends on the number of functions it provides. The price is well reliable and affordable. Within this price, such great functions are simply a blessing. 

Height of the Gaming Chair

The height of a gaming chair is as important as its softness and comfort abilities. All men are not of equal height and that is the reason that you are asked to search for a chair’s height before buying it.

There are a number of ways to check this, the best is to put a hand on your lap and then lift a chair up to a level where it brushes against the below side of the desk. A good chair has hydraulic units for adjustment. 

Adjustment Capability 

The best gaming chair will always be loaded with multiple adjustment settings. All those chairs lacking with such settings will not be suitable for hardcore gamers and for sure are not recommended to you.

A gaming chair must have all of these adjustment settings such as a lumbar and a backrest adjustment from 90 degrees to 180 degrees; armrest height adjustment; adjustable height; footrest adjustment and massage headrest.  

Comfort Support

As the hardcore gamers are supposed to sit on the chairs for hours and even sometimes for the whole day. They must have a chair that is loaded with all comfort and especially a high-quality cushion must be loaded in that chair.

Most of the companies have found different forms of cushions best for their chairs. But a good chair will always be loaded with a high-quality cushion such as the sponges found in deep seas. 

Weight Capacity

These days some chairs are made of weak materials. These materials are not that powerful to lift high weight mass. This results in breaking the chair and causing serious injuries for the users.

So before buying and taking the chair home with you, You must make sure that the chair is powerful enough to lift the maximum weight. That means you need to check the wheels and the gas strut’s weight rating is made from the strong and reliable material. 

Build Material

This product has been manufactured with the best material to ensure its reliability. The product provides you enough relaxation and guarantees you to bring ease in your life.

The quality material is guaranteed and it is because of the material that these chairs are becoming a shining product in the market. They are made from PVC Leather that ensures long life, Alloy frame light, and strong, High-Density Shaping Foam that is soft and smooth. Some chair’s cushions are even made using sponges that are found in deep seas.   

Design Availability

A number of designs are available in the market. Products are designed while keeping in view the desires and demands of the customers. The best product is one which fulfills all the demands of the customers. 

The Gaming Chair with Footrest is available in a number of designs. Such as ergonomic gaming chair, racing gaming chair, video gaming chair, and even more. All of these designs meet the needs of the customers and the main objective is to ensure the relaxation of the users.     

Color Options

A good chair always has a good outlook and attractive color. The color is the beauty of the chair and attracts the users to buy it. Therefore, you have to search for the color as well before buying. If the chair lacks such attributes then the chair will lose its market and will result in poor ranking.

In the market, there are different chairs with different colors. Now it totally depends on the choice of the customer what type of color the customer prefers. Whether you prefer pretty in pink, ultimate sporty design or you love to have simple yet sleek black.  

Lumbar Support

Another important attribute that you need to keep in mind before buying is lumbar support. Hardcore gamers are looking for such a blessing that can bring peace and support while sitting in front of their PCs.

You have to search for a Chair that is designed with lumbar support that is adjustable in height as required. It is a cushion, made from the best material and also has the attribute of giving a massage. A USB cable is attached with a chair that further plugs in and gives you a great massage.  

Durability and Framework

A product is judged and can only become famous if it is durable. The durability is judged by searching out for the comments and reviews from the already using customer.

You are directed to search for the users’ reviews about the particular Gaming Chair with Footrest before making any final decision. Moreover, you are also advised to search for the chair with the best framework. Otherwise, you may face loss. 

Vibrating Headrest Pillow

Similar to the lumbar support, the Gaming Chair with Footrest also comes with a vibrating headrest pillow. You are highly recommended to search for a chair that has this capability.

These headrests are made from reliable materials and with the sponges from the deep seas. You must search deep about these materials whether they are there or not. Furthermore, you have to look for the vibrating headrest as that is the best.   

Buying Tips

This study is designed after deep research and in accordance with all your needs that it can help you in buying the best gaming chair to complete your gameplay room. Some important tips are given below that can put you in the right direction.

  • Cleaning the gaming chair is the first and foremost thing that keeps it in good and attractive condition. Cleaning the chair is the need when you use this chair for sitting while taking snacks, drinking, and refreshing. For this purpose, you must look for the fabric material and type that is used for the manufacturing of the chair. 
  • Moreover, you must look for the cleaning instructions so that you can keep your gaming chair long-lasting and durable. The fabrics which can be washed with water and a little dish soap are most reliable as compared to the others that are unable to wash.
  • To have a durable and long-lasting gaming chair, you must look for the metal that is used for making the framework of the chair. The framework must be strong enough that it can withstand the sitting, moving, and rocking the chair for long hours of use. 
  • Also, look for heavy-duty models with strong base castors to have a better quality gaming chair. This must be decided carefully and patiently so that you can save your money from replacing the chair after some time. 
  • The other most important thing is the arm placement that must be considered while buying a gaming chair for your gameplay room. The chair with adjustable height option and tilted angle are advised to buy.
  • You must also check for the warranty of the gaming chair. The warranties with 6 months to 2 years that cover the replacement facility are good and you can get benefits from these.
  • The features of the gaming chair that are responsible for the varying prices of these chairs must be kept in mind during the buying process. You must look for a chair that fits your budget instead of other features.

List of 7 Best Gaming Chairs with a Footrest

Ficmax Ergonomic Gamer Chair Ficmax-Ergonomic-Gamer-ChairFicmaxBuy on Amazon
BOSSIN Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk BOSSIN-Gaming-Chair-Office-Computer-DeskBOSSINBuy on Amazon
BestOffice PC Ergonomic Gaming Chair BestOffice-PC-Ergonomic-Gaming-Chair-BestOfficeBuy on Amazon
Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair Homall-Ergonomic-High-Back-Gaming-Chair-HomallBuy on Amazon
RoyalDirect Ergonomic Gaming Chair RoyalDirect-Ergonomic-Gaming-Chair--RoyaldireBuy on Amazon
HEALGEN Massage Gaming Chair HEALGEN-Massage-Gaming-ChairAnji ZijieBuy on Amazon
Kealive Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Chair Kealive-Gaming-Chair-Reclining-Racing-ChairKealiveBuy on Amazon

Ficmax Ergonomic Gamer Chair

Ficmax Ergonomic Gamer Chair

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is one of the best gaming chairs available in the market. It comes with a number of color options and you can select the best one that suits your room decoration.

Sitting for hours on the other chair you may get a headache or may feel irritation and maybe your legs are not comfy there, but Ficmax Gaming chair serves best in this regard and you can feel comfortable without getting irritated.

Moreover, Ficmax gaming Chair is designed in a professional way by giving a refined and well-established finishing that avoids accidents to provide you safety and comfort. 


MaterialPVC Leather
Weight51 Pounds
Cushion Thickness3.9 Inch
Backrest size32.7 Inches
Dimension33.8 x 12.6 x 25.2 Inches
Weight capacity250 LBS


When we talk about the chairs, the very first step is that we look at its design and if the design meets our desire then we prefer to think of any further features.

The Ficmax Gaming Chair is designed totally to beat the existing competition in the market. Its color design total gives the first look of a typical racing gaming chair but it is unmatchable.

Furthermore, its look is amazingly attractive. The design and the ergonomic features have made this a unique chair among the others along with the presence of footrest that is adjustable.


The seats of Ficmax Gaming Chair are made and covered with the best quality PVC leather which is sturdy and smooth material. 

The high-density sponge has been utilized in the padding of the chair that is simply more than soft and it does not deform with time. This is a 4.8-inch thick sponge. 

The frame is an alloy made that means it is strong and light in weight.  Furthermore, it has been made by using ABS plastic that enhances the quality of this outstanding product. 


Talking about the style of the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair, you may feel at the first site that it is a typical old gaming chair that may be as same as the old products were. 

The colorful lining on the backrest and other areas of the chair feel like so. But the features in this product are stunning and give a sexy look to the chair. 

You can tilt, rotate or swivel according to your wish and choice. It has a backrest of 32.7 inches. Where you will find an adjustable lumbar massage pillow and a head massage pillow.  

  • Acts as a comfort zone for long hours
  • Stylish and sexy design for an attractive look
  • Sturdy build for the provision of safety
  • Multifarious color options for contrasting with your interior design
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Adjustable arm set for various heights
  • Removable massaging lumbar pillow and headrest pillow
  • Encompassing weight capacity to make is reliable
  • Soft and durable leather makes it the best choice
  • Premium and strong wheels for provision of durability
  • Allen key bolts
  • No proper instructions for set up
  • Hokey lumber support vibrating pillow
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Low-quality vibrating pillow
  • Varying colors and you can’t find the previous one again

Why Should You Buy it?

From the users’ reviews, it has been concluded that most of the people do like the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair and want to buy it, again and again, due to the following reasons.

  • This chair is among all the high quality and top-rated chairs which are famous for the provision of comfort for the gamers.
  • It is the key part of the gaming room because it gives an electric massage with 360 swivels and reclining of 90 to 180 degrees.
  • The well-cushioned thick pad setting is the critical feature that attracts most of the customers. 
  • The adjustable armrest and height are prominent and give a comfort zone for the gamer.
  • It is best for casual computer and video gamers who love to sit for long hours for gaming purposes.

Bottom Line

Ficmax Gaming Chair is a massage gaming chair that comes in an ergonomic design with a comfortable footrest that provides an ease to the gamers during e-gaming. It has a large size armrest along with the high back pillow that provides support during gaming. 

BOSSIN Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk

BOSSIN Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk

BOSSIN Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk is an astonishing product that gives you full comfort and luxury. It has been made with an objective to guarantee the full countered support. 

This is an ergonomic chair that is also equipped with an extended footrest. Moreover, the headrest and the lumbar support all ensure the guaranteed relaxation for the users. It has a reclining option in which you can adjust it between 90-155 degrees.

Additionally, this gaming chair can also be used as an office chair. It has a weight of 275 pounds and a professional look with an attractive color. It also gives you a dynamic movement by ensuring a swivel rotation of 360 degrees. 


MaterialPU leather
Weight47.4 pounds
Cushion Thickness3.9 Inches
Backrest size22.5″X30.5″
Dimension20.8 x 25.2 x 49.2 inches
Weight capacity300 lb
ColorGray/Black Red/Black White/Black


Design is everything for a new product or even an old one to be well-known among the customers. The design is when discussed mostly it talks about the looks it reflects.

BOSSIN Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk has been designed with full attractive and addictive design. Such as it comes in contrasting colors and full reclining options that help the customers to get relaxed.

Its cushion thickness is 3.9 inches and its dimensions are 20.8 x 25.2 x 49.2 inches. It comes with a variety of colors like Gray, Black Red, Black White, and Black. These different things are more than enough in boosting the design of the chair. 


When it comes to the material the chairs are very compassionate. The material used must be strong and reliable as chairs are supposed to lift a weight that is not defined or selective. 

It uses PU leather for finishing which is one of the most reliable and demanding leather of the time. This leather is waterproof, easily washable and more significantly 

The material used in this gaming chair has increased its demand and raised the ranking in the market. The reviews regarding material are strong.    


The style of the gaming chair is another thing that attracts customers. Style may look like the same old gaming chairs but the thing is different this time.

BOSSIN Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk has a dynamic style and can be adjustable with 90 to 155 degrees reclining options. It has different reflections of the color that boosts its style.

Other than this, it has Gamfield Seating, and it has a 4d adjustability. No one can deny the astonishing style of the BOSSIN Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk.

  • Extra stability and more incline angle with tilt mechanism
  • The sturdy base that can be given five stars
  • Ergonomic design for the comfortability of the gamer
  • Premium PU leather for durability
  • Gas spring cylinder with adjustable height
  • Provision of the headrest and adjustable lumbar cushion
  • A smooth-rolling caster that is sturdy and strong
  • 90-150 angle adjustment for the locking mechanism
  • Swivel rotation with 360 angle adjustment
  • Easy to assemble parts of the chair
  • The hard armrest that may cause pain
  • A bit flimsy footrest
  • The chair does not have ANY spring-loaded backrest lean

Why Should You Buy it?

From the users’ reviews, it has been concluded that most of the people do like BOSSIN Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk and want to buy it, again and again, due to the following reasons.

  • It is a pretty nice chair that comes with all the accessories to provide comfort for the gamers.
  • It is made with the provision of awesome colors that give a nice and cool look to the chair.
  • The style and the design of the chair make it comfortable while sitting for long hours.
  • The footrest and the armrest are inclined beautifully and these are stable for gaming purposes.
  • It comes with a high back that is the best for the headrest.

Bottom Line

BOSSIN Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk is one of the best gaming chairs that come with footrest for providing luxurious sitting to the gamers. The ergonomic design of the chair is best as it has an adjustable back height. The PU leather material makes it durable and long-lasting. 

BestOffice PC Ergonomic Gaming Chair

BestOffice PC Ergonomic Gaming Chair

BestOffice PC Ergonomic Gaming Chair is another perfectly designed gaming chair that gives you a life full of comfort with the addition of footrest. This is a racing-style chair that will become a charming beauty of your room. 

It has been made so professionally that when you bring it for the first time at home you can assemble it very easily. It can also be used as an office chair. Loaded with extremely rich comfortable material. The vibrator used for massage is a remote control. 

The 360-Degree Swivel gaming chair is an astonishing masterpiece in the gaming world. The users can enjoy a life full of comfort and it is made with PU leather that guarantees a long and reliable life.


MaterialPU leather
Weight43.4 Pounds
Cushion Thickness3.8 Inches
Backrest size22.5X30.5 inches
Dimension17.7×26.4×53.5 Inches
Weight capacity250 pounds


Whenever it comes to design the gaming chairs have been made with some attractive designs. But the design varies chair to chair. The design must meet the desires of the customers. 

This gaming chair has been designed to beat the market by ensuring that it receives the highest ratings. It has multiple functions such as it can be used as an office chair as well. This comes with a rotating option of 360-Degrees.

Furthermore, it has four modes that increase its market such as working mode at 90 degrees; gaming mode 120 degrees; reading mode 135 degrees, and 155 degrees for sleeping mode. This chair comes in an extremely attractive design.  


The gaming chairs with footrest are one of the highest in demand chairs in the market. That is the reason for maintaining their market, the material must be reliable and long-lasting.

The material being used in this chair is guaranteed for its quality. The PU leather is used for finishing and this is water and oil resistant material. It has a long-lasting life because of its originality. 

There is no doubt in this gaming chair about its material. Its body is made from strong plastic that is reliable and can bear any weight. This gaming chair has beaten the market because of the strong and powerful material it is made from.   


The style of the gaming chairs varies from chair to chair. The style must be different and more catchy. Though most of the chairs reflect the same old gaming chair style, it can not be calculated unless you buy it. 

It can lift a weight limit of 250 pounds and its height can be adjusted within the following measures such as 19.5-23.2. It also has an adjustable custom that enables you to adjust the height and other adjustments according to your wish and desire.

This is an amazing gaming chair that provides you great relaxation because of its style and various attributes it owns. The most demanding thing is that it has an adjustable footrest that most chairs don’t.    

  • Tilt mechanism with 90-150 degree adjustment angle
  • Wider back of the chair for great comfort
  • Large size cushion to give you full relief
  • A strong framework for durability
  • Comfortable armrest, footrest, headrest and back cushion with ergonomic design
  • Heavy-duty chair base with nylon castors that provides great stability
  • Flexible chair with 360-degree swivel
  • Presence of great electric massage
  • Unavailability of reclining feature
  • Wheels are without locks

Why Should You Buy it?

From the users’ reviews, it has been concluded that most of the people do like BestOffice PC Ergonomic Gaming Chair Office Computer Desk and want to buy it, again and again, due to the following reasons.

  • It is a comfortable chair that best suits you for long hours sitting.
  • It comes with a high back to give you ease for sleeping on the chair. 
  • It has a deep seat along with the backrest and headrest which provide you full relief.

Bottom Line

The BestOffice PC Ergonomic Gaming Chair is one of the masterpieces in the market that has won the hearts of the users because of the features it comes with. It has been equipped with the adjustable footrest, headrest pillow, lumbar support, and much more stunning features.  

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair, a product of Homall has been ruling the market due to its multiple features and attributes. It has been made with heavy-duty steel that guarantees its strong and long-lasting life.

It comes with a comfortable adjustable position for your arms. You can adjust the armrest according to your height without pulling your shoulders upward. It also has a removable headrest pillow and the lumbar support for all those who have any issue or pain in the back. 

The reclining adjustment reduces the pressure on the back and protects you from any back pain or chronic cancer. More importantly, it comes with a PU wheel that helps you in easy mobility and with leaving scratches on the floor. 


Material100%pu Leather
Weight52.9 Pounds
Cushion Thickness3.9 Inches
Backrest size23.2″X32.2″
Dimension22.1 x 24.7 x 51.1 inches
Weight capacity300 lbs.


The thing that differentiates the number of accessible gaming chairs in the market is their design. Some chairs come with the same similar design that looks similar but there is a very slight difference. 

This gaming chair comes with a unique design like it has a sitting height of 17.3 to 21.3 inches and seat dimension is 20.9 x 19.7. Moreover, it has a backrest dimension of 23.2 x 32.2.

Most of the users are unaware of the design the Homall is offering and this is why they do not enjoy these designs made for them. This design is made under the supervision of specialists who are aware of the human body posture.  


The gaming chair can gain its worth after having a material that is strong and reliable. No chair can become a product of high demand until and unless its material is pure and potent.

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair comes with thickly padded bucket seats that are highly appreciated among the users. Additionally, it has also been made from high-quality PU leather that is vigorous.

This is the reason the products from Homall especially Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair have been among the highest demanding gaming chairs.  


The more the stylish chair is the more demand it will receive. Here this gaming chair from Homall is unique in its style and has received a high demand. The style of any product defines its future and status in the market. 

It is recommended that not more than 330 pounds be placed in this chair. Furthermore, its own weight is 52.9 pounds and its height is 21.3inches. This does not end here, its dimensions are 33.07 x 25.9 x 11.2 inches in l x w x h respectively.

Homall has proved in the market that no product can beat its style and quality. The unique style has received positive feedback from the users and its ranking is also increasing.    

  • Durable due to high-quality Pu leather
  • Footrest to provide ease for sitting during game playing
  • Rolling caster wheels with smooth and attractive colors
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300 lb is most reliable
  • Gas spring cylinder with adjustable height
  • Headrest pillow for taking rest along with a lumbar cushion
  • The loose and wobbly armrest that creates irritation

Why Should You Buy it?

From the users’ reviews, it has been concluded that most of the people do like Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair and want to buy it, again and again, due to the following reasons.

  • It is ergonomically designed that gives it a cool and attractive look.
  • The use of pure PU leather makes it easy to clean it and make it durable. 
  • Armrest, Footrest, and headrest are best for a person to get relief during long gaming hours.
  • The most reliable feature is the presence of high backrest. 

Bottom Line

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair is built with 100% pure PU leather that carries a comfortable bucket seat. It has a 360 computer swivel office chair headrest and lumbar support. This is the executive desk chair that has a high-quality footrest with a variety of colors. 

RoyalDirect Ergonomic Gaming Chair

RoyalDirect Ergonomic Gaming Chair

RoyalDirect Ergonomic Gaming Chair is a skin-friendly and a high-quality product of the Royal Direct. This gaming chair of theRoyal Direct has reached a good ranking in very little time due to its quality.

It is designed so perfectly that your body will be fitted in the chair and you will have full-body relaxation. It also has a wonderful tilt locking system with up to 90-155 degrees. It also has 360 degrees swivel added with the omnidirectional wheels. It also has a lumbar rest, footrest, headrest, and even more features. 

Furthermore, it is provided with a very sensible and easy language installation guide that makes it very easy for you to install and use. The making of the chair consists of PU Leather and other strong and reliable materials.   


MaterialPU leather
Weight49.9 pounds
Cushion Thickness3.9 Inches
Backrest size21.8*35.8 
Dimension33.1 x 25.6 x 12.6 inches
Weight capacity300LBS
ColorGrey 1


The design is the total beauty of the chair. No chair or any product can win the customers’ desire unless it has been equipped with the master design. Design among chairs is very significant and counted a lot. 

Like other chairs this is also designed to lift a limited weight otherwise you may experience some damages. The load capacity it comes with is 300 lbs. The seating area dimensions are 20.8 x 21.8 9 (LxW) and the headrest dimensions count is 21.8 x 35.8 (L x H).

Furthermore, it comes with the adjustable seat height at 4.7 inches. This is the reason that these chairs have captured the market. Its design is considered the best design of Royal Direct.     


After the design, the significant thing to be focused on is the material of the gaming chair. Normally all chairs come with almost the same material having the same objective.

RoyalDirect Ergonomic Gaming Chair is made from the stunning PU Leather which has been one of the special among the specialists. As this leather is oil and water-resistant and very significantly it is easy to wash and clean.

This type of material boosts the capability of the Gaming Chair with the Footrest. The other body parts are made with strong plastic and alloy material is utilized. These make it less in weight and reliable for a long time.    


Style is another vital thing that shall be noticed in a gaming chair. All of the gaming chairs reflect the same old gaming chair style but there is a very defined difference among all.

It has a very attractive color lining on the back and front making it look like a racing gaming seat. This style enhances the quality of looking more beautiful among the competitors in the market. 

The style of any product needs to be different and catchy. Otherwise, there are a number of different brands and products accessible in the market which increases the level of competition. 

  • Quiet with no irritating voice
  • Strong material to make it strong and durable
  • 90-150 degree motion tilt to provide comfort and support
  • The unique design gives it an attractive look
  • Easy to assemble part at the time delivery
  • Due to firmness, it is important to use a cushion
  • The lower lumbar firm support may cause irritation

Why Should You Buy it?

From the users’ reviews, it has been concluded that most of the people do like RoyalDirect Ergonomic Gaming Chair and want to buy it, again and again, due to the following reasons.

  • It best suits multiple occasions due to its ergonomic design.
  • The material used for its construction is skin-friendly and wear resistance that makes it durable for years. 
  • The ergonomic design makes it a perfect computer chair for gaming.
  • It provides extraordinary comfort due to the presence of headrest, armrest, and footrest.

Bottom Line

RoyalDirect Ergonomic Gaming Chair is proved to be an extremely attractive and different gaming chair among all of the Royal Direct products. This is equipped with headrest, footrest, and lumbar support with some extra features including the reclining backrest in different degrees and amazing quality wheels. 

HEALGEN Massage Gaming Chair

HEALGEN Massage Gaming Chair

HEALGEN Massage Gaming Chair is an outstanding product that is made from the quality material and has been added with some extra amazing features. These attributes bring this product to a high-level product in the market.

The 360 Degree Swivel provides you an opportunity to use less energy in doing many activities and this is when added with PU caster wheels it makes it more awesome. The PVC leather that has been made is an amazing material among all leathers. 

It can be reclined between 90-155 degrees and it also has adjustable footrest with an extra addition of headrest. Moreover, the HEALGEN Massage Gaming Chair comes with the two years warranty. 


BrandAnji Zijie Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.
MaterialPVC leather
Weight48.4 pounds
Cushion Thickness3.9 Inches
Backrest size23”x33”
Dimension23.62 x 12.99 x 28.35 inches
Weight capacity320 lbs


Whenever it is talked about the design the most important it comes up with its uniqueness. The design of the gaming chair, on the other hand, needs to be very different because of the great competition.

HEALGEN Massage Gaming Chair comes with a weight capacity of 320 lbs that defines its quality. Additionally, it has dimensions of 23.62 x 12.99 x 28.35 inches. The weight of this gaming chair is 48.4 pounds. 

These things create a clear difference in the bunch of existing similar products. The gaming chair shall have a unique design like this to ensure maximum ease. 


The material in some cases has been experienced not that strong to meet the requirements. In such cases, the chairs failed to perform well and large complaints of damages were received. 

The material used in this is strong and reliable. PVC and PU Leather is an amazing material due to its features. For example, this leather has the quality of being washable easily. 

Other than this, the heavy-duty 5 PU caster wheels guarantee that the chair can easily be moveable across the room boundaries. This will minimize the user’s energy. 


The style is an amazing thing that a product must not lack. The gaming chair then surely must not be compromised on the style and this shall meet the style of the century. 

This item weighs only 48.4 pounds and it is too less that it can be easily moveable. The Color is quite different and has the quality to attract the customers because of the total uniqueness.

The product has proved in the customer’s market and is receiving a very warm welcome every day. This styling product will definitely capture the market as soon as the users will utilize it and enjoy their lives from its features. 

  • Adjustable headrest pillow with footrest and lumbar support
  • Gas spring cylinder with adjustable height
  • Smooth-rolling caster wheel with attractive colors
  • Maximum weight capacity of 320 lbs makes it suitable for everyone
  • Wide seat for comfortable sitting place
  • Smooth and comfortable material for a long hour sitting
  • Sturdy and high-quality wheels for easy movement
  • The rotation of armrest is weird
  • Sturdy firmness may cause irritation

Why Should You Buy it?

From the users’ reviews, it has been concluded that most of the people do like HEALGEN Massage Gaming Chair and want to buy it, again and again, due to the following reasons.

  • This is a great gaming chair that is easy to assemble and the parts can be put together.
  • This is a super heavy duty chair that has a high-quality armrest, footrest, and backrest to provide ease for sitting long hours.
  • Vibrating lumbar cushion massage pillow that works best when you want to get a massage.

Bottom Line

HEALGEN Massage Gaming Chair is a product of quality and reliability. This has been well known due to the distinct features it has been equipped with. The headrest, footrest, PVC and PU leather and even more than you could expect anything. 

Kealive Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Chair

Kealive Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Chair

Kealive Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Chair is designed for the comfort of users that can also be used as an office chair. It has a high level of comfort containing comfortable backrest, armrest, foldable footrest, and removable backrest.

It is made up of high-quality material and is a perfect designer product adjustable according to the user’s desire; you can adjust headrest and backrest to 175 degrees with it’s locking apparatus.

Its base is made up of heavy-duty nylon that provides users with enhanced working potency. It is designed to give you comfort during long working sessions and for prolonged gaming spells.


Price185.99 $
MaterialBreathable PU Leather & thick memory foam
Size25.39*27.55* 44.88~48.03 
Weight48.4 pounds
Cushion Thickness3.9 Inches
Backrest size19.81″ x 27.9″
Dimension25.39 x 27.56 x 44.88 inches
Weight capacity400 pounds


This gaming chair is a designer product and has been designed in a very sensible manner. The design is highly asked and watched issue among the gaming chairs and if it fails definitely it will suffer loss.

This gaming chair has been equipped with a backrest size of 19.68 x 20.47 and dimensions counts are 25.39 x 27.56 x 44.88 inches. Moreover, these designed facts are enhancing the fame of the product. 

The design mentioned above was totally different from other designed products in the field of gaming chairs with footrest. Thus, the design is a very sensitive matter in the manufacturing of the gaming chairs.    


You cannot rely on poor quality gaming chairs. You will definitely search for the best material product. Here this gaming Chair is made from strong and reliable materials that boost its capability.  

It has been made with the help of PU leather and this further has been loaded with the breathing holes to prevent it from any sweating issue. It also has a padded memory foam that guarantees the relaxation of the user.

This shows that the material being used is strong and reliable. This product has the capacity to defeat all the existing products in the market. 


The style of this gaming chair is very different and it has the power to capture the market when it comes to the style. It is an obvious thing that the style shall be unique and different from the rest. 

The Kealive Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Chair comes in a variety of colors like red, blue-black, and white. Additionally, its outer look is different and has a different lining style seat that has become a satisfaction for the eyes.

This is not like the other Gaming Chairs with Footrest as it has a very different style that defines its power to win the hearts of the users. This is the reason that it has been receiving that much high views and increased ranking.  

  • A variety of colors like red, blue, white, and black
  • Manufactured with high-quality material
  • loaded with the padded armrests for great comfort
  • Use of padded raw cotton in cushions for softness and relaxing.
  • PU wheels of racing design
  • Easily adjustable
  • Extra comfortable Gaming Chair
  • Armrests with a lot of wiggles
  • balancing issue and that it scoots forward and ends the user on the floor

Why Should You Buy it?

From the users’ reviews, it has been concluded that most of the people do like Kealive Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Chair and want to buy it, again and again, due to the following reasons.

  • The wide width of the chair and the heavy-duty weight capacity makes it best for the big body gamers.
  • The presence of the footrest makes it more comfortable during the hours when you want to take rest.
  • It provides good support and avoids accidents.

Bottom Line

The Kealive Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Chair comes with amazing features that become the highest in-demand features. It has a headrest and the raw padded foam that is used in the cushion is a great invention for the relaxation of the user. 

Advantages of Gaming Chairs with a Footrest

The chairs being used normally are not good for health and they result in health problems related to your back pain, chronic cancer, and other severe diseases. To avoid such things the experts have designed Gaming Chairs with Footrest to ensure good health and good life.

Gaming Chairs with Footrest are not only good for longtime gaming or giving you a comfy day. But in reality, these chairs help you out in protecting your body from many unusual and sudden diseases that may be caused in a matter of seconds. You are supposed to buy a good gaming chair to avoid any such issue.

Some of the important and significant advantages of the Gaming Chair with Footrest are as below.

Reduced Back Pain

The Gaming Chairs come with the footrest that can be adjusted according to the desire of the customers. Other chairs without footrest can cause damage to your posture and that is not good for your backpressure. 

Adjusted footrest with your gaming chair is very beneficial for your backpressure. With the help of this, you can recline more naturally because you have an option to change the angle of the body and this helps you to release the pressure on the back and the lumbar disc. 

When Backpressure is released it is definitely going to assist in reducing back pain that may lead you to many other problems and diseases. The hardcore gamers are highly recommended to buy Gaming Chairs with Footrest to avoid such problems. 

Correct Posture

Mostly it has been experienced that all the hardcore gamers have been found with wrong body posture. They are either too fat or their bones tend to change from natural posture giving them unhealthy and unbearable posture.

The Gaming Chair with Footrest helps you adjust such an angle that creates a natural body posture. Now, this is obviously one of the best benefits a hardcore gamer can find. In Australia, most of these cases have been found that are caused due to this. 

It is highly considered an appreciable step of the hardcore gamers as a good posture is that where your feet are flat against the floor. You will find it difficult to move into that posture without a Gaming Chair with a Footrest. The health professional highly recommends it to regular users.    

Great Massage

Sitting for hours and even for a whole day in one place, one chair, and almost the same posture requires a massage when you are tired. The hardcore users mostly have found in asking the question about the solution to their tired bodies after hours.

The Gaming Chair with Footrest is mostly found with an extra feature that is a vibrating lumbar attached to massage your back. This helps you give an amazing massage and relaxation after sitting for hours in the same posture.

Therefore, the best thing about the Gaming Chairs with Footrest is that they also give you a lumbar massage in any position. The most beneficial this massage becomes in 180 degrees with adjusted footrest. 

Active Sitting

One of the most attractive benefits of the Gaming Chair with a footrest is that you can adjust and move accordingly. Other chairs do not provide such benefits and they lack the qualities. 

Gaming Chairs with the Footrest ensure active sitting that means you have the option to change your posture according to your desire. If you get tired by sitting in the same posture for hours you can in seconds adjust yourself into a relaxed position and by giving your feets a straight parallel to ground posture avoiding back pain. 

Buying such a chair will help you in many ways. It is one of the most beautiful products that has been ever made for hardcore gamers. You are highly advised by the health professionals and researchers to use this while playing a video game. 

Final Remarks

The ability of the gaming chair to provide comfort to the gamers to make them awesome and favorable. The gaming chairs with footrest are more demanding because these are more reliable as compared to the chairs that come without the availability of the footrest. 

The gaming chairs with on-board footrest are luxurious and they provide ease of sitting to the gamer and fulfill their dream in a unique way. These chairs are also best for the people who are not fond of gaming and just use the chair for TV watching. 

However, the procedure of the selection of the best gaming chair is not too easy. It requires much effort and struggles to find the best one. In this regard, we have designed this study so that you can be able to choose the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers of any product have naturally remained in asking multiple significant questions to satisfy themselves before buying the product and investing in it. 

We have found a few prominent questions that the customers have kept on asking repeatedly. We believe these questions must be addressed in the correct way. 

It totally depends on the features of the gaming chair. Some gaming chairs come with adjustable headrest and armrest while the others have fixed headrest and armrest.

Before buying you must look for this feature and find whether the gaming chair has adjustable headrest and armrest or fixed headrest or armrest.

There are some essential features of a gaming chair that makes it good for hardcore gamers. Some of the characteristics of a good gaming chair are:

  • A good gaming chair must be high enough that it can support your head.
  • A gaming chair that is good for you also carries adjustable armrest, headrest, and headrest to make it easy to sit for long hours.
  • It is also necessary that the gaming chair has sturdy and firm wheels so that it can be moved freely.
  • The material used for the manufacturing of a gaming chair must be of high quality and pure leather so that it can last for long periods.

Gaming is a tough process and the hardcore gamers may face the problem of back pain or neck pain. The hardcore gamers must sit in such a position that gives them a comfortable posture to keep the spine in the right direction.

In this regard, the gaming chairs are made in such a way that these can keep the gamer in the right position by giving comfort to the whole body to avoid tiredness. Therefore it is necessary that the gaming chairs must be comfortable.

The gaming chair is usually provided with foot pedestals that are used to put your feet on them. The footrest can be of any size. However, the type of footrest that is larger in size is called the ottoman.

The footrests are attached to the gaming chair while the ottomans are kept separate from the gaming chair. These are just like a small sofa to put the legs for rest. 

The footrest that is designed in a special way to provide comfort during gaming, is called ergonomic footrest. The gaming chair is attached with a footrest to make it easy to sit on the gaming chair for long hours.

These footrests are built in the shape of foot pedestals and these are also adjustable according to the requirements. The feature of adjustability makes them different from the other footrest that comes with the gaming chairs.

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