The Top 5 DisplayPort to HDMI Cables/Adapter You Can Buy Right Now

Furqan Shahid
Furqan Shahid
HDMI vs DisplayPort vs DVI vs VGA

Both HDMI and DisplayPort are two of the most common modern-day inputs that are available when you are discussing a monitor and these have been in the use for some time now. While DisplayPort is slowly taking the lead, HDMI is not that far either, especially with the new HDMI 2.1 supported displays as well as GPUs.

However, more often than not, we are presented with a situation in which we don’t have an HDMI to HDMI solution or a DisplayPort to DisplayPort, for that matter. That is why in such situations, we are left with using a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter or a cable to get the display up and running.

While this does sound a lot simpler and convenient since it essentially eliminates the need of having another cable in the future. There are some downsides, too. For starters, the DisplayPort is inherently superior since it offers higher bandwidth. For instance, the DisplayPort 1.4 offers a maximum bandwidth of 32.4Gbps whereas, for HDMI 2.0, the bandwidth is limited to 18.0Gbps.

It is only when we shift to HDMI 2.1, we get an insanely high bandwidth of 48Gbps, which is insane, and allows for really high performance and that too, with ease. For now, we are going to take a look at the best DisplayPort to HDMI adapters as well as cables.

List of top 5 Best DisplayPort to HDMI Cables/Adapter

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Best Versatile Cable

Rankie DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

Now, normally I start by talking a bit about the company here, because well, that is what matters to a lot of people, as well. However, with these cables, you will be seeing a lot of generic brands in the market that are more or less making the same cables, and that is why we are going to ignore that altogether.

For the first cable, we have our hands on the Rankie DisplayPort to HDMI Cable, it is one of the more affordable cables that you will find in the market, and the best part is that it is available in several sizes; starting from your standard 6 feet and going all the way up to 15 feet.

For anyone who is looking for solid experience in both 4K and 1080p content, this cable is the one that gets the job done and does so without any issues that you might run into. Not just that, the gold plated connectors ensure that you are getting zero interference in the signal delivery, and the cable is doing the job just perfectly.

As far as the downsides are concerned, my only issue here is that the connectors on this cable come with a uni-directional design, which means that they can be plugged only in one way.

Overall, Rankie has done a good job with this DisplayPort to HDMI cable. It is not so much a centerpiece as it happens to be a utility that most people are going to end up needing if they realize that their monitor does not have a DisplayPort.

  • The cable works great for both 4K and 1080p content.
  • Gold plated connectors for added peace of mind.
  • Multiple lengths are available.
  • Uni-directional design.

Best Adapter for 4K Displays

Club3D CAC 1070 Displayport 1 2 to HDMI 2 0

For those who do not remember, back in the day, Club3D was famous for making some great graphic cards, and while they left that market a long time ago, the company didn’t stop making other accessories, such as this cable, to begin with.

The Club3D CAC-1070 Displayport 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 is something that took me by surprise for several reasons because for the longest time I was under the impression that the company is no longer operating but that is not the case.

Anyway, this is more of an adapter than a cable, but that is not an issue since it manages to get the job done. It works well for 4K displays, which is what most of us have started to use, and it also is fully VESA compliant, and one of the more affordable adapters based on the feature it brings.

Not just that, the adapter also can transmit data from DisplayPort 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 at the rate of 1.62Gbps, 2.7Gbps, and 5.4Gbps respectively. The reason why I love this adapter the most is that it can deliver 4K at 8bit, 10bit, and 12 bit 4K@24 Hz, 4K@25 Hz, 4K@30 Hz, 4K@50 Hz, and 4K@60 Hz.

The only issue I have with this adapter is that it is not able to work with the older standards, which is what most people could be running on but if you are not, then this adapter is more than adequate in every sense of the way.

Overall, I have to say that the Club3D CAC-1070 Displayport 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 surprised me more than I thought it would by delivering great performance and excellent experience.

  • Great for 4K displays across the board.
  • VESA certified.
  • One of the more affordable options.
  • Does not work on older versions.

Simplest DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

AmazonBasics DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

Sometimes, you are looking for a cable that is on the simpler side of things rather than spending a lot of money on something. The AmazonBasics is there for just that. This DisplayPort to HDMI cable is the simplest one that I have had the chance to look at, and well, it is good.

 The main purpose of this cable is evident right from the start. It focuses more on the utility than it does on anything else. That is why it is available in different lengths; starting from your standard 3 feet, and going all the way up to an impressive 25 feet.

The cable itself happens to be built with decent material across the board and it is lightweight, as well as easy to carry. Not to forget, there is foil and braid shielding on the inside, and the connectors are also gold plated.

As far as the downsides, we would like to inform you that you are not getting support for 4K due to how basic this cable is in terms of specs. Another thing that I noticed is that the cable itself is a lot thicker than your standard cable. While it is certainly because of the foiling and braiding, it also makes the cable a bit difficult to route through tight spaces without the risk of damage.

Overall, the AmazonBasics DisplayPort to HDMI Cable is a cable for those who just want to be able to connect to a display without thinking about other features such as support for a higher refresh rate or a higher resolution like 4K.

  • One of the most affordable cables.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • One of the most lightweight cables available.
  • Solid build quality.
  • The connectors are gold plated.
  • The internals is foiled and braided for better protection.
  • The cable is thick.
  • No 4K support.

Best Budget-Friendly Cable

Cable Matters DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

Every once in a while, you are looking to save money simply because you don’t need the highest-end equipment and there is nothing wrong with that either. That is completely fine, and valid; different people have different requirements and we all know that, too.

The Cable Matters DisplayPort to HDMI Cables for those who are not in the market to spend a lot of money simply because the cable focuses on simplicity rather than focusing on other details about the cables. If you are searching for something that just works the way you want it to work, this is what you should be getting.

You are getting gold plated content to increase signal integrity. Not just that, the cable is great for connecting multiple devices because of how affordable it is. You can just get multiple of these cables and you will be all sorted without any issues that might be coming your way.

In addition to that, you also have support for content up to 1080p. Now, this is something that might be a problem for some.

1080p content is still widely popular around the world. Most people are still using TVs or monitors that are limited to 1080p, and if you are one of them, this cable is fine. However, if you are someone who wants 1440p or 4K support, then you might want to look elsewhere as this one is not going to get the job done.

Overall, the Cable Matters DisplayPort to HDMI Cable is a product that you should be getting if you are on a strict budget and you do not want to spend more money on a cable. It is functional, and it works.

  • Affordable.
  • 1080p resolution support.
  • Goes as high as 35 feet in options.
  • No 4K support.

Most Versatile Adapter

TOPOINT 3 in 1

The last offering on the list Best DisplayPort to HDMI Cables and Adapter is something that took me by a bit of a surprise. Normally, when you are looking at DisplayPort to HDMI adapters, you are seeing an active adapter or a passive adapter; an active adapter has a processing chip inside which ensures the signal does not get to lose its integrity, while the passive one does not.

However, the TOPOINT 3 in 1 different as it is a 3-in-1 adapter that also comes with support for stuff such as VGA, and DVI. While one can almost call these technologies archaic, the fact that they are still being used tells another story.

With that said, TOPOINT 3 in 1 is great because it provides a versatile solution to anyone who is looking for access to a good adapter. At first, I thought to myself that no way this adapter is going to support 4K, but guess what, I was wrong.

You can use 4K, as well as 2K through this adapter and it works like a charm and without any issues that might come in the way, either. Another great thing is that this adapter is one of the smallest ones we have seen, and that allows you to easily carry it wherever you want.

Last but not the least, you would normally think that these adapters are expensive but this one happens to be one of the most affordable offerings available in the market.

My only complaint here is that you can only use a single port at a time. So, if you are planning on using one adapter and daisy chain your way through, that is not something that will be happening, in the first place.

Overall, the TOPOINT 3 in 1 adapter works in a great way. It is simple, affordable, and affordable. You do not have to look into the market for multiple cables or adapter when you can buy this one and you will be on your way.

  • One of the more affordable adapters.
  • The 3-in-1 feature is great to have.
  • Supports both 4K and 2K resolutions.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Only one port works at a time.

Final Word

Normally, you would not need to buy such cables. Why? Because most of the modern monitors or graphic cards have both ports, so you are not left out here. However, if you are still stuck with older tech and want to make the most of it because your use case does not want you to get a new monitor or a graphics card, you are at the right place.

In this round-up, we have covered all the best DisplayPort to HDMI adapters as well as cables. The process was not that difficult as these cables and adapters are already a lot common when you are talking availability. So, we just had to find the ones that are good and put them on the list for you to check out.

Furqan Shahid

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