Best low profile CPU Coolers in 2021

Best low profile CPU Cooler

We’ve seen this a lot of times that when it comes to buying computer casing and coolers, mostly, users buy the most expensive product randomly without knowing its specs and

Best CPU Cooler for i7 8700k in 2021

Best CPU cooler for i7 8700k

We all think that CPU coolers don’t play any role in increasing frame rates, going cheap on them, or randomly picking some models from the market. This may work sometimes,

Metro Games In Order in 2021

Metro Games In Order

When it comes to open-world survival games, the first and foremost option in our mind is the Metro series. These games were based on the Metro Novel written by Dmitry

How Much Does RAM Affect Gaming?

How Much Does RAM Affect Gaming

RAM plays a very useful role in any computer’s performance. You also have the advantage that you can easily replace and upgrade it, and it does not cost you that

Best GTX 1660 Ti Graphics Card In 2021

Best GTX 1660 Ti Graphics Card

When it comes to budget gaming, these Non-RTX Turing based graphics cards offer excellent performance as they are much better than the Pascal-based GTX 1060 graphics card and offer the