Are Gaming chairs worth it in 2024?

Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal
Are Gaming chairs worth it

We always wonder what’s so special about these expensive gaming chairs. Even though these gaming chairs lie at the expensive spectrum of spending, people nonetheless buy them because Pros have always outweighed the price factor. When it comes to a mid-tier gaming enthusiast, the real question pops up-are gaming chairs worth it?

To be honest, if you ask for my opinion, I would always say “Yes.” Don’t worry; I’m definitely going to enumerate all the top-notch features that make a gaming chair worth a while. Not to mention, you can use the same gaming chairs as office chairs if needed.

What makes these gaming chairs worth it?

This session of the article will only give you an outline of what’s to come next. When we talk about elite and expensive gaming chairs, it’s always how they are ergonomic and offer value-added features to the user. It’s true and not even close to a marketing gimmick.

To make things easier for you (as I own a gaming chair), these gaming chairs do a plethora of things for you. The list is as follows:

  • These gaming chairs are known for reducing back pain.
  • While having intense gaming sessions, you can stay at ease even if you are losing because these chairs are comfortable at their finest.
  • These gaming chairs come with adjustable armrests, which means that you can tweak them as per your requirements. If they are too low, bring the armrests a little higher.
  • For what it’s worth, these gaming chairs come in a myriad of designs including, racing style chairs, racer chairs, office chairs, etc.
  • On top of that, these chairs offer withstanding neck support because when you have to prolong and intense gaming sessions, you need to support your neck or soothe it so it stays fit and healthy.

What to look for in a gaming chair?

I can understand your reluctance to even finalize a single gaming chair. But this portion of the article will focus on why you should exactly go for them and what sort of factors go in a perfect and durable gaming chair.

Aesthetics and Style

This is a complimentary requirement, and it doesn’t mean that you should definitely go for it. But again, it varies from person to person. Do remember that style and aesthetics affect the price tag to a greater extent. You should remember that whatever style you go for, your gaming chair should have these sub-features like lumbar support, neck support, height adjustable, armrest adjustable, etc. If your selection does not entail these features by chance, then my dear reader, you need to change your choice as soon as possible.

Finally, it’s my advice to select a chair from these categories: pedestal gaming chairs, rockets, racer chairs, Pc, and office gaming chairs.

Material and Longevity

Material and longevity are the two most important factors that determine how perfect a gaming chair would be. For example, these days, you will usually come across leather, fabric, and mesh incorporated gaming chairs. Why? Well, these materials have enhanced longevity, making your gaming chair last long.

Let’s talk about these three materials in detail. For the leather, it’s just there for easy wipes and aesthetics. By this I mean, that I expect it to last a little less long than fabric and mesh. As far as the fabric is concerned, it’s more durable and has a refreshing look. Not to mention, it’s harder to wipe off stains from the fabric. The last one is the mesh, and for what it’s worth, it has the highest breathability factor, which means, although it loses the race for aesthetics, it can bless you with a sweat-free environment.

Comfort and Value-added features

Again, comfort and value-added features have a strong positive correlation which means the higher the value-added features, the more comfortable you’ll feel while gaming. It’s true that you will be stationed for a prolonged period of time on your chair, and at the moment, comfort means the world because sooner or later, you will definitely experience back and neck pain. That’s where value-added features slip in, for example, lumbar support, armrest adjustable, cupholders, in-built cushions and pouches, and whatnot.

Also, I have rarely seen anyone complaining about the comfort thing. It’s because gaming chairs are manufactured in such a way that the “comfort need” tops off any other requirement. It’s just there, even if you are rooting for a cheap or entry-level gaming chair.

What things to keep in mind before proceeding to buy any sort of gaming chair?

It goes without saying that you must consider everything that can be there for you to have a seamless gaming experience. Be it back support, lumbar support, expandable pouches, or whatever. Not to mention, the chair you are going for should be within your budget, have positive reviews, and a purpose in mind. What do I mean with “Purpose in mind”? It’s rather a “YOU” factor than a chair one. In simpler terms, it means the intention of usage. Are you looking forward to using it as an alternative office chair? Or just for simple gaming purposes?

It’s worth mentioning that the chair that you have selected shouldn’t be that expensive. Maybe within a margin of $200, and that’s it. Don’t forget to check why such a chair was specifically designed to provide you comfort. This will definitely be going to expand your horizons. Last but not least, chair reviews mean a lot. Without them, you won’t be able to make a good choice. Make sure to check the chair reviews for each individual shortlisted gaming chair on your list, and remove the ones which have negative reviews or are below the 4.0 rating’s threshold.

How to find the best type of gaming chair for your usage?

I hope you remember that I initially mentioned that you could choose from a myriad of options when a gaming chair is concerned. This is where things got a little complicated, but don’t worry. I’ll try to keep things short and simpler. The real question arises, what type of gaming chair should you go for, or style in specific?


Rocker gaming chair

First things first, Rocker chairs are specifically designed for PC gamers. If you are a console person, then I won’t suggest you root for it. Not to mention, the chair is best used on a desk, so having it for a TV won’t do any good to you either. The only difference is its rocker-type style/design, which makes it aesthetically pleasing and perfect for back support.

Pedestal chairs

Pedestal gaming chairs

 What separates these Pedestal chairs from Rockers is that they are designed for consoles. Basically, there’s a liver that you can meddle with to adjust the height of your gaming chair. Also, the Pedestal chair is best used when you have a TV, or in other words, a console-based gaming system.

PC Gaming chairs

PC Gaming chairs

This is where you need to be a little shrewd in the decision because there are hundreds and thousands of gaming chairs. But the core concept behind a pc gaming chair is that they are more robust, durable, and offer an astounding number of value-added features to the user. For example, you can pretty much expect these chairs to offer you a bucket-style seat, higher backrests, armrests, lumbar support, and neck support.

For what it’s worth, you also get to choose from a plethora of designs which means you can twin your chair with your gaming setup.

Racer Chairs

Racer Chairs

These chairs are what we call the epitome of aesthetics. What can you expect from Racer chairs? They are designed for gaming enthusiasts, especially focusing on people who would give away their life-time savings for just a single Racer chair. For what it’s worth, these chairs also offer a myriad of value-added features that you can bask in, like head support, cushions, cup holders, and etc.

Getting the best out of your gaming chair

Let’s say you intend to buy a gaming chair for yourself. Now the question arises how you can tweak it or bend it to your will. Because many people have failed to enhance the chair’s performance by just being lousy.  The steps are as follows:

  • For comfort, make sure you position your chair in such a way that it retains your posture. Not to mention, that brings us to the posture part, which is the most important factor to keep an eye on; otherwise, you might deform your spinal code for an indefinite period of time. That’s for the next bulletin, so as far as comfort is concerned, make sure you don’t wriggle too much on your chair, and stay calm while playing games.
  • As I mentioned, posture means the world to me, and if it doesn’t for you, please change your priorities. These gaming chairs come with pre-defined postures, which you can tweak with a lever’s help. Not to mention, a lot of these chairs are equipped with lumbar support, headrest, and different types of adjustable to aid you in retaining your posture.
  • It’s worth mentioning that the majority of these chairs also have pillows and cup holders, which you can make use of in intense gaming sessions. Although it’s not mandatory for you to use these cupholders or in-built pouches, you still need them for comfort. It goes without saying that these chairs are for your comfort, so expect them to offer a plethora of features like lumbar support, headrest, armrests, lever, cushions, pillows, breathable mesh, and whatnot. You can find this list on the product’s page, so do make sure to look out for all these extra features.


That brings us to a close. I hope this article was viable enough to make you decisive. If you have any queries about, in specific, gaming chairs, do let us know in the comment session. Apart from this, I would love to give you my cents regarding the type of gaming chairs to go for. If you are a PC gamer, then go for PC gaming chairs; otherwise, Rocker or Racer type will be sufficient for your needs.

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