Best 60% Keyboards to get in 2024

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
Best 60% Keyboards to get in 2022

Your presence here on this article clearly indicates the confusion you are in between selecting tenkeyless, mechanical, compact, and 60% keyboard. I can completely understand your situation because I have myself been through this, and I swear; it’s not an easy battle to fight when you have no weapons in hand. Precisely speaking, the war between compact and mechanical keyboards is never-ending, and we, the users, have been caught in this fight.

It’s true that mechanical keyboards are way superior to their counterparts, but the real issue sinks in when you are baffled between a myriad of choices that the mechanical keyboard itself brings. For example, you get hold of a tenkeyless keyboard that doesn’t have any numeric keypad, 60% keyboard, which is way smaller than the tenkeyless itself. For what it’s worth, the best 60% keyboards can be your way out if you are looking forward to having more space on your desk. Not to mention, the best 60 keyboards have been crusading against many rivals and are considered to be versatile of them all.

How? It’s easy because these keyboards give you enough room to navigate and aim with your mouse. On top of that, these keyboards are durable, versatile, and have a longer keystroke and life span. Before moving ahead with the actual product review session, let me tell you a thing. You should always prefer 60% or tenkeyless keyboards over compact ones because mechanical keyboards have mechanical switches. These switches are performative, robust, and give you a “clicky” feeling while using them. That’s where your gaming experience is skyrocketed by many folds.

Without any further ado, let’s move on to finding the best 60% keyboards for gaming!

Top 10 Best 60% Keyboards – Our Pick

Best Aesthetic 60% keyboardWiredBuy on Amazon
Best 60% mechanical keyboard under $100WiredBuy on Amazon
Best budget-friendly 60% keyboardWiredBuy on Amazon
Best white 60% keyboardWired and Wireless bothBuy on Amazon
Best Spill-proof 60% keyboardWiredBuy on Amazon
Best performative 60% keyboardWiredBuy on Amazon
Best minimalistic design 60% keyboardWiredBuy on Amazon
Best durable 60% keyboardWiredBuy on Amazon
Best value-added 60% keyboardWiredBuy on Amazon
Best versatile 60% keyboardWired/WirelessBuy on Amazon

Best Aesthetic 60% keyboard

Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming keyboard

I have selected Razer Huntsman Mini 60% as the list priority in the article because of so many reasons. Number one, Razer keyboards are one of a kind, and I can’t stress enough the probability of your keyboard surviving for a good 5-6 years is an all-time high if it belongs to Razer.

Razer Optical Switches

First things first, you don’t get to see traditional switches in Razer keyboards. It’s because Razer is entirely focusing on introducing versatile and durable switches that can last longer than the traditional ones. Not to mention, the purple Razer switches have an actuation distance of 1.5mm, whereas the red ones have 1.2mm. On top of that, the actuation force doesn’t even cross the 50g threshold, which means you can send your keystroke input with less and less force.

For what it’s worth, with Razer Huntsman Mini 60%, you can choose the type of switches; hence my advice is to research a bit on how these different types of switches work.

60% Form Factor

It goes without saying that 60% keyboards bring in a minimalistic design and especially cater to those who are looking for more room on their desk. With this keyboard, you can still have all the functionality with its blissful compact size. Moreover, the keyboard is equipped with double-shot PBT keycaps, which means now the keys project each key’s dual functionality. For example, when you press “E,” you can rewind a song if there is a rewind image printed over it.

Lighting and Aesthetics

The keyboard itself has won an award of being the most aesthetic 60% keyboard on the list, and It’s of no doubt. With Razer Huntsman Mini 60%, you get hold of a plethora of RGB lighting patterns. To change the patterns, all you have to do is use the function key + “CTRL key” + any number (1-7). This way, you will be able to toggle between different breathtaking visual patterns.

  • It comes with an Aluminum top plate
  • Macro key binding
  • Portable and compact
  • Anti-ghosting
  • Withstanding mechanical switches
  • It can be pricier at times
  • Wrist rest excluded
  • Requires Synapse software for RGB profiles

Best 60% mechanical keyboard under $100

Kraken Pro 60- BRED EDITION 60%

Our list’s next product is Kraken pro-60, which is a formidable entry, yet it hardly costs $100. Yes, heard me right!

Switch types

Before anything else, you must ensure that the keyboard you are going for should have your dream switches. For example, Kraken Pro 60-BRED Edition offers two types of switches: Silver and Blue. The blue ones are presumably “Clicky,” which means that after every keystroke, you will listen to “click” sounds and become louder and louder as the speed increases. To be honest, it’s one hell of an experience. For the Silver ones, they are linear switches with only a required actuation force of 45g. This means that the actuation point stands at 1.2mm, rather than at 2mm. The silver switches were specifically designed for gamers, and if you are one of them, select the silver switch variant.


First things first, the keyboard has an affiliation with Gateron mechanical, optical switches, so expect them to last longer than usual. Apart from this, the keyboard works like a charm with XBOX, PS4, and PC, ultimately expanding the working horizons for the users. Not to mention, the keyboard is water-resistant and has attractive music reactive nodes.


Like any other mechanical keyboard, Kraken Pro 60-BRED Edition is equipped with fantastic RGB lighting, which you can toggle on and off per your will. All you have to do is use the “Function Key” with either “DEL”, “INS,” or possibly any other key that you have assigned to work with the “Function Key.”

  • Falls under the category of $100
  • It comes with popular black and red keyboard colors
  • Have Silver speed switches
  • Lowered actuation point
  • No wrist rest support

Best budget-friendly 60% keyboard

HPTCCC Mechanical gaming keyboard

In our articles, we always ensure that we implement a product that caters to a large cohort, and this is it. The one with the budget-friendly title attracts thousands of eyes, and believe me, HPTCCC does wonders in terms of performance.


To begin with, the keyboard is equipped with 61 keys, indicating that it’s a 60% keyboard. Not to mention, you get hold of a USB Type-C cable, which means it’s a wired keyboard and will require utmost care when meddling with. Apart from this, it’s a normal typing and gaming keyboard, so basically, you can do anything with it.

Design and RGB

For the design, the keyboard is laid with plastic + metal. Yes, this combination gives you what we call “Water resistant properties.” In case if you spill water or any sort of liquid, you are in good hands. Moreover, the keyboard is equipped with aesthetically pleasing lights, which you can channel in and out with the function key’s help. For what it’s worth, there are 19 different dynamic light patterns you can bask in.


For the switches, they have lowered the actuation rate, possibly 0.3ms. Yes, you heard me right. That’s a wonderful response rate from such a least expensive keyboard on the list of Best 60% Keyboards. You need to also bear in mind that the switches are black and belong to a mediocre switch company, so don’t expect them to last way too longer than usual. However, rest assured, it’s a majestic keyboard with beautifully inlaid switches. That brings me to the existence of “DOUBLE-SHOT LASER KEYCAPS.” Yes, every keycap is marked with its dual functionality. For example, with a press of the “E” key, you can go back and forth. That’s just an example!

  • Have an ergonomic design
  • Ultra-fast black optical switches
  • It comes with double-shot laser keycaps
  • RGB lights at their finest
  • The wire can cause issues at times.

Best white 60% keyboard

MOTOSPEED Wired/Wireless 3.0 mechanical keyboard

If you are into pink and rainbow colors, then MOTOSPEED wired/wireless 3.0 mechanical keyboard will be the best choice for you.


To begin with, the MOTOSPEED keyboard comes in two different physical forms: Wired and Wireless. Basically, it entirely depends on you what sort of form to root for. For example, if your motherboard supports Bluetooth connection, then surely go for the Wireless version; otherwise, Wired will be fine as well. Apart from this, you get hold of around 61 keys in a compact design. This ensures that you have as much space available on your desk for gaming, especially for that cornered mouse. For the switches, the keyboard makes use of traditional tactile and clicky switches, which aids in eliciting a seamless gaming experience.

Bluetooth 4.0

Let me remind you that it’s better to have the latest Bluetooth version installed on your system, as the keyboard requires it if you have chosen the Wireless variant. Not to mention, the Wireless keyboard uses a 1300mah battery and can last up to 10 hours. In other words, you would need to charge your keyboard and then connect it to Bluetooth.


MOTOSPEED is equipped with RGB patterns, which means that you can toggle them on and off as per your will. The idea behind the RGB is to give aesthetics to your keyboard, and to be honest; it’s a must for mechanical entities. Apart from this, you can channel between around 14 RGB patterns, so you are in good hands.

  • RGB lights have 19 different cool effects
  • Gaming design
  • Looks lush in white color
  • Dual-mode (Wired and Wireless)
  • Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 support
  • Battery life might tick you off

Best Spill-proof 60% keyboard

Asceny One 60% Mechanical keyboard

The next product on the list is Asceny One 60% keyboard, which is the best Spill-proof entry.


First things first, it’s a mechanical keyboard with tactile and clicky switches on-board. Basically, the keyboard is seasoned with Gateron Blue switches which are the best you can get after the Red switches. However, at times, Blue switches can be annoying due to their loud, clicky noises.


Apart from this, the keyboard offers a fascinating and on-fleek design for gaming enthusiasts. Although it’s a minimalistic design, there are some keys that are colored-coated. For example, CTRL keys are Pink, whereas SHIFT keys are Yellow. Well, I would say it looks cute. Not to mention, the keyboard is Spill-proof, which means it is water-resistant, so no worries if any accidental spillages happen.


It’s surprising to see that on such a budget-friendly keyboard, you are getting RGB-enabled profiles. In other words, you are blessed with 18,700,000 RGB lights. To top it off, you can toggle between different patterns and lights by simply making use of the function key.

  • Spill-proof
  • Resistant to accidental drops
  • Ergonomic layout
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Near to none

Best performative 60% keyboard

Redragon K552 Mechanical gaming keyboard

Redragon K552 Mechanical gaming keyboard is an astounding entry with a multitude of interactive layers/levels embedded. For instance, to protect the internal circuit, the keyboard has a dedicated protection system to counter any short circuits or anything of that sort.


This might take you off guard, but it’s the only keyboard that falls in the category of 60% and has around 87 keys. It’s due to the fact that keys are smushed or combined together on the same design as that of a 60% keyboard. For the switches, the keyboard offers you Cherry MX blue switches, which are tactile and clicky. That’s the best part about having this keyboard, as you can relax while typing. You know, it’s a psychologically proven fact that having feedback from the switches can at times soothe you.


First things first, you can root for any keyboard color. Be it Red, Black, or white. But here, I would recommend you to have a look at the white keyboard because of the contrast-induced from the RGB lights. The pattern looks refreshing and stands out on the white keyboard. However, it’s your call. Select any color; it doesn’t matter. Apart from this, the Redragon K552 offers 18 different RGB lighting modes, 9 different colors, 5 backlight brightness levels. On top of that, you also get hold of a concept known as “Breathing speed.” Not to mention, the Cherry MX keys are known for having an exalted grip over anti-ghosting; hence you are in good hands.

Functionality and design

There’s not much difference between tenkeyless or 60% keyboards, and some people might associate it with the tenkeyless keyboard. The functionality and design remain the same.

  • RGB lights can be modified with the help of the Red Dragon center
  • It uses Cherry Mx switches
  • Beautiful design
  • It lies between Tenkeyless and 60%; hence not a completely 60% keyboard

Best minimalistic design 60% keyboard

DIERYA DK61E 60% mechanical gaming keyboard

I can understand how tedious and indecisive the situation can become when the product is from a new company. But don’t worry, DIERYA DK61E 60% mechanical keyboard is a fantastic entry on the list.

Core Features

To begin with, the keyboard has an on-fleek design with the compactness etched in its core values. For what it’s worth, the keyboard can be used for office and gaming purposes alike. Not to mention, the keyboard ends up giving you more space on your desk for your mouse to move along swiftly, ultimately giving you an edge in battle royale games like Apex Legends. It’s worth mentioning that the keyboard comes with dedicated software that you can meddle with to set up profiles. For example, if you want to run on an XYZ pattern, simply set up a profile.


The DIERYA DK61E 60% is equipped with Gateron optical Brown switches, which have amazing feedback support, lowered actuation cost, and enhanced performance. Apart from this, the keys are PBT double shot, which means they are coated with symbols that indicate individual keys’ dual functionality. Last but not least, the keys and the circuit itself are oil/liquid proof which means, if any accidental spillages happen, you are in good hands.

  • Offers minimalistic design
  • Uses Gateron optical brown switches
  • User-friendly
  • A new company (You might not trust them initially)

Best durable 60% keyboard

Havit 60% Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking forward to something minimalistic and that too at a subsidized cost, I would recommend you to have a look at Havit 60% mechanical keyboard. It’s one of its kind and runs flawlessly.

Core features

To begin with, the keyboard has a wonderful design that caters to the notion of 60% compactness. The reason behind using such an astounding design is to let users feel at ease while playing competitive games. As long as you have enough room for your mouse to rotate and move without restriction, you are definitely going to win in games like Fortnite or Warzone. It’s worth mentioning that the keyboard comes with a mouse (Not free, but it is a combo). They both hardly cost more than $35. That’s just too cheap, in my opinion. Not only are you getting a majestic keyboard, but also a paired-up mouse.

RGB and lightning

For the RGB, the keyboard offers 12 different backlit modes and 7 color effects to play with. All you have to do is use the keyboard’s function key to maneuver different styles, and you are good to go. Usually, you need to use some other key in conjunction with the function key to make the change of pattern work. However, you do need to bear in mind that the keyboard lacks any macros or programmable keys. Last but not least, the keyboard is compatible with a myriad of systems, so as long as you are not using Windows Me, or any outdated version, you are good to go.

  • It comes at a decent price tag
  • 12 different backlit modes
  • RGB channeling through profiles
  • Not many value-added features available

Best value-added 60% keyboard


RK Royal KLUDGE RK61 is known as the best value-added 60% keyboard. For what it’s worth, the keyboard is aesthetically pleasing with its white color in absolute contrast with the dancing RGB lights.

Fundamental features

The keyboard is very delicate in terms of its interior, so you need to understand why you should use the product with utmost care. At times, people look out for durable options, but if there are not any? By being delicate, I do need that the keyboard will be smithereens to thousand pieces if dropped accidentally. Just be careful; that’s all I meant. Apart from this, the keyboard has a total of 61 keys (60%) which are neatly placed and designed.


RK ROYAL KLUDGE is equipped with brown switches, which are much quieter and easier to trigger than their counterparts. Not to mention, Brown switches are best used for competitive gaming as the actuation point is much lowered. On top of that, most people naturally prefer brown switches because you can double-tap faster with light strokes, ultimately giving you an edge in gaming.

RGB and ergonomics

As far as the RGB lighting is concerned, yes, you pretty much get them with this keyboard. Basically, you get to experience 8 different monochrome backlight modes and 18 different RGB backlight modes. On top of that, you also get hold of 1 full-color backlight. What else do you need?

  • RK ROYAL kludge is one of the cheapest keyboards available in the market
  • Offers brown tactile switches
  • It comes in a multitude of RGB patterns
  • Near to none

Best versatile 60% keyboard

Anne Pro 2 60%

Anne Pro 2 60% is a marvelous product on the list of Best 60% Keyboards, which got an award for being versatile for years. For what it’s worth, the keyboard comes in two variants: Wired and Wireless. For the Wireless variant, the keyboard offers an insurmountable battery life. On top of that, on the same battery life, you get to experience RGB backlighting at its finest.

Core Features

To begin with, the 60% size is enough to provide you with a spacy desk on which you can at ease navigate your mouse. Not to mention, the Anne Pro 2 60% is a low-profile keyboard. Basically, low profile keyboards are meant for typing; hence it’s better you lookout for something else if your only aim is to type. Apart from this, the keyboard has a minimalistic design that incorporates a wonderful RGB connection.

RGB backlighting

The Anne Pro 2 has a mesmerizing RGB backlighting which can be toggled on and off as per your will. All you have to do is use the “FN” key- the acronym “Function”- to switch between different RGB patterns and lights. The keys are hot-swappable for what it’s worth, which means you can change them to slot in different types of keys.


The best part about buying the Anno Pro 2 60% is that it comes in a variety of switches. For example, the keyboard comes in Gateron Blue, Gateron Brown, Gateron Red, and Kailh Box Red switch. If you are confused between Gateron and Kailh switches, I would recommend that you rather go for Gateron switches, as they are more versatile and functional. Apart from this, if you are into gaming, then Gateron brown switches will work like a charm.

  • Perfect for gaming enthusiasts.
  • It comes in two different switch types: Gateron and Kailh
  • Hard to modify

What factors to address before buying the best 60% keyboard?

Type of Switches

It’s a very complicated topic since there is not just one type of switch, but many. People tend to veer off to something incredibly demented, and that’s why you need to be careful when selecting the type of switch. For example, the Cherry MX switches are considered to be in the top league, especially the Cherry MX blue and red due to their withstanding tactile feedback.

Not to mention, you can also trust companies like Outemu and Gateron as they are trying their level best to produce amazing tactile switches.

Wired and Wireless

This entirely depends on your preference. Be it Wired or Wireless, but do keep in mind that the Wireless keyboards require Bluetooth 4.0 or higher for a perfect connection. Make sure that your motherboard supports Bluetooth connectivity, and if not, go for wired 60% keyboards. Not to mention, having at least 2.4GHz Bluetooth technology is a must if you are rooting for wireless 60% keyboards.

Last but not least, if you are seeking portability, then I would suggest you look for wireless keyboards as you can carry them without the hassle of preserving the wires.


I would again say that it’s not a mandatory requirement to be fulfilled. If you are into RGB lights or LEDs or want to twin your keyboard with your gaming setup, then definitely go for a 60% RGB keyboard for gaming.

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Final words

This brings us to a close. I hope the article was viable enough to bless you with a fine decision-making stance. If there’s something erroneous with the article, do let us know in the comment session. Before I depart and say farewell, I want you to understand why 60% of keyboards are widely used in today’s world. It’s because these keyboards are just as functional as any other normal-sized keyboard, but with fewer extra features. For example, let’s say you are not a programmer, and those useless programmable keys on the keyboard for extra key placement might not be of use to you. Then why buy such a keyboard? Not to mention, not many people use the Numpad area and arrow keys. They are as useless as any programmable keys on the keyboard. That’s the reason why 60% of keyboards are the new normalized keyboards for today’s gamers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps, just to answer this question, we invented this whole article. But I know there are some people who need to get their job down as quickly as possible, and that’s why I will enumerate a couple of products that you can go for without having the need to read this full article. Well, I would say you can have a look at Ducky One 2 mini, which is a withstanding keyboard with Cherry MX switches. To be honest, there are no better switches than Cherry Mx, and with this keyboard, you are getting them. Apart from this, the keyboard has backlit lights and works like a charm. The second product you can have a look at is Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2. It’s one of its kind and brings in wonderful functionality. The only downside is that it has Topre switches which are not as renowned as Cherry Mx switches.

There are a lot of keyboards that can come in cheap and will still function all fine. But this article completely focuses on all the types of keyboards, be it expensive, borderline expensive, or budget friendly. But here, I would recommend two completely resound and cheap keyboards to look for. Number one is Royal Kludge RK61 and Asceny One. Surprisingly, I have product reviewed them in the article, so you can scroll up and read the sessions yourself. Not to mention, HPTCCC is equally budget friendly as any other product. You need to bear in mind that whatever type of keyboard you root for, you need to ensure its versatility and functionality. What’s the use of having a cheap keyboard when it’s supposed to die within a couple of months.

Yes, why not? The 60 percent keyboards are definitely Ergonomic, although N Key rollovers might be absent from them. Not to mention, the definition of ergonomic is to uphold customer satisfaction. With 60 percent keyboards, you do get a function key, all the jingling RGB lights, programmable keys at times, and a lot of other spill proof stuff. If these features are present in a keyboard, then my friend, that keyboard is definitely Ergonomic. But for that, you need to do your side of the research. You need to ask questions to yourself about what type of 60 percent keyboard you are looking forward to.

This question is a bit tricky and might lead to biased answers. This is because I don’t represent a huge part of the population, and my personal opinion will differ from what others hold. To me, I prefer full size keyboards. I know it’s coming from a person who’s reviewing 60 percent keyboards, but the thing is, I personally love to have all sorts of programmable keys, N Key rollovers, and other extra stuff that might aid me in programming and gaming. But for most gamers, tenkeyless and 60 percent keyboards are a way to go as they allow you to have more room on your desk.

This not only helps in navigating properly in games like Warzone and Apex, but this also allows your mouse to have a lot more space than usual.


Hey, I’m Muhammad Bilal. I’m a tech fanatic (also read: Gamer), who loves scrutinizing fine details. I aim to strive hard in my respective fields (as a writer and software programmer). Before pursuing my majors in a university (right now in A-levels), I want to spend time exploring and reviewing the latest technology.

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