About Us

Hey! Gaming Cutter is a recently launched site that covers all gaming and technological aspects. Since we are a growing entity, we strive hard to remedy our mistakes and provide the best possible options for your little gaming world. Indeed, we are not experts, but we assure you that our voice and recommendations are authentic and credible in every possible way. 

Our agenda isn’t restricted to gaming only. We propose a myriad of guides, reviews, troubleshooting analysis, software technicalities, constructive criticism regarding products, benchmarks, and components breakdown. We assure you that our articles are comprehensive, summarized, and navigable. 

How do we make money, and how can you support our cause?

On-site advertisements are aggressively repelling and anti-user attributes. We don’t earn through micro advertisements as they congest the site and don’t look appealing. Thus, our only way to earn is through the Amazon Affiliate program. 

When we are proposing a build, product review, we simply connect the product with the Amazon store. Well, when you use our link to navigate to the store, and somehow end up buying the product, we get our little commission. That’s our only way of sustaining the site, servers, and hosting program. 

It won’t cost you a single penny but might help us prosper.


Gamingcutter.com is one of the participants in the Amazon Affiliate program (Amazon Services LLC)- a program that allows us to pay for the servers, hosting, and domain through advertising commissions. We don’t own the Amazon or the Amazon logo. They are the trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc., or its affiliates